Register of the Milton R. Jolley Collection (Ms.51)

The Milt Jolley Collections includes photographs of Cedar City people and places. A biography sketch of Milt Jolley's life and information he collected about Southern Utah Travel.


I. Photographs
School Orchestra
School Picture
Marching Band
Young class of students sitting on steps
Class picture on steps
Band - wearing white uniforms
Large group in front of busses
Man putting skis in car, man shoveling snow, ski tow on Cedar Mountain
Men playing in snow, group sitting on a sled
4 pictures of men with skis
men in swimsuits, men posing in front of house
Employees at Cedar Breaks Lodge
Milt's Cab car
Wagon advertising Milt's Stage Stop
Door to Milt's Sport Center
Girls at the soda counter at Milt's Sport Center
Playing billiards
Girls bowling
Men playing billiards
Milt Jolley on his horse
Lyle Leigh, Ross Woolsey, Paul Douglas, Alen Melling Milt Jolley, Cliff Browning, Drex Adams, sitting on fence post
Ariel view of Cedar City
El Escalante Hotel
Governor Calvin Rampton visiting Cedar City
Men golfing
Men riding chair lift
Milt Jolley in directors talking to Bill Palfreyman
Milt Jolley, Bill Palfreyman and unidentified man
Airport dedication Sept. 19, 1964
Receiving Certificate of Appreciation in front of map of Iron County.
Paul Bookidis with his Kolob Acres snow mobile, Dec. 28, 1963
Proposed ski resort
Ariel view of mountain and I-15 freeway
Group of men outside building
Group of men outside building
Frank Milne, Ivan Matheson, Milt Jolley
Travel Show, Pan Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA., Apr. 1964
Milt Jolley behind booth for Tourist and Publicity Council
Gronway Parry in front of horses and carriage
Gronway Parry, daughter, grand-daughter, and wife in carriage
Remains of the first smelter west of the Mississippi at Iron Town
Brian Head displays
Skier at Brian Head
Group at airport
Group photo
Utah Travel Council, 1977-1978
Snowmobiling on Cedar Mountain
Group photo in front of Utah State Capitol Building
Group photo of women
Group underneath arch
II. Documents
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2  Biography of Milton Jolley, Brian Head Articles of Incorporation, Iron Mission State Park brochure
B1Box number 1 F3Folder number 3  Advertisements, thank-you notes, news articles, honors
B1Box number 1 F4Folder number 4  Article in The National Geographic Magazine, May 1936 titled, Utah, Carved By Winds and Waters by Leo A. Borah