Register of the Dilworth Woolley Collection (Ms.37)

The Dilworth Woolley Collection consists of correspondence between Dilworth Woolley and his family, friends, and associates, legal papers, personal and family writings, newspaper clippings, and photographs.


I. Correspondence
A. Chronological Order
B1Box number 1 F1Folder number 1  1917
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2  1920
B1Box number 1 F3Folder number 3  1921
B1Box number 1 F4Folder number 4  1922
B1Box number 1 F5Folder number 5  1923
B1Box number 1 F6Folder number 6  1924
B1Box number 1 F7Folder number 7  1925
B1Box number 1 F8Folder number 8  1926
B1Box number 1 F9Folder number 9  1927
B1Box number 1 F10Folder number 10  1928
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11  1929
B1Box number 1 F12Folder number 12  1931
B1Box number 1 F13Folder number 13  1932
B1Box number 1 F14Folder number 14  1933
B1Box number 1 F15Folder number 15  1934
B1Box number 1 F16Folder number 16  1935
B1Box number 1 F17Folder number 17  1936
B1Box number 1 F18Folder number 18  1937
B1Box number 1 F19Folder number 19  1938
B1Box number 1 F20Folder number 20  1939
B1Box number 1 F21Folder number 21  1940
B1Box number 1 F22Folder number 22  1941
B1Box number 1 F23Folder number 23  1942
B1Box number 1 F24Folder number 24  1943
B1Box number 1 F25Folder number 25  1944
B1Box number 1 F26Folder number 26  1945
B1Box number 1 F27Folder number 27  1950
B1Box number 1 F28Folder number 28  1956
B1Box number 1 F29Folder number 29  1967
B. Undated Correspondence
B1Box number 1 F30Folder number 30  Undated Correspondence to Dilworth Woolley
C. Correspondence Containing Historical Information
B1Box number 1 F31Folder number 31  Correspondence about Pipe Springs
(1)Container number 1 Letter to Dilworth Woolley about how to find information on the history of Pipe Springs. Sender is unknown.
(2)Container number 2 The story of the J. M. Whitmore and Robert McIntire tragedy at Pipe Springs told to Elizabeth Woolley Jensen by her father, Edwin Woolley.
(3)Container number 3 A brief report on Pipe Springs National Monument as Reflected by the early files of that area, 1921-1924. Summaries made on acquisition, road, water rights, and restoration.
(4)Container number 4 Letter to Arthur E. Demaray from Dilworth Woolley inquiring about information on the donation made by the LDS church to improve Pipe Springs Monument in 1923.
(5)Container number 5 Letter from A.W. Irvins to D.S. Spencer on the history of the establishment of Pipe Springs.
B1Box number 1 F32Folder number 32  Correspondence about Edwin D. Woolley's Buffalo
(1)Container number 1 Letter from Dilworth Woolley to H.S. Stephenson concerning the Edwin Woolley Buffalo (from the cattalo project). He asks Stephenson, head of the Grand Canyon Cattle Co., how to jointly dispose of their buffalo. Letter from Dilworth Woolley to James T. Owens on back, asking if he would be interested in buying buffalo and cattalo.
(2)Container number 2 Letter from H.S. Stephenson to Dilworth Woolley in reply to his letter concerning the buffalo. Stephenson suggests they fatten up the buffalo and then sell the hide and meat.
(3)Container number 3 Letter from Royal B. Woolley to K.C. Kartchner about the history of the House Rock Valley buffalo herd and the cattalo project.
(4)Container number 4 Letter to C.R. Edwards from Dilworth Woolley concerning the sale of the buffalo and cattalo herd.
(5)Container number 5 Letter from James T. Owens to Dilworth Woolley about the shipping and selling of the cattalo and buffalo herd.
B1Box number 1 F33Folder number 33  Correspondence containing family stories: Old Buck, Bowman Company Money, and Buffalo Bill's visit to the Grand Canyon
(1)Container number 1 Letter do Dilworth Woolley from his brother, Bert, about their father, Edwin Woolley, and their family horse, Old Yellow Buck.
(2)Container number 2 Dilworth Woolley's response to Bert's letter on "Old Buck", the family horse. Also discusses some of the events of Pipe Springs. Letter not finished.
(3)Container number 3 Memo made by Dilworth Woolley on thoughts about the family horse "Old Buck", and where he came from.
(4)Container number 4 Letter to Dilworth Woolley about the Bowman & Co. coupon money in Kanab at about the turn of the century. Sender unknown.
(5)Container number 5 Notes on the Bowman & Co. Coupons that were used as currency in Southern Utah.
II. Legal Papers
A. Edwin Dilworth Woolley's Estate and Will
B2Box number 2 F1Folder number 1  Court papers on the settling of Edwin D. Woolley's Estate
B2Box number 2 F2Folder number 2  Edwin D. Woolley's will, executor's deeds, cemetery deed, and tax papers and inventory of the estate.
B. Florence Snow Woolley vs. Kane County News
B2Box number 2 F3Folder number 3  Court papers on Florence Snow Woolley vs. Kane County News
C. Bowman Company
B2Box number 2 F4Folder number 4  Legal papers on the Bowman Company mortgage
III. Certificates
A. Certificates
B2Box number 2 F5Folder number 5  Certificate of Appreciation to Dilworth Woolley for ten year of faithful service with the Selective Service System of Utah
IV. Sheep Herding
A. Legal Papers
B2Box number 2 F6Folder number 6  Dilworth Woolley's and Mother's sheep herding contracts, leases, and permits
B2Box number 2 F7Folder number 7  Sheep herding receipts and invoices
B2Box number 2 F8Folder number 8  Sheep herding misc. notes
V. Writing
A. Various Family Writing
B2Box number 2 F9Folder number 9  Various personal and family writings, most authors unknown
(1)Container number 1 "Year Around Cleanliness versus Semi-Annual House Cleaning": Essay by Alice S. Woolley on methods of housekeeping throughout the years.
(2)Container number 2 Essay on what men can do with helping beautify the home. Author unknown.
(3)Container number 3 Maxims and sayings often used by Edwin D. Woolley, Jr. Author unknown.
(4)Container number 4 Essay on the development and importance of the radio. Author unknown.
(5)Container number 5 Essay on Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Author unknown.
(6)Container number 6 Essay on the life of Schumann Heink. Author unknown.
(7)Container number 7 Essay by Alice S. Woolley on "The Culmination of the Short Story in America."
(8)Container number 8 Copy of "The Woonderful Tar-Baby Story" by Joel Chandler Harris.
(9)Container number 9 Copy of a scene from "Ingomar", Maria Lowell's translation from German. Copied by Alice Snow.
(10)Container number 10 Copy of "Oh, Sir!" translated from French.
(11)Container number 11 "Sketch of Jemima Lossee Cox." Author Unknown.
(12)Container number 12 "Sketch of Gardner E. Snow." Author unknown.
(13)Container number 13 Essay on "Women as Factors in American History." Author unknown.
(14)Container number 14 Copy of poem, "Aux Italiens."
(15)Container number 15 History of Fredrick Walter Cox. Author unknown.
(16)Container number 16 "Sketch of Esther Cox Snow." Author unknown. Esther C. Cox's Obituary attached.
(17)Container number 17 Copy of "The Gipsy Flower Girl or Wild Zingarella."
(18)Container number 18 Poem, "Daddy Woolley" by Ivy Houtz Woolley.
B. Personal Journal
B2Box number 2 F10Folder number 10  Dilworth Woolley's personal journal
VI. Maps and Pamphlets
A. Pipe Springs Maps and Pamphlets
B2Box number 2 F11Folder number 11  Pipe Springs Maps and Pamphlets
(1)Container number 1 Pipe Spring National Monument Pamphlet distributed by the National Park Service, about the history and current monument facilities of Pipe Spring Fort.
(2)Container number 2 Duplicate of Pipe Spring Monument pamphlet.
(3)Container number 3 Topographical map of Pipe Spring monument and surrounding area.
B. Woolleyport Maps and Pamphlets
B2Box number 2 F12Folder number 12  Promotional pamphlet of real estate by Wooleyport Harbor in California to create Wooleyport City. Maps included in pamphlet.
C. Maps of U.S. Explorers
B2Box number 2 F13Folder number 13  Maps of early United States explorers and their paths.
VII. Newspaper Clippings
A. Historical Newspaper Clippings
B2Box number 2 F14Folder number 14  Historical Newspaper Clippings
(1)Container number 1 Letter from Dilworth Woolley to Roscoe G. Wilson requesting information about an article written in an Arizona newspaper about the coming of the Buffalo for Cattalo breeding in Southern Utah.
(2)Container number 2 Newspaper clipping from Arizona Days and Ways "Republic Magazine" on how the Buffalo came to Arizona for Cattalo breeding. Article printed October 16, 1960, and continued October 23, 1960.
(3)Container number 3 Newspaper clipping from November 19, 1968 Salt Lake Tribune Home Magazine about the History of Lee's Ferry.
(4)Container number 4 Newspaper clipping about Pipe Spring as a National Historical sight.
(5)Container number 5 Newspaper article on the later life of Buffalo Bill and how he was exploited as a circus act.
(6)Container number 6 Newsletter about the Arizona strip south of the Utah border and north of the Colorado river. Various articles describe it's resources, history, including information on Woolley Pass, and opinions on whether Utah should be entitled to this strip of land rather than Arizona.
(7)Container number 7 Newspaper article about a colony of Mennonites to settle near Idaho Falls. Date unknown.
(8)Container number 8 Editorial letter submitted to the New York Sun by a daughter of Brigham Young about Joseph F. Smith and polygamy.
(9)Container number 9 Article published September 28, 1905 about Catherine Phillips Smith's death and the affidavit she wrote of being a polygamist wife to Hyrum Smith.
B. Personal Newspaper Clippings
B2Box number 2 F15Folder number 15  Personal Newspaper Clippings
(1)Container number 1 Newspaper clipping about Ben King and his poetry.
(2)Container number 2 Published letter to an editor in New York about the missionaries work in New York to dispel any mystery about their purpose.
(3)Container number 3 Article out of The Manti Messenger on November 4, 1968 entitled "Remember When?" Talks about life everyday life in Southern Utah in the 1800's.
(4)Container number 4 Newspaper clipping about making rope out of horse hair. Written for "Arizona Days with Roscoe Wilson."
(5)Container number 5 Article on the lost art of Hair Ropes and Rawhiding. Date unknown.
(6)Container number 6 Magazine article describing Utah's Dixie's resources and it's history.
(7)Container number 7 Newspaper clipping about a book documenting "The Last of the Indian Wars"
VIII. Newsletters
A. Pro Utah Newsletters
B2Box number 2 F16Folder number 16  Pro Utah Newsletters from 1966-1967
IX. Miscellaneous
A. Miscellaneous Papers
B2Box number 2 F17Folder number 17  Miscellaneous papers, receipts, and memos.
X. Photographs
A. Photographs
B3Box number 3  
(1)Container number 1 Laying of the cornerstone of the courthouse in Manti on October 18, 1935. (1 photograph) View Image
(2)Container number 2 Cliffs west of Pipe Springs, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(3)Container number 3 Pipe Springs, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(4)Container number 4 Noontime camp beyond Pipe Springs, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(5)Container number 5 Arthur Woolley on his mission in Switzerland, May 12, 1910. (1 photograph) View Image
(6)Container number 6 Dilworth Woolley, May 29, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(7)Container number 7 Graduation portrait of Dilworth Woolley, taken by Rentschler when Dilworth graduated from law school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (1 photograph) View Image
(8)Container number 8 The five Snow sisters: Elizabeth Snow Ivins, Martha Snow Keat, Josephine Snow Tanner, Georgia Snow Thatcher, and Florence Snow Woolley. Florence Snow Woolley is sitting in front. (1 photograph) View Image
(9)Container number 9 The landing of the tramway in Grand Canyon; Edwin Woolley is in the cage. (1 photograph) View Image
(10)Container number 10 The Woolley buggy horse. (1 photograph) View Image
(11)Container number 11 E.D. Woolley, Charles Cowan, and D.J. Watts atop the monument at Bright Angel Point, June 26, 1917. (1 photograph) View Image
(12)Container number 12 Florence Snow Woolley, Dilworth Woolley's mother. Taken by Straus_Peyton, Kansas City. (1 photograph) View Image
(13)Container number 13 Mesa in Canaan Gap, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(14)Container number 14 Sevier-Virgin Divide, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(15)Container number 15 Covered wagon coming up Canaan Gap, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(16)Container number 16 View of Grand Canyon looking west, where Major Powell's party separated, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(17)Container number 17 South view across the Colorado Canyon from Vulcan's Throne, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(18)Container number 18 Looking down Colorado Canyon from Vulcan's Throne, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(19)Container number 19 South view across Colorado Canyon, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(20)Container number 20 White Cliffs, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(21)Container number 21 Little Crater near White Cliffs, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(22)Container number 22 Snapshot of White Cliffs, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(23)Container number 23 White Cliffs, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(24)Container number 24 Cross-bedded sandstone photographed in Kanab Canyon, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(25)Container number 25 Snapshot of Upper Kanab Ranch where Woolleys and Seegmillers lived, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(26)Container number 26 White sandstone above Kanab Creek, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(27)Container number 27 Roy Woolley driving the buggy through the gate near Pink Cliffs, Upper Kanab, 1903. Taken on Harvard geology trip. (1 photograph) View Image
(28)Container number 28 Pink Cliffs, south, near Upper Kanab, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(29)Container number 29 Pink Cliffs near Upper Kanab, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(30)Container number 30 Pink Cliffs above Kanab, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(31)Container number 31 View looking southeast across the Valley of the Virgin at Rockville, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(32)Container number 32 Flood at Sheep Wash, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(33)Container number 33 Stuck in the mud south of Antelope, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(34)Container number 34 Nearing Antelope, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(35)Container number 35 Portrait of James M. Tanner, taken by Curdon Art Gallery, Logan, Utah. (1 photograph) View Image
(36)Container number 36 Portrait of Dilworth Snow Woolley and Frederick Woolley, sons of E.D. Woolley. (1 photograph) View Image
(37)Container number 37 Portrait of Alice Snow Woolley and Alida Snow Woolley between 1914-1920. (1 photograph) View Image
(38)Container number 38 Picture of the Ivins boys, taken by F.G. Rance and Co., Salt Lake City. (1 photograph) View Image
(39)Container number 39 Antone W. Ivins, Dilworth Woolley's roommate, studying in his room at Ann Arbor, Michigan. (1 photograph) View Image
(40)Container number 40 E. Huntington, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(41)Container number 41 Dilworth Woolley on horseback in the Torroweap, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(42)Container number 42 J. W. Goldthwait, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(43)Container number 43 Kesler House (Butch Cassidy home) in Sevier Valley, 1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(44)Container number 44 Picture of Florence Snow Woolley, Dilworth Woolley's mother. (1 photograph) View Image
(45)Container number 45 Marion Woolley atop a pile of logs with a Christmas tree. (Marion died in Australia while on a mission in 1914.) (1 photograph) View Image
(46)Container number 46 Portrait of Eve Killpack Tatten. (1 photograph) View Image
(47)Container number 47 Florence Snow Woolley, Dilworth Woolley's mother. (1 photograph) View Image
(48)Container number 48 First automobile in Kanab. (1 photograph) View Image
(49)Container number 49 Automobile. Date and location unknown. (1 photograph) View Image
(50)Container number 50 Picture including Arthur Woolley and Joseph F. Horne at eighth grade Graduation in Kanab. (1 photograph) View Image
(51)Container number 51 The descendants of Rachel Woolley, Dilworth Woolley's sister. (1 photograph) View Image
(52)Container number 52 Graduating class at BYU, 1901-1903. (1 photograph) View Image
(53)Container number 53 Photocopy of a small framed photo of Dilworth Woolley at age 1 yr.  View Image
(54)Container number 54 Photocopy of a portrait of Erastus Dilworth Woolley taken in 1938 for his campaign when he was running for Justice in the Supreme Court. (1 photograph) View Image
(55)Container number 55 Erastus Snow taken from a magazine.  View Image
(56)Container number 56 Octagonal piece of metal with a picture of Erastus Snow printed on it.  View Image
(57)Container number 57 Rectangular piece of metal with a picture of Erastus Snow printed on it.  View Image