Register of the Parley & Mabel Dalley Collection (Ms.53)

The Parley and Mabel Collection contains programs, publications, articles, and memorabilia the Dalley's collected over their life span. The shells and minerals donated by Parley Dalley have been removed from the manuscript collection and are currently being housed by the geology department.


A. Mabel's Items
B1Box number 1 F1Folder number 1  "Life History of Margaret Evens Pryor" by Margaret Pryor Dalley
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2  January 12, 1969 correspondence from Mabel to Fred Kuphal: "Western History" 1962 magazine with article of Fred Kuphal
B1Box number 1 F3Folder number 3  Society Club programs and information including CSU Faculty Ladies and Round Table
B1Box number 1 F4Folder number 4  Home Economics Association booklets: 1915-1916, 1916-1917; membership care, receipt
B1Box number 1 F5Folder number 5  American Association of University bylaws and minutes
B1Box number 1 F6Folder number 6  Biographical sketch of Mabel Naegle Dalley by Parley Dalley
B. Parley Personal
B1Box number 1 F7Folder number 7  Journal
B1Box number 1 F8Folder number 8  Biographical sketch of Parley Dalley
B1Box number 1 F9Folder number 9  Funeral information on Parley Dalley from D.C. Schmutz; programs; newspaper articles; summaries of his life
B1Box number 1 F10Folder number 10  Travel log of trips with Mabel and Louise
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11  Brief history on Mary Lovina Bastow by Ken Jones
B1Box number 1 F12Folder number 12  "Our Changing World" by C.W. Lockerbie; program for the memorial service for Charles Lockerbie
B1Box number 1 F13Folder number 13  "American Adventure: Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806" signed by Howard R. Driggs
B1Box number 1 F14Folder number 14  Legal papers, deeds, mortgages
B1Box number 1 F15Folder number 15  Binder of children's Primary hymns, published circa 1880
B1Box number 1 F16Folder number 16  Correspondence, 1961-1962
B1Box number 1 F17Folder number 17  Correspondence, 1963-1964
B1Box number 1 F18Folder number 18  Correspondence, 1965-1966
B1Box number 1 F19Folder number 19  Correspondence, 1967-1968
B1Box number 1 F20Folder number 20  Programs, announcements, etc.
B1Box number 1 F21Folder number 21  Gas rationing card and other miscellaneous items
C. Geology
B1Box number 1 F22Folder number 22  Atlas of American Geology
B1Box number 1 F23Folder number 23  Correspondence with geology departments from University of Utah and Utah State Agricultural College
B1Box number 1 F24Folder number 24  "A Quantitative Method for the Separation and Determination of Antimony and tin in Alloys"
B1Box number 1 F25Folder number 25  List of localities where arrowheads and other artifacts have been found or obtained
B1Box number 1 F26Folder number 26  Sand collection
B1Box number 1 F27Folder number 27  Classification data on shell collection
B1Box number 1 F28Folder number 28  Binder on shell collection
B1Box number 1 F30Folder number 30  Notebooks with mineral notes
B1Box number 1 F31Folder number 31  Notebooks with mineral notes
B1Box number 1 F32Folder number 32  Mineral resources and societies
B1Box number 1 F33Folder number 33  Rock Club
B1Box number 1 F34Folder number 34  The Utah Report
D. Southern Utah University History
B2Box number 2 F1Folder number 1  Faculty historical record on Parley Dalley
B2Box number 2 F2Folder number 2  BNS Founding - Jim Hunter's list of lumber expedition participants, "For Sweet Learning's Sake" by Rob will Bulloch
B2Box number 2 F3Folder number 3  Correspondence regarding fossils, 1950
B2Box number 2 F4Folder number 4  Correspondence regarding the Duodecimal Society of America
B2Box number 2 F5Folder number 5  Inspirational thought and stories
B2Box number 2 F6Folder number 6  BNS - BAC Fifty Year Club
B2Box number 2 F7Folder number 7  "Mission Education" by Parley Dalley, 1952
B2Box number 2 F8Folder number 8  "Science from Infancy to Maturity" by Parley Dalley given at dedication of Science Center, 1962
B2Box number 2 F9Folder number 9  "BNS - BAC: A Review of Progress" by Parley Dalley
B2Box number 2 F10Folder number 10  "50 Years of Service as a State Institution, 1897-1947"
B2Box number 2 F11Folder number 11  Play programs, The Mascot; Safety First; Three Wise Fools; Rebecca's Triumph
B2Box number 2 F12Folder number 12  Play program, Macbeth
B2Box number 2 F13Folder number 13  BAC publications, programs
B2Box number 2 F14Folder number 14  CSU Publications
B2Box number 2 F15Folder number 15  CSU College Bulletin
B2Box number 2 F16Folder number 16  CSU Thunderbird Newspapers, 1962-1963
B2Box number 2 F17Folder number 17  CSU Alumnus, 1965 & 1966
B2Box number 2 F18Folder number 18  CSU programs, invitations, etc.
E. Iron County
B2Box number 2 F19Folder number 19  "Zion Trails" The Founding of Cedar City script
B2Box number 2 F20Folder number 20  Cedar City Mayors
B2Box number 2 F21Folder number 21  Photo of water pump
B2Box number 2 F22Folder number 22  Iron County Centennial Historical Collection, letters, contest rules, and stories
B2Box number 2 F23Folder number 23  Cedar City Centennial Program, 1951
B2Box number 2 F24Folder number 24  "Iron County Centennial: 1851-1951"
B2Box number 2 F25Folder number 25  "Early History of Cedar City and Vicinity: by John Urie
B2Box number 2 F26Folder number 26  Histories of Paragonah, Pinto, Newcastle, and "Potatoes on the Escalante Desert"
B2Box number 2 F27Folder number 27  Iron County Fair and Rodeo
B2Box number 2 F28Folder number 28  Seventh Annual Southern Utah Livestock Show, 1947
B2Box number 2 F29Folder number 29  Sons of Utah Pioneers Silver Anniversary Encampment at Cedar City
B2Box number 2 F30Folder number 30  "The Chapel of Rainbow Rocks" in Rock and Minerals
B2Box number 2 F31Folder number 31  Rock Church Dedication, May 27, 1934
B2Box number 2 F32Folder number 32  Iron County Chapter of the Utah State Historical Society
B2Box number 2 F33Folder number 33  Vote Democratic flier
B2Box number 2 F53Folder number 53  Works Progress Administration, meals and nursery in Cedar City
F. Utah
B2Box number 2 F35Folder number 35  "The Pioneer" January 1947
B2Box number 2 F36Folder number 36  "Pow-wow"
B2Box number 2 F37Folder number 37  Utah magazines and information, postcards, National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers Story Contest Winners, 1953
B2Box number 2 F38Folder number 38  "Utah Historic Preservation News", 1971
B2Box number 2 F39Folder number 39  "Utah State Historical Newsletter", 1968-1972
B2Box number 2 F40Folder number 40  State of Utah Board of Agriculture regarding brands
G. Newspapers
B2Box number 2 F41Folder number 41  Age and Aging
B2Box number 2 F42Folder number 42  Education
B2Box number 2 F43Folder number 43  Youth
B2Box number 2 F44Folder number 44  Philosophy
B2Box number 2 F45Folder number 45  Indians
B2Box number 2 F46Folder number 46  History
B2Box number 2 F47Folder number 47  Geology and Geography
B2Box number 2 F48Folder number 48  Arts and Crafts/Homemaking
H. Publications
B2Box number 2 F49Folder number 49  "The Mollusca of Utah"
B2Box number 2 F50Folder number 50  "Utah Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters", "Publications of the Geological Survey", "RCA Victor Record Review", "General Motors Contributions to Automotive Society"
B2Box number 2 F51Folder number 51  "Magnetic Surveys in the Iron Springs District, Iron County, Utah"
B2Box number 2 F53Folder number 53  "Geology of Mount Desert Island, Maine", "Microfossils of the Upper Cretaceous of Northeastern Utah and Southwestern Wyoming", "Genesis of the Anthophyllite Deposits Near Kamiah, Idaho", "Progress in Paleontological Research on the Pacific Coast, 1917-1944", "The Minerals of Boron, California"
B2Box number 2 F54Folder number 54  "Putting Down and Developing Wells for Irrigation", "Influences of Vegetation and Watershed Treatments of Run-off, Silting, and Stream Flow", "Silting of Reservoirs"
B2Box number 2 F55Folder number 55  "The Kansas Scene", "Kansas Rocks and Minerals", "Guide to Craters of the Moon, National Monument, Idaho", "Plants of Yellowstone National Park"
B2Box number 2 F56Folder number 56  "Geology of the Lassen Volcanic National Park, California"
I. Class Records
B3Box number 3  Books from 1915-1918, 1920-1923, 1931-1932, 1945-1961