Register of the Dixie National Forest Historical Papers Collection (Ms.4)

This collection consists of papers concerning the Dixie National Forest collected by Marian Jacklin, DNF archivist. They detail the history of the Dixie National Forest as well as surrounding communities and other national forests.


I. Dixie National Forest Historical Papers Collection
A. Originally Numbered Folders
B01Box number 1 F001Folder number 1  History of the Boise National Forest, by Elizabeth M Smith
B01Box number 1 F002Folder number 2  Notice of Area Changes: Powell National Forest Added to Dixie National Forest
B01Box number 1 F003Folder number 3  Federal Register: Consolidation of Dixie and Powell National Forests
B01Box number 1 F004Folder number 4  The US Forest Service - A History, by Harold K Steen
B01Box number 1 F005Folder number 5  Forest Service Health and Safety Code
B01Box number 1 F006Folder number 6  Population of Counties Surrounding Dixie-Powell National Forest
B01Box number 1 F007Folder number 7  Biographical Information About the USDA Forest Service Chiefs: 1905-Present (December 7, 1993)
B01Box number 1 F008Folder number 8  Remembering the Centennial: National Forests 1891-1991
B01Box number 1 F009Folder number 9  History Line - A History and Cultural Resources Newsletter (seven books)
B01Box number 1 F010Folder number 10  Inspection of Forests - 1920
B01Box number 1 F011Folder number 11  Map of Powell National Forest
B01Box number 1 F012Folder number 12  Memo - Correction - On Building "Hell's Backbone" Bridge
B01Box number 1 F013Folder number 13  History by Wallace M Riddle
B01Box number 1 F014Folder number 14  Powell Pow Wow: 1936, 1940 - Powell National Forest Activity
B01Box number 1 F015Folder number 15  Excerpts From Geology of Eastern Iron County, UT
B01Box number 1 F016Folder number 16  The Boulder Mountain: Experience of Wilford Bentley
B01Box number 1 F017Folder number 17  Fast Facts About Local Geology, by Arthur F Bruhm, President of Dixie College
B01Box number 1 F018Folder number 18  Description of Powell National Forest, by Wallace M Riddle
B01Box number 1 F019Folder number 19  Letter to LaRue Barton and a Description of Powell National Forest
B01Box number 1 F020Folder number 20  News Article From the Ogden Examiner: Grandeur of Utah
B01Box number 1 F021Folder number 21  Letter Concerning the Latitude and Longitude of Pink Cliffs and Table Cliff September 13, 1918
B01Box number 1 F022Folder number 22  Rise and Fall of the Livestock Industry in Escalante, by Nathella Griffin
B01Box number 1 F023Folder number 23  Grazing Report on Grazing Reductions 1920-1945
B01Box number 1 F024Folder number 24  Account of Giant Sequoia on Dixie National Forest
B01Box number 1 F025Folder number 25  Historical Data on Grazing - Intermountain Region
B01Box number 1 F026Folder number 26  Letter Relative to Grazing Policies - Report for Sheep & Cattle May 6, 1925
B01Box number 1 F027Folder number 27  Letters Concerning Grazing Fees in Escalante - 1934 and (2) copies of minutes of meeting held February 14, 1934
B01Box number 1 F028Folder number 28  Census of Manufactures, 1935
B01Box number 1 F029Folder number 29  Range of Appraisal Report - Powell National Forest
B01Box number 1 F030Folder number 30  Handwritten List of Sheep Permittees - 1918
B01Box number 1 F031Folder number 31  Grazing Report - January 19, 1915
B01Box number 1 F032Folder number 32  Notice to Stockmen May 2, 1916
B01Box number 1 F033Folder number 33  Memo to Regional Forester - Revision of Sawmill List November 29, 1942
B01Box number 1 F034Folder number 34  Letters, Report Relevant to Toquerville Cattle Association Business
B01Box number 1 F035Folder number 35   no such folder in collection
B01Box number 1 F036Folder number 36  Free Use Reports - 1925
B01Box number 1 F037Folder number 37  Annual Report of Lumber May 28, 1921
B01Box number 1 F038Folder number 38  Title 1600 - Information Services
B01Box number 1 F039Folder number 39  Roads in the National Forests
B01Box number 1 F040Folder number 40  Reports on Agricultural Settlement - Powell National Forest
B01Box number 1 F041Folder number 41  Powell, Studies, Silvical Report
B01Box number 1 F042Folder number 42  Hugh Leech Adams Jr. - History
B01Box number 1 F043Folder number 43  Centennial Mini Histories of the Forest Service
B01Box number 1 F044Folder number 44  The Origins of the National Forests, Edited by Harold Steen
B01Box number 1 F045Folder number 45  The Free Life of a Ranger - Archie Murchie, by RT King
B01Box number 1 F046Folder number 46  Letter to Forest Supervisor September 27, 1915 - Answer to District Forester November 15, 1915
B01Box number 1 F047Folder number 47  Memo to Forest Supervisor March 28, 1936
B01Box number 1 F048Folder number 48  Bernhard Eduard Fernow - A Story of North American Forestry, by Andrew Denny Rodgers III
B01Box number 1 F049Folder number 49  Inventory of Federal Archives in the State
B01Box number 1 F050Folder number 50  Memo to Regional Forester Concerning Navajo Lake May 4, 1960
B01Box number 1 F051Folder number 51  Timber Tips
B01Box number 1 F052Folder number 52  Dictionary of the Paiute Indian Dialect - Letter
B01Box number 1 F053Folder number 53  Geographic Names - Area Forests, Streams, etc.
B01Box number 1 F054Folder number 54  Cedar Breaks National Monument, Address by Orange A Olsen August 1, 1929
B01Box number 1 F055Folder number 55  Memo to Files - Concerning Lookout Point, by RE Guy September 6, 1923
B01Box number 1 F056Folder number 56  Promotion of Bryce Canyon William J. Humphrey (J W Humphrey), February 20, 1958 William Hurst Statement also included
B01Box number 1 F057Folder number 57  A User's Guide: Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness
B01Box number 1 F058Folder number 58  Escalante
B01Box number 1 F059Folder number 59  An Example of the Benefit of the CCC, by Advisor Adams (building a road from Boulder to Escalante)
B01Box number 1 F060Folder number 60  Emergency Conservation Work - Report From Zion and Cedar Breaks April 1, 1935 - September 30, 1935
B01Box number 1 F061Folder number 61  The Escalante Story 1875-1964, by Nathella Griffin Woolsey
B01Box number 1 F062Folder number 62  Boulder County and It's People, by Lenora LaFevre
B01Box number 1 F063Folder number 63  Quotation from the book "The Daring Adventures of Kit Carson and Fremont," Published by Hurst &Company, N.Y. 1885
B01Box number 1 F064Folder number 64  Summary of Diaries of Angus M Woodbury - Dixie National Forest, UT 1908-1913
B01Box number 1 F065Folder number 65  Excerpts from the Journal of Lorenzo Brown 1823-1900
B02Box number 2 F066Folder number 66  Life History of Luther M Winsor & Anson P Winsor, III
B02Box number 2 F067Folder number 67  Historical Information - Dixie, Memo for Supervisor
B02Box number 2 F068Folder number 68  Sisters Record History of Pine Valley
B02Box number 2 F069Folder number 69  "Landscapes and People" Information on Cedar Breaks
B02Box number 2 F070Folder number 70  Memo: Fish and Game - Kaibab - Deer Killing
B02Box number 2 F071Folder number 71  Photos from Enterprise Reservoir
B02Box number 2 F072Folder number 72  Recreation Site Planning & Improvement in National Forests 1891-1942
B02Box number 2 F073Folder number 73  Miscellaneous Notes From Dixie National Forest - Various Rangers
B02Box number 2 F074Folder number 74  Utah Section - American Society Range Management - Southern Utah Field Trip June 16, 1961: History and Ecology of the Mountain Meadows
B02Box number 2 F075Folder number 75  Information, Historical Data, Diary of Albert L Potter
B02Box number 2 F076Folder number 76  Some Plants Common to the Area Surrounding St George
B02Box number 2 F077Folder number 77  Furbearers
B02Box number 2 F078Folder number 78  1680 Forest Service History - Wilson-Pinchot Letter
B02Box number 2 F079Folder number 79  To Robert Davies - History From Dixie National Forest
B02Box number 2 F080Folder number 80  History From Dixie National Forest - From 1902-1953 Inclusive
B02Box number 2 F081Folder number 81  Adjustment - Pine Valley Allotment
B02Box number 2 F082Folder number 82  Reflections on the Heritage of Region 4
B02Box number 2 F083Folder number 83  Brief History - The Livestock Industry in Enterprise
B02Box number 2 F084Folder number 84  Brief History Outline of the US Forest Service
B02Box number 2 F085Folder number 85  Brief History of Shoal Creek, Hebron, and Enterprise 1862-1922, by Orson W Huntsman
B02Box number 2 F086Folder number 86  Maps - Geographic Names - Iron County
B02Box number 2 F087Folder number 87  History - Various Locations in Pine Valley
B02Box number 2 F088Folder number 88  Prehistory of Utah - Prepared by Larry Davis; Ranger in Charge - Anasazi Indian Village, State Historical Monument
B02Box number 2 F089Folder number 89  Exit Interview: Howard D Simkins, December 23, 1987
B02Box number 2 F090Folder number 90  Management - Grazing Fees - All Regions
B02Box number 2 F091Folder number 91  A History of Garfield County - Bryce Canyon
B02Box number 2 F092Folder number 92  Interview with Thomas G Alexander
B02Box number 2 F093Folder number 93  Annual Game Report - Dixie: Sevier National Forest
B02Box number 2 F094Folder number 94  Letter, Map - Peter's Leap - Historical Trail Survey
B02Box number 2 F095Folder number 95  History - Lower Colorado Region - Nevada
B02Box number 2 F096Folder number 96  Historic Sites Survey - Old Fort Hamilton
B02Box number 2 F097Folder number 97  Journal of Southern Exploring Company
B02Box number 2 0f98Unit number f98  Hoof Prints on Forest Ranges: The Early Years of National Forest Range Administration, by Paul H. Roberts
B02Box number 2 F099Folder number 99  Blazing Forest Trails, by Charles D Simpson and E. R. Jackman
B02Box number 2 F100Folder number 100  Utah Resources and Activities
B02Box number 2 F101Folder number 101  The Rise of Multiple-Use Management in the Intermountain West: A History of Region 4 of the Forest Service
B02Box number 2 F102Folder number 102  Forest Service - History Line
B02Box number 2 F103Folder number 103  Fast Facts About Local Geology, by Arthur F Bruhm, President of Dixie College
B02Box number 2 F104Folder number 104  History of Areas in Dixie National Forest, 1902-1953, inclusive
B02Box number 2 F105Folder number 105  The Story of Smokey the Bear - "Remember - Only You... "
B02Box number 2 F106Folder number 106  The American Indian - A Catalog of 250 Books about Indians
B02Box number 2 F107Folder number 107  Brochure - Geology of the Pine Valley Mountains, Utah, by Earl Ferguson Cook, PhD
B02Box number 2 F108Folder number 108  Forest Service Programmed Instructions - Filing System
B02Box number 2 F109Folder number 109  Visitor Information Service - Dixie National Forest
B02Box number 2 F110Folder number 110  Maps: Pine Valley Ranger District & Enterprise Ranger District (D2 & D1)
B02Box number 2 F111Folder number 111  Crosscut Saw Manual and Primitive Skills Catalog
B02Box number 2 F112Folder number 112  Forest Facts - Prepared by Dixie National Forest
B02Box number 2 F113Folder number 113  National Forest Visitors Just Keep Coming... and Coming
B02Box number 2 F114Folder number 114  Let's Be Good Hosts
B02Box number 2 F115Folder number 115  Developing the Self-Guiding Trail in the National Forests
B02Box number 2 F116Folder number 116  Protect Your Pines... From Mountain Pine Beetles
B02Box number 2 F117Folder number 117  Suggestion for Using Horses in the Mountain Country
B02Box number 2 F118Folder number 118  The Gisborne Era of Forest Fire Research: Legacy of a Pioneer
B02Box number 2 F119Folder number 119  The Salmon - River of No Return - Maps
B02Box number 2 F120Folder number 120  Archeology and Archeological Resources
B02Box number 2 F121Folder number 121  Recreation Information
B02Box number 2 F122Folder number 122  Grand Mesa National Forest
B02Box number 2 F123Folder number 123  Pinchot - The Man; the House; the Legacy
B02Box number 2 F124Folder number 124  Forest Service Map Standards
B02Box number 2 F125Folder number 125  Your Forest Service Uniform
B02Box number 2 F126Folder number 126  Coal Fields on Pine Valley Ranger District
B02Box number 2 F127Folder number 127  Environmental Outfitting
B02Box number 2 F128Folder number 128  Exhibits Guide for ASCS County Offices
B02Box number 2 F129Folder number 129  Making Charcoal From Single-leaf Pinyon Pine and Utah Juniper
B02Box number 2 F130Folder number 130  Preserving Wood by Brush, Dip, and Short-Soak Methods
B02Box number 2 F131Folder number 131  Wood Decay in Houses
B02Box number 2 F132Folder number 132  The Wilderness Movement and the National Forests 1980-1984
B02Box number 2 F133Folder number 133  The High Uintas Primitive Area
B02Box number 2 F134Folder number 134  Early Day Timber Cutting Along the Upper Bear River
B02Box number 2 F135Folder number 135  Ranger Trail
B02Box number 2 F136Folder number 136  Disaster Plan for Dixie National Forest
B02Box number 2 F137Folder number 137  no such folder in collection
B02Box number 2 F138Folder number 138  Reaction Site Planning & Improvement in National Forests 1891-1941
B02Box number 2 F139Folder number 139  no such folder in collection
B02Box number 2 F140Folder number 140  Air Operations Handbook - Part 3 - Cargo
B02Box number 2 F141Folder number 141  Air Operations Handbook - Part 4 - Fire
B02Box number 2 F142Folder number 142  A Study of the Distribution & Stylistic Variations of Figurines Within the Fremont Cultural Area
B02Box number 2 F143Folder number 143  Forest Service Programed Instruction: Small Purchases
B02Box number 2 F144Folder number 144  Pioneer Dairying, by Gladys McConnell, 1962
B02Box number 2 F145aFolder number 145a  Mountain Meadows History
B02Box number 2 F145bFolder number 145b  Mountain Meadows History
B02Box number 2 F145cFolder number 145c  Mountain Meadows History
B02Box number 2 F146Folder number 146  Of Dinosaurs and Fax Machines, by Elaine Zieroth
B02Box number 2 F147aFolder number 147a  Centennial Information
B02Box number 2 F147bFolder number 147b  Centennial Information
B03Box number 3 F147cFolder number 147c  Centennial Information
B03Box number 3 F148Folder number 148  Memories of Enterprise, Pine Valley, by Lamond Welcome Huntsman -1969
B03Box number 3 F149Folder number 149  Emblem Honors 2 Explorers - Domingez & Escalante
B03Box number 3 F150Folder number 150  Utah's Spanish Pioneers Traced
B03Box number 3 F151Folder number 151  Preparing Today to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges
B03Box number 3 F152Folder number 152  What Did the Padres Look Like?
B03Box number 3 F153Folder number 153  Federal Works Agency - Public Works Administration
B03Box number 3 F154Folder number 154  Geologic and Geographic Reconnaissance of Eastern Markagunt Plateau, Utah, by Herbert E Gregory
B03Box number 3 F155Folder number 155  Communications Plan - Dixie National Forest
B03Box number 3 F156Folder number 156  Excerpts From "A Canyon Voyage" by Frederick S Dellenbaugh, Narrative of a Second Powell Expedition
B03Box number 3 F157Folder number 157  Diary of Almon Harris Thompson, Geographer for Explorations of Colorado River 1871-1875
B03Box number 3 F158Folder number 158  Excerpts from "Death Valley in '49" by William L Manly
B03Box number 3 F159Folder number 159  Quotations from the book "The Daring Adventures of Kit Carson and Fremont"
B03Box number 3 F160Folder number 160  Excerpts from Report of J. W. Powell
B03Box number 3 F161Folder number 161  The Autobiography of Parley P Pratt
B03Box number 3 F162Folder number 162  Statistics Handbook
B03Box number 3 F163Folder number 163  History as Told by Joseph A Terry - Enterprise (2 copies)
B03Box number 3 F164Folder number 164  History as Told by Mrs. M. A. Huntsman - Enterprise, Hebron
B03Box number 3 F165Folder number 165  History as Told by Harry Hill Bowler - Enterprise, Hebron
B03Box number 3 F166Folder number 166  Interchange Material
B03Box number 3 F167Folder number 167  Hydrologic Data - Rain Gages
B03Box number 3 F168Folder number 168  Short History of J. M. Moody (Mitt) - His Account of Shooting "Old Crackfoot" Renegade Bear
B03Box number 3 F169Folder number 169  Watershed
B03Box number 3 F170Folder number 170  2510 Watershed Surveys and Plans: 1) Cottonwood Wash Flood August 18, 1966 2) Enterprise Area Flood December 7, 1966
B03Box number 3 F171Folder number 171  Flood Report - New Castle Watershed - August 29, 1961
B03Box number 3 F172Folder number 172  Flood Damage Report 1964
B03Box number 3 F173Folder number 173  History as Told by Walter J Knell - Pinto
B03Box number 3 F174Folder number 174  Historical Notes of Utah's Dixie by Riley C Savage
B03Box number 3 F175Folder number 175  History as Told by Israel Nielson
B03Box number 3 F176Folder number 176  Controls of Timber Given - Washington County Court: Also Control of Water, Pine Valley, etc
B03Box number 3 F177Folder number 177  Half-Mile Elevator Service - Cable Point
B03Box number 3 F178Folder number 178  Nephi Wash Gage Study
B03Box number 3 F179Folder number 179  Application for Well at Pine Valley A/S - Closed November 30, 1976
B03Box number 3 F180Folder number 180  Notes from "Under the Dixie Sun" - A History of Washington County
B03Box number 3 F181Folder number 181  Utah's CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)
B03Box number 3 F182Folder number 182  Copy of a Letter to Randle W Lunt by George Lunt - Trip from Cedar City to Mexico
B03Box number 3 F183Folder number 183  Early History of Cedar City and Vicinity
B03Box number 3 F184Folder number 184  Historical Highlights of Dixie National Forest
B03Box number 3 F185Folder number 185  Ideas on Livestock Industry of Southern Utah - Letter from E.L. Clark (2 copies)
B03Box number 3 F186Folder number 186  In the First Fort - Chapter 2 (Cedar City)
B03Box number 3 F187Folder number 187  Native Trees and Flowers - Chapter 33
B03Box number 3 F188Folder number 188  Thomas Bladen on Coal Prospects around Cedar City and Smeltering for Iron
B03Box number 3 F189Folder number 189  History as Told by Independence Taylor (2 copies)
B03Box number 3 F190Folder number 190  Alum Cove, by F.C. Van Buren
B03Box number 3 F191Folder number 191  Pinto Allotment - July 1, 1959 - June 30, 1960
B03Box number 3 F192Folder number 192  Parley P. Pratt Commissioned to Explore Southern Utah
B03Box number 3 F193Folder number 193  History - Parowan and Cedar City - Other Settlements, Declining of Range
B03Box number 3 F194Folder number 194  Range Surveys and Reports
B03Box number 3 F195Folder number 195  Early Day Grazing in Iron County
B03Box number 3 F196Folder number 196  Grazing in Early Day Paragonah, by R.D. Talbot's Daughter
B03Box number 3 F197Folder number 197  Newspaper Article, Picture Marking Fork in Trail of Ill-Fated '49ers
B03Box number 3 F198Folder number 198  History of Panguitch and Vicinity - Grazing
B03Box number 3 F199Folder number 199  Flood Reports and Water Surveys
B03Box number 3 F200Folder number 200  Historic Structure Report: Grey Towers
B03Box number 3 F201Folder number 201  Browse Transect Data
B03Box number 3 F202Folder number 202  Annual Winter Range Surveys and Spot Counts
B03Box number 3 F203Folder number 203  Dixie - Pine Valley - Diamond Valley Browse Transect 1944-1952
B03Box number 3 F204Folder number 204  Big Game Range Analysis
B03Box number 3 F205Folder number 205  Office Memo - Bert H Tucker - Request for Pictures, Data From D.U.P.
B03Box number 3 F206Folder number 206  History of National Forests in Garfield County, Utah
B03Box number 3 F207Folder number 207  Resume of Settling of Garfield, Kane Section (Newspaper Clipping)
B03Box number 3 F208Folder number 208  Settlement of Widstoe, Abandonment of Widstoe, History
B03Box number 3 F209Folder number 209  Pinto Stockmen's Association - Constitution and Bylaws, etc.
B03Box number 3 F210Folder number 210  A brief History of Antimony, Compiled by School Children
B03Box number 3 F211Folder number 211  Early "Mule" Mail to Boulder - Maps, Newspaper Clippings
B03Box number 3 F212Folder number 212  Oral History of Lower East Fork of Sevier Valley, by Alma Savage, Sr.
B03Box number 3 F213Folder number 213  Items in Early History of Wayne County, in Vicinity of Bicknell and Teasdale, by Robert S Dalley, District Forest Ranger
B03Box number 3 F214Folder number 214  Data About Early Days of Sheep Business in Wayne County and Vicinity, by John S Hiskey
B03Box number 3 F215Folder number 215  Stories of a Ranger's Life in Pine Valley, by his wife, Lucille Johnson
B03Box number 3 F216Folder number 216  National Forests of Utah
B03Box number 3 F217Folder number 217  Journal of Forest History, by Thomas G Alexander
B03Box number 3 F218Folder number 218  History of the Areas Known as the Dixie National Forest From Establishment in 1902-1960 (2 copies)
B03Box number 3 F219Folder number 219  Wildlife and Habitat Counts
B03Box number 3 F220Folder number 220  Newspaper Picture of Work on Construction of Cedar Canyon Road
B03Box number 3 F221Folder number 221  Catechism on Behavior of Early Day Members of the Latter Day Saint Church - History
B03Box number 3 F222Folder number 222  Wildlife Reports
B03Box number 3 F223Folder number 223  History of Areas Included in Dixie National Forest
B03Box number 3 F224Folder number 224  Historical Highlights of Dixie National Forest
B03Box number 3 F225Folder number 225  The Temples of the Gods - Bryce Canyon
B03Box number 3 F226Folder number 226  Commensurability Data For Washington Flat, Diamond Valley
B03Box number 3 F227Folder number 227  100 Years of Federal Forestry
B04Box number 4 F228Folder number 228  Annual Wildlife Reports
B04Box number 4 F229Folder number 229  Watershed Surveys and Plans
B04Box number 4 F230Folder number 230  Management and Ranges
B04Box number 4 F231aFolder number 231a  Pinto Allotment - C&H
B04Box number 4 F231bFolder number 231b  Pinto Allotment - C&H
B04Box number 4 F232aFolder number 232a  Pine Valley Cattle Allotment
B04Box number 4 F232bFolder number 232b  Pine Valley Cattle Allotment
B04Box number 4 F232cFolder number 232c  Pine Valley Cattle Allotment
B04Box number 4 F233Folder number 233  Pace Canyon C&H Allotment; Pine Valley Ranger District, Dixie National Forest, 1958
B04Box number 4 F234Folder number 234  Washington Flat C&H Allotment; Pine Valley Ranger District, Dixie National Forest, 1958
B04Box number 4 F235aFolder number 235a  Allotment Analysis - Leads C&H - 1960, etc.
B04Box number 4 F235bFolder number 235b  Allotment Analysis - Leads C&H - 1960, etc.
B04Box number 4 F235cFolder number 235c  Allotment Analysis - Leads C&H - 1960, etc.
B04Box number 4 F236aFolder number 236a  Toquerville C&H Allotment
B04Box number 4 F236bFolder number 236b  Toquerville C&H Allotment
B04Box number 4 F237aFolder number 237a  Diamond Valley C&H Allotment
B04Box number 4 F237bFolder number 237b  Diamond Valley C&H Allotment
B04Box number 4 F237cFolder number 237c  Diamond Valley C&H Allotment
B04Box number 4 F238Folder number 238  Grassy Knoll Reseeding (Proposed)
B04Box number 4 F239Folder number 239  Terry - Shoal Creek Allotment
B04Box number 4 F240Folder number 240  Enterprise C&H Allotment
B04Box number 4 F241Folder number 241  Pleasant Creek S&G Allotment - Teasdale Ranger District, Dixie National Forest
B04Box number 4 F242Folder number 242  Mill Creek S&G Allotment - Powell Ranger District, Dixie National Forest
B04Box number 4 F243Folder number 243  Steep Creek S&G Allotment - Rabbit Valley Ranger District, Dixie National Forest
B04Box number 4 F244Folder number 244  Final Construction Report - North Slope Road
B04Box number 4 F245Folder number 245  Final Construction Report - Bowery Creek - Yankee Road
B04Box number 4 F246Folder number 246  Historical Highlights of Dixie National Forest Region With Description
B04Box number 4 F247Folder number 247  The Friskey Creek S&G Allotment - Teasdale Ranger District, Dixie National Forest
B04Box number 4 F248Folder number 248  3 Letters on Sales, Land Exchanges and Supervision: Forest
B04Box number 4 F249Folder number 249  Different Data and History of Cedar City, Pine Valley and Other Areas
B04Box number 4 F250Folder number 250  Dixie Maps, Acreages, Allotments, Range Data, etc.
B05Box number 5 F251Folder number 251  Information - Motion Pictures Filmed on Dixie National Forest, 1942-1954 Inclusive
B05Box number 5 F252Folder number 252  Final Construction Reports: Cedar-Long Valley Road
B05Box number 5 F253Folder number 253  History of Claude King
B05Box number 5 F254Folder number 254  American Forests
B05Box number 5 F255Folder number 255  Report of Location Survey - Central Pine Valley Road
B05Box number 5 F256Folder number 256  Description of Vermillion Castle Campground, Cedar City Warehouse, Kyle Canyon Ranger Station
B05Box number 5 F257Folder number 257  Clayton Ranger Station Burned January, 1961: List of Supplies, Description
B05Box number 5 F258Folder number 258  Information, Special Articles
B05Box number 5 F259Folder number 259  Final Construction Report - Enterprise-St. George Road
B05Box number 5 F260Folder number 260  Final Construction Report - Panguitch-Panguitch Lake Road, Cedar Breaks-Panguitch Lake Road
B05Box number 5 F261Folder number 261  Copies of Early Day News Items - St. George
B05Box number 5 F262Folder number 262  Final Construction Report - Whipple Trail #3025
B05Box number 5 F263Folder number 263  Final Construction Report - North Creek Road
B05Box number 5 F264Folder number 264  Final Construction - Zion, Bryce Canyon Approach Road, Cedar Breaks Spur, Cedar Long Valley Forest
B05Box number 5 F265Folder number 265  Final Construction Report - Kanab Creek Road
B05Box number 5 F266Folder number 266  The Dixie National Forest Material Used in a Program - Descriptive
B05Box number 5 F267Folder number 267  Dixie National Forest - Report to the Public - Golden Anniversary and 1962
B05Box number 5 F268Folder number 268  Reasons for Naming Dixie
B05Box number 5 F269Folder number 269  Condition of Escalante Country - 1965
B05Box number 5 F270Folder number 270  Final Construction Report - Te-ah Campground Road
B05Box number 5 F271Folder number 271  Final Construction Report - Desert Station Entrance Road
B05Box number 5 F272Folder number 272  Final Construction Report - Rattlesnake Road - Enterprise
B05Box number 5 F273Folder number 273  Concerning History of Garfield County
B05Box number 5 F274Folder number 274  Early History of Cedar City
B05Box number 5 F275Folder number 275  Memorandum for District Forester - Moapa Division
B05Box number 5 F276Folder number 276  The Dixie National Forest, by Albert Albertson
B05Box number 5 F277Folder number 277  History of the Dixie National Forest, et al
B05Box number 5 F278Folder number 278  Rules to Abide by When Visiting National Forests
B05Box number 5 F279Folder number 279  Timber Management Plan - Dixie Working Circle
B05Box number 5 F280Folder number 280  Reconnaissance Data - Upper Paria River Basin
B05Box number 5 F281Folder number 281  The US Forest Service: A History, by Harold K Steen
B05Box number 5 F282Folder number 282  Oak Creek - Con's Hole Sheep Allotment
B05Box number 5 F283Folder number 283  Land Ownership Adjacent to Forest Boundary Washington County 1971
B05Box number 5 F284Folder number 284  Final Construction Report - Tropic-Panguitch Highway
B05Box number 5 F285Folder number 285  Information Concerning Boundary of Dixie National Forest
B05Box number 5 F286Folder number 286  Special Use Permits - 2nd Page: Drawing for Project
B05Box number 5 F287Folder number 287  Maps of Forest Areas
B05Box number 5 F288Folder number 288  Request for Information of Grazing Fees
B05Box number 5 F289aFolder number 289a  Multiple Use Maps
B05Box number 5 F289bFolder number 289b  Multiple Use Maps
B05Box number 5 F290Folder number 290  Memo on Historical Studies - Rotation System of Grazing
B05Box number 5 F291aFolder number 291a  Employee Suggestion Notes
B05Box number 5 F291bFolder number 291b  Employee Suggestion Notes
B05Box number 5 F291cFolder number 291c  Employee Suggestion Notes
B05Box number 5 F292Folder number 292  Water Hauling to Sheep and Cattle - Pictures
B05Box number 5 F293Folder number 293  Final Construction Report - Sevier Summit
B05Box number 5 F294Folder number 294  Journal of Forest History
B05Box number 5 F295Folder number 295  Seeing is Believing: A Range Problem and a Constructive Solution (Pamphlet)
B05Box number 5 F296Folder number 296  Livestock Assessments
B05Box number 5 F297Folder number 297  Cedar Breaks - Panguitch Roadside Zone Plan
B05Box number 5 F298Folder number 298  Navajo Lake Roadside Zone Plan
B05Box number 5 F299Folder number 299  Duck Creek - Hatch Roadside Zone Plan
B05Box number 5 F300Folder number 300  Cedar-Long Valley Forest Highway Roadside Zone Plan
B05Box number 5 F301Folder number 301  Studies on Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks, by Frank A Waugh, 1923
B05Box number 5 F302Folder number 302  Statement on Range Matters, Albert Albertson
B05Box number 5 F303Folder number 303  Improving Relations with Permittees
B05Box number 5 F304aFolder number 304a  E.R. Shurtz and Beryl Shurtz Canaan Mountain Allotment
B05Box number 5 F304bFolder number 304b  E.R. Shurtz and Beryl Shurtz Canaan Mountain Allotment
B05Box number 5 F304cFolder number 304c  E.R. Shurtz and Beryl Shurtz Canaan Mountain Allotment
B05Box number 5 F304dFolder number 304d  E.R. Shurtz and Beryl Shurtz Canaan Mountain Allotment
B06Box number 6 F304eFolder number 304e  E.R. Shurtz and Beryl Shurtz Canaan Mountain Allotment
B06Box number 6 F305Folder number 305  Cattle and Sheep in Escalante
B06Box number 6 F306Folder number 306  Range Adjustments
B06Box number 6 F307Folder number 307  The Story of Some Sick Land (Escalante)
B06Box number 6 F308Folder number 308  Annual Grazing Report - Narrative
B06Box number 6 F309Folder number 309  Range Reseeding - Utah National Forests
B06Box number 6 F310Folder number 310  Tour Outline - Range Reseeding
B06Box number 6 F311Folder number 311  Hand Planting - Ponderosa Pine (Handwritten)
B06Box number 6 F312Folder number 312  Annual Report - Management of the Dixie National Forest
B06Box number 6 F313Folder number 313  Organization - Personnel Directory - Pictures 1962-1966
B06Box number 6 F314Folder number 314  Historical Studies
B06Box number 6 F315Folder number 315  Assistants and Clerks on Districts
B06Box number 6 F316Folder number 316  Timeless Heritage: A History of the Forest Service in the Southwest
B06Box number 6 F317Folder number 317  Report of the Forest Service Fiscal Year 1991
B06Box number 6 F318Folder number 318  New Castle Reclamation Project, by Bart Anderson
B06Box number 6 F319Folder number 319  Newspaper Report on Mount Trumball Reserve
B06Box number 6 F320Folder number 320  A Pollution Solution
B06Box number 6 F321Folder number 321  An Interview with Ellis L Armstrong
B06Box number 6 F322Folder number 322  Short History - Ray Forbes
B06Box number 6 F323Folder number 323  Forests in Utah
B06Box number 6 F324Folder number 324  Establishment of Forest Boundaries
B06Box number 6 F325Folder number 325  Pictures of Roads - Escalante
B06Box number 6 F326Folder number 326  Proclamation: Enlarging Capitol Reef Monument
B06Box number 6 F327Folder number 327  Transfer of Forest Reserves From Department of Interior to Department of Interior to Department of Agriculture
B06Box number 6 F328Folder number 328  Memorandum Concerning Recreation Programs
B06Box number 6 F329Folder number 329  Origin of Forest Service Shields and Tree Marking Nails
B06Box number 6 F330Folder number 330  Map of Pine Valley District
B06Box number 6 F331Folder number 331  Pamphlet - Grazing on the National Forest
B06Box number 6 F332Folder number 332  The Legend of Smokey the Bear (2 copies)
B06Box number 6 F333Folder number 333  Cooperation in Forestry
B06Box number 6 F334Folder number 334  Early Exploration of Southern Utah - Little Salt Lake
B06Box number 6 F335Folder number 335  Newspaper Article - Retirement of James C Applegate from Forest Service
B06Box number 6 F336Folder number 336  Dixie Safety News
B06Box number 6 F337Folder number 337  News Release Concerning Work Done in John's Valley, Dixie National Forest
B06Box number 6 F338Folder number 338  News Release - Entrance Charge to Forest
B06Box number 6 F339Folder number 339  News Release - Range Improvement Work
B06Box number 6 F340Folder number 340  News Release - Dixie Forest Timber Management Plan Approved
B06Box number 6 F341Folder number 341  News Release (January 20, 1965) - Amount of Grazing Furnished for 1965, Dixie National Forest
B06Box number 6 F342Folder number 342  News Release - Bids Received on Timber, Dixie National Forest
B06Box number 6 F343Folder number 343  News Release - Free Use Area Designated on Dixie National Forest
B06Box number 6 F344Folder number 344  News Release - Stop Tree Stealing (1965)
B06Box number 6 F345Folder number 345  News Release - Completion of Construction: Bowery Creek-Yankee Road
B06Box number 6 F346Folder number 346  News Release - Charges Revised on Forest Fees, Dixie National Forest
B06Box number 6 F347Folder number 347  News Release - Road Contracts Awarded
B06Box number 6 F348Folder number 348  News Release - Charge and No-Charge Areas in Dixie National Forest
B06Box number 6 F349Folder number 349  News Release - Cattle Advisory Board Meeting
B06Box number 6 F350Folder number 350  News Release - Auto Bumper Stickers
B06Box number 6 F351Folder number 351  News Release - Permits, "Golden Passports"
B06Box number 6 F352Folder number 352  Final Construction Report - Cedar Canyon Campground, Duck Creek Campground, Navajo Lake Road
B06Box number 6 F353Folder number 353  News Release - Planting Trees
B06Box number 6 F354Folder number 354  News Release - Cattle Advisory Board Meeting
B06Box number 6 F355Folder number 355  News Release - Timber Sold
B06Box number 6 F356Folder number 356  News Release - Grazing Fees Raised: Cattle, Sheep
B06Box number 6 F357Folder number 357  News Release - Tourists Increase
B06Box number 6 F358Folder number 358  News Release - 25% of Fees Returned: 1964
B06Box number 6 F359Folder number 359  News Release - Forest Fire: Enterprise
B06Box number 6 F360Folder number 360  News Release - Construction of Boat Ramp
B06Box number 6 F361Folder number 361  News Release - Campfire Programs
B06Box number 6 F362Folder number 362  News Release - Grasshopper Control
B06Box number 6 F363Folder number 363  News Release - Existing Fire Hazards
B06Box number 6 F364Folder number 364  News Release - Raise in Grazing Fees
B06Box number 6 F365Folder number 365  News Release - Road Construction Contract
B06Box number 6 F366Folder number 366  News Release - Tree Planting Program
B06Box number 6 F367Folder number 367  News Release - Excellent Deer Hunt Forecast
B06Box number 6 F368Folder number 368  News Release - Hunters Watch for Porcupines
B06Box number 6 F369Folder number 369  List of Deadly Plants
B06Box number 6 F370Folder number 370  Singing Pines Trail
B06Box number 6 F371Folder number 371  Markagunt Plateau
B06Box number 6 F372Folder number 372  Summary - Natural Resources
B06Box number 6 F373Folder number 373  Dixie National Forest Recreational Facilities
B06Box number 6 F374Folder number 374  Provision for Transfer of Forest Preserves: Department of Interior to Department of Agriculture
B06Box number 6 F375Folder number 375  History of Areas Known as Dixie National Forest: 1902-1960
B06Box number 6 F376Folder number 376  Dixie National Forest: Recreational Map - Description of Scenery
B06Box number 6 F377Folder number 377  The Use Book: Regulations and Instructions for the Use of the National Forests: Department of Agriculture 1907
B06Box number 6 F378Folder number 378  Historic Resource Study: Bryce Canyon National Park, by Nicholas Scrattish
B07Box number 7 F379Folder number 379  Dixie National Forest Manual: Regulations and Instructions
B07Box number 7 F380Folder number 380  Regulations of the US Department of Agriculture
B07Box number 7 F381Folder number 381  General Laws: Parts of Laws, Decisions and Opinions Applicable to the Creation, Administration and Protection of National Forests
B07Box number 7 F382Folder number 382  History of Boise National Forest 1905-1976, by Elizabeth M Smith (2 copies)
B07Box number 7 F383Folder number 383  A History of the Wasatch - Cache National Forest 1903-1980
B07Box number 7 F384Folder number 384  Forest Service History Coordination Seminar - Intermountain Region March 2-4, 1983
B07Box number 7 F385Folder number 385  The Forest: A Handbook for Teachers
B07Box number 7 F386Folder number 386  Information Concerning Life of Butch Cassidy
B07Box number 7 F387Folder number 387  The Constitution of the United States
B07Box number 7 F388Folder number 388  Game Management Plan - Dixie Deer Herd 1945
B07Box number 7 F389Folder number 389  Folder Containing Map & Visitor Information for Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F390Folder number 390  Annual Game Report, District 1, Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F391Folder number 391  Indian and Pioneer Medicine
B07Box number 7 F392Folder number 392  Letter Concerning Golden Anniversary - Charter Members of Forest Service
B07Box number 7 F393Folder number 393  Memo: Supervision - Golden Anniversary - Exhibit Material
B07Box number 7 F394Folder number 394  Memo: Concerning Rubber Stamps to use for Anniversary Emblems
B07Box number 7 F395Folder number 395  Letter Concerning "Report to Public"
B07Box number 7 F396Folder number 396  Letter to John D Alsop Concerning Attendance at 50th Anniversary Celebration in Ogden
B07Box number 7 F397Folder number 397  Letters: Report to the Public - Prepared for Golden Anniversary
B07Box number 7 F398Folder number 398  Markagunt Plateau - Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F399Folder number 399  The Story of Some Sick Land (2 copies)
B07Box number 7 F400Folder number 400  Shaping New Culture
B07Box number 7 F401Folder number 401  Forest Facts - Prepared by Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F402Folder number 402  Pioneer Trails of 1851
B07Box number 7 F403Folder number 403  Physical Features - Powell National Forest
B07Box number 7 F404Folder number 404  Physical Features - Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F405Folder number 405  Memo: Concerning Development of Bryce Canyon Area
B07Box number 7 F406Folder number 406  Memo: History of Grazing Permits - List of Supervisors for Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F407Folder number 407  Historical Data on Settlements
B07Box number 7 F408Folder number 408  News Article, Picture of National Forest Building - July, 1963
B07Box number 7 F409Folder number 409  Pahute (Paiute) Indian Place Names in Southern Utah, by William R Palmer
B07Box number 7 F410Folder number 410  Pioneer Dairying, by Gladys McConnell, 1962
B07Box number 7 F411Folder number 411  Historical Material - Correspondence
B07Box number 7 F412Folder number 412  Talk Show Material - Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F413Folder number 413  Newspaper Article, Picture - US Salute to Powell - Giant of the West
B07Box number 7 F414Folder number 414  Analysis of Historical Data - Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F415Folder number 415  Bibliography of Historical Data in Dixie National Forest
B07Box number 7 F416Folder number 416  Grazing Permits and Receipts: H.L. Naegle, Sr and H.L. Naegle, Jr July 6, 1902 - February 12, 1945
B07Box number 7 F417Folder number 417  Applications for Grazing Permits, Receipts: Criss Moosmaan, Jr February 26, 1906 - January 6, 1951
B07Box number 7 F418Folder number 418  Applications for Grazing Permits, Receipts: Joseph Melling and Joseph W. Melling Est. July 7, 1906 - May 27, 1947
B07Box number 7 F419Folder number 419  Applications for Grazing Permits, Receipts: William Meeks & Sons, Wm. Meeks, Wm Meeks Est. March 13, 1906 - March 8, 1933
B07Box number 7 F420Folder number 420  Environmental Statement for Boulder - Grover Road
B07Box number 7 F421Folder number 421  Environmental Statement for Land Use Plan, Aquarius Planning Unit
B07Box number 7 F422Folder number 422  The Widstoe Project
B07Box number 7 F423Folder number 423  Article, Picture on Restoration of Jubilee Guard Station
B07Box number 7 F424Folder number 424  Letter to Supt. Wallace M Riddle from Wayne County Woolgrower's Association: Request to Attend Meeting
B07Box number 7 F425Folder number 425  Letters Concerning Nomination of Gambel's Oak to Register of Big Trees, Picture
B07Box number 7 F426Folder number 426  Recreation Map, Dixie National Forest, Also Powell Division
B07Box number 7 F427Folder number 427  Correspondence Concerning Boulder Graziers Association (Dixie)
B07Box number 7 F428Folder number 428  Correspondence Concerning Coyote Graziers Association
B07Box number 7 F429Folder number 429  Correspondence Concerning Dark Valley Graziers Association (Dixie)
B07Box number 7 F430Folder number 430  Correspondence Concerning Diamond Valley Cattlemen's Association (Dixie)
B07Box number 7 F431Folder number 431  Correspondence Concerning East Fork Cattle Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F432Folder number 432  Correspondence Concerning East Slope Graziers Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F433Folder number 433  Correspondence Concerning Enterprise Cattlemen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F434Folder number 434  Correspondence Concerning Escalante Cattle Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F435Folder number 435  Correspondence Concerning Gunlock Cattlemen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F436Folder number 436  Correspondence Concerning Hatch-Hillsdale Cattle Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F437Folder number 437  Correspondence Concerning Iron County Woolgrowers Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F438Folder number 438  Correspondence Concerning Leeds Cattlemen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F439Folder number 439  Correspondence Concerning North Slope Graziers Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F440Folder number 440  Correspondence Concerning Panguitch Lake Cattlemen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F441Folder number 441  Correspondence Concerning Paragonah Livestock Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F442Folder number 442  Correspondence Concerning Parowan-Sevier Livestock Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F443Folder number 443  Correspondence Concerning Pine Valley Stockmen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F444Folder number 444  Correspondence Concerning Pinto Stockmen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F445Folder number 445  Correspondence Concerning Santa Clara Stockmen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F446Folder number 446  Correspondence Concerning Terry-Shoal Creek C&H Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F447Folder number 447  Correspondence Concerning Toquerville Cattlemen's Association (Dixie)
B08Box number 8 F448Folder number 448  History, Maps, News Articles Concerning Watersheds on Dixie-Sevier
B08Box number 8 F449aFolder number 449a  Establishment and Modification of Dixie National Forest Boundaries, A Chronological Record 1906-1959 Containing Maps, Correspondence, etc.
B08Box number 8 F449bFolder number 449b  Establishment and Modification of Dixie National Forest Boundaries, A Chronological Record 1906-1959 Containing Maps, Correspondence, etc.
B08Box number 8 F450Folder number 450  Area Forest Maps -- 1906,1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1913, 1916, 1918, 1922, 1923, 1940, 1942
B08Box number 8 F451Folder number 451  How the Dixie National Forest Came into Existence
B08Box number 8 F452Folder number 452  Newspaper Article, Picture - CCC Camp in Cedar City
B08Box number 8 F453Folder number 453  William M Mace Tells of Early Days in the Forest Service
B08Box number 8 F454Folder number 454  Interview of William Flannigan by Albert Albertson, Forest Service: Information on Historical Events
B08Box number 8 F455Folder number 455  Material from Newspaper Files: Interview of Ranger Moody, All on Historical Information
B08Box number 8 F456Folder number 456  Letter, Range Reports on Early Range Conditions
B08Box number 8 F457Folder number 457  Images From the Past
B08Box number 8 F458Folder number 458  Minutes of Priesthood Meetings, LDS Church -- 1883-1885
B08Box number 8 F459Folder number 459  Rough Draft, Notes of Historical Happenings - Dixie Country
B08Box number 8 F460Folder number 460  Correspondence and Other Papers Concerning Trails
B08Box number 8 F461Folder number 461  no such folder in collection
B08Box number 8 F462Folder number 462  United States Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian: I Geographical Report
B08Box number 8 F463Folder number 463  Letters: Paul H Roberts to Angus M Woodbury -- Return Letter (same men) Pertaining to Area History
B08Box number 8 F464Folder number 464  Papers Pertaining to Watershed Management - Fish Lake National Forest, Kanab Area
B08Box number 8 F465Folder number 465  Information on Various Subjects Pertaining to Sevier National Forest: Old Timer News, Vol. I
B08Box number 8 F466Folder number 466  General Information Pertaining to Dixie National Forest: History, Maps
B08Box number 8 F467Folder number 467  Grazing Reports, Inspection, Pictures 1922-1937 Dixie
B08Box number 8 F468Folder number 468  Grazing Reports, Inspection 1909-1921 Dixie
B08Box number 8 F469Folder number 469  Enterprise Ranger District, Region 4, Dixie National Forest: Forest Service Handbook
B08Box number 8 F470Folder number 470  Multiple Use Plan: Pine Valley Ranger District
B08Box number 8 F471Folder number 471  Relative to History of Forest and Personal Narrative of Smith Riley
B08Box number 8 F472Folder number 472  The Gisborne Era of Forest Fire Research - Legacy of a Pioneer
B08Box number 8 F473Folder number 473  List of Various Employees and Dates of Tenure
B08Box number 8 F474Folder number 474  On the Trail Again
B08Box number 8 F475Folder number 475  Retirees List, Old Timers' Club, Old Timers News
B08Box number 8 F476Folder number 476  The Great Conservation Contest (2 copies)
B08Box number 8 F477Folder number 477  Inquiries Concerning CCC Camps in Dixie National Forest
B08Box number 8 F478Folder number 478  In the First Fort (2nd Page missing)
B08Box number 8 F479Folder number 479  Early History of Southwestern Uta h - Interview of Sharon Lunt
B08Box number 8 F480Folder number 480  Recreation Site Planning & Improvement in National Forests 1891-1942
B08Box number 8 F481Folder number 481  Range Environmental Analysis Handbook - Field Copy
B08Box number 8 F482Folder number 482  Civil Rights Action Plan
B08Box number 8 F483Folder number 483  Establishment and Modification of National Forest Boundaries
B08Box number 8 F484Folder number 484  The Use of National Forests - 1907
B08Box number 8 F485Folder number 485  Driver - Operation Manual
B08Box number 8 F486Folder number 486  Tall Timber - The Work, Machines and Men of the US Forest Service
B08Box number 8 F487Folder number 487  Instructions for Scaling and Measurements of National Forest Timber
B08Box number 8 F488Folder number 488  America's First Forest Ranger - William R Kreutzer
B08Box number 8 F489Folder number 489  The US Forest Service: A Historical Bibliography - 1876-1972
B08Box number 8 F490Folder number 490  Pioneer Trails of 1851 - Pictures and Slide Lecture
B08Box number 8 F491Folder number 491  Seismic and Volcanic Areas on the Dixie National Forest
B08Box number 8 F492Folder number 492  Forest Service Day
B08Box number 8 F493Folder number 493  Historical Information on Engle, MacFarlane and John Cattle Benson - St George Area Families
B09Box number 9 F494Folder number 494  Forest Service Handbook
B09Box number 9 F495Folder number 495  Estimated Distribution of Milk Cows, Heifers - By types of shelter
B09Box number 9 F496Folder number 496  Management - Dixie Deer Herd
B09Box number 9 F497Folder number 497  Alumni of Dixie National Forest
B09Box number 9 F498Folder number 498  Alum Cove
B09Box number 9 F499Folder number 499  Report on Proposed Administrative Sites
B09Box number 9 F500Folder number 500  Reasons for Transfer of Forest Reserves to Department of Agriculture
B09Box number 9 F501Folder number 501  Information Concerning Aquarius Forest Reserve
B09Box number 9 F502Folder number 502  Irrigation Systems Around Panguitch, Maps
B09Box number 9 F503Folder number 503  Personal Reports, Information, Maps, Pertaining to Sevier National Forest
B09Box number 9 F504Folder number 504  Information on Farms, Land in Farms, and Land Use - 1969, 1964
B09Box number 9 F505Folder number 505  Forest Service Centennial History, Bibliography 1891-1991
B09Box number 9 F506Folder number 506  Origins of Utah Place Names
B09Box number 9 F507Folder number 507  Special Use Permits - To Build Monument on Spanish Trail
B09Box number 9 F508Folder number 508  Black Ridge Historic Trail Hike
B09Box number 9 F509Folder number 509  Fire Fighting Handbook (2 copies)
B09Box number 9 F510Folder number 510  Prevent forest or Brush Fire: IT PAYS
B09Box number 9 F511Folder number 511  Log of Forest Roads
B09Box number 9 F512Folder number 512  Distribution Policy Survey
B09Box number 9 F513Folder number 513  News Items from Washington County News -- 1908-1926. Historical
B09Box number 9 F514Folder number 514  Eliminated From Dixie National Forest
B09Box number 9 F515Folder number 515  Data About the Dixie National Forest
B09Box number 9 F516Folder number 516  The Report of the Supervisor -- Dixie National Forest - 1912
B09Box number 9 F517Folder number 517  The Dixie Patrolman - 1991
B09Box number 9 F518Folder number 518  History of Forests for Forest Atlas
B09Box number 9 F519Folder number 519  Information - Historical Events
B09Box number 9 F520Folder number 520  Report of the Chief of the Forest Service - 1936, 1939
B09Box number 9 F521Folder number 521  Laws and Regulations for Forest Service (4 Booklets)
B09Box number 9 F522Folder number 522  Forest Productions Laboratory Series (51 Booklets)
B09Box number 9 F523Folder number 523  Employee Responsibilities and Conduct
B09Box number 9 F524Folder number 524  Request for Information for use in Newspaper Column
B09Box number 9 F525Folder number 525  Proportion of Forest Unusable for Grazing - District 4
B09Box number 9 F526Folder number 526  Special Range Reports
B09Box number 9 F527Folder number 527  Dixie Forests Doings
B09Box number 9 F528Folder number 528  Early Histories as Related by Various Pioneers
B09Box number 9 F529Folder number 529  Scenic Attractions of Southern Utah
B09Box number 9 F530Folder number 530  Reply to Article in "The Country Gentleman"
B09Box number 9 F531Folder number 531  Forage Analysis on the Dixie National Forest
B09Box number 9 F532Folder number 532  Recreation, Scenery on the Dixie National Forest
B09Box number 9 F533Folder number 533  Recreation in Relation to National Forest Management
B09Box number 9 F534Folder number 534  Memo for District Forester - Recreation on Dixie-Sevier National Forest
B09Box number 9 F535Folder number 535  Allotment Estimates Fiscal Year -- 1918
B09Box number 9 F536Folder number 536  Report Affecting Production
B09Box number 9 F537Folder number 537  Letter Concerning Features of Zion Canyon
B09Box number 9 F538Folder number 538  Newspaper Article Concerning Zion Canyon's Cable to Lower Lumber
B09Box number 9 F539Folder number 539  Early Sawmilling Operations on Dixie National Forest
B09Box number 9 F540Folder number 540  Early Personnel Reports
B09Box number 9 F541Folder number 541  no such folder in collection
B09Box number 9 F542aFolder number 542a  Report on Lieu Selections - Arizona North and West of the Colorado River: March 5, 1915
B09Box number 9 F542bFolder number 542b  Report on Lieu Selections - Arizona North and West of the Colorado River: March 5, 1915
B09Box number 9 F542cFolder number 542c  Report on Lieu Selections - Arizona North and West of the Colorado River: March 5, 1915
B09Box number 9 F542dFolder number 542d  Report on Lieu Selections - Arizona North and West of the Colorado River: March 5, 1915
B09Box number 9 F543Folder number 543  Brochure "Multiple Use of Our Forests
B09Box number 9 F544Folder number 544  History of St George Area, and other Close Communities
B09Box number 9 F545Folder number 545  Indian Slave Trade
B09Box number 9 F546Folder number 546  Biography of Frank W Seaman, Forest Ranger, 1905-1938
B09Box number 9 F547Folder number 547  1961 Utah Juniper
B09Box number 9 F548Folder number 548  Grazing Reconnaissance - Powell Forest 1916, 1924
B09Box number 9 F549Folder number 549  Widstoe Project
B09Box number 9 F550Folder number 550  Office Salary Table No. 39
B10Box number 10 F551Folder number 551  Early Explorations in Dixie National Forest Area: History, etc
B10Box number 10 F552Folder number 552  Dixie National Forest Advisory Committee, Meetings, etc.
B10Box number 10 F553Folder number 553  School Groups, Boy Scouts Help on Historic Trails
B10Box number 10 F554Folder number 554  Reports and Papers: Hydrology - 1939
B10Box number 10 F555Folder number 555  Grazing & Range Reports, Maps: Powell and Powell-Sevier Forests - 1926 and up
B10Box number 10 F556Folder number 556  The Lost Hunter Trail
B10Box number 10 F557Folder number 557  Approval and Signing Authorities for National Forests
B10Box number 10 F558Folder number 558  Geology of Eastern Iron County, Utah: Scientific Investigation
B10Box number 10 F559Folder number 559  Early Day Grazing Reports on Dixie National Forest
B10Box number 10 F560Folder number 560  Affidavits from Early Day Citizens on Grazing Conditions on Forest
B10Box number 10 F561Folder number 561  Oil and Gas Leasing on Dixie National Forest Lands
B10Box number 10 F562Folder number 562  Dixie National Forest Acreages
B10Box number 10 F563Folder number 563  Timber Sale Costs - Fiscal Year 1922
B10Box number 10 F564Folder number 564  Using Historical Records to Determine Climax Vegetation
B10Box number 10 F565Folder number 565  Laws Applicable: Department of Agriculture
B10Box number 10 F566Folder number 566  Letter, The Western Range
B10Box number 10 F567Folder number 567  Pamphlet - The Bristlecone Pine Trail
B10Box number 10 F568Folder number 568  Additional Copies of Local Histories
B10Box number 10 F569Folder number 569  Wildcat Guard Station Maps: A, B, C, D
B10Box number 10 F570Folder number 570  Harvesting Trees - Aspens, Pines, Timber Sales: Map, Reports
B10Box number 10 F571Folder number 571  Investigations - Forest Programs
B10Box number 10 F572Folder number 572  Historical: Albert L. Potter Diary
B10Box number 10 F573Folder number 573  Bibliography: Books Containing History - Various Forests
B10Box number 10 F574Folder number 574  Stocking Policy for Streams and Lakes - Dixie National Forest
B10Box number 10 F575Folder number 575  Photos Taken on Enterprise District in 1921
B10Box number 10 F576Folder number 576  1917 etc: Reports for Powell National Forest
B10Box number 10 F577Folder number 577  Dixie National Forest - Multiple Use Plan
B10Box number 10 F578Folder number 578  Additional Copies of Local Histories
B10Box number 10 F579Folder number 579  Various Maps of Areas in District
B10Box number 10 F580Folder number 580  Addresses of Retirees and Transfers
B10Box number 10 F581Folder number 581  Forest Homestead Application - Abram Burgess
B10Box number 10 F582Folder number 582  Plant and Grazing Information - Escalante-Boulder
B10Box number 10 F583Folder number 583  Special Range Reports: Powell - 1935
B10Box number 10 F584Folder number 584  Driver - Operation Guide
B10Box number 10 F585Folder number 585  Dedication of a Memorial Tablet
B10Box number 10 F586Folder number 586  Rock Creek Dwarf Mistletoe Treatment Project - Teasdale Area
B10Box number 10 F587Folder number 587  Dixie National Forest Recreation Facilities - 1960
B10Box number 10 F588Folder number 588  Christmas Tree Tag Requirements
B10Box number 10 F589Folder number 589  Annual Report - Director of Emergency Conservation Work - 1936
B10Box number 10 F590Folder number 590  Sawmills in Powell National Forest - 1917
B10Box number 10 F591Folder number 591  Handling Your Big Game Kill
B10Box number 10 F592aFolder number 592a  Dixie National Forest - Multiple Use Plan - 1965
B10Box number 10 F592bFolder number 592b  Dixie National Forest - Multiple Use Plan - 1965
B10Box number 10 F592cFolder number 592c  Dixie National Forest - Multiple Use Plan - 1965
B10Box number 10 F593Folder number 593  Bridge Reports - Various Bridges
B10Box number 10 F594Folder number 594  Newspaper Report - Trip Thru Zion Narrows
B10Box number 10 F595Folder number 595  Letter, Other Papers Concerning William Hurst
B10Box number 10 F596Folder number 596  Floyd Noel, Early Forest Ranger and His Experiences
B10Box number 10 F597Folder number 597  How to Compile Histories of Forest Personnel, etc.
B10Box number 10 F598Folder number 598  Forests and Defense
B10Box number 10 F599Folder number 599  Naming of Navajo Lake, and Other Experiences
B10Box number 10 F600Folder number 600  Historical Dates for Southwestern Utah
B10Box number 10 F601Folder number 601  no such folder in collection
B10Box number 10 F602Folder number 602  Movies Filmed in Dixie National Forest
B10Box number 10 F603Folder number 603  History Concerning Eastern Markagunt Plateau, Panguitch Lake
B10Box number 10 F604Folder number 604  History of Navajo Lake
B10Box number 10 F605Folder number 605  Brief sketch of Garfield County
B10Box number 10 F606Folder number 606  Iron City: Mormon Mining Town, Historical Dates
B10Box number 10 F607Folder number 607  Crossing the Great Subdivide
B10Box number 10 F608Folder number 608  Management Plan, Dixie
B10Box number 10 F609Folder number 609  Special Use Permits - Utah Parks Company
B10Box number 10 F610Folder number 610  Salvaging Beetle - Dead Trees
B10Box number 10 F611Folder number 611  Widstoe - Golden Nuggets of Pioneer Days
B10Box number 10 F612Folder number 612  Klammath National Forest History
B10Box number 10 F613Folder number 613  CCC camp Material
B10Box number 10 F614Folder number 614  Preliminary Map Number 2
B10Box number 10 F615Folder number 615  History Line
B10Box number 10 F616Folder number 616  Certificates of Merit
B10Box number 10 F617Folder number 617  Report on Boundary Survey: Trumball Mountain Forest
B10Box number 10 F618Folder number 618  Painted Hieroglyphics of Dixie National Forest
B10Box number 10 F619Folder number 619  Ashton Gorge: Old Timber Road
B10Box number 10 F620Folder number 620  Movie Ranch Estates
B11Box number 11 F621Folder number 621  Biography - Frank W. Seaman
B11Box number 11 F622Folder number 622  Improvement Handbook
B11Box number 11 F623Folder number 623  Range Survey Write-up Sheet
B11Box number 11 F624Folder number 624  Proposed Research - Red Canyon
B11Box number 11 F625Folder number 625  Principle Laws Relating to Establishment and Administration of National Forests
B11Box number 11 F626Folder number 626  Beginning of National Forest System
B11Box number 11 F627Folder number 627  The How, Where of Steam Improvement
B11Box number 11 F628Folder number 628  Lund, A Ghost-Town
B11Box number 11 F629Folder number 629  Open Pond Septic Tank
B11Box number 11 F630Folder number 630  Progression (?)
B11Box number 11 F631Folder number 631  Bill Hurst's - Sheepherder
B11Box number 11 F632Folder number 632  Inventory, Preservation of Historic Sites
B11Box number 11 F633Folder number 633  Historical Data - Panguitch Area
B11Box number 11 F634Folder number 634  Prescribed Fire Guide - Western Aspen
B11Box number 11 F635Folder number 635  Large Map - Fire Information
B11Box number 11 F636Folder number 636  Dinosaur Fossils Excavated
B11Box number 11 F637Folder number 637  Facilities Master Plan
B11Box number 11 F638Folder number 638  Thinking Back - William Miller Hurst
B11Box number 11 F639Folder number 639  no such folder in collection
B11Box number 11 F640Folder number 640  'O Ye Mountains High' Story of Pine Valley
B11Box number 11 F641Folder number 641  Road and Trail Log
B11Box number 11 F642Folder number 642  Inspection - Dixie (Powell) 1924-1944
B11Box number 11 F643Folder number 643  Performance Standards Handbook
B11Box number 11 F644Folder number 644  Porcupine Control
B11Box number 11 F645Folder number 645  Sign Plan - Trails
B11Box number 11 F646Folder number 646  Sign plan - Roads
B11Box number 11 F647Folder number 647  Indian Trail Bench Fire
B11Box number 11 F648Folder number 648  Range Allotment Condition Forms
B11Box number 11 F649Folder number 649  Inspection of Pine Valley C&H Allotment
B11Box number 11 F650Folder number 650  Grazing Studies, Duck Creek, etc.
B11Box number 11 F651Folder number 651  Exclosusers and Natural Areas on Rangelands
B11Box number 11 F652Folder number 652  Interpretation of Trend in Range Conditions
B11Box number 11 F653Folder number 653  Range Allotment Conditions Forms
B11Box number 11 F654Folder number 654  Range Trend Studies
B11Box number 11 F655Folder number 655  Risk Analysis for Information Systems
B11Box number 11 F656Folder number 656  History of Outdoor Recreation Development
B11Box number 11 F657Folder number 657  Lambing and Carrying Capacity Studies
B11Box number 11 F658Folder number 658  General Supplemental Pictures of Boulder Mountain
B11Box number 11 F659Folder number 659  Recreation
B11Box number 11 F660Folder number 660  Dixie National Forest Safety Report
B11Box number 11 F661Folder number 661  National Forests - Lands of Many Uses
B11Box number 11 F662Folder number 662  Snow and Avalanches in Utah
B11Box number 11 F663aFolder number 663a  Water Conservation Educational Program for Adult Groups
B12Box number 12 F673bFolder number 673b  Photo Plot Transects - North Creek
B12Box number 12 F674Folder number 674  Trend - Quadrat Studies - Dixie National Forest
B12Box number 12 F675Folder number 675  Photo Plot - Dixie - Transects
B12Box number 12 F676Folder number 676  Safety and Health - New Employees
B12Box number 12 F677aFolder number 677a  Inventory and Screening Three Step Clusters
B12Box number 12 F677bFolder number 677b  Inventory and Screening Three Step Clusters
B12Box number 12 F678Folder number 678  Dixie Newsletters - 1988
B12Box number 12 F679Folder number 679  Dixie Newsletters - 1986-1987
B12Box number 12 F680Folder number 680  Dixie Newsletters - 1989
B12Box number 12 F681Folder number 681  Radiological Defense Textbook
B12Box number 12 F682Folder number 682  The Terrible Lesson of the Kaibab
B12Box number 12 F683Folder number 683  Dixie National Forest Map - 1955
B12Box number 12 F684Folder number 684  Maps of Idaho Forest
B12Box number 12 F685Folder number 685  Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project
B12Box number 12 F686Folder number 686  Partial Set of Notes From the Enterprise Canal Company Proceed: April 1900 meetings
B12Box number 12 F687Folder number 687  History of Pioneering on Shoal Creek
B12Box number 12 F688Folder number 688  Appointment of Ron Wilson as Acting Forest Supervisor - Dixie National Forest
B12Box number 12 F689Folder number 689  Plans for Agency Shutdown Procedures
B12Box number 12 F690Folder number 690  National Forest and District Consolidations
B12Box number 12 F691Folder number 691  International Lookout Rental Activities
B12Box number 12 F692Folder number 692  Appointment of Jack Blackwell as Regional Forester
B12Box number 12 F693Folder number 693  Year 2000 Business Continuity
B12Box number 12 F694Folder number 694  Data General Decommissioning
B12Box number 12 F695Folder number 695  Report from Washington County: Sheep, Goats - Irrigation, Floods
B12Box number 12 F696Folder number 696  no such folder in collection
B12Box number 12 F697Folder number 697  Grazing on the National Forest, by Hon. J Reuben Clark, Jr
B12Box number 12 F698Folder number 698  Status of Administrative Structures: NR Listings
B12Box number 12 F699Folder number 699  Men Wanted: Forest Rangers Abilities and Duties
B12Box number 12 F700Folder number 700  Management Restructuring
B12Box number 12 F701Folder number 701  Review of Forest Service Land Management Planning
B12Box number 12 F702Folder number 702  Instructions to all Employees
B12Box number 12 F703Folder number 703  Ratio - Usage of Range by Livestock
B12Box number 12 F704Folder number 704  Overabundance of Deer on Kaibab - Deer Drive Across Grand Canyon
B12Box number 12 F705Folder number 705  The Albert Squirrel and the Kaibab Squirrel - National Geographic
B12Box number 12 F706Folder number 706  Sustaining the Health of the Land, by Mike Dombeck
B12Box number 12 F707Folder number 707  My Retirement, by Jack Thomas
B12Box number 12 F708Folder number 708  Hydrology and Hydrogeology of Navajo Lake
B12Box number 12 F709Folder number 709  Geology of Eastern Iron County, Utah
B12Box number 12 F710Folder number 710  Forest Service Natural Resource Agenda, by Michael Dombeck
B12Box number 12 F711Folder number 711  Violation of Archeological Resources Protection Act
B12Box number 12 F712Folder number 712  Protection and Planning for Archeological sites When Used by Public
B12Box number 12 F713Folder number 713  Bonner Co. Human Rights Task Force Newsletter
B12Box number 12 F714Folder number 714  Utah Mining Heritage Alliance Brochure - 2 maps
B12Box number 12 F715Folder number 715  Record of Tar and Pitch Production in Coastal Carolina
B12Box number 12 F716Folder number 716  History Line - Forest Service History Program
B12Box number 12 F717Folder number 717  Deer and Other Game on Mt. Trumball
B12Box number 12 F718Folder number 718  Paiute Indian Place Names (Zion's Canyon - Cedar Breaks)
B12Box number 12 F719Folder number 719  Manual of Fish and Game Management - Forest Service
B12Box number 12 F720Folder number 720  History of Enterprise
B12Box number 12 F721Folder number 721  The Untold History of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
B12Box number 12 F722Folder number 722  Quaternary Geology of Boulder Mountain Aquarius Plateau, Utah
B12Box number 12 F723aFolder number 723a  The Louisiana Purchase - (First of two folders with same number.)
B12Box number 12 F723bFolder number 723b  "Red Folder" - The impact of Man on the Vegetation and Soil of the Upper Valley Allotment, by Heber Hall (Second of two folders with same number, to be placed after 723a).
B13Box number 13 F724Folder number 724  Parowan: Southern Utah's First Settlement
B13Box number 13 F725Folder number 725  The National Wilderness Preservation System (map)
B13Box number 13 F726Folder number 726  Memories of Life on the Escalante Desert Homestead
B13Box number 13 F727Folder number 727  Dixie Officers Ball Invite
B13Box number 13 F728Folder number 728  Guide to Public Involvement
B13Box number 13 F729Folder number 729  Old National Forest Brochures
B13Box number 13 F730Folder number 730  Instream Flow Quantification of Fisheries Streams for the Eastern Colorado River Basin
B13Box number 13 F731Folder number 731  Ancient Landscapes of the Grand Canyon Region
B13Box number 13 F732Folder number 732  Implementing Land Management Service Contracts: A Report to Congress by the Dixie National Forest
B13Box number 13 F733Folder number 733  Improving Communities and Working Relationships
B13Box number 13 F734Folder number 734  Keeping National Forest Visitors Happy
B13Box number 13 F735Folder number 735  Geology and Geography of the Henry Mountains Region, Utah
B13Box number 13 F736Folder number 736  History of Wildlife Management in the Intermountain Region
B13Box number 13 F737Folder number 737  Geology of the Henry Mountains
B13Box number 13 F738Folder number 738  Staff Meeting Notes
B13Box number 13 F739Folder number 739  Dixie National Forest Facilities Master Plan in 1987
B13Box number 13 F740Folder number 740  Forest Service Organizational Directory
B13Box number 13 F741Folder number 741  Workplace Violence
B13Box number 13 F742Folder number 742  Tell it Like it is: You and the Media
B13Box number 13 F743Folder number 743  1999 Winter Solstice
B13Box number 13 F744Folder number 744  1999 Continuous Improvement Process Consolidated Report
B13Box number 13 F745Folder number 745  Letter Regarding Roadless Areas 1999
B13Box number 13 F746Folder number 746  Land of Living Rock
B13Box number 13 F747Folder number 747  Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
B13Box number 13 F748Folder number 748  Big Trees
B13Box number 13 F749Folder number 749  Flora of Utah and Nevada
B13Box number 13 F750Folder number 750  Mammals of Utah
B13Box number 13 F751Folder number 751  Quaternary Geology of Boulder Mountain Aquarius Plateau, Utah
B13Box number 13 F752Folder number 752  Our Renewable Wild Lands - A Challenge, by Walter P. Cottam
B13Box number 13 F753Folder number 753  Geologic Atlas of Utah: Washington County
B13Box number 13 F754Folder number 754  Range Plant Handbook
B14Box number 14 F755Folder number 755  Geology of the Clay Hills Area, San Juan County, Utah
B14Box number 14 F756Folder number 756  Native Woody Plants of the United States
B14Box number 14 F757Folder number 757  Geology of Eastern Utah, Iron County
B14Box number 14 F758-802Folder number 758-802  Folders 758-802 not in Collection
B14Box number 14 F803Folder number 803  Excerpt From the Diary of Albert F. Potter
B14Box number 14 F804Folder number 804  Geology and Geography of the Paunsaugunt Region, Utah
B14Box number 14 F805Folder number 805  Geology and Geography of the Zion Park Region, Utah and Arizona
B14Box number 14 F806Folder number 806  1906 Forest Service Uniform Information
B14Box number 14 F807Folder number 807  History of the Upper Sevier River: The Inhabitants and Their Use of the Land
B14Box number 14 F808Folder number 808  Brian Head Inventory 1970-1971
B14Box number 14 F809Folder number 809  no such folder in collection
B14Box number 14 F810Folder number 810  Thinking Back, by William Miller Hurst
B14Box number 14 F811Folder number 811  Forest Service National Resource Book on American Indian Relations
B14Box number 14 F812Folder number 812  Under Dixie Sun: A History of Washington County
B14Box number 14 F813Folder number 813  Letter by K. J. Johnson, RE: J. D. Lee
B14Box number 14 F814Folder number 814  Dixie Newsletter
B14Box number 14 F815Folder number 815  Subalpine Habitat Types
B14Box number 14 F816Folder number 816  Threatened and Endangered Animal and Plant Species
B14Box number 14 F817Folder number 817  Population of Southern Utah, by Herbert E. Gregory
B14Box number 14 F818Folder number 818  History by Ira W. Hatch - Panguitch, Utah
B14Box number 14 F819Folder number 819  Will of Stephen Parker (Cedar Mountain)
B14Box number 14 F820Folder number 820  Utah's First Forest's First 75 Years - Uinta Forest History
B14Box number 14 F821Folder number 821  Public Lands Council Tour of the Arizona Strip, 1998
B14Box number 14 F822Folder number 822  Washington County, Utah
B14Box number 14 F823Folder number 823  Impact of Man on the Vegetation and Soil of the Upper Valley Allotment
B14Box number 14 F824Folder number 824  100 Years of Federal Forestry
B14Box number 14 F825Folder number 825  Establishment and Modifications of National Forest Boundaries
B14Box number 14 F826Folder number 826  Smokey Bear - The First 50 Years
B14Box number 14 F827Folder number 827  The Air Compressor at Navajo Lake
B14Box number 14 F828Folder number 828  Podunk Guard Station - Dixie National Forest
B14Box number 14 F829Folder number 829  Memories of Lund, Utah, by Fay Burns
B14Box number 14 F816Folder number 816  "Red Folder" - News Releases (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F817Folder number 817  "Red Folder" - Traditional Cultural Properties (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F818Folder number 818  "Red Folder" - Effects of Fire on the Heritage Resources of the Dixie National Forest, by Marian Jacklin (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F819Folder number 819  "Red Folder" - Pottery Types of the Arizona Strip (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F820Folder number 820  "Red Folder" - Lithic Tool Manufacture (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F821Folder number 821  "Red Folder" - no such folder in collection (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F822Folder number 822  "Red Folder" - "Hikers to Trail '49ers into Death Valley" 1996 (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F823Folder number 823  "Red Folder" -Why Are the Trees Dying? (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F824Folder number 824  "Red Folder" - Legendary Redwood a Giant Among Pine Valley Trees" (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F825Folder number 825  "Red Folder" -Color Country Natural Resource Camp Brochure (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F826Folder number 826  "Red Folder" - Story of "old Crack Foot" and Letters, by J M Moody (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F827Folder number 827  "Red Folder" - Fire Law Enforcement Manual (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F828Folder number 828  "Red Folder" - History of Uinta National Forest (red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F829Folder number 829  "Red Folder" - Escalante History, J Porter 1935(red folders 816-829 to be kept together between black folders 829 and 830)
B14Box number 14 F830Folder number 830  Pioneer Dairying
B14Box number 14 F831Folder number 831  This Reckless Breed of Men, by Robert Glass Cleveland 1952
B14Box number 14 F832Folder number 832  History of South-Wester Utah Mountains, by Sharon Lunt and Otto Fife
B14Box number 14 F833Folder number 833  A Brief History of Antimony 1873-1936
B14Box number 14 F834Folder number 834  Southern Utah Settlement, by Thomas Bladen
B14Box number 14 F835Folder number 835  Pesticides and Their Effects on Animals
B14Box number 14 F836Folder number 836  Diary of Almon Harris Thompson
B14Box number 14 F837Folder number 837  Pahute Indian Place Names, by William R. Palmer
B14Box number 14 F838Folder number 838  Mountain Meadows Massacre - State of Arkansas (History of Carroll County)
B14Box number 14 F839Folder number 839  Grizzly Killing on Cache National Forest
B14Box number 14 F840Folder number 840  Forest Service Health and Safety Code Handbook 1979
B15Box number 15 F841Folder number 841  Driver Operation Guide
B15Box number 15 F842Folder number 842  Collection Officer Handbook
B15Box number 15 F843Folder number 843  Rustic Cabins of the Intermountain Region
B15Box number 15 F844Folder number 844  Range Plant Identification
B15Box number 15 F845Folder number 845  Intermountain Range Plant Symbols
B15Box number 15 F846Folder number 846  The Use of National Forests
B15Box number 15 F847Folder number 847  Winter Guide to Rocky Mountain Browse Plants
B15Box number 15 F848Folder number 848  Early Records of Wildlife in Utah
B15Box number 15 F849Folder number 849  Know the Navajo, by Sandy Hassell
B15Box number 15 F850Folder number 850  Fireline Handbook
B15Box number 15 F851Folder number 851  How We Administer Timber Sales
B15Box number 15 F852Folder number 852  The Birth and Infancy of the National Forest in Southern Utah
B15Box number 15 F853Folder number 853  Report of the Chief of the Forest Service 1935
B15Box number 15 F853Folder number 853  "Red Folder" - Why are the Trees Dying (to be placed directly after black 853)
B15Box number 15 F854Folder number 854  A Primer of Forestry
B15Box number 15 F855Folder number 855  Fitness and Work Capacity
B15Box number 15 F856Folder number 856  The Bristlecone Pine
B15Box number 15 F857Folder number 857  Rates of Denudation as Measured by Bristlecone Pines, Cedar Breaks, Utah
B15Box number 15 F858Folder number 858  Geographical Distribution and Control of Bark Beetles
B15Box number 15 F859Folder number 859  Camping and Picnicking on the National Forests of Utah
B15Box number 15 F860Folder number 860  Upper Sevier River Report
B15Box number 15 F861Folder number 861  History of Wildlife Management in the Intermountain Region
B15Box number 15 F862Folder number 862  Lewis and Clark: A Brief Account of Their Expedition
B15Box number 15 F863Folder number 863  History of the Areas Known as the Dixie National Forest from 1902-1953
B15Box number 15 F864Folder number 864  Forest Reserve Detriment
B15Box number 15 F865Folder number 865  Soils and Vegetation of the Markagunt Plateau
B15Box number 15 F866Folder number 866  Timber
B15Box number 15 F867Folder number 867  Cooperative Program, Sevier River Basin History
B15Box number 15 F868Folder number 868  Grand Canyon National Park
B15Box number 15 F869Folder number 869  Fast Facts About Local Geology
B15Box number 15 F870Folder number 870  Letter Written by George Lunt to his Brother Randle Lunt in 1946 Regarding the Trip his Family Made From Cedar City to Colonia Pacheco, Mexico
B15Box number 15 F871Folder number 871  Letter: Response to John D Lee Article
B15Box number 15 F872Folder number 872  Where Do We Go From Here?
B15Box number 15 F873Folder number 873  Significant Events and Conditions Effecting Utah's Big Game
B15Box number 15 F874Folder number 874  Big Game Multiple Land Use in Utah
B15Box number 15 F875Folder number 875  Wildlife Management in the Early Days of the Forest Service
B15Box number 15 F876Folder number 876  Forest Resources of the Dixie
B15Box number 15 F877Folder number 877  Fire Behavior Associated with the 1994 South Canyon Fire
B15Box number 15 F878Folder number 878  Life History of William H Jones
B15Box number 15 F879Folder number 879  Sevier River Basin/Sub-Basin Community History
B15Box number 15 F880Folder number 880  The Forest Service in the Environmental Era
B15Box number 15 F881Folder number 881  South-West Circle Tour Roads and Bridges
B15Box number 15 F882Folder number 882  History as Told by Mrs. M. A. Huntsman
B. Additional Folders
B15Box number 15 F883Folder number 883  Mountain Meadows Monument: Correspondence Concerning Planning and Construction
B15Box number 15 F884Folder number 884  Description of and Correspondence Concerning Aquarius Forest Reserve: October 24, 1903 - May 12, 1905
B15Box number 15 F885Folder number 885  Financial Statement of Aquarius Forest Reserve January 22, 1908
B15Box number 15 F886Folder number 886  Grazing Experiments: Sevier National Forest - 1909
B15Box number 15 F887Folder number 887  Sevier National Forest: Including maps removed to map cases in SUU Special Collections
B15Box number 15 F888Folder number 888  Ashdown Gorge, Pictures Included
B15Box number 15 F889Folder number 889  Dixie Range Before 1945 including: "Geographical Names of Iron County", "Beaver County Gazetteer", Handwritten Notes by J M Moody, "Saw Milling Operations Have Been Important Part of Parowan's Economic Growth and Development", "Saw Milling Operations Result of Cooperation", "Old Crack Foot" Story, Lee Kay, Albert Albertson, George L. Nichols, W. L. Dutton, K. D. Flock, P. V. Woodhead, J M Herbert, and other Miscellaneous Information
B15Box number 15 F890Folder number 890  The Nations Woodlot
B15Box number 15 F891Folder number 891  Navajo Lake: Notes and history given to the five county organization. They copied this info and returned in to me April 22, 1994. Correspondence concerning Navajo Lake: George M. Bacon, Arthur Fife, Robert J Warren, Scott M. Urie, Gordon Wood, Lou Tong, Roy P Urie, Benjamin L. Everitt, Randy Hatch, David J Evans, Val Oveson, Edward H Hahne, Kenneth Wade, Dan Duffield, Dale Hepworth, Richard Denton, John Williams, R. Haze Hunter, Brent L. Mace, Robert Linford, Mickie Kropf, Glen P. Willardson, Gerald W. Stoker, Claire Rigby, LaRee Garfield, Thomas V. Hatch
B15Box number 15 F892Folder number 892  Historical Information Concerning: Navajo Lake, Minutes of a Meeting of the History Executive Council (Members: Zella B. Matheson, Inez S. Cooper, Merrill B. Kunz, Norman Forbush, Dr. Leslie Burbidge, David Vickstrom, Joseph C. Felix, A. T. Challis, Arvilla H. Day), Paper on timber, water, wildlife, cattle and grazing, recreation statistics, and miscellaneous information regarding Dixie National Forest, Dixie National Forest Visitor Information Service Forest Plan, Old Ranger Trail, Establishment and Modification of: Aquarius, Sevier, Powell, and Dixie National Forest Boundaries 1903-1968, and Indian Slave Trade
B15Box number 15 F893Folder number 893  Grazing History, Bryce Canyon National Park
B15Box number 15 F894Folder number 894  Chokecherry Point Notes
B15Box number 15 F895Folder number 895  Memo concerning book: "Dr. Richard E. McArdle: An Interview with the Former Chief, U.S. Forest Service, 1952-1962. Second memo concerning "miscellaneous Historic Correspondence from WO."
B15Box number 15 F896Folder number 896  Powell National Forest
B15Box number 15 F897Folder number 897  Cedar Breaks National Monument
B15Box number 15 F898Folder number 898  Certain Aspects of Land Problems and Government Land Policies
B15Box number 15 F899Folder number 899  Proclamations and Executive Orders
B15Box number 15 F900Folder number 900  Mining Claims, January 1, 1958 - June 30, 1959
B15Box number 15 F901Folder number 901  Iron County Recreation Area Committee (Wood's Ranch): Correspondence and news articles
B15Box number 15 F902Folder number 902  Information on Mining
B15Box number 15 F903Folder number 903  Historical Memos
B15Box number 15 F904Folder number 904  U.S. Forest Service History
B15Box number 15 F905Folder number 905  Fish and Game information in Dixie and Powell National Forests from 1915 - 1930
B15Box number 15 F906Folder number 906  Press Clippings from 1955, 1956, 1957
B15Box number 15 F907Folder number 907  Press Clippings from 1958, 1959
B15Box number 15 F908Folder number 908  Press Clippings from 1960, 1961, 1962
B16Box number 16 F909Folder number 909  Press Clippings from 1963, 1964, 1965
B16Box number 16 F910Folder number 910  Press Clippings from 1969, 1970
B16Box number 16 F911Folder number 911  Press Clippings from 1977, 1978, 1979
B16Box number 16 F912Folder number 912  Miscellaneous Historical Information: Dixie National Forest, The Dixie and the 49ers, Dixie National Forest Utah-Arizona, article- "Supervisor Gives Data about the Dixie Forest"
B16Box number 16 F913Folder number 913  Interpretative Service Report - includes black & white and color pictures of Dixie National Forest
B16Box number 16 F914Folder number 914  White Elephant: Paunsaugunt Work Station - Real Property folder closed Sept. 27, 1979