Register of the Zoella & Lamont Benson Collection (Ms.23)

The Zoella & Lamont Benson Collection contains manuscripts and other documents relating to the iron industry, legends, and other areas.


I. Manuscripts
A. Biographies
B1Box number 1 F1Folder number 1 (1.)Container number 1.  "A Sketch of the Life of Sarah Whittakers Chatterley" by Zoella P. Benson.
B. Iron Industry
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2 (1.)Container number 1.  "The Pioneer Iron Industry in Utah" by Joyce Benson.
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2 (2.)Container number 2.  "Utah's Pioneer Iron Industry" by William R. Palmer (2 copies).
C. Legends
B1Box number 1 F3Folder number 3 (1.)Container number 1.  "'Crackfoot'--The Legendary Grizzly" by Orval Lamoreaux.
D. Other
B1Box number 1 F4Folder number 4 (1.)Container number 1. Remarks by President Brigham Young, from The Deseret News, June 6, 1855.