SUSC Photo Services (Ph.5)

Materials in the SUSC Photo Services collection are the negatives and proofs of photographs taken of campus activities, staff and faculty, and special events from 1968 - 1993.


I. 1967
67-10Unit number 7-10 1-4Unit number -4   Robert L. Gerring and art show
67-10Unit number 7-10 5-6Unit number -6   Publications, uncrating new poster kit
67-10Unit number 7-10 7Unit number   Art, Dropped ceramics
67-10Unit number 7-10 8-21Unit number -21   Homecoming Queen contestants, Robin Evans
67-10Unit number 7-10 22-31Unit number 2-31   Range Management field trip, Dan Ludwig, Jim Bowns, Don Hullinger, Milt Rose
67-10Unit number 7-10 32-34Unit number 2-34   Art, Girl at potters wheel
67-10Unit number 7-10 35-36Unit number 5-36   Student officers, Bernie Garcia
67-10Unit number 7-10 37Unit number 7   Daryl Whipple
67-10Unit number 7-10 38-40Unit number 8-40   Judy Johnson, Durward Wadsworth
67-10Unit number 7-10 41-43Unit number 1-43   Publication's class, Georgia Beth Smith (teacher)
67-10Unit number 7-10 44-45Unit number 4-45   After game dance
67-10Unit number 7-10 48Unit number 8   Bernell Holmes
67-10Unit number 7-10 49Unit number 9   Bill Painter
67-10Unit number 7-10 50Unit number   Judy Johnson, Durward Wadsworth
67-10Unit number 7-10 51Unit number 1   Sage Lunt
67-10Unit number 7-10 52Unit number 2   Sage Lunt, Bob Lee
67-10Unit number 7-10 53-60Unit number 3-60   After game dance
67-10Unit number 7-10 61-65Unit number 1-65   Vern Winters and custodial crew
67-10Unit number 7-10 66-67Unit number 6-67  Thorley Music Hall
67-10Unit number 7-10 68-71Unit number 8-71   A Cappella choir
67-10Unit number 7-10 72-75Unit number 2-75   Buildings, College Ave apartments
67-10Unit number 7-10 76-77Unit number 6-77   Buildings, Student Center
67-10Unit number 7-10 78-79Unit number 8-79   Grounds in front of Old Administration Bldg.
67-10Unit number 7-10 80-83Unit number -83   Professor Robert Gerring in art classroom
67-10Unit number 7-10 84-85Unit number 4-85   Faculty, Paul Burgoyne in classroom
67-10Unit number 7-10 86-87Unit number 6-87   Ramona Chamberlain (librarian)
67-10Unit number 7-10 88Unit number 8   Elma Hardy (librarian)
67-10Unit number 7-10 89-90Unit number 9-90   Inside Zelcova dorm
67-10Unit number 7-10 91-93Unit number 1-93   Inside Manzanita dorm
67-10Unit number 7-10 94-98Unit number 4-98   Inside Juniper Hall dorm
67-10Unit number 7-10 99-101Unit number 9-101   Faculty, Harl Judd
67-10Unit number 7-10 102-103Unit number 2-103  Faculty, Joseph Harry Plummer
67-10Unit number 7-10 104Unit number 4   Faculty, Wes Larson
67-10Unit number 7-10 105-107Unit number 5-107  Faculty, Paul Daniels
67-11Unit number 7-11 1-2Unit number -2   Language lab
67-11Unit number 7-11 3-21Unit number -21   LeVeve Whetten's dance class
67-11Unit number 7-11 22-24Unit number 2-24   Video taping in education department, Paul Vorkink, Gywn Clark
67-11Unit number 7-11 25-27Unit number 5-27  Greek council
67-11Unit number 7-11 28-32Unit number 8-32   Bowling class
67-11Unit number 7-11 33Unit number 3   Bob Anderson
67-11Unit number 7-11 34-36Unit number 4-36   Coach Tom Kingsford
67-11Unit number 7-11 37-45Unit number 7-45   Library construction
67-11Unit number 7-11 46-47Unit number 6-47   Marvick Madsen
67-11Unit number 7-11 48-49Unit number 8-49   Kent Hoyt
67-11Unit number 7-11 50-53Unit number -53   Rulon Woodbury
67-11Unit number 7-11 54-61Unit number 4-61   Homecoming alumni banquet
67-11Unit number 7-11 62Unit number 2   Library construction
67-11Unit number 7-11 63-72Unit number 3-72  Music building
67-11Unit number 7-11 73-77Unit number 3-77   Plant Operations building
67-11Unit number 7-11 78-81Unit number 8-81   Student help
67-11Unit number 7-11 82-83Unit number 2-83  Drama, "The Importance of Being Ernest" (missing)
67-11Unit number 7-11 84-85Unit number 4-85   Education department party
67-11Unit number 7-11 86-88Unit number 6-88   Video tape equipment
67-11Unit number 7-11 89-93Unit number 9-93   Lyman Smart, Royden Braithwaite
67-11Unit number 7-11 94-95Unit number 4-95   Student officers
67-11Unit number 7-11 96-98Unit number 6-98   Carolyn Lee
67-11Unit number 7-11 99-102Unit number 9-102   After game dance
67-11Unit number 7-11 103-105Unit number 3-105   Juniper Hall
67-11Unit number 7-11 106-108Unit number 6-108   Chi Sig house
67-11Unit number 7-11 109-110Unit number 9-110   Sigma Pi house
67-11Unit number 7-11 111Unit number 11   Music, Student at piano
67-11Unit number 7-11 112-114Unit number 12-114   Students in library
67-12Unit number 7-12 1-6Unit number -6   Student Center
67-12Unit number 7-12 7-9Unit number -9   Student Center lounge
67-12Unit number 7-12 10-11Unit number -11   Student officers
67-12Unit number 7-12 12Unit number 2   Durward Wadsworth
67-12Unit number 7-12 13Unit number 3   Bill Fisher
67-12Unit number 7-12 14Unit number 4   Sage Platt
67-12Unit number 7-12 15Unit number 5   Drama, "Christmas Tree"
67-12Unit number 7-12 16-18Unit number 6-18   Photographs of art work at exhibit
67-12Unit number 7-12 19-21Unit number 9-21   Lyman Smart
67-12Unit number 7-12 22-24Unit number 2-24   Paul Southwick
67-12Unit number 7-12 25-26Unit number 5-26   Faculty, McRay Cloward
67-12Unit number 7-12 27Unit number 7   Student Officer, Floyd Hastings
67-12Unit number 7-12 28-29Unit number 8-29   Yearbook staff, Inez Cooper, Daryl Whipple, Sage Lunt, Arlou Vance, Tim Obrien, Janice Randall
67-12Unit number 7-12 30-31Unit number -31   Music, Orchestra, The Messiah
67-12Unit number 7-12 32Unit number 2   Eugene Woolf
67-12Unit number 7-12 33-34Unit number 3-34  Wes Larson
67-12Unit number 7-12 35-36Unit number 5-36  Conrad Hatch
67-12Unit number 7-12 37Unit number 7   Sage Lunt in Christmas package
67-12Unit number 7-12 38-39Unit number 8-39  Sigma Pi Greek organization
67-12Unit number 7-12 40Unit number   UEA organizaion, Utah Education Association Officers
67-12Unit number 7-12 41-43Unit number 1-43  President Royden Braithwaite seated at desk in office
67-12Unit number 7-12 44-46Unit number 4-46  Dance Club, Mary Jo Finlinson, LeVeve Whetten, Jane Barthalamue
67-12Unit number 7-12 47-48Unit number 7-48   Dance Club
67-12Unit number 7-12 49Unit number 9   Floyd Hastings
67-12Unit number 7-12 50-52Unit number -52   Bernell Holmes
67-12Unit number 7-12 53-55Unit number 3-55   Bernie Garcia
67-12Unit number 7-12 56Unit number 6  Dave Jones
67-12Unit number 7-12 57Unit number 7   Madeline Jensen
67-12Unit number 7-12 58Unit number 8  Bill Baker
67-12Unit number 7-12 59Unit number 9  Bob Lee
67-12Unit number 7-12 60Unit number   Gary LeBaron
67-12Unit number 7-12 61Unit number 1  Gaylene Schmatt
67-12Unit number 7-12 62Unit number 2   Linda McGee
67-12Unit number 7-12 63Unit number 3  Garth Jones
67-12Unit number 7-12 64-65Unit number 4-65  Janice Randall
67-12Unit number 7-12 66Unit number 6   Bill Webster
67-12Unit number 7-12 67Unit number 7   Bill Painter
67-12Unit number 7-12 68Unit number 8   Larry Smith
67-12Unit number 7-12 69-70Unit number 9-70  Newspaper staff
67-12Unit number 7-12 71-72Unit number 1-72  Georgia Beth Smith (Thompson)
67-12Unit number 7-12 73Unit number 3  Dave Jones
67-12Unit number 7-12 74-75Unit number 4-75   Wayne Kimball
67-12Unit number 7-12 76-78Unit number 6-78  Laurence Cooper
67-12Unit number 7-12 79-81Unit number 9-81  Student body officers group photo
67-12Unit number 7-12 82-83Unit number 2-83  Student Education Association
67-12Unit number 7-12 84-87Unit number 4-87  Public school teachers
67-12Unit number 7-12 88-90Unit number 8-90   Newspaper staff, Ray Lunt, Daryl Whipple, Larry Smith
67-12Unit number 7-12 91Unit number 1   Buildings, Old Main
67-12Unit number 7-12 92-94Unit number 2-94  Jim Bowns
67-12Unit number 7-12 95-96Unit number 5-96  Royden Braithwaite, Kent Hoyt
67-12Unit number 7-12 97-98Unit number 7-98   Campus police department
67-12Unit number 7-12 99Unit number 9   Library construction
67-12Unit number 7-12 100-101Unit number -101  Students in zoology lab
67-12Unit number 7-12 102Unit number 2   David Braegger
67-12Unit number 7-12 103Unit number 3   After game dance, Dennis Chart
67-12Unit number 7-12 104-105Unit number 4-105  Group of men
67-12Unit number 7-12 106Unit number 6  Honor student banquet
67-12Unit number 7-12 107Unit number 7   Band trophy
67-12Unit number 7-12 108Unit number 8   Artists concept of Physical Plant
67-12Unit number 7-12 109Unit number 9   Administration building
67-12Unit number 7-12 110-111Unit number 10-111  Campus landscape
67-12Unit number 7-12 112-115Unit number 12-115  View of mountains beyond campus
67-12Unit number 7-12 116Unit number 16  Fountain on quad
II. 1968
68-1Unit number 8-1 1-8Unit number -8  N.T.L. organization
68-1Unit number 8-1 9-22Unit number -22   N.T.L. organization
68-1Unit number 8-1 23-34Unit number 3-34   Nursing student graduates
68-1Unit number 8-1 35-37Unit number 5-37   Art, Thomas Leek, Susie Wrestler looking at painting
68-1Unit number 8-1 38Unit number 8   The 5th Dimension
68-1Unit number 8-1 39-40Unit number 9-40  Extended family of Royden Braithwaite
68-1Unit number 8-1 41-44Unit number 1-44   Richards family
68-1Unit number 8-1 45-46Unit number 5-46   Don Blanchard
68-1Unit number 8-1 47-50Unit number 7-50   Advertising, J.C. Penney's store
68-1Unit number 8-1 51-52Unit number 1-52  Advertising, Outside Sears store
68-1Unit number 8-1 53-56Unit number 3-56  Advertising, Southern Utah Office Machines and Supplies
68-1Unit number 8-1 57Unit number 7   Advertising, Jewelry store
68-1Unit number 8-1 58Unit number 8   Advertising, Auto parts store next door to Ron's Sporting Goods
68-1Unit number 8-1 59Unit number 9   Advertising, Bulloch's Drug
68-1Unit number 8-1 60Unit number   Advertising, Mary Palmer Shop
68-1Unit number 8-1 61-62Unit number 1-62  Advertising, Drug Center
68-1Unit number 8-1 63-64Unit number 3-64  Advertising, Iron County Record press
68-1Unit number 8-1 65Unit number 5   Advertising, Fountain inside Cedar Drug store
68-1Unit number 8-1 66-67Unit number 6-67   Advertising, Hugh's Café interior
68-1Unit number 8-1 68-69Unit number 8-69   Advertising, Barrett Music store interior
68-1Unit number 8-1 70-72Unit number -72  Advertising, Zion Photo
68-1Unit number 8-1 73-75Unit number 3-75  Advertising, Sonomas clothing store interior
68-1Unit number 8-1 76Unit number 6  Advertising, Steven's department store interior
68-1Unit number 8-1 77-78Unit number 7-78  Advertising, Cardon's Shoes
68-1Unit number 8-1 79-80Unit number 9-80  Advertising, Bradshaw Chevrolet
68-1Unit number 8-1 81Unit number 1  Advertising, Cowley Drug
68-1Unit number 8-1 82Unit number 2  Advertising, Shoe Repair shop
68-1Unit number 8-1 83Unit number 3   Advertising, Cedar Laundry and Dry Cleaning
68-1Unit number 8-1 84-85Unit number 4-85   Advertising, Christensen's department store
68-1Unit number 8-1 86Unit number 6   Advertising, Night shot of Bulloch's Drug and Sonoma's dress shop
68-1Unit number 8-1 87-88Unit number 7-88   Advertising, Thorley Ford
68-1Unit number 8-1 89-90Unit number 9-90   Advertising, Top Spot drive-in
68-1Unit number 8-1 91-92Unit number 1-92   Advertising, Iron County Lumber
68-1Unit number 8-1 93-94Unit number 3-94  Advertising, Barrett Music store
68-1Unit number 8-1 95-97Unit number 5-97  New library construction
68-1Unit number 8-1 98-101Unit number 8-101  Back of Old Main
68-1Unit number 8-1 102Unit number 2   Winter quarter registration
68-1Unit number 8-1 103-104Unit number 3-104  Snow scenes
68-1Unit number 8-1 105-106Unit number 5-106  New library construction
68-1Unit number 8-1 107-111Unit number 7-111  Campus snow scenes
68-1Unit number 8-1 112Unit number 12  Student officers, Mike Petty
68-1Unit number 8-1 113Unit number 13   Student officers, Dennis Pullman
68-1Unit number 8-1 114Unit number 14  Student officers, Russ
68-1Unit number 8-1 115Unit number 15   Student officers, Gerry Pitts
68-1Unit number 8-1 116-119Unit number 16-119  Unidentified individuals
68-2Unit number 8-2 1Unit number  Student officers, Steve Grossman
68-2Unit number 8-2 2Unit number   Student officers, John Greenland
68-2Unit number 8-2 3Unit number   Student officers, Roger Murdock
68-2Unit number 8-2 4-8Unit number -8   Unidentified student officers
68-2Unit number 8-2 9Unit number   Student officers, Sage Lunt
68-2Unit number 8-2 10-13Unit number -13   Unidentified student officers
68-2Unit number 8-2 14Unit number 4   Sue Excell
68-2Unit number 8-2 15-21Unit number 5-21  Unidentified student officers
68-2Unit number 8-2 22Unit number 2   Advertising, State Bank of Southern Utah
68-2Unit number 8-2 23Unit number 3   Advertising, Shoe Repair Shop
68-2Unit number 8-2 24Unit number 4   Advertising, First Security Bank
68-2Unit number 8-2 25Unit number 5   Kumen Gardner
68-2Unit number 8-2 26Unit number 6   Manzanita dorm parent
68-2Unit number 8-2 27Unit number 7   Advertising, CSU Bookstore
68-2Unit number 8-2 28Unit number 8   Advertising, Interior Hansen's Pharmacy
68-2Unit number 8-2 29Unit number 9   Advertising, Howard Wood, Mr. Wood's Mens Store
68-2Unit number 8-2 30Unit number   Volkswagon Beetle in front of Old Main
68-2Unit number 8-2 31Unit number 1   CSU Snack bar
68-2Unit number 8-2 32Unit number 2   Advertising, Lunt Motor Company Showroom
68-2Unit number 8-2 33Unit number 3   Advertising, Sullivan's Cafe
68-2Unit number 8-2 34Unit number 4  Winter quarter registration
68-2Unit number 8-2 35Unit number 5   Custodians
68-2Unit number 8-2 36Unit number 6  Cooks
68-2Unit number 8-2 37Unit number 7   Unidentified student officer
68-2Unit number 8-2 38Unit number 8   Organizations, Dance Club
68-2Unit number 8-2 39Unit number 9   Advertising, Norge Village Dry Cleaning
68-2Unit number 8-2 40Unit number   Advertising, Jones Equipment Company
68-2Unit number 8-2 41Unit number 1   Advertising, Leigh Furniture Store
68-2Unit number 8-2 42Unit number 2   James Condie
68-2Unit number 8-2 43Unit number 3   Advertising, Miller Parts and Service
68-2Unit number 8-2 44Unit number 4  State Bank of Southern Utah
68-2Unit number 8-2 45Unit number 5  Art, Water color painting exhibit
68-2Unit number 8-2 46Unit number 6   Library construction
68-2Unit number 8-2 47Unit number 7   SUSC Police Department
68-2Unit number 8-2 48Unit number 8   Walkway to Science Building
68-2Unit number 8-2 49Unit number 9   Inside Zelcova Court (dorm)
68-2Unit number 8-2 50Unit number   Student Center cafeteria
68-2Unit number 8-2 51-52Unit number 1-52  Unidentified student officers
68-2Unit number 8-2 53Unit number 3   Music, A Cappella Choir
68-2Unit number 8-2 54Unit number 4  Cafeteria
68-2Unit number 8-2 55Unit number 5   Zeclova Court
68-2Unit number 8-2 56Unit number 6  Juniper Hall
68-2Unit number 8-2 57Unit number 7  Oak Hall
68-2Unit number 8-2 58Unit number 8  Manzanita Court
68-2Unit number 8-2 59Unit number 9   Dance Club
68-2Unit number 8-2 60Unit number  Music, String quartet, Roy Halversen, June Thorley, Carol Ann Jones, Robert Bradshaw
68-2Unit number 8-2 61-62Unit number 1-62  Fraternities and Sororities
68-2Unit number 8-2 63Unit number 3   After game dance
68-2Unit number 8-2 64Unit number 4   Student officer Mike Petty
68-2Unit number 8-2 65Unit number 5   Student officer Beth Chedister
68-2Unit number 8-2 66Unit number 6   Student officer Madeline Jensen
68-2Unit number 8-2 67Unit number 7   Student officer Bob Lee
68-2Unit number 8-2 68Unit number 8   Sophomore class officers
68-2Unit number 8-2 69Unit number 9   Science building
68-2Unit number 8-2 70Unit number   Marry Anne Brandt
68-2Unit number 8-2 71Unit number 1  Lou Vance
68-2Unit number 8-2 72Unit number 2  Senators
68-2Unit number 8-2 73Unit number 3  Ken Benson, unidentified, Lyman Smart
68-2Unit number 8-2 74Unit number 4  Fran Lester
68-2Unit number 8-2 75Unit number 5  Art, Man and his work, Unidentified individual
68-2Unit number 8-2 76Unit number 6   Home Economic Club Officers
68-2Unit number 8-2 77Unit number 7   Music, String ensemble
68-2Unit number 8-2 78Unit number 8   Roy Halversen
68-2Unit number 8-2 79Unit number 9   Rainy day on campus
68-2Unit number 8-2 80Unit number   Athletics, Boyd Adams
68-2Unit number 8-2 81-83Unit number 1-83  Athletics, Basketball coaching staff, John Roberts
68-2Unit number 8-2 84Unit number 4   Athletics, Craig Livingston
68-2Unit number 8-2 85Unit number 5   Athletics, Kirt Robinson
68-2Unit number 8-2 86Unit number 6   Athletics, Skip Mead
68-2Unit number 8-2 87Unit number 7  Athletics, Bruce Bradley
68-2Unit number 8-2 88Unit number 8  Athletics, Paul Beck
68-2Unit number 8-2 89Unit number 9   Athletics, Brent Turek
68-2Unit number 8-2 90Unit number   Dave Pinamonti
68-2Unit number 8-2 91Unit number 1  Athletics, Larry Moore
68-2Unit number 8-2 92Unit number 2  Athletics, Lou Christensen
68-2Unit number 8-2 93Unit number 3  Athletics, John Carey
68-2Unit number 8-2 94Unit number 4  Athletics, Gil Mullen
68-2Unit number 8-2 95Unit number 5  Athletics, Mud football
68-2Unit number 8-2 96Unit number 6  Athletics, Gerry Pitts
68-2Unit number 8-2 97Unit number 7   Athletics, John Pensis
68-2Unit number 8-2 98Unit number 8   Athletics, Reed Kimoto
68-2Unit number 8-2 99Unit number 9   Athletics, Ken Daniels
68-2Unit number 8-2 100Unit number   Athletics, Rick Orr
68-2Unit number 8-2 101-103Unit number 1-103  Homecoming game and practice
68-2Unit number 8-2 104-105Unit number 4-105  Dance, "Love is Blue," formal, Homecoming Queen Contest and Assembly
68-2Unit number 8-2 106Unit number 6  Homecoming dance
68-2Unit number 8-2 107Unit number 7   Homecoming mud bowl
68-2Unit number 8-2 108-109Unit number 8-109  Homecoming parade
68-3-1Unit number 8-3-1   Music, Choir concert with "Two by Twos"
68-3-3Unit number 8-3-3   Band and Thunderettes (at night)
68-3-4Unit number 8-3-4   Athletics, Basketball, Westminister vs. CSU
68-3-3Unit number 8-3-3  Drama, "The Importance of Being Ernest" (missing)
68-3-5Unit number 8-3-5   After game dance
68-3-6Unit number 8-3-6   Individual cheerleader shots
68-3-7Unit number 8-3-7   Student officers Joyce Cram & Jay Evans
68-3-8Unit number 8-3-8   Susan Murphy
68-3-9Unit number 8-3-9   Homecoming mud bowl
68-3-10Unit number 8-3-10  Naomi Platt with cheerleaders
68-3-11Unit number 8-3-11  5th Dimensions entertaining at Homecoming
68-3-12Unit number 8-3-12  Homecoming dance
68-3-13Unit number 8-3-13  Night football game
68-3-14Unit number 8-3-14  After game dance
68-3-15Unit number 8-3-15  Drama, "Anne of a Thousand Days" (missing)
68-3-16Unit number 8-3-16  Student officers
68-3-17Unit number 8-3-17  Bernie Garcia
68-3-18Unit number 8-3-18  Sigma Pi officers
68-3-19Unit number 8-3-19  Mens gymnastics
68-3-20Unit number 8-3-20  Tau Kap banquet
68-3-21Unit number 8-3-21  Sigma Pi house
68-3-22Unit number 8-3-22  Zeta house
68-3-23Unit number 8-3-23  Juniper dorm (outside)
68-3-24Unit number 8-3-24  Library construction
68-3-25Unit number 8-3-25  Photographs of photography manipulation (max in box)
68-3-26Unit number 8-3-26  School dance, Motor City Blues Band
68-3-27Unit number 8-3-27  Award given to unknown girl from Norway
68-3-28Unit number 8-3-28  Library construction
68-3-29Unit number 8-3-29  Bob Anderson
68-3-30Unit number 8-3-30  Unidentified individual
68-3-31Unit number 8-3-31  Robert Day
68-3-32Unit number 8-3-32  Cafeteria
68-3-33Unit number 8-3-33  Royden Braithwaite, unknown, Eugene Woolf, Fred Adams
68-3-34Unit number 8-3-34  Sage Lunt, Jim Larson
68-3-35Unit number 8-3-35  Red Cross blood drive
68-3-36Unit number 8-3-36  Winter scene looking from Museum to Science building
68-3-37Unit number 8-3-37  Pi Ro house
68-3-38Unit number 8-3-38  TKE house
68-3-39Unit number 8-3-39  Bulloch Hall
68-3-40Unit number 8-3-40  CSU sign looking at Cki Sig house
68-3-41Unit number 8-3-41  Campus view, looking at pine trees in front of Old Main
68-3-42Unit number 8-3-42  Music, Orchestra concert
68-3-43Unit number 8-3-43  CSU bookstore, Morris Shirts in office
68-3-44Unit number 8-3-44  KCDR group photograph
68-3-45Unit number 8-3-45  Student officer Bill Baker
68-3-46Unit number 8-3-46  Russell Anderson, Mel Osborn
68-3-47Unit number 8-3-47  Chemistry lab
68-3-48Unit number 8-3-48  Child development lab
68-3-49Unit number 8-3-49  Formal dance
68-3-50Unit number 8-3-50  Music, Messiah performance
68-3-51Unit number 8-3-51  Basketball intramurals
68-3-52Unit number 8-3-52  Wrestling
68-3-53Unit number 8-3-53  Thunderettes
68-3-54Unit number 8-3-54  Student officers, Bill Baker and Bernie Garcia
68-3-55Unit number 8-3-55  Voting
68-3-56Unit number 8-3-56  Student Senate officers, Ken Cox, Richard Sandburg, Farrell Bethers, Jay Evans, Jim Hansen, Roger Chamberlain
68-3-57Unit number 8-3-57  Faculty, A.W. Stephenson, Harry Plummer, James Condie, Georgia Beth Smith
68-3-58Unit number 8-3-58  Dorm parents, Merlin Madsen, Pat Madsen, Maureen Schwendiman, Fred Schwendiman, Frank Moffett, Ingrid Moffett, Sandra Barton, Evan Barton, Ruth Farnsworth, Richard Farnsworth
68-3-59Unit number 8-3-59  Winter scene, Old Main
68-3-60Unit number 8-3-60  Beta dance
68-3-61Unit number 8-3-61  Manzanita's dorm snowman
68-3-62Unit number 8-3-62  Campus buildings in winter, Student Center, Old Main, Library, Science Building
68-3-63Unit number 8-3-63  Arrival of Santa Claus, lighting of campus Christmas tree
68-3-64Unit number 8-3-64  Inez Cooper
68-3-65Unit number 8-3-65  Bill Baker
68-3-66Unit number 8-3-66  Skiing (chair lift at Brian Head)
68-3-67Unit number 8-3-67  Boys pushing car in front of fieldhouse
68-3-68Unit number 8-3-68  Cafeteria birthday dinner
68-3-69Unit number 8-3-69  Swimming
68-3-70Unit number 8-3-70  Student officers
68-3-71Unit number 8-3-71  Chair lift at Brian Head ski resort
68-3-72Unit number 8-3-72  Wrestling
68-3-73Unit number 8-3-73  School dance
68-3-74Unit number 8-3-74  Student Center birthday party, includes kissing and pie eating contest
68-3-75Unit number 8-3-75  Arlou Vance, Tavi Editor
68-3-76Unit number 8-3-76  Classrooms on campus
68-3-77Unit number 8-3-77  Beth Chidester hanging lamps in ballroom
68-3-78Unit number 8-3-78  Carol Halley
68-3-79Unit number 8-3-79  Zoology Lab
68-3-80Unit number 8-3-80  Student custodian sweeping classroom
68-3-81Unit number 8-3-81  Winter quarter registration
68-3-82Unit number 8-3-82  Students playing pool in student center
68-3-83Unit number 8-3-83  Sid Snow
68-3-84Unit number 8-3-84  Elaine Cannon
68-3-85Unit number 8-3-85  Library construction
68-3-86Unit number 8-3-86  Richard Swindlehurst
68-3-87Unit number 8-3-87  Associated Women Students Preference Ball
68-3-88Unit number 8-3-88  Homecoming mud bowl
68-3-89Unit number 8-3-89  Student officers, Daryl Whipple, Larry Smith, Bill Painter, Bill Fisher, Joyce Cram
68-3-90Unit number 8-3-90  Student officers, Janice Randall, Nadine Kennington, Garth Jones, Inez Cooper (advisor), group shot
68-3-91Unit number 8-3-91  Inez Cooper
68-3-92Unit number 8-3-92  Debate and forensics students in class
68-3-93Unit number 8-3-93  Folk dancing group in classroom
68-3-94Unit number 8-3-94  Delta Phi, Dave Isom, Mike Ferness
68-3-95Unit number 8-3-95  Bernell Holmes
68-3-96Unit number 8-3-96  Judy Thompson
68-3-97Unit number 8-3-97  Sigma Gamma Ki
68-3-98Unit number 8-3-98  Associated Business Students
68-3-99Unit number 8-3-99  Dance Club
68-3-100Unit number 8-3-100  Adagio dance class
68-3-101Unit number 8-3-101  Chesley Williams
68-3-102Unit number 8-3-102  Student Center
68-3-103Unit number 8-3-103  International Folk Dancing group
68-3-104Unit number 8-3-104  Publications committee
68-3-105Unit number 8-3-105  Cake resembling Old Main
68-3-106Unit number 8-3-106  Group photo of secretaries on campus
68-3-107Unit number 8-3-107  Paul Southwick
68-3-108Unit number 8-3-108  Football practice
68-3-109Unit number 8-3-109  Football, homecoming game against New Mexico Western
68-3-110Unit number 8-3-110  Football, homecoming game against New Mexico Western
68-4-1Unit number 8-4-1  Elementary students from Caliente, NV watching weaving looms
68-4-2Unit number 8-4-2  Spring football mug shots
68-4-3Unit number 8-4-3  Entertainer Marty Robbins
68-4-4Unit number 8-4-4  Election promotion
68-4-5Unit number 8-4-5  John Roll
68-4-6Unit number 8-4-6  Promotion for Tucson Boys Choir performance
68-4-7Unit number 8-4-7  Glenn Yarbrough
68-4-8Unit number 8-4-8  Melodrama "True Blue and Trusted"
68-4-9Unit number 8-4-9  Melodrama "Old Lady Shows Her Medals"
68-4-10Unit number 8-4-10  Members of Student Senate Bill Fisher, Jay Evans
68-4-11Unit number 8-4-11  National Defense Scholarship recipients Larry Bennett, Gary Faffenberger with Russell Anderson, Wes Larsen
68-4-12Unit number 8-4-12  Entertainer Alvin R. Dryer
68-4-13Unit number 8-4-13  Weaving lab
68-4-14Unit number 8-4-14  Nursing singing group
68-4-15Unit number 8-4-15  Cedar High and Parowan High seniors visiting campus
68-4-16Unit number 8-4-16  Baseball, CSU versus California Western
68-4-17Unit number 8-4-17  Drama, Camelot backstage scenes
68-4-18Unit number 8-4-18  Student officers, (a Bob Lee, (b Doug Berry, (c)Sage Lunt, (d)Phil Robinson, (e) Tom Vince
68-4-19Unit number 8-4-19  Library construction
68-4-20Unit number 8-4-20  Football publicity shots
68-4-21Unit number 8-4-21  Football night game
68-4-22Unit number 8-4-22  Cheerleaders, flag twirlers, football team in publicity shots
68-4-23Unit number 8-4-23  Library construction
68-4-24Unit number 8-4-24  Mr. Peterson
68-4-25Unit number 8-4-25  Fred Adams with drama students
68-4-26Unit number 8-4-26  Wrestlers and coach
68-4-27Unit number 8-4-27  Library construction
68-4-28Unit number 8-4-28  Snow sculpture of elephant
68-4-29Unit number 8-4-29  Bernie Garcia
68-4-30Unit number 8-4-30  Daryle Whipple
68-4-31Unit number 8-4-31  Snow Carnival (Janice Brown, Snow Queen)
68-4-32Unit number 8-4-32  Hawaiian Luau held in cafeteria
68-4-33Unit number 8-4-33  Football stadium construction
68-4-34Unit number 8-4-34  Cultural affairs committee group taker with Glen Yarbrough
68-4-35Unit number 8-4-35  Primary election winners
68-4-36Unit number 8-4-36  Senate representatives
68-4-37Unit number 8-4-37  Talent contest winner Bill Bacon
68-4-38Unit number 8-4-38  Swim meet
68-4-39Unit number 8-4-39  Glen Yarbrough concert
68-4-40Unit number 8-4-40  The Bellshanty Men Singers
68-4-41Unit number 8-4-41  Cheerleaders
68-4-44Unit number 8-4-44  Basketball
68-4-45Unit number 8-4-45  TEKE initiation
68-4-46Unit number 8-4-46  Homecoming alumni banquet
68-4-47Unit number 8-4-47  Campus scenes
68-4-48Unit number 8-4-48  Students on campus
68-4-49Unit number 8-4-49  5th Dimension
68-4-50Unit number 8-4-50  American flag at sunset
68-4-51Unit number 8-4-51  Homecoming queen contest
68-4-52Unit number 8-4-52  Homecoming parade
68-4-53Unit number 8-4-53  Homecoming game half-time with royalty
68-4-54Unit number 8-4-54  Homecoming torch run and bonfire
68-4-55Unit number 8-4-55  Homecoming dance
68-4-56Unit number 8-4-56  Homecoming parade
68-4-57Unit number 8-4-57  Homecoming football game
68-4-58Unit number 8-4-58  Old Main, Administration, Science buildings
68-4-59Unit number 8-4-59  Early morning shots of library construction
68-4-60Unit number 8-4-60  Half-time activities at homecoming game
68-4-61Unit number 8-4-61  Lowell Henry
68-4-62Unit number 8-4-62  Carol Stokes
68-4-63Unit number 8-4-63  Sculpture by Lyman Smart
68-4-65Unit number 8-4-65  Music, Choir
68-4-66Unit number 8-4-66  Music, Band
68-4-67Unit number 8-4-67  Orchestra and choir in auditorium
68-4-68Unit number 8-4-68  Student Education Association
68-4-69Unit number 8-4-69  Mary Jo Brown
68-4-70Unit number 8-4-70  Janice Brown
68-4-71Unit number 8-4-71  Charlene Tam
68-4-72Unit number 8-4-72  Garth Jones
68-4-73Unit number 8-4-73  Lloyd Ott
68-4-74Unit number 8-4-74  Christine Dotson
68-4-75Unit number 8-4-75  Thunderettes
68-4-76Unit number 8-4-76  Basketball
68-4-77Unit number 8-4-77  Drama, Shakespeare outdoor theater stage
68-4-78Unit number 8-4-78  Drama, Fred Adams
68-4-79Unit number 8-4-79  Zeta's
68-4-80Unit number 8-4-80  Sigma Tau Sigma
68-4-81Unit number 8-4-81  Howard Levan
68-4-82Unit number 8-4-82  Student Center lounge
68-4-83Unit number 8-4-83  Snack bar
68-4-84Unit number 8-4-84  Bob Lee
68-4-85Unit number 8-4-85  Sage Lunt, Bill Painter
68-4-86Unit number 8-4-86  Rex Michie with housing staff
68-4-87Unit number 8-4-87  Fran Lister
68-4-88Unit number 8-4-88  Janice Randall
68-4-89Unit number 8-4-89  Barbara Bellows
68-4-90Unit number 8-4-90  Jerri Kay
68-4-91Unit number 8-4-91  Vicki Wright
68-4-92Unit number 8-4-92  Steve Goesman
68-4-93Unit number 8-4-93  Election shots of voters
68-4-94Unit number 8-4-94  New student officers for school year 1968-1969
68-4-95Unit number 8-4-95  Coach Tom Kingsford with new football recruits
68-4-96Unit number 8-4-96  John Larson (election chairman)
68-4-98Unit number 8-4-98  Flag twirlers
68-4-99Unit number 8-4-99  Thunderettes and advisor
68-4-100Unit number 8-4-100  Football stadium construction progress
68-4-101Unit number 8-4-101  Snow sculptures
68-4-102Unit number 8-4-102  Jim Hansen
68-4-103Unit number 8-4-103  Studying in Juniper without any heat
68-4-104Unit number 8-4-104  Archaeology lab
68-4-105Unit number 8-4-105  Booth at student center
68-4-106Unit number 8-4-106  Lambda Delta Sigma group photo
68-4-107Unit number 8-4-107  Dr. Richard Thompson
68-4-108Unit number 8-4-108  Drama Club party
68-4-109Unit number 8-4-109  Senate representatives group photo
68-4-110Unit number 8-4-110  Gary LaBaron, Hal Cooper
68-4-111Unit number 8-4-111  Jim Larson
68-5-1Unit number 8-5-1  Music building
68-5-2Unit number 8-5-2  Old Main, Science building, Student Center
68-5-3Unit number 8-5-3  Auditorium at night
68-5-4Unit number 8-5-4  Child development lab
68-5-5Unit number 8-5-5  After game dance, John Gary and Sue Harmon
68-5-6Unit number 8-5-6  Music, Orchestra ready to preform
68-5-7Unit number 8-5-7  Wood shop
68-5-8Unit number 8-5-8  Ceramics lab
68-5-9Unit number 8-5-9  Photo of Pestalozzi Medal
68-5-10Unit number 8-5-10  Child development lab
68-5-11Unit number 8-5-11  Machine shop
68-5-12Unit number 8-5-12  Unidentified individual
68-5-13Unit number 8-5-13  Basketball
68-5-15Unit number 8-5-15  Coach Dee Smith
68-5-16Unit number 8-5-16  Coach Carden Dalley
68-5-17Unit number 8-5-17  Coach Steve Lunt
68-5-18Unit number 8-5-18  Coach Tom Kingsford
68-5-19Unit number 8-5-19  Ken Cox, football player
68-5-20Unit number 8-5-20  Charles Norton, football player
68-5-21Unit number 8-5-21  Ron Glover, football player
68-5-22Unit number 8-5-22  Tom Perkins, football player
68-5-23Unit number 8-5-23  Bruce Thomas, football player
68-5-24Unit number 8-5-24  Larry Chappell, football player
68-5-25Unit number 8-5-25  Don Olsen
68-5-26Unit number 8-5-26  Baseball team with Coach Cleo Petty
68-5-27Unit number 8-5-27  Track team with Coach Steve Lunt
68-5-28Unit number 8-5-28  Winter scenes on campus
68-5-29Unit number 8-5-29  Cedar City main street, downtown movie theater
68-5-30Unit number 8-5-30  Student officers (a)Bill Painter (b)Sage Lunt (c)Bob Lee (d)Durward Wadsworth
68-5-31Unit number 8-5-31  Candids of students in bookstore, student center, at registration
68-5-32Unit number 8-5-32  Inside bookstore
68-5-33Unit number 8-5-33  Half time at basketball game, folk dancing
68-5-34Unit number 8-5-34  Drama, Phyllis Davis
68-5-35Unit number 8-5-35  Drama, Cooper Allen
68-5-38Unit number 8-5-38  Drama, Fred Adams directing Shakespeare actors
68-5-39Unit number 8-5-39  Janice Randall
68-5-40Unit number 8-5-40  President Royden Braithwaite with 2 unidentified guests
68-5-41Unit number 8-5-41  Sorority officers
68-5-42Unit number 8-5-42  Faculty, Merrell Jones, George LeBaron, Wes Larsen, Laurance Cooper
68-5-43Unit number 8-5-43  Registration
68-5-44Unit number 8-5-44  North side of Old Main
68-5-45Unit number 8-5-45  Robert Day
68-5-46Unit number 8-5-46  A.W. Stephenson
68-5-47Unit number 8-5-47  After game dance
68-5-48Unit number 8-5-48  Athletics, Diving (missing)
68-5-49Unit number 8-5-49  Organizations, Pamphlet Committee, Larry Smith, Robert Day, Sylvia Brandt, Daryl Whipple, Dining in the student center
68-5-50Unit number 8-5-50  June Thorley helping student with reading
68-5-51Unit number 8-5-51  Music rehearsal
68-5-52Unit number 8-5-52  Campus buildings
68-5-53Unit number 8-5-53  Candidates for preferred men, Dan Jones, Richard Wilknesen, Wayne Magleby, Garth Jones, Gill Mullen
68-5-54Unit number 8-5-54  Campus assembly
68-5-55Unit number 8-5-55  Local Bandit dance
68-5-56Unit number 8-5-56  Rodeo
68-5-57Unit number 8-5-57  Dave Jones
68-5-58Unit number 8-5-58  Campus snow scenes
68-5-59Unit number 8-5-59  Presentation of ski awards
68-5-60Unit number 8-5-60  Girls intramural basketball
68-5-61Unit number 8-5-61  Flag twirlers
68-5-62Unit number 8-5-62  Pemm Club (physical education majors and minors)
68-5-63Unit number 8-5-63  Junior Varsity basketball team, Coach Steve Lunt
68-5-64Unit number 8-5-64  Thunderettes
68-5-65Unit number 8-5-65  Snow sculpture
68-5-66Unit number 8-5-66  Karen Mitchell
68-5-67Unit number 8-5-67  Home Economics Club
68-5-68Unit number 8-5-68  Student Center, pool tables, pinball machine
68-5-69Unit number 8-5-69  Psychology Lab
68-5-71Unit number 8-5-71  Mary Jo Brown
68-5-72Unit number 8-5-72  Charlene Tam
68-5-73Unit number 8-5-73  Saddle and Sirloin Club
68-5-74Unit number 8-5-74  John Penny, "best all around cowboy"
68-5-75Unit number 8-5-75  Inez Cooper, Arlou Vance, Janice Randall with yearbook award
68-5-76Unit number 8-5-76  Library construction
68-5-77Unit number 8-5-77  Faculty, Wayne Mifflin
68-5-78Unit number 8-5-78  Kim Matheson running high hurdles
68-5-79Unit number 8-5-79  Student Education Association officers Bruce Heywood, Rita Jean Mellon
68-5-80Unit number 8-5-80  Gene DeMille at javelin throw
68-5-81Unit number 8-5-81  Basketball
68-5-82Unit number 8-5-82  Basketball
68-5-83Unit number 8-5-83  Basketball
68-5-85Unit number 8-5-85  Tavi display
68-5-86Unit number 8-5-86  Intramural advisors
68-5-87Unit number 8-5-87  Steve Goesman
68-5-88Unit number 8-5-88  Thunderettes
68-5-89Unit number 8-5-89  Senate meeting
68-5-90Unit number 8-5-90  Home Economic department display of wedding dresses
68-5-91Unit number 8-5-91  Garth Jones
68-5-92Unit number 8-5-92  Looking from Old Main toward Student Center
68-5-93Unit number 8-5-93  Members of Resident Housing Association
68-5-94Unit number 8-5-94  Barbara Bellows
68-5-95Unit number 8-5-95  Susan Murphy
68-5-97Unit number 8-5-97  Fran Lister
68-5-98Unit number 8-5-98  Men's intramural basketball
68-5-99Unit number 8-5-99  Profile of basketball player
68-5-100Unit number 8-5-100  Larry Moore in library (auditorium) with big stack of books
68-5-101Unit number 8-5-101  Divers in swim meet
68-5-102Unit number 8-5-102  Unidentified student officers
68-5-103Unit number 8-5-103  Lloyd Ott, Charlene Tam, Janice Brown
68-5-105Unit number 8-5-105  Sherrell Davis (food service)
68-5-107Unit number 8-5-107  Performance of Messiah
68-5-108Unit number 8-5-108  Campus scenes
68-5-109Unit number 8-5-109  A Cappella choir performing at Paul Dunn fireside
68-5-110Unit number 8-5-110  Paul Dunn
68-5-111Unit number 8-5-111  Shakespeare bust
68-6-1Unit number 8-6-1  Vocational Day arts and crafts display
68-6-2Unit number 8-6-2  Tau Kappa Epsilon painting bleachers and restrooms at city ball park
68-6-3Unit number 8-6-3  Stone Ponies concert and winners of pillow contest
68-6-4Unit number 8-6-4  Spring football players
68-6-6Unit number 8-6-6  Photos of vegetation taken for Jim Bowns
68-6-8Unit number 8-6-8  Basketball publicity photos
68-6-9Unit number 8-6-9  TEKE lowering flag
68-6-10Unit number 8-6-10  Science students in lab, Dr. Larson
68-6-11Unit number 8-6-11  Accounting graduates
68-6-12Unit number 8-6-12  Business awards and scholarships
68-6-13Unit number 8-6-13  Music, Orchestra
68-6-14Unit number 8-6-14  Pool tournament winners
68-6-15Unit number 8-6-15  Baccalaureate exercises for class of 1966-67
68-6-16Unit number 8-6-16  Presentation of Tavi yearbook to President Royden Braithwaite
68-6-17Unit number 8-6-17  Kay Hart's swimming class
68-6-18Unit number 8-6-18  Check presentation, A.W. Stephenson, Tom Leek
68-6-19Unit number 8-6-19  Campus assembly
68-6-20Unit number 8-6-20  George Strebel, Rex Christensen, Rod Decker planning trip to Europe
68-6-21Unit number 8-6-21  Parley Dalley presenting grass specimens to Jim Bowns and students
68-6-22Unit number 8-6-22  Student art exhibits on campus
68-6-23Unit number 8-6-23  New officers of Student Education Association with Ken Benson who was "teacher of the year"
68-6-24Unit number 8-6-24  Basketball player John Gary
68-6-25Unit number 8-6-25  Social Affairs committee, John Paulk, Rodney Decker, Kayrl Van Ausdal, Kathy Maxwell, Tim Larson, Dan Jones
68-6-26Unit number 8-6-26  Standards Committee, seated: Gary Giles, Arlen Grimshaw, Mary Lynn Lee, Bill Baker. Standing: Tom Kingsford, Steve Lunt, Barbara Morgan, Jim Condie, Kent Hoyt
68-6-27Unit number 8-6-27  Ski Club officers, Jenny Towers, Nancy West, Jim Pullman
68-6-28Unit number 8-6-28  Jim Hansen and Karen Livingston
68-6-29Unit number 8-6-29  Scholarship presentation, Frank Petty, Max Rose, Wes Larson
68-6-30Unit number 8-6-30  Model United Nations
68-6-31Unit number 8-6-31  School Judges: Mary Robinson, Fred Schwendiman, Lew Morsley, Brent Heggie, Terry Woolf
68-6-32Unit number 8-6-32  Solveig Brandt received grant for summer study in Germany
68-6-33Unit number 8-6-33  Psychology class activity
68-6-34Unit number 8-6-34  PE class on riding horses above Parowan, Utah
68-6-35Unit number 8-6-35  Royden Braithwaite with staff
68-6-36Unit number 8-6-36  Award trophies
68-6-37Unit number 8-6-37  Lee Labrum, Larry Smith, Janice Randall
68-8-1Unit number 8-8-1  Drama, Shakespearean Festival
68-8-2Unit number 8-8-2  Faculty, Lyman Smart & Arthur Jones with Library donations
68-8-3Unit number 8-8-3  Graduation '67-68
68-8-4Unit number 8-8-4  Graduating Psych class '67-68
68-8-5Unit number 8-8-5  Gwyn Clark's office and class
68-8-6Unit number 8-8-6  Assemblies, Awards Assembly '67-68
68-8-7Unit number 8-8-7  Student Officers, Senate and Tim Larsen in dog house
68-8-8Unit number 8-8-8  Student Officers, John Paulk & Larry Smith with Frisby
68-8-9Unit number 8-8-9  Drama, Shakespearean costumes, Mary Judd
68-8-10Unit number 8-8-10  Faculty, BPEO presentation for Library Development; Pres. Braithwaite, Kent Walter (Walton) & Lyman Smart
68-8-11Unit number 8-8-11  Faculty and staff, Housing Officers; Maureen Schwendiman, Ralph Lewis
68-8-12Unit number 8-8-12  Faculty and staff, State Custodial Conference
68-8-13Unit number 8-8-13  Ki Sig's presenting money to football team so can fly to Azuza game
68-8-14Unit number 8-8-14  Student Officers, Student High Court and Larry Smith, Daryl Whipple, Janice Randall with Kuss Jug
68-8-15Unit number 8-8-15  Buildings and Grounds, new football stadium
68-8-16Unit number 8-8-16  Faculty, Gary McIntyre
68-8-17Unit number 8-8-17  Buildings and Grounds, Inside old Library, students studying
68-8-18Unit number 8-8-18  Students, Reader's Theatre (class)
68-8-19Unit number 8-8-19  Students: Astronomy class
68-8-20Unit number 8-8-20  P.E. graduation and Cleo Petty, class of '67-68
68-8-21Unit number 8-8-21  Clubs and Organizations, SEA Lecture, Jan Taylor
68-8-22Unit number 8-8-22  Clubs and Organizations, Cultural Affairs
68-8-23Unit number 8-8-23  Students, Larry Smith with Frisby
68-8-24Unit number 8-8-24  Faculty, Dr. Gwyn Clark and class
68-8-25Unit number 8-8-25  Girls' swim class
68-8-26Unit number 8-8-26  Drama, Shakespearean picture in mountains, Parowan Canyon, Sally Gordon and Richard
68-8-27Unit number 8-8-27  Education class work shop
68-8-28Unit number 8-8-28  Students, Larry Smith, Janice Randall, Daryl Whipple with Kuss Jug, Year book class
68-8-29Unit number 8-8-29  Faculty, CSU Relief Society Stake Board
68-8-30Unit number 8-8-30  Drama, Shakespearean Festival Scholarship Award, donatings and costumes; Pres. Braithwaite, Fred Adams, Jack Cannon, Tom Brown, Gus Gooding Mary Judd and Phyllis Davis, workers
68-8-31Unit number 8-8-31  Football players for posters
68-8-32Unit number 8-8-32  Students, Mona Wilson recipient of the Mildred Sargent Womanhood Award
68-8-33Unit number 8-8-33  Students, Chris Dotson (Royalty), Arlou Vance fixing Janice Randall's hair
68-8-34Unit number 8-8-34  Special Education Workshop
68-8-35Unit number 8-8-35  Buildings and Grounds; Campus facilities; swimming pool, basketball court, Juniper Hall, new track field, tennis court, cafeteria, shot of Old Main and grounds, Student Center
68-8-36Unit number 8-8-36  Faculty and staff, Frank Petty (Pres. Alumni Association); Lynn Uibel (new faculty); Business faculty and demonstration with office machines; Mike Rose, Steve Strong (fish and game), Prof. Burgoyne (teacher) with stuffed eagle in museum
68-8-37Unit number 8-8-37  Students, Gordon Carlson and Prof. Lynn Broadbent (fellowship award)
68-9-1Unit number 8-9-1  Faculty (new), Darvall Gregory
68-9-2Unit number 8-9-2  Students, Sociology students (recognition of), Marjorie Anderson, Dalene Bredsguard, Richard Bagley
68-9-3Unit number 8-9-3  Faculty, Secretary for New Campus Directory, Renee Christmas
68-9-4Unit number 8-9-4  Arctic Circle and Liberty Fountain (advertisements)
68-9-5Unit number 8-9-5  Faculty, Mrs. Jean Meyers, Coordinator of Health Services
68-9-6Unit number 8-9-6  Faculty, Mr. Wayne Hinton
68-9-7Unit number 8-9-7  Announcer working in radio station KCDR-FM
68-9-8Unit number 8-9-8  Students between classes
68-9-9Unit number 8-9-9  Assemblies, Assembly on Quad
68-9-10Unit number 8-9-10  Dance, Aftergame dance
68-9-11Unit number 8-9-11  College Avenue Apartments
68-9-12Unit number 8-9-12  Athletics, individual football snapshots of players, also small groups
68-9-13Unit number 8-9-13  Athletics, individual and group shots of football players
68-9-14Unit number 8-9-14  Athletics, Shot of football coaches, Kingsford, Rippey, Lunt
68-9-15Unit number 8-9-15  Buildings and Campus, New stadium, barren ground in front of S.C.
68-9-16Unit number 8-9-16  Campus and Grounds, couple on kissing rock
68-9-17Unit number 8-9-17  Buildings and grounds, New Library (exterior)
68-9-18Unit number 8-9-18  Buildings and grounds, New Library (interior)
68-9-19Unit number 8-9-19  Homecoming, Snake Dance prior to football game
68-9-20Unit number 8-9-20  Men who put out fire in fieldhouse
68-9-21Unit number 8-9-21  Homecoming Committee
68-9-22Unit number 8-9-22  Fall quarter registration
68-9-23Unit number 8-9-23  Faculty, Dr. Shirts working with TV camera
68-9-24Unit number 8-9-24  Athletics, Dance class
68-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  Athletics, Football players giving advise to youngsters "Punt, Pass, and Kick Contest"
68-10-2Unit number 8-10-2  Buildings, Interior and exterior of Plant Operations Building
68-10-3Unit number 8-10-3  Faculty, Mr. John Morgan, Art Department
68-10-4Unit number 8-10-4  Athletics, Basketball players
68-10-5Unit number 8-10-5  Faculty, Evan Kjar, new electrician
68-10-6Unit number 8-10-6  Faculty, Accreditation team with Pres. Braithwaite
68-10-7Unit number 8-10-7  Faculty, Sherrell Davis and food service
68-10-8Unit number 8-10-8  Faculty, Tom Brown donating money to school for Elks Lodge, BPOE
68-10-9Unit number 8-10-9  Faculty, Mr. Robert Christmas
68-10-10Unit number 8-10-10  High School Day at CSU
68-10-11Unit number 8-10-11  Assembly, Practice for Traveling Association
68-10-12Unit number 8-10-12  Speakers, Wallace Bennett
68-10-13Unit number 8-10-13  Speakers, Sherman Lloyd
68-10-14Unit number 8-10-14  Assemblies, Noon assembly, Halloween
68-10-15Unit number 8-10-15  Speakers, Milton Weilenman
68-10-16Unit number 8-10-16  Athletics, Flag football, intramurals, girls' intramurals officers
68-10-17Unit number 8-10-17  Clubs and organizations, Physical Science Club
68-10-18Unit number 8-10-18  Clubs and organizations, Sigma Tau Sigma
68-10-19Unit number 8-10-19  Athletics, Folk Dance Class, Adagio class
68-10-20Unit number 8-10-20  Clubs and organizations, Debate Team
68-10-21Unit number 8-10-21  Clubs and organizations, Saddle and Sirloin
68-10-22Unit number 8-10-22  Clubs and organizations, Resident Housing Association (RHA)
68-10-23Unit number 8-10-23  Young Americans for Wallace, Announcer at KCDR
68-10-24Unit number 8-10-24  Clubs and organizations, Drama Club
68-10-25Unit number 8-10-25  Clubs and organizations, Pat Poulson Club, Spurs Club
68-10-26Unit number 8-10-26  Clubs and organizations, Sigma Delta Omega (Home Ec.), officers and members, T-Bird staff
68-10-27Unit number 8-10-27  Clubs and organizations, SEA group at College Cabin
68-10-28Unit number 8-10-28  Speakers, Dick Norse
68-10-29Unit number 8-10-29  Student Body Officers, Senate Chamber and Pub. Officers, Student Body Pres. Dan Jones, Sage Lunt, Brent Hunter, Daryl Whipple, Dave Gomez, Jay Evans, Francie Orton, Dan Jones and Francie Orton on Kissing Rock
68-10-30Unit number 8-10-30  Fraternities and Sororities, Chi Sig Rush
68-10-31Unit number 8-10-31  Student officers, Student High Court, Janice Randall and other staff members
68-10-32Unit number 8-10-32  Music, A Capella and Chamber Choir
68-10-33Unit number 8-10-33  Dances Sadie Hawkins Day Dance
68-11-1Unit number 8-11-1  Faculty and administration, Hazen Cooley receiving DSA Award
68-11-2Unit number 8-11-2  Students, Committee to raise money for library fund
68-11-3Unit number 8-11-3  Faculty, Mrs. Gilbert Hull
68-11-4Unit number 8-11-4  Faculty, Sherrel Davis and Garth Jones
68-11-5Unit number 8-11-5  Organizations, Womens' Education Group
68-11-6Unit number 8-11-6  Faculty, Lyman Smart presenting Christmas Seals to Mrs. Robert Christmas
68-11-7Unit number 8-11-7  Buildings, Stadium Dedication
68-11-8Unit number 8-11-8  Athletics, Don Olsen, football captain
68-11-9Unit number 8-11-9  Homecoming, Homecoming Queen Candidates (27)
68-11-10Unit number 8-11-10  Athletics, Intramurals, mens' basketball
68-11-11Unit number 8-11-11  Students, Becky Ross and Brent Tearic in Book Store
68-11-12Unit number 8-11-12  Assemblies, Homecoming King and attendants, Butch Dymock
68-11-13Unit number 8-11-13  Drama, "Still the Mountain Wind"
68-11-14Unit number 8-11-14  Assembly, "Meet the Administration"
68-11-15Unit number 8-11-15  Assembly, Mr. Rowley's "Readers Theatre"
68-11-16Unit number 8-11-16  Students, New class officers, Frosh President, Don Tolman, and 2 senators
68-11-17Unit number 8-11-17  Buildings, Cafeteria, going away party for Sherrel Davis
68-11-18Unit number 8-11-18  Homecoming, Queen Candidates, Manzanita and College Avenue
68-11-19Unit number 8-11-19  Homecoming, Queen's assembly and crowning
68-11-20Unit number 8-11-20  Clubs and organizations, Advertising Club
68-11-21Unit number 8-11-21  Faculty, Landscape contractors with Pres. Braithwaite
68-11-22Unit number 8-11-22  Speakers and entertainers, Harper's Bizarre
68-11-23Unit number 8-11-23  Homecoming, Winning floats and other floats
68-11-24Unit number 8-11-24  Homecoming, Torch lighting
68-11-25Unit number 8-11-25  50 year Club luncheon
68-11-26Unit number 8-11-26  Student Officers, Clint Warby
68-11-27Unit number 8-11-27  Student Officers, Jay Evans
68-11-28Unit number 8-11-28  Faculty, Dr. Cloward
68-11-29Unit number 8-11-29  Faculty, Mr. Challis in new library
68-11-30Unit number 8-11-30  Club and organizations, Academic Committee, Assembly Committee
68-11-31Unit number 8-11-31  Faculty, Dr. Larsen
68-11-32Unit number 8-11-32  Clubs and Organizations, TAVI staff
68-11-33Unit number 8-11-33  Playing with Frisby on Quad, Students hanging posters on S.C.
68-11-34Unit number 8-11-34  Student Officers, Lee Labrum, Tom Vine, Sharon Dart, Don Marchant, Bill Bacon
68-11-35Unit number 8-11-35  Student Officers, ElRue Alldredge, folding newspapers
68-11-36Unit number 8-11-36  Winter quarter pre-registration
68-11-37Unit number 8-11-37  Clubs and organizations, Publications Committee, Social Affairs
68-11-38Unit number 8-11-38  Faculty, Glen Anderson teaching night art class
68-11-39Unit number 8-11-39  Homecoming, Homecoming Dance
68-11-40Unit number 8-11-40  Student Officers, Carma Linstrom
68-11-41Unit number 8-11-41  Homecoming, Mudbowl, Beta's winners
68-12-1Unit number 8-12-1  Clubs and organizations, Sigma Tau Gamma,"Going Natural" banquet
68-12-2Unit number 8-12-2  Children in Child Development class
68-12-3Unit number 8-12-3  Faculty staff Christmas Social
68-12-4Unit number 8-12-4  Entertainers and speakers, Clique
68-12-5Unit number 8-12-5  Buildings and grounds, Snow scenes on campus
68-12-6Unit number 8-12-6  Shots of "poor quality" of coat racks and nail holes in walls at museum
68-12-7Unit number 8-12-7  Faculty and staff, CSU Stake presidency, Pres. White
68-12-8Unit number 8-12-8  Faculty and staff, Paul Daniels, Naomi Platt, Ward Robb, Barbara Nelson, Mrs. Thompson, Hazen Cooley, Paul Southwick
68-12-9Unit number 8-12-9  Clubs and organizations, Mens' intramural officers
68-12-10Unit number 8-12-10  Faculty and staff, Paul Southwick, Lyman Smart, Kumen Gardner, A.W. Stephenson, Clair Morris, Dr. Woolf, Pres. Braithwaite
68-12-11Unit number 8-12-11  Faculty and staff, Bessie Dover, Frank Jex, John Q. Cannon, Georgia Beth Smith, Dean Pearson, Conrad Hatch, Wayne Mifflin, Vern Winters
68-12-12Unit number 8-12-12  Faculty and staff, Neil Boyter, Jim Robinson, A.W. Stephenson and class
68-12-13Unit number 8-12-13  Ski Club
68-12-14Unit number 8-12-14  Buildings and grounds, Bell tower on top of Old Main
68-12-15Unit number 8-12-15  Student officers, Bill Baker, Dan Jones, fixing machine, Jane Moorman working on museum display
68-12-16Unit number 8-12-16  Music, Dr. Johnson and chorus
68-12-17Unit number 8-12-17  Student weaving
68-12-18Unit number 8-12-18  Drama students applying makeup
68-12-19Unit number 8-12-19  Assemblies, Hearing on T-Bird newspaper
68-12-20Unit number 8-12-20  Music, "Messiah" and orchestra
68-12-21Unit number 8-12-21  Faculty and staff, Board of Trustees
68-12-22Unit number 8-12-22  Student officer, Tim Larsen
68-12-23Unit number 8-12-23  Faculty and staff, Dr. Richard Thompson, Kenneth Benson
68-12-24Unit number 8-12-24  Music, Mr. Boyce and band
III. 1969
69-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  Faculty, Romotsky Art exhibit, Prof. Gerring and Mr. And Mrs. Gerald Romotsky
69-1-2Unit number 9-1-2  Speakers and entertainers, Grassroots concert and dance
69-1-3Unit number 9-1-3  Advertisements (list in folder)
69-1-4Unit number 9-1-4  Drama, "Royal Hunt of the Sun"
69-1-5Unit number 9-1-5  Athletics, Cheerleaders
69-1-6Unit number 9-1-6  Clubs and organizations, Sigma Gamma Chi
69-1-7Unit number 9-1-7  Athletics, Wrestling team
69-1-8Unit number 9-1-8  Faculty, Bob Jones and new seismograph, and class
69-1-9Unit number 9-1-9  Buildings and grounds, Interior of new library
69-1-10Unit number 9-1-10  Athletics, CSU and Fort Lewis basketball game
69-1-11Unit number 9-1-11  Shots of new computer
69-1-12Unit number 9-1-12  Students, Scholarship award to Simon Bronson by Frank Holmes
69-1-13Unit number 9-1-13  Students, College Bowl, Sigma Tau Gamma vs. The Left, Tau Beta Debate vs. Oak Hall
69-1-14Unit number 9-1-14  Silhouette shots of couple by the window, Diane Boyd, Lawrence
69-1-15Unit number 9-1-15  Faculty, Mrs. Higbee presents copy of first issue of "Deseret News" to CSU Library, Inez Cooper and Tom Challis
69-1-16Unit number 9-1-16  Faculty, Pres. Braithwaite, Frank Jex, Tom Challis, Lynn Uibel
69-1-17Unit number 9-1-17  Assemblies, College Bowl, faculty
69-1-18Unit number 9-1-18  Students voting
69-1-19Unit number 9-1-19  Buildings and grounds, Snack Bar
69-1-20Unit number 9-1-20  Students, John Paulk, John Lindgren, and ?. Nancy West on rock
69-1-21Unit number 9-1-21  Assemblies, Students with heads bowed
69-1-22Unit number 9-1-22  Athletics, Dance group (hear, see, speak no evil)
69-1-23Unit number 9-1-23  Buildings and grounds, Doors of new library, looking up at lights from snack bar
69-1-24Unit number 9-1-24  Students, Larry Smith, girl with ceramics
69-1-25Unit number 9-1-25  Speakers and entertainers, General Authority, Hartman Rector
69-1-26Unit number 9-1-26  Clubs and organizations, Sigma Pi, Zeta's Sigma Tau Gamma, Teke's Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Chi Kappa
69-1-27Unit number 9-1-27  Clubs and organizations, Lambda Delta Sigma, Pi Rho Omega, Athenians, Chi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Alpha Beta
69-1-28Unit number 9-1-28  Athletics, Basketball, Adams State
69-1-29Unit number 9-1-29  Athletics, Thunderetts
69-1-30Unit number 9-1-30  Students, Jeanette Hatch and Bill Bacon, CSU Emblems
69-1-31Unit number 9-1-31  Mobile electronics bus
69-1-32Unit number 9-1-32  Drama, Production shots of Thurber Carnival
69-2-1Unit number 9-2-1  Ransom note for Dan Jones and Melinda Gale
69-2-2Unit number 9-2-2  Buildings and grounds, Exterior of new library
69-2-3Unit number 9-2-3  Clubs and organizations, Physical science club at blast sight
69-2-4Unit number 9-2-4  Buildings and grounds, Science building, auditorium, Old Main
69-2-5Unit number 9-2-5  Athletics, Basketball with Grand Canyon
69-2-6Unit number 9-2-6  Buildings and grounds, Candles and Nativity scene
69-2-7Unit number 9-2-7  Buildings and grounds, Science building
69-2-8Unit number 9-2-8  Students, Dave Gomez, Daryl Whipple throwing confetti in publications room
69-2-9Unit number 9-2-9  Buildings and grounds, Old heat plant, physical plant, exterior of music building and lobby, fieldhouse, p.e. building, baseball field, pool, dance lab, tennis court
69-2-10Unit number 9-2-10  Buildings and grounds, College Ranch, basketball practice, game room (playing pool), people coming out of TKE, chemistry lab, student offices, Thorley Music Hall, campus from football stadium, Old Main exterior
69-2-11Unit number 9-2-11  Buildings and grounds, Old library, interior and exterior, Manzanita
69-2-12Unit number 9-2-12  Clubs and organizations, Pi Rho Omega Rush
69-2-13Unit number 9-2-13  Students, Don Tolman, frosh president
69-2-14Unit number 9-2-14  Dance at Jr. High gym
69-2-15Unit number 9-2-15  Students, LDSSA Council, Brothers Chris, Felix, and Hull, Chris Dotson, Helen Harmon, Dan Jones, Jeanette Hatch, Bill Bacon, Joe Lambert, Lana Hutchings, Don Marchant, Tonya Burch, Melinda Gale, Kathy Henrie
69-2-16Unit number 9-2-16  Students, LDSSA, Garth Jones, Richard Howell, Elaine Spencer, lighting luminaries, Dean Snelling and Beth Chidester,
69-2-17Unit number 9-2-17  Athletics, Basketball, CSU vs Nevada Southern
69-2-18Unit number 9-2-18  Assemblies, Chi Sig
69-2-19Unit number 9-2-19  Students, Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman class officers
69-2-20Unit number 9-2-20  Assemblies, Lambda Delta Sigma, Pi Rho Omega
69-2-21Unit number 9-2-21  Clubs and organizations, Athenians party at Sig Pi house, Delta Chi and GPA trophy
69-2-22Unit number 9-2-22  Faculty, bishops of CSU Stakes, Burhoyne, Grimshaw, Lunt, Hepworth, Christensen
69-2-23Unit number 9-2-23  Faculty, Carmen Jones at loom
69-2-24Unit number 9-2-24  Dances, Pi Rho Omega Powder Puff Prom
69-2-25Unit number 9-2-25  Athletics, CSU vs Westminster, basketball, group shot of team
69-2-26Unit number 9-2-26  Delta Phi's smashed car upside down
69-2-27Unit number 9-2-27  Music, Harold Boyce and stage band
69-2-28Unit number 9-2-28  Student Center birthday party
69-2-29Unit number 9-2-29  Progress shots of "Electronics Bus", inside and out, Flag raising
69-2-30Unit number 9-2-30  Athletics, Folk dancers at halftime at basketball game
69-2-31Unit number 9-2-31  Athletics, Group football shots, football CSU vs Loyola, vs Adams State and halftime, and vs Tahoe Paradise (basketball)
69-2-32Unit number 9-2-32  Athletics, Football CSU vs Westminster and halftime band
69-2-33Unit number 9-2-33  Drama, Hall of Enchanted Trees, Christmas tree lighting, Santa and carolers
69-2-34Unit number 9-2-34  Athletics, Basketball CSU vs Westminster
69-2-35Unit number 9-2-35  Birth Defects Conference
69-2-36Unit number 9-2-36  Students, Nancy West, Miss Iron County and Attendants
69-2-37Unit number 9-2-37  Faculty, Dr. Moss and Margery Twitchell
69-2-38Unit number 9-2-38  Athletics, CSU Institute basketball team
69-2-39Unit number 9-2-39  Athletics, After game dance, Grand Canyon
69-2-40Unit number 9-2-40  Shots of snow sculpture
69-2-41Unit number 9-2-41  Buildings and grounds, Sigma Pi house
69-2-42Unit number 9-2-42  Students, The hanging of Melinda Gale's picture
69-2-43Unit number 9-2-43  Students, Dan Ludwig, Hal Murdock who have been accepted into dental school, taken with Dr. Larson
69-2-44Unit number 9-2-44  Buildings and grounds, Old Main, Student Center, Science Building, Ceramics, Candy Machine, Music Bldg
69-2-45Unit number 9-2-45  Speakers and entertainers, Mallory Day and the Soul Experience, Pillow concert
69-2-46Unit number 9-2-46  Beta Assembly
69-2-47Unit number 9-2-47  Students, science activities
69-2-48Unit number 9-2-48  Faculty, Prof. Braegger's class
69-2-49Unit number 9-2-49  Assemblies, College Bowl Lambda Delta Sigma vs Manzanita, Dixie College
69-2-50Unit number 9-2-50  Faculty, Prof. Gary Giles
69-3-1Unit number 9-3-1  Music, A Cappella assembly
69-3-2Unit number 9-3-2  Buildings and grounds, Christmas '67-68, Student Offices, Snack Bar, Bookstore, Science, New Library, south end of Science, Grove of trees, Old Main from Student Center, Rock, 2 girls
69-3-3Unit number 9-3-3  Athletics, football '67-68, Homecoming and other
69-3-4Unit number 9-3-4  Speakers and entertainers, 5th Dimension, '67-68
69-3-5Unit number 9-3-5  Faculty, Marilyn Hull
69-3-6Unit number 9-3-6  Clubs and organizations, Greek council
69-3-7Unit number 9-3-7  Students, Royalty, Melinda Gale, Dennis Treadway, Kathy Conder, Judy Anderson, Helen Harmon, Tonya Burch, Brenda Bunting, Tanya Winget, Kathy Rowley, Kathy Betenson
69-3-8Unit number 9-3-8  Students, Royalty, Judy Anderson, Chris Dotson, Mary Jo Story, Ed Callentine, Randy Cowan, Jeff Cowan, Larry Lister, Arlou Vance
69-3-9Unit number 9-3-9  Faculty, Dean Georgia Beth Smith
69-3-10Unit number 9-3-10  Athletics, Basketball, CSU vs Colorado Mines, Bruce Peterson in uniform
69-3-11Unit number 9-3-11  Faculty and students, Mrs. Cooper, Don Wheelwright, Bob Hansen, old records from basement of First Security Bank
69-3-12Unit number 9-3-12  Students, Ted Whitaker
69-3-13Unit number 9-3-13  Students, Short skirts, on lawn in front of Old Main, Jean Leslie
69-3-14Unit number 9-3-14  Faculty, Boyd Adams, Frank Petty
69-3-15Unit number 9-3-15  Athletics, Baseball team, individuals and groups
69-3-16Unit number 9-3-16  Buildings and grounds, Old Main, looking across quad from student center and other angles
69-3-17Unit number 9-3-17  Athletics, Wade Roberts, Kim Matheson, football shots for posters
69-3-18Unit number 9-3-18  Buildings and grounds, Campus shots with 3 Hawaiians, Buck Paopao, George Molifua, Larry Faumuina, Paula Kennington, Val Morgan
69-3-19Unit number 9-3-19  Speakers and entertainers, Governor Rampton
69-3-20Unit number 9-3-20  Faculty, Braithwaite, Smart, Uibel, on new track
69-3-21Unit number 9-3-21  Buildings and grounds, Ponderosa minus a few parts, old heat plant, Manzanita, architect's drawing of new track, new library, music, Utah Poultry burning
69-3-22Unit number 9-3-22  Campaign posters and voters at primary elections
69-3-23Unit number 9-3-23  Students, AWS girls winning awards, Karen Livingston, Beth Chidester, Patty Lyman, Kathy Rowley, Melinda Gale
69-3-24Unit number 9-3-24  Clubs and organizations, Shots of girls at the Beta house
69-3-25Unit number 9-3-25  Athletics, Mug shots of Reid Kimoto in baseball uniform
69-3-26Unit number 9-3-26  Faculty, Mrs. Knell presenting check to Pres. Braithwaite and Lyman Smart, Pres. Braithwaite, Fed Adams, Gus Gooding's presentation of Shakespearean Festival
69-3-27Unit number 9-3-27  Students, Jim Pollman, Karen Hamai, Phillip Simpkins
69-3-28Unit number 9-3-28  Athletics, Track team, boxers, Dave Woodward, George Stephanos
69-3-29Unit number 9-3-29  Faculty, Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Lunt
69-4-1Unit number 9-4-1  Students and Pres/Governor Rampton signing the bill for Southern Utah State College
69-4-2Unit number 9-4-2  Buildings and grounds, Moving books and everything into new library
69-4-3Unit number 9-4-3  Clubs and organizations, BPW salute to youth, Joseph Felix speaker
69-4-4Unit number 9-4-4  Speakers and entertainers, Grandland Singers, Drama, Preparing for Shakespearean Festival, Fred Adams, Savin Epstein, Brian Hansen, Doug Cook, Mary Judd
69-4-5Unit number 9-4-5  Ronald Williams, Darrell Mathews with bulls at valley farm
69-4-6Unit number 9-4-6  Advertisements, Inside of Antone's Interiors
69-4-7Unit number 9-4-7  Students, New student body officers '69-70, Don Marchant (pres.), Tom Vine (v. pres.), John Rollo (att. gen.), Ted Whitaker (social affairs), Melinda Gale (academic affairs)
69-4-8Unit number 9-4-8  Snow Queen Assembly
69-4-9Unit number 9-4-9  Students, Fran Lester, Floyd Rigby, Lyman Munford and industrial arts students
69-4-10Unit number 9-4-10  Speakers and entertainers, Utah Civic Ballet
69-4-11Unit number 9-4-11  Students, T-Bird staff
69-4-12Unit number 9-4-12  Students, New student body officers banquet, speaker Don Marchant pres.
69-4-13Unit number 9-4-13  Drama, Children's Hour
69-4-14Unit number 9-4-14  Clubs and organizations, New Sorority Officers '69-70
69-4-15Unit number 9-4-15  Students, Bill Hines, Chris Johnson, Wendy Homer, receiving scholarships in German from Prof. Broadbent
69-4-16Unit number 9-4-16  Athletics, Baseball, CSU vs Rangley, CSU vs Dixie
69-4-17Unit number 9-4-17  Buildings and grounds, Exterior shot of completed new library
69-4-18Unit number 9-4-18  Drama, Shakespearean Festival costumes
69-4-19Unit number 9-4-19  Students, Silver Spoon Awards, Chris Dotson, Beth Chidester, Andrea Adams, Elaine Spencer, Virginia Bruhn, Charlene Tam
69-4-20Unit number 9-4-20  Advertisements, 7-Up sign, building in book, construction on Main Street
69-4-21Unit number 9-4-21  Buildings and grounds, Book store, students on quad in spring
69-4-22Unit number 9-4-22  Faculty, Lyman Smart, Senator Dixie Leavitt
69-4-23Unit number 9-4-23  Advertisements, Sugar Loaf Café, Woolworth, Iron County Lumber, Mary Palmer
69-4-24Unit number 9-4-24  Melodrama, Little Nell, He Done Her Wrong
69-4-25Unit number 9-4-25  AWS assembly
69-4-26Unit number 9-4-26  Assemblies, Panel discussion on girls at CSU
69-4-27Unit number 9-4-27  Students, Pace Setters, Beth Chidester, Jo Lambert, Don Marchant, Clint Warby, award being given to John Paulk
69-4-28Unit number 9-4-28  Sigma Pi assembly
69-4-29Unit number 9-4-29  Preference Ball
69-4-30Unit number 9-4-30  Region 8 forensic meet, 1969 Language Festival
69-4-31Unit number 9-4-31  Marilyn Hull's Fine Arts For Youth class
69-4-32Unit number 9-4-32  Drama, Thurber Carnival
69-5-1Unit number 9-5-1  Buildings and grounds, Campus shots
69-5-2Unit number 9-5-2  Students, Mr and Mrs Jack Alison
69-5-3Unit number 9-5-3  Posters and pancake wagon for Marchant at election time, Paula Kennington, Val Morgan, Jim Strebel swinging on Marchant tire, 2 Volkswagens in from on new library
69-5-4Unit number 9-5-4  Beta Banquet and Ball
69-5-5Unit number 9-5-5  Athletics, Karate demonstration, George Molifua and Buck Paopao, boxing matches
69-5-6Unit number 9-5-6  Drama, Shakespearean Festival, Midsummer Night's Dream
69-5-7Unit number 9-5-7  Buildings and grounds Landscaping on new library on south side, ariel shots of Cedar City
69-5-8Unit number 9-5-8  Students, Duane Stewart, D.C. Schmutz, Wall Street Journal award
69-5-9Unit number 9-5-9  Faculty, June Larson, President Braithwaite
69-5-10Unit number 9-5-10  Students, Practical Nurses graduation
69-5-11Unit number 9-5-11  Students, Chris Dotson, recipient of Silver Spoon award
69-5-12Unit number 9-5-12  Fine Arts Youth class
69-5-13Unit number 9-5-13  Child Development Lab, Indian child, Bonnie Bishop
69-5-14Unit number 9-5-14  Athletics, Region 8 H. S. Track meet
69-5-15Unit number 9-5-15  Wild West Week, bucking horse
69-5-16Unit number 9-5-16  Students, Model U.N., 1969
69-5-17Unit number 9-5-17  Vocational Day at the Fieldhouse
69-5-18Unit number 9-5-18  Agricultural Conference, D.C. Schmutz main speaker
69-5-19Unit number 9-5-19  Buildings and grounds, Interior of Dr. Seymour's room in new library
69-5-20Unit number 9-5-20  Athletics, Spring football practice
69-5-21Unit number 9-5-21  Clubs and organizations, SEA officers, Dr. Holman, Teacher of the Year
69-5-22Unit number 9-5-22  Speakers and entertainers, Rev. Grayson Gowen, baccalaureate speaker
69-5-23Unit number 9-5-23  Students, Gayle Esplin, valedictorian
69-5-24Unit number 9-5-24  Print of Juanita Brooks
69-5-25Unit number 9-5-25  Students, Wayne Cooley
69-5-26Unit number 9-5-26  Dances, White Rose Christmas Ball
69-5-27Unit number 9-5-27  Bankers and farmers session, group discussion leaders
69-5-28Unit number 9-5-28  Students, Dave Gomez and wife in cap and gown, A.W. Stephenson, First Security Bank scholarship
69-5-29Unit number 9-5-29  Spring 1969 graduation and baccalaureate
69-5-30Unit number 9-5-30  Students, Don Marchant ('70), Dan Jones ('69), Bill Baker ('68), past, present, and future CSU student body presidents
69-6-1Unit number 9-6-1  Drama, Operetta, Fiorello
69-6-2Unit number 9-6-2  Students, Scott Munson, Scholarship
69-6-3Unit number 9-6-3  Students, New SUSC jacket and blanket emblem
69-7-1Unit number 9-7-1  CSU to SUSC name change, flag raising
69-7-2Unit number 9-7-2  Student, Prof Ishoy presenting Rodney Savage with scholarship
69-7-3Unit number 9-7-3  SUSC Intercouncil Members
69-7-4Unit number 9-7-4  Student, Brent Heggie, Rodney Slack, scholarships
69-7-5Unit number 9-7-5  Drama, Shakespearean Festival
69-8-1Unit number 9-8-1  Buildings and grounds, Library interior
69-8-2Unit number 9-8-2  Conference and conventions, NTL
69-8-3Unit number 9-8-3  Buildings and grounds, Library landscaping
69-8-4Unit number 9-8-4  Students, Mary Martin, Coach Boyd Adams
69-8-5Unit number 9-8-5  Non student faculty library donations, Pres. Braithwaite, Elliot Cameron
69-8-6Unit number 9-8-6  Non student donations, Dr. Blaine Johnson, Otto Fife, Alfred Olson, Master Singers
69-8-7Unit number 9-8-7  Students, Jackie Madsen for football posters
69-8-8Unit number 9-8-8  Students, Lina Smith for football posters
69-8-9Unit number 9-8-9  Buildings and grounds, Aerial shots of SUSC
69-8-10Unit number 9-8-10  Students, Dr. Thompson, Diane Matthews, Evans Figurines
69-8-11Unit number 9-8-11  Students, Dr. Eugene Holman, Nelly Ekpenyong and her sister, Atim
69-8-12Unit number 9-8-12  Athletics, Fall football shots, individual and groups
69-9-1Unit number 9-9-1  Buildings and grounds, Deterioration of old administration bldg
69-9-2Unit number 9-9-2  Students from many lands, Brent Heggie from Canada, Lina Smith from Calif, Liv Johanson from Norway, Nelly Ekpenyong from Africa
69-9-2aUnit number 9-9-2a  Buildings and grounds, Area for new SUSC sign, 3rd W. and Center Street
69-9-3Unit number 9-9-3  Faculty, Pres. Braithwaite, Mike Webster (student), Sheldon Grant, Corrin Nielson
69-9-4Unit number 9-9-4  Students, Nelly Ekpenyong, Max Rose, faculty
69-9-5Unit number 9-9-5  Advertisements, Arctic Circle ad for football program, football players
69-9-6Unit number 9-9-6  Students, Diane Orton, Barbara Hyatt, for football program covers
69-9-7Unit number 9-9-7  Faculty, Garth Jones, Darrell Matthews, Neil Boyter with championship lamb
69-9-8Unit number 9-9-8  Faculty, Dr. Seymour
69-9-9Unit number 9-9-9  Buildings and grounds, Student center, library, science bldg, exteriors
69-10-1Unit number 9-10-1  Athletics, SUSC vs Azuza football game
69-10-2Unit number 9-10-2  Students, Mary Lambeth, Jane Roberts at Thorley Hall loom room
69-10-3Unit number 9-10-3  Students, New SUSC sign area, Pres. Braithwaite, Bud Kunz, Don Marchant, John Paulk
69-10-4Unit number 9-10-4  Drama, "Barefoot in the Park"
69-10-5Unit number 9-10-5  Buildings and grounds, Bookstore, faculty, Amanda Pace, Dennis Ohms
69-10-6Unit number 9-10-6  Faculty, Merrill Kunz, Ross Hilton
69-10-7Unit number 9-10-7  Scholarships, students, Elks, Gary Smith, Dr. Blaine Johnson, Prof. Glen Wahlquist
69-10-8Unit number 9-10-8  Athletics, SUSC vs Las Vegas football game
69-10-9Unit number 9-10-9  Faculty, Dr. Larsen's anatomy class, skinning cats
69-10-10Unit number 9-10-10  Flag pennants
69-10-11Unit number 9-10-11  Music, Dr. Halverson, string ensemble
69-10-12Unit number 9-10-12  Buildings and grounds, Library interior
69-10-13Unit number 9-10-13  Buildings and grounds, Front of auditorium
69-10-14Unit number 9-10-14  Students, Cheerleaders, flag twirlers
69-10-15Unit number 9-10-15  Students, LDSSA officers
69-10-16Unit number 9-10-16  Faculty, Dr. Holman
69-10-17Unit number 9-10-17  Athletics, Boys intramural officers
69-10-18Unit number 9-10-18  Students, Class officer candidates
69-10-19Unit number 9-10-19  Students, Geroge Van Gieson, president of Inter Greek Council
69-10-20Unit number 9-10-20  Students, Thunderettes, Drama students working on set and costumes, Sadie Hawkins shots
69-10-21Unit number 9-10-21  Faculty, Rex Michie, housing
69-10-22Unit number 9-10-22  Athletics, SUSC vs New Mexico Highlands, football game
69-11-1Unit number 9-11-1  Students, Executive Council
69-11-2Unit number 9-11-2  Students, Senate and justices, Terry Woolf, Phil Johnson
69-11-3Unit number 9-11-3  Athletics, Intramural championship
69-11-4Unit number 9-11-4  Student organizations, Yearbook staff and advisors
69-11-5Unit number 9-11-5  Student body officers
69-11-6Unit number 9-11-6  Student organizations, T-Bird staff and advisors
69-11-7Unit number 9-11-7  Student organizations, Homecoming Committee
69-11-8Unit number 9-11-8  Student organizations, Homecoming Queen candidates
69-11-9Unit number 9-11-9  Buildings and grounds, New library landscaping with Pres. Braithwaite, Tom Challis, Sheldon Grant
69-11-10Unit number 9-11-10  Athletics, Action shots of wrestling
69-11-11Unit number 9-11-11  Students, Basketball players, athletics, Roger Gornichec, Wayne Abraham, Eddie Owens, Richard Baldwin
69-11-12Unit number 9-11-12  Students, Buck PaoPao
69-11-13Unit number 9-11-13  Students, New officers of SUSC Art Guild
69-11-14Unit number 9-11-14  Officers of 50 year club, weaving exhibit with Mrs. Carmen Jones, Wiches
69-11-15Unit number 9-11-15  Students, Art exhibit of Greg Ingram and Cleve Yater, Delta Kappa Gamma panel discussion with foreign students and Georgia Beth Smith, 8 recipients of UPRR scholarship, 2 recipients of Rotary Club scholarship
69-11-16Unit number 9-11-16  Faculty and staff, Pres. Braithwaites birthday party
69-11-17Unit number 9-11-17  Athletics, SUSC vs Western New Mexico football game
69-12-1Unit number 9-12-1  Athletics, Wrestlers, team and coach and individual shots, SUSC vs Utah State U. wrestling meet
69-12-2Unit number 9-12-2  Pres. Braithwaite, Francis Betenson, First Security Bank Scholarship presentation, Pres. Braithwaite, Frat Bros present check for Nelly Ekpenyong's children in Biafra
69-12-3Unit number 9-12-3  Thieves Market
69-12-4Unit number 9-12-4  Presentation of painting to library, Tom Leek, Tom Challis, Bessie Dover
69-12-5Unit number 9-12-5  Athletics, SUSC vs Ft. Hays, SUSC vs Grand Canyon basketball games, RMAC tournament
69-12-6Unit number 9-12-6  Athletics, SUSC vs U. Of Chihuahua, Mexico, basketball game, Interschool Jr. Varsity game
69-12-7Unit number 9-12-7  Athletics, SUSC vs New Mexico Highlands U, basketball game
69-12-8Unit number 9-12-8  Athletics, SUSC vs Great Falls, Montana, basketball game
69-12-9Unit number 9-12-9  Faculty and staff, David Jensen, students Ron Gardner, Buzz Richardson, Campus Candids
69-12-10Unit number 9-12-10  Various campus Christmas decorations, Hall of Enchanted Trees, Christmas tree in library lounge, Christmas color slides
69-12-11Unit number 9-12-11  New Library dedication
69-12-12Unit number 9-12-12  Shots of Title I Community Display, Kanab
69-12-13Unit number 9-12-13  Buildings and grounds, Night and day shots of College Avenue Apartments
69-12-14Unit number 9-12-14  Clubs and organizations, flying club members and plane next to Old Main
69-12-15Unit number 9-12-15  Students, Charlene Tam in Ken Benson's office with various trophies, winter quarter registration
69-12-16Unit number 9-12-16  Drama, The Gazebo
69-12-17Unit number 9-12-17  Faculty and staff, Candid shots of faculty-staff meeting in library area
69-12-18Unit number 9-12-18  Faculty and staff, Drs. Shirts, Larson, Smart, Holman, Thompson, Southwick
69-12-19Unit number 9-12-19  Party at Juniper Hall
69-12-20Unit number 9-12-20  Clubs and organizations, Pemm Club, Physical Science, Dance groups
69-12-21Unit number 9-12-21  Advertising, Yearbook ads
69-12-22Unit number 9-12-22  Pi, Alpha Beta Sorority at Brianhead, Sigma Gamma Chi, Chi Sig, Inter Greek Council
69-12-23Unit number 9-12-23  Students, newly-elected class officers, Executive officers of student body at college cabin
69-12-24Unit number 9-12-24  Groups and organizations, Drama club, A Cappella Choir, Saddle and Sirloin
69-12-25Unit number 9-12-25  Assemblies, Cedar City high A Cappella Choir, Hack Miller, Lambda Delta Sigma
69-12-26Unit number 9-12-26  Mud bowl, Torch run, bonfire
69-12-27Unit number 9-12-27  Homecoming parade, homecoming king assembly, football game 1969
69-12-28Unit number 9-12-28  Homecoming dance and Queen's reception
69-12-29Unit number 9-12-29  Clubs and organizations, Home Ec., Industrial Arts, SEA
IV. 1970
70-1-1Unit number -1-1  Faculty and staff, New SUSC sign, Pres. Braithwaite, Don Marchant, and others
70-1-2Unit number -1-2  Students, Doug Berry, George Stephanos, Carol Peterson, Rita Fotheringham, Norm Robinson, Peggy Minster, Frank Habibian
70-1-3Unit number -1-3  Glenn Yarbrough Concert
70-1-4Unit number -1-4  Students, Lana Creer, Don Olsen, Brent Heggie, Clark Chamberlain, Caroline Nichols, Ruth Ridgeway, Photo lab door, Faculty and staff, Boyd Redington
70-1-5Unit number -1-5  Groups and organizations, Residence Hall Association officers
70-1-6Unit number -1-6  SUSC vs Western New Mexico basketball
70-1-7Unit number -1-7  Congressman Sherm Lloyd
70-1-8Unit number -1-8  Dance at Jr High
70-1-9Unit number -1-9  Drama, Medea
70-1-10Unit number -1-10  Drama, Shakespeare copy work for summer theatre, 16 original prints
70-1-11Unit number -1-11  Music, Dance and concert band with Harold Boyce, soloist
70-1-12Unit number -1-12  Students, Simon Bronson, Susan Murray, March of Dimes, Art guild painting art room, KDCR class and announcers, student officers, Spurette officers, class officers
70-1-13Unit number -1-13  Buildings and grounds, New Kiosk, students, Joyce Gardner, Masako Sakamoto, Don Marchant, Bob Baker, Michelle Tibault
70-1-14Unit number -1-14  Students, High court, Senate, College Bowl
70-1-15Unit number -1-15  Groups and organizations, New Tavi staff, new T-Bird staff, AWS group
70-1-16Unit number -1-16  Students watching Pres McKay's funeral on TV, Pi Rho assembly
70-2-1Unit number -2-1  Melodrama
70-2-2Unit number -2-2  Advertising, Yearbook ads
70-2-3Unit number -2-3  Buildings and grounds, Construction of new heat plant, Pres Braithwaite
70-2-4Unit number -2-4  Athletics, Individual basketball shots
70-2-5Unit number -2-5  Non student donations, Festival donation with Mr and Mrs Geroge Rich, Fred Adams, Pres Braithwaite, Architect L. Robert Gardner and Phil Johnson at Kiosk
70-2-6Unit number -2-6  Replica of Rosetta Stone with Mr. Challis and student
70-2-7Unit number -2-7  Groups and organizations, Dorm life, RHA committee, Most preferred man candidates, Gill Mullen, Fred Esplin, Linda Ormond
70-2-8Unit number -2-8  Snow sculptures, ski pictures, jumping and racing
70-2-9Unit number -2-9  Physical science class, student, Carlos Dubon, Drug abuse lecture, Beta assembly, Charlie Brown assembly
70-2-10Unit number -2-10  Students, Phyl Johnson making signs for Circle-K Club, sophomore class officers, Art Guild
70-3-1Unit number -3-1  Jr varsity basketball players and team shots
70-3-2Unit number -3-2  Drama, Rigoletto, late Christopher Bean
70-3-3Unit number -3-3  Faculty and staff, Bessie Dover, Jim Robinson, Ward Robb and staff, Paul Southwick, Neil Boyter, Hazen Cooley, Paul Daniels, Gordon Stack, Tom Challis, Dr. Shirts, Dr. Woolf, Dr. Larson, Dr. Hatch, students in library, computer sketch of woman
70-3-4Unit number -3-4  Faculty and staff, Ada Carpenter, Hazel Urie, Bonnie Bishop, Carmen Jones, Ella Van Gronigen, Alumni staff, Ed Holme, Marilyn Perry, Elaine Nelson
70-3-5Unit number -3-5  Advertising, Yearbook ads
70-3-6Unit number -3-6  Drama, Festival Directors, Doug Cook, Ted Strickland, John Elzey, Fred Gable, short os the stage, color slides of drama festival, Gus Gooding presenting Avon Scholarship to Shakespeare Festival with Pres. Braithwaite and Fred Adams
70-3-7Unit number -3-7  Homecoming Queen Pageant and Queen at game
70-4-1Unit number -4-1  Drama, Fiddler on the Roof
70-4-2Unit number -4-2  Institute choir practice, Institute, Resurrection Pageant
70-4-3Unit number -4-3  Buildings and grounds, Flag on pole, Management home, Old Main and new kiln for art department, Music bldg from west
70-4-4Unit number -4-4  Faculty and staff, Dr. Seymour in collection room, students, Minnie Tuia, Warren Stucki, Dale Jensen, Jolene Greene, Sharon Briggs, Heidi Hansen, Jim McKinney, Ted Whitaker, Mike Ryan, Debbie Evans, Jean Leslie, Murna Wadsworth, inauguration banquet and new student body officers
70-4-5Unit number -4-5  Students, Bob Tibbits and Greg Ingram and art displays, Brad Carroll and art Display, art students promoting summer trip to Europe, Engineering project (bridge breaking), business dept (letter mailing), children in child dev lab and Tanya Winget with Jeanae Redington, Food lab
70-4-6Unit number -4-6  SUSC vs Grand Canyon, Arizona, basketball game, Buck Paopao karate demonstration
70-4-7Unit number -4-7  Music, Pep band at ball game, athletics, joint wrestling meet of SUSC, Weber, No. Arizona, U of Nevada at Reno, Juniper Hall's inter-dorm flag football teams
70-4-8Unit number -4-8  Student organizations, TKE frat, SigTau frat, Pi Rho sorority and royalty, Chi Sig "hell night" and sorority, Sig Pi frat, Sigma Gamma Chi, New frat and sorority officers, Ches Williams and Nadine Cooper, Sharon Esplin, Sandra Bartholemew, logo contest shots
70-4-9Unit number -4-9  Campus maps
70-4-10Unit number -4-10  Foot ball, track, Circle K with President's cup. Governor Rampton, Gary Jacobsen and girl, boys and girls on campus
70-4-11Unit number -4-11  Spiral Staircase concert, U of U A Cappella choir at SUSC, Mock Trial assembly, LDSSA speaker Elaine Cannon, Rabbi Goldstien lecture on Judaism, AWS assembly, Balladeers, Pillow concert, students from ski resort, Sig Pi assembly
70-4-12Unit number -4-12  Formal dinner at management home, Delta Phi frat award, Circle K Award, American Legion women plan girls's state, scholarship presentation, Melinda Gale at desk, Home ec officers, class officers, student body officers
70-4-13Unit number -4-13  Student center birthday party, high school science fair, SUSC golfers on course, Dance club, students at RMCPA convention (Sun Valley Idaho), Beautification Day, blood donations to blood mobile, spring and fall quarter registration, Sandy Terry, Lynn Robison, Jan Brown, Don Anderson, James Larkin, Ches Williams, Norm Robinson, Virginia Samuels, Tex Anthony,Val Cullimore, Roy Ferguson, Russ Chester, Greg Wothington, Gordon Topham and wrecked car, Larry Smith and Joan Oldroyd at Sadie Hawkins
70-4-14Unit number -4-14  High school students officers conference at SUSC, State of Utah Commission on Higher Education
70-4-15Unit number -4-15  Athletics, SUSC vs Westminster basketball
70-4-16Unit number -4-16  Drama, Second part of melodrama, acting of the plays
70-4-17Unit number -4-17  Campus casuals, Sig Pi car wash, behavioral science club party
70-4-18Unit number -4-18  Faculty and staff, Passport snaps, Tom Leek, Jan Leek, McRay Cloward, Maruiss Cloward, Charisse Cloward, Laurel Thomson, Rhonda Perkins
70-4-19Unit number -4-19  Faculty and staff, Larry Winterstein, New Delta Kappa Gamma officers
70-4-20Unit number -4-20  Industrial arts dept. Police science lab, Preference Ball
70-5-1Unit number -5-1  Buildings and grounds, Areas around music building, various campus 35mm shots, Health and Counseling building
70-5-2Unit number -5-2  Clubs and organizations, Delta Phi frat
70-5-3Unit number -5-3  Clubs and organizations, Rodeo Club, Saddle and Sirloin club, activity at arena
70-5-4Unit number -5-4  Faculty and staff, Pres. Braithwaite with Drs. Hatch, Smart, and Larsen, Mrs. Shauna Dix and Dr. Van Orman, Leon McCrary and Pres. Braithwaite, with Drs. Hatch and Smart at baccalaureate, 1970 graduation
70-5-5Unit number -5-5  Awards convocation, awards assembly, drama club banquet, Delta Phi assembly
70-5-6Unit number -5-6  Northwestern traffic institute, painting by Tom Leek, opinion polls about Kent State, orchestra practicing for commencement, Earth Day symposium, Mother-Daughter banquet
70-5-7Unit number -5-7  Advertising, Yearbook ads and waterfall
70-5-8Unit number -5-8  Athletics, intramural teams, girls basketball, tennis, swim, track with pole vault, golf, SUSC vs Weber baseball game
70-5-9Unit number -5-9  Students, Lee Dansie, Butch Johnson and Tex Anthony, Terry Lewis, Dee Pace, Linda Ormond and Steve Strebel in Sourdough showing their painting, Fred Esplin, Dr.Woolf and students, Randy Whitehead and Gordon Topham, Teke royalty, Pam Phillips and Don Leatherwood
70-5-10Unit number -5-10  Faculty and staff, Dr. Cloward, clubs and organizations, Bill McCain and men and women intramural officers, intra fraternity council LDSSA, Executive council at college cabin, Sigma Gamma Chi, Lambda Delta, SEA officers, Martha Avey and Robert Day, flag twirlers, cheerleaders
70-5-11Unit number -5-11  Shakespearean Festival, First Security Bank Festival Scholarship, Dennis Ohms presenting Don Marchant a school ring, Pres. Braithwaite and Earl Hansen, Wall Street Journal award to John Watkins by D.C. Schmutz, SUSC coaches with H.B. Doc Knisley of RMAC, Parley Dalley and wife
70-5-12Unit number -5-12  Faculty staff, beard growing contest, Jim Ware and Motives at Circle K dance, yearbook assembly and Readers Theatre with presentation of President's Cup, Dixie College assembly, sophomore class assembly, Sig Tau assembly
70-5-13Unit number -5-13  Freshmen dinner-dance, 5 coeds of day, Elaine Spencer, Dr. Seymour, student candids,Joan Carter, Pam Phillips with Roy Harris, Masako Sakamoto, Mary Ann Scharffs, T-Bird Flying club and plane, Blast at Three Peaks
70-5-14Unit number -5-14  Athletics, SUSC alumni varsity football game, SUSC vs dixie baseball, invitational track meet
70-5-15Unit number -5-15  Students, Sunrise over library (2.25 color slides), students at bball game (slides), Wild West Week
70-6-1Unit number -6-1  Faculty and staff, Shots of Ed department secretaries, Betty Lynch, Jean Ashby, Mrs. Magelby, Mrs. Picklesheimer, shots of Tom Challis, Ramona Chamberlain with Folger Shakespeare display in library
70-6-2Unit number -6-2  Buildings and grounds, Deterioration of SUSC campus and buildings
70-6-3Unit number -6-3  Students, Upward Bound staff, "That" picture, Terry Lewis y-b cover, color transparency of students at basketball game
70-6-4Unit number -6-4  Buildings and grounds, Campus scenes, color slides (transferred to looseleaf slide preservers 1 Nov '72)
70-6-5Unit number -6-5  Girls' State 1970
70-7-1Unit number -7-1  Upward Bound, summer 1970
70-7-2Unit number -7-2  Girls cleaning home ec ovens, Shakespeare puppets, Elks scholarship to Festival
70-7-3Unit number -7-3  Students, Ellen De Mille, faculty, Fred Adams, Thundereat Snack Bar sign
70-7-4Unit number -7-4  Snow Queen, Snow week activities, Snow week parade
70-7-5Unit number -7-5  Upward Bound Cascade Falls field trip, color slides
70-7-6Unit number -7-6  I.D.E.A. convention, education, Mr. O'keefe from Kenneth Copper with check for library fund, musical, Sweet Charity
70-7-7Unit number -7-7  Shakespearean Festival
70-8-1Unit number -8-1  Buildings and grounds, Old Main, library buildings
70-9-1Unit number -9-1  Student, Mike Breinholt, Fred Esplin, Melinda Gale, Noreen Kewanwytewa, football program covers, faculty, Bob Moore, Steven Heath, Paul White, Harold Hiskey, Reed Hanson, Prof Larry Stewart, Phil Carter
70-9-2Unit number -9-2  Students, Buzz Richardson, Melinda Gale, Jackie Madsen in front of library for Handbook
70-9-3Unit number -9-3  Students, Fall quarter registration, UT. Conference on Higher Education
70-10-1Unit number -10-1  Scholarships and donations, Jack Cannon and Claude Brazell, Coleman Company, Old Main exterior with students, music bldg, west view, Farrell R. Collett art exhibit, faculty staff fall dinner, Rolan Heaps, T-Bird editor, Laurence Burton campaigning, Senator Barry Goldwater, Senator Moss, Congressman Sherm Lloyd
70-10-2Unit number -10-2  Sadie Hawkins dance, King and Queen, students, Mike Francom, Ferrell Brinkerhoff, Greg Langley, Pam Petty, Penny Bauer, Dorothy Grimshaw, Buzz Richardson
70-11-1Unit number -11-1  Students, Norm Robinson, Nolan Palmer, Rick Hansen, debate winners with trophies, Janice Liston, Homecoming 1970 football game vs Fort Lewis, parade, bonfire, pep rally Mud Bowl, Torch Run, Jim Ware and Motives concert, Bandanas, Rodeo Club homecoming parade, freshmen talent show winners
70-11-2Unit number -11-2  Students, Homecoming Queen, Penny Bauer, attendants, Jolene Stubbs, Alene Pendleton, Committee for Homecoming, Gary Lessig, Vicky Kaletta, Carl Shakespear, Janice and Joyce Liston, Roger Ludwig, Sharon Esplin, Mike Petty, Sherry Barrow
70-11-3Unit number -11-3  Garner Ted Armstrong, Senator Goldwater and Laurence Burton, Alumni banquet
70-11-4Unit number -11-4  Coach Adams and basketball players, coach Kingsford and football players, students, Reed Lynn Turner, Claudia and Michael Ward, Janie Mormon, Katie Smart, Ranee Larson
70-12-1Unit number -12-1  Scholarships, Alumni Association Scholarship winners with Frank Petty, faculty, Ken Benson wearing a wig, student, from India, Joginder Phul, Dan Breinholt, winner of speech meet, George Stephanos, Doug Berry, and Tex Anthony in football uniforms, T-Bird torch made by industrial arts students
70-12-2Unit number -12-2  SUSC vs Colorado School of Mines, football game, basketball players preparing for Mexico trip, new frat Tau Beta Sigma, new officers of 50 year club, Bruce Osborne and donation to athletic department, Mabel Dalley and daughter
V. 1971
71-1-1Unit number 1-1-1  Winter quarter registration, nativity scene practice, Pres. Braithwaite, school board tribal council from Kayante, Arizona and Indian Students, Hall of Enchanted Trees, Christmas tree on campus, Christmas assembly, A Cappella choir, string ensemble, LDSSA council, executive council, drama, The Odd Couple
71-1-4Unit number 1-1-4  Students, Thunderettes
71-2-1Unit number 1-2-1  Music, Orchestra with Prof Nyman, A Cappella choir, Dr. Johnson, soloists, drama, Mad Woman of Chaillot
71-2-2Unit number 1-2-2  Upward Bound 1970, college cabin classroom
71-2-3Unit number 1-2-3  Executive council, Ben Williams, Jennifer Whitby, Norm Johnson, Gordon Topham, Leland Fife, faculty, Dean Pearson, Conrad Hatch, Paul Southwick, Bessie Dover, Ken Benson, Georgia Beth Smith, Lynn Uibel, Paul Daniels, Jean Morrison, Neil Boyter, Sherry Lukow, Eugene Holman, Rex Mitchie, Kent Hoyt, Merrill Kunz, McRay Cloward, Morris Shirts, Gene Woolf, Wesley Larson, A. W. Stephenson
71-2-4Unit number 1-2-4  Basketball game vs New Mexico Highlands, Thunderettes at game, Thunder club, students, Mark Musick, Butch Johnson, Lynn Robison, Mickie Barnett, Carol Mathis, faculty, Prof Robert Gerring with Lynn Robison, Mickie Barnet, Glenn Anderson
71-2-5Unit number 1-2-5  Institutional council, Ambassador club, Inter Greek council, students, Johnny Ekanem, Peter Akpan, Dale Slade, Robert Day, faculty and staff, finance department, group shot of music professors, secretaries for continuing education, Dr. Seymour with Prof Maxfield and Cooper with machine designed by Cooper
71-2-6Unit number 1-2-6  M-M basketball, SUSC vs Regis basketball, Senate in action, faculty and staff, Jim Robinson, technology, business, arts and letters, continuing education, PE, physical sciences
71-2-7Unit number 1-2-7  Music, Sons of Mosiah, JV basketball team, College Bowl, presentation of state historical society of old admin building to Braithwaite, presentation of First Security scholarship to Francis Betenson
71-3-1Unit number 1-3-1  Honey and Soul playing at dance, Zager and Evans concert, student, Dave Thompson, faculty, Tony Lambert, Mr and Mrs Halterman presenting dining room set to Miss Van Gronig—for Management Home
71-3-2Unit number 1-3-2  Organizations, Lambda Delta Sigma, Delta Phi Kappa, Sigma Gamma Chi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chi Sigs, Sigma Zeta Phi, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Alpha Beta, faculty and staff, Ward Robb and registrar personnel
71-3-3Unit number 1-3-3  Beta assembly, students, physical science department for brochure, Scott Schwager, drama, Mad Woman of Chaillot, old heat plant during demolition, old admin building, AF officers recruiting for AFROTC
71-3-4Unit number 1-3-4  Advertisements for yearbook, picture of old clock, parking meter
71-3-5Unit number 1-3-5  Students having yearbook pictures taken, new basketball coach Stan Jacks, wrestling team, handball players, AWS Preferred Man candidates, Phil Johnson, Ted Whitaker, Rod Swenson, Scott Gilmore, Boyd Griffin, Mitch Seaman, Boyd Mitchell, Student Center birthday cakes
71-4-1Unit number 1-4-1  Mrs Whetten with committee for dance workshop, Sigma Mung award, day care center at Indian Village by Vista, Mrs Ostler and Prof Cooper at Ostler Fossil display, drama, Still the Mountain Wind, Bell Book and Candle, print of polluted river
71-4-2Unit number 1-4-2  Royalty, track team, girls on trampoline, SUSC vs Adams State football, SUSC vs Western State basketball, offensive and defensive football teams, clocks and watches
71-4-3Unit number 1-4-3  SUSC vs Cal State Fullerton football, Dance club, drama club, Thunerettes, Pi Rho, Sigma Pi, Social Affairs Committee, Lina Smith in midi dress and maxi coat
71-4-4Unit number 1-4-4  Advertising, Yearbook ad for Porter's Health Food, baseball team, intramural flag football of frat and independent teams, intramural basketball, skiers, yell leaders, Kim Chesley in gas mask, faculty senate
71-4-5Unit number 1-4-5  Mock trial, flag twirlers, Circle K, LDSSA council at breakfast, Spurrettes, yearbook staff and advisors Holman and Dover, AWS, Athletic council, student, Matthew Hacker in front of student center, Sue Hafen, Leland Fife, Dial 6-Help, faculty staff, Naomi Platt, Jack Cannon, librarians, education department, music, Boye, Nyman, Matthews and band
71-4-6Unit number 1-4-6  Snow sculpturing, yearbook ads, SEA officers, fine arts guild, high court in session, publication council Larry Dew, Jim Robinson, Rolan Heaps, Judy Vest and Bobbianne Koerner, appointed officers, Ray Pugsley, Rolan Heaps, John Rollo, Brian Wood
71-4-7Unit number 1-4-7  Intramural basketball, flag twirlers, students, Marie VanDenAkker, head Thunderette, faculty and staff, Chrismas dinner dance, Dr and Mrs Robert Moss
71-4-8Unit number 1-4-8  Advertising, Leigh Furniture, Cardons, Southern Utah Lumber, wrestling team, executive secretaries, Athenians, Homecoming committee, Academic Affairs Committee, students, Kim Chesley, Cynthia Smith, drama, Still the Mountain Wind
71-4-9Unit number 1-4-9  Assemblies, Speaker, Dr. Dean Vest, SUSC vs Regis basketball game, KCDR FM, Sigma Mung frat, RHA, Christian youth fellowship, Sigma Pi, music, band practicing, drama, Odd Couple
71-5-1Unit number 1-5-1  T-Bird staff and advisor J. Robinson, publications convention at Park City, March of Dimes variety show, Institute choir, LDSSA nativity scene, resurrection, Spanish club, Lowman "D" Nelson, winner with deer horns, ribbon cutting ceremony, new smoking lounge, Gus Gooding and Pres Braithwaite
71-5-2Unit number 1-5-2  U.N. Day assembly and speaker, students operating KCDR FM, art guild, Thieves' Market, Snow Queen and attendants pageant and parade, Chariot race, bon fire
71-5-3Unit number 1-5-3  Track team, women's intramural association, students, Dave Montgomery, Carol Ohms, shots of Scott Schwager, Dave Woodbury, Gary Anderson, foreign students, Kim Chesley, faculty and staff winner beard growing contest at college cabin breakfast, Hank Thompson concert
71-5-4Unit number 1-5-4  SUSC vs UNLV baseball game, Paul Graff, Mike Liebhart, district officers, Circle K, students, Rosie Spencer, Marilyn Waters, Murna Wadsworth, Jennifer Whitby, Beth Ashby, spring gag shot, girls by College Avenue apartments swimming pool, new student body officers, Kal Kampanat and her display in library, Brent Sorenson with photo display, Claudia Ward, Masko Grant and Masako Sakamoto in Japanese clothing, faculty and staff, Tom Leek art chairman, drama Man of La Mancha
71-5-5Unit number 1-5-5  Divers at swim pool, track meet, SUSC, Dixie, CEU, Snow, College Bowl, drama, Fred Adams, Mary Judd looking over costume drawings, Festival staff, digging on quad to put new power lines in, business students being interviewed, Dr. Vest's ecology class
71-5-6Unit number 1-5-6  SUSC vs Westminster baseball, Coach Petty with 4 short players, students, Becky Asay, drama, publicity shots for Cinderella, Debbie Thorton, dog riding on motorcycle with owner
71-6-1Unit number 1-6-1  Lady faculty spring luncheon and fashion show, vocational day activities, students, Ron Gardner, Jim Heggie, Laurie Ronnow, Prof Chapman in class and lab
71-6-2Unit number 1-6-2  Girls' State 1971
71-6-3Unit number 1-6-3  Students in Dr. Christmas' English and writing class, Brad Carrol, faculty and staff
71-6-4Unit number 1-6-4  Athletics, Russ Chester in baseball uniform, Russ Chester and Buck Paopao in karate uniforms, Buzz Richardson with sword, Penny Bauer with 2 other girls, Larry Faumuina in weight room, tree planting ceremony and luncheon, excavation of new Shakespearean theatre
71-6-5Unit number 1-6-5  Wild West Week activities, students, Linda Ormond recipient of Broadbent scholarship in art, Jean Leslie with Georgia Beth Smith, Silver Spoon award, Nellie Ekpenyong in snow, Frank Habibian and Mrs. Chamberlain with book donation to library, Earl Hansen and Pres Braithwaite and Tom Challis and check donation to library, Recipients of USU engineering scholarship, new Institute building
71-6-6Unit number 1-6-6  Mini skirt contest, selling of '71 year books, students working business machine, appointed officers, Mario Flores with display in library, faculty and staff, Pat Rippee, Frank Petty, Inez Cooper, Tom Challis, band concert practice, drama, Cinderella, old admin bldg and new library
71-6-7Unit number 1-6-7  Beta's Valentines dance and royalty, SUSC vs Westminster basketball, flag twirlers, alumni varsity football, Adagio dancers practicing, year book party at Ranche Café in Kararaville, Joe Henry, candids of students for Improvement Era, Pres Braithwaite and Dr. Vorkink in "Harvey"
71-6-8Unit number 1-6-8  Industrial Education Day activities, RMAC division track and field meet, Circle K's and Circle KT's planting flower garden in city park, copy work of Matthew Hacker, Scott Gilmore, Most Preferred Man
71-6-9Unit number 1-6-9  Graduation, pictures
71-7-1Unit number 1-7-1  Pre medical and dental students, women weaving in quad summer class, ceramics guest lecturer, Fred Adams, Harl Judd, Pres Braithwaite receiving BPOE scholarship from Gary Adams, Shakespearean Festival costumes, director Doug Cook, officers, First Security Bank people, Valley Farm sheep and cow
71-7-2Unit number 1-7-2  Shakespearean Festival
71-7-2aUnit number 1-7-2a  Shakespearean Festival
71-8-1Unit number 1-8-1  President and Mrs. Joseph Smith, LDS Church, students, Judy Vest, Carol Calloway, officers, Upward Bound, faculty and staff, Steve Van Dyke, Max Payne, Pres Braithwaite, Gus Gooding donation, Paul Southwick presentation to Dennis Ohms, Germany scholarship recipients
71-8-2Unit number 1-8-2  Drama, Man of La Mancha, buildings and grounds, sketch of new admin bldg, electrical vault by museum, turning on new campus lights, new museum parking lot, Old Nursing Home, SUSC seal and round table emblem
71-8-4Unit number 1-8-4  Guest lecturer in ceramics
71-10-1Unit number 1-10-1  Athletics, SUSC vs Azusa football, vs Western state football, vs Westminster football, Sadie Hawkins dance, faculty, Dennis Ohms and Lee Fife presentation, Mary Jo Broad
71-10-2Unit number 1-10-2  Students, fall quarter registration, Homecoming committee chairmen, Queen candidates, Circle K officers, faculty and staff, commendations Wyborski, Sgt Furtado Jr., assembly, Steve Taylor and Ross Hilton display, Faye Price VISTA, smoke from steam plant, Mabel Dalley rock display, showcase rifle
71-10-3Unit number 1-10-3  Thunderettes and officers, SUSC vs Cal Poly football, James Erwin astronaut assembly, students, Wendy Dubois, Pat Jenkins + ?, faculty, Steve Tomlinson, mud path by library
71-10-4Unit number 1-10-4  Snow Queen pageant
71-10-5Unit number 1-10-5  Athletics, football players and wives, faculty staff clean up day, art students take field trip to Kolob Canyon
71-11-1Unit number 1-11-1  Business class at State Bank of southern Utah, SUSC vs USU State wrestling, Queens pageant, torch run, Fiveman Electrical Band, King's assembly, Mud Bowl, tug of war, HC Grub dance, parade, homecoming dance, clearing field, SUSC vs Western New Mexico football
71-11-2Unit number 1-11-2  Organizations, Thieves Market, Women's Intramural officers, publications council, students, Kim Chesley, Jim Cox, Dan Yergenson, faculty, Harold Boyce music dept, art guild and officers, stage band
71-11-3Unit number 1-11-3  T-Bird staff, student education association, Christian Youth Fellowship, Spanish club, Student Broadcasting Association, Circle KTs
71-11-4Unit number 1-11-4  Football players, faculty and staff, displays by Max Payne and Chester Smith, books donated by Ada Carpenter, business class at State Bank of Southern Utah
71-12-1Unit number 1-12-1  Sigma Mung, Inter Tribal Indian Organization, Dance Club, Industrial Arts Club, Tavi staff members, students, Kathy Schuler, Lee Bracken, Mike Webster, Kent Berrett, Barry Whitaker, faculty and staff, Leveve Whetten, Reed Hanson, Jim Robinson, buildings and grounds, Damages light pole north of library
71-12-2Unit number 1-12-2  High Court, Tavi Staff, cheerleaders, flag twirlers, Circle KT and officers, Home Ec club, foreign students, Associated Women, Rodeo Club, LDSSA, Senate, appointed officers, students, Gary Lessig, Scott Gilmore, Fred Lovejoy, faculty, Glen Anderson, stage band, tree lighting
71-12-3Unit number 1-12-3  Nativity scene, Circle K, student officers conference room, Alumni Association, students, Cynthia Smith, living conditions in Juniper, damaged lamp pole, Juniper, Manzanita, Oak Hall housing, Spruce Hall, scholarships, Union Pacific Railroad and First Security Bank Pres Braithwaite and Frances Betinson
VI. 1972
72-1-1Unit number 2-1-1  Students, Jan Belliston, Jim Cheever, Johnny Ekanem with family, Homecoming candidates and committee, faculty, Ward Taylor with Father's collection, buildings and grounds, T and I House, food service, dorms, Leadership Manhood Award dinner, new ceramic kiln
72-1-2Unit number 2-1-2  Social Affairs committee, Phi Beta Lambda, students preparing traveling art show, men's intramural officers, Academic Affairs committee, AMS officers, Ambassador Club, Resident Housing Association, Drama Club, SUSC vs NAU vs Ft. Lewis vs Snow wrestling, Gymnastics Club, football team offense and defense captains and coaches
72-1-3Unit number 2-1-3  Faculty and staff, Mary Judd, Norm Robinson, Dr. Robert Moss, student teachers, music, orchestra rehearsal, concert by "Wood", drama, Family Portrait, Boyfriend, Health Start Program
72-1-4Unit number 2-1-4  Thunderettes
72-1-5Unit number 2-1-5  Students, Ken Vick, Steve Godfrey, Jerry Wheeler, Mary Weaver, Frank Kell, Charlene Holt, Burton Rust, Randall Schmatt, Tom Rippee, Claudia Ward, Deborah Haworth, Stanna Pymm
72-1-6Unit number 2-1-6  Students, Russ Couraud, Fred Buchanan, Dave Daniels, Mary Jane Mitchell, buildings and grounds, fish-eye campus shots, new campus lighting system at night, music building from west, bookstore convention, alumni banquet, SUSC stake relief society board, library mezzanine with feet on rail
72-1-7Unit number 2-1-7  Students, Gary Sailor, Lorri Sanders, Rick Perry, Lee Bracken, faculty and staff, Jim Robinson, Paul Peterson
72-2-1Unit number 2-2-1  Snow week at Brianhead, chariot race, ski race and snow sculpture winner, SUSC vs Westminster basketball, wrestling team and individuals
72-2-2Unit number 2-2-2  Students, Sigma Gamma Chi, Inter Greek Council, TKE, Order of Diana, Juniper A, College Arms, Henry Malifua and karate class
72-2-3Unit number 2-2-3  Students, Pi Rho Omega, College Avenue #19, Halterman Apts, Oak Hall, Squattie Bodies 855w200n, Juniper C, Honor Roll St. Att. Inst, Zelkova, Spruce Hall, 236 So Main, 274s100w, Ken Benson and Wayne Miffin head of Upward Bound
72-2-4Unit number 2-2-4  Students, Cheerleaaders, College Ave Apts, Flesh Pit, Manzanita A, Juniper B. Tau Beta Sigma, Virgil Johnson
72-2-5Unit number 2-2-5  Students, Manzanita B, C, D, E, F, Lambda Delta, Delta Phi, Marshan Wazeka
72-2-6Unit number 2-2-6  Art Dept work, Nail sculpture, sculpture class, music, Legend dance band, drama, Boyfriend, Melodrama, Festival set
72-2-7Unit number 2-2-7  Buildings ground breaking for new admin bldg, scholarships, Jim Brown UPRR, Orton from Brig Gen Cassidy, stuffed eagle to Institute Council luncheon, Mrs. Blanche Dalby presents books to handicapped children, VISTA tutors
72-2-8Unit number 2-2-8  Pi Rho Powder Puff Prom, College Bowl, faculty and staff, Tony Lambert, Joe Felix with students, new LDS Institute building dedication, LeGrand Richards speaking, T and I house project
72-3-1Unit number 2-3-1  Campus map, recruitment poster
72-3-2Unit number 2-3-2  Students, Steve Van Dyke and debate winners with trophies, Prof Les Jones and students who performed brain implant on a rat, Randall Schmatt, Evan Stapely, Lee Bracken, Sue Memmott, Bryan Wood, Lou Weaver
72-3-3Unit number 2-3-3  SUSC vs Regis, Western Montana, Grand Canyon, basketball
72-3-4Unit number 2-3-4  SUSC vs Western State, Adams State, Fort Lewis, basketball, karate demonstration
72-3-5Unit number 2-3-5  Basketball and baseball teams
72-3-6Unit number 2-3-6  Students, Larry Bulloch outstanding engineering student, faculty and staff, David Nyman and Claudia Ward, Reed Hanson and Bruce Knowlton (March of Dimes), Harl Judd and Outstanding English student Richard Kimball, Hazen Cooley and Norm Robinson, Shirley Cowan and cashiers, A Cappella Choir and Dr. Johnson, drama, Imaginary Invalid
72-3-7Unit number 2-3-7  Faculty and staff, Drs. Morris Shirts, Kent Myers, McRay Cloward, Harl Judd, Conrad Hatch, Mary Lunt, Sherry Anderson, A. W. Stephenson, library staff, business department, school of arts and letters, snack bar staff, student center secretaries Bessie Dover and Barbara Morgan, student admin personnel, science dept teachers and faculty
72-3-8Unit number 2-3-8  Faculty and staff, Purchasing and accounting staff, registrars, cafeteria, financial aid, bookstore, education, PE, Georgia Beth Smith, Mary Judd, Jim Robinson, Ora Mitchell, Bessie Dover, Merril Kunz, Ward Robb, Eugene Woolf, Paul Southwick, AFROTC cadets
72-3-9Unit number 2-3-9  Josh White Jr concert, students, AFROTC, Jennifer Whitby and Mike Duffin with Rod Swenson scholarship plaque, Thunderettes, faculty and staff, plant operations, housing, health and counseling, Ken Benson, drama, Boyfriend, scholarships, President's Cup presentation
72-3-10Unit number 2-3-10  Students, SUSC Indian students, Marcus Lunt, Sandy Gillies, Justin Julian, Janet Burke, Paul Stucki, Bob Nay, Frank Little, Mike Behring
72-3-11Unit number 2-3-11  Buildings and grounds, Auditorium, new admin bldg progress shots, new campus may, art studio in steel bldg, new lights and parking lot on campus
72-3-12Unit number 2-3-12  Tau Beta Epsilon, women's intramurals, Sigma Pi, Athenians, track and golf teams, students, College Avenue
72-3-13Unit number 2-3-13   AWS week, Most Preferred Man candidates, body, eyes, hair, woman hater, most popular
72-3-14Unit number 2-3-14  Displays, Della Rusche and dolls from around the world, Richard Dotson and stuffed birds, Elvira Victoria and Fred Lovejoy with items from Columbia, South America, Hall of Enchanted Trees, Nativity Scene, Fifty year club officers, large deer antler contest
72-3-15Unit number 2-3-15  Buildings and grounds, Capital deterioration and facilities requests
72-4-1Unit number 2-4-1  Students, Jennifer Whitby, Janet Murvy, Gae Briton, Doris Cowley, Russ McNiel, Mike Clark, Janet Burke, students going to Germany
72-4-2Unit number 2-4-2  Dance club, new student body officers, lighthouse group, LDSSA honor students, Tavi staff promoting yearbook sales
72-4-3Unit number 2-4-3  SUSC vs Weber baseball, SUSC vs CEU vs Job Corps vs Snow track meet, football backfield players
72-4-4Unit number 2-4-4  School map
72-4-5Unit number 2-4-5  Students, Cleo Petty with Tex Anthony, Pat Rippee presents scholarship to Gene Cardon, faculty and staff, Richard Dotson and bird sample collection, Glen D. Anderson, Fred Adams and Gary McIntyre with drawings for Charlie Brown
72-4-6Unit number 2-4-6  Handicapped children in gym and receiving books, Mrs Connell, Cub Scout and Jr High display of stones and fossils
72-4-7Unit number 2-4-7  Rodeo Week, arm wrestling, pitchfork throwing, mini skirt contest, lady sheriffs contest, Indians frying bread on quad, faculty beards, students, Lance Whetten and CCHS girls, coaches and students at hair growing meeting
72-5-1Unit number 2-5-1  Faculty and staff, Eulalia Jones retiring library employee, Tom Challis, Pres Braithwaite and Lanell Lunt receiving Cal Pac Ut check from Earl Hanson
72-5-2Unit number 2-5-2  Students, Judy and Monica Christensen, Dave Noah and Kathlene Rasmussen, Adele Nebeker, Athenians and Sig Pi, McGovern table
72-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  SUSC vs Westminster baseball, track
72-5-4Unit number 2-5-4  Faculty and staff, Reed Hansen, Kent Myers, Sterling Church, new dean of students
72-5-5Unit number 2-5-5  , Frisbee players, art, Thieves Market, Thunderbird cartoon, tree planting, business machine demonstration
72-5-6Unit number 2-5-6  Visitors to campus, Mrs. Calvin Rampton, O.C. Tanner, Daniel Rhodes, Morgan Rollo, Senator Harold Hughs, Wayne Owen, candidate for congress
72-5-7Unit number 2-5-7  Faculty and staff, Reed Hansen on bike, debate on Vietnam War, Peace march and rally at City Park opposing Vietnam War, Brush In with county nurse and preschool children
72-5-8Unit number 2-5-8  Drama, Fred Adams and Gary McIntyre with winners of Charlie Brown drawing contest, Rumpelstiltskin, melodrama
72-5-9Unit number 2-5-9  Athletics, SUSC vs San Diego baseball, awards assembly,
72-5-10Unit number 2-5-10  Intercollegiate rodeo, queens and events
72-5-11Unit number 2-5-11  Faculty and staff, Dr. Morris Shirts with Mr and Mrs John Tonge from Australia, Mike Webster and Kathy Smart with paintings, Doyle Whiehead, Bob Malinski
72-5-12Unit number 2-5-12  New student body officers inauguration, '72-73, drama, Charlie Brown
72-6-1Unit number 2-6-1  Girls' State 1972
72-6-2Unit number 2-6-2  Merrill "Bud" Kunz, SUSC buildings deterioration, land wanted
72-6-3Unit number 2-6-3  Vocational Day activities
72-6-4Unit number 2-6-4  Baccalaureate graduation 1972, Norm Robinson and girls
72-6-5Unit number 2-6-5  Student, Jennifer Whitby, Silver Spoon, A. W. Stephenson, Tom Challis, Mayor Whetton, book donation, Mrs Paul Lunt Child Development lab, new T-Bird newsstand
72-7-1Unit number 2-7-1  Summer school registration, Shakespearean set and American flag, First Security Bank scholarship, faculty and staff, Tom Challis and Fred Adams with original Shakespearean script
72-7-2Unit number 2-7-2  Dr. Seymour with Mrs Inez Cooper, Tom Challis, Fred Adams, Pres Braithwaite, and Sheila Buckley, KILN being built by Bob Gerring, Keith Durrand, and Curtis Batchelder, McRay Cloward with Kiawanas at home and with family
72-7-3Unit number 2-7-3  Shakespearean Festival set, 1972
72-7-4Unit number 2-7-4  Elementary science teacher workshop, George LeBaron, Science leadership Conference, Dr. Wes Larsen, Robert Gerring at KILN
72-7-5Unit number 2-7-5  Joe Bishop, Pres of Weber State College, Miss Mamie Eck and Mrs Bunnell selling hostesses for festival, Mr. Daniel Rhodes demonstration on ceramics, Wayne Mifflin Upward Bound director
72-9-1Unit number 2-9-1  Faculty and staff, new, Betty Kingsford, Dave Conine, Dennis Agle, Tebbs Adams, John Reyna, Terry Lewis
72-9-2Unit number 2-9-2  Col LaMar for AFROTC, Old Main burning, Student Leadership Conference at Lake Powell, James Easley, student, SUSC vs Montana Tech football
72-9-3Unit number 2-9-3  Fall quarter registration, Homecoming committee, Lady Faculty officers, Jim Mills (French teacher), Alan Turner, Christine Cooper
72-10-1Unit number 2-10-1  Talent Bureau, faculty assembly, student, John Sudbury, football players at practice
72-10-2Unit number 2-10-2  AFROTC, crowds at Fort Lewis football game, faculty, Larry Olsen, students, Don Conrad, Al Nay, Linda Walker, Lance Whetten
72-10-3Unit number 2-10-3  Faculty and staff, Dick Carlson, Jean Adams, Doris Williamson, Randall Christensen, Jim Bowns
72-10-4Unit number 2-10-4  Taft Watts, Dr. Seymour, Inez Cooper, and Rex Harris, Ella Leigh and Rulon Wood (last living member of first graduating class and president of 50 year club), high school leadership conference, athletic council
72-10-5Unit number 2-10-5  Homecoming Queen candidates, SUSC vs Adams State football, Queen's and King's pageants, torch run, Mud Bowl, parade, Pres Braithwaite talking to football players
72-10-6Unit number 2-10-6  Faculty and staff, Deans Myers, Hiskey, and Judd, Life Science Dept, Business and Tech dept, Physical Science dept, Educational dept, AWS Associated Women Students
72-11-1Unit number 2-11-1  Football coaches, defensive and offensive players
72-11-2Unit number 2-11-2  Drama, 1776, students, Gary Lund, Robert Comeford, SUSC vs Colorado Mines football, basketball team
72-11-3Unit number 2-11-3  AFROTC classroom, Col Craven and Outstanding Cadet Orton, Vickie Lester AFROTC brochure, drama, 1776, large deer antler contest winner Rodney Ence
72-12-1Unit number 2-12-1  Henry Malifua and family, car parked on quad, Mickey Barnett, Richard Hardin, students preparing for dance workshop, inter-collegiate volleyball
72-12-2Unit number 2-12-2  Organizations, Inter Greek Council, Thunderbird staff, Athenians, Home Ec Club, Pi Rho Omega Sorority, Order of Diana, Sigma Pi frat
72-12-3Unit number 2-12-3  Christmas speech contestants, organizations, TKE frat, SEA club, Lambda Delta Sigma sorority, Delta Phi Kappa frat, AWS Sadie Hawkins Dance, co-ed volleyball
72-12-4Unit number 2-12-4  Student executive council, Arthur Lyman presenting his last books to Mrs Bullock and Tom Challis, Old Main in winter, blueprints of Shakespeare set, Behavioral Science Scholarship Winners, Roger Bringhurst, Debra Parks, Laura Wood, and Brent Judd, Mike Ernsten
72-12-5Unit number 2-12-5  Guitar Jam Session, Couple saying goodnight, library scenes, students studying, dorms at night, Old Main, Jimmy Akpan, foreign student, PE department faculty and staff, Dean Eugene Woolf
VII. 1973
73-1-1Unit number 3-1-1  First Security Bank Scholarship and Library Donation, Pres Braithwaite and Francis Betenson, Dr. Garth Chatterly donation to Science Fair Fund, Dr Chatterly and Prof Joe Comp, drama, Hall of Enchanted Trees, student, Jim Easley
73-1-2Unit number 3-1-2  Student, Randy Larson and liaison committee, women's and men's intramural officers, Sigma Gamma Chi frat, LDSSA, foreign students group and party, dance club, Circle KT's
73-1-3Unit number 3-1-3  Juniper Hall Christmas decorations in halls and lounges, SUSC vs Fort Lewis basketball, winter quarter registration
73-1-4Unit number 3-1-4  Spanish Club, Tri Wrestling match between SUSC, U of Wisconsin, and Northern Arizona, SUSC vs Colorago Mines basketball, SUSC vs Chihuahua U basketball
73-1-5Unit number 3-1-5  Old books found in attic of Lula Thorley home donated to SUSC library, Worth Bullock of Cedar City Savings and Loan Association presenting money to Pres Braithwaite for SUSC, student, Robert Anderson, Snow Queen contestants, Brianhead winter scenes
73-1-6Unit number 3-1-6  Drama club, SUSC vs Grand Canyon College basketball, girls SUSC vs Snow College basketball
73-1-7Unit number 3-1-7  Snow Queen pageant
73-2-1Unit number 3-2-1  Drama The Little Foxes, Rick Hansen, Steve Schwartz (debate winners) with Steve Van Dyke, Lorraine Rowley, Jennene Stewart, Alan Gordon, students, Pres Braithwaite, Rotary Scholarship winners, Hamer Morris, Richard F. Jones presenting scholarship to Gayla Bulloch, Ruth Kenney, and Norma Victoria
73-2-2Unit number 3-2-2  Erroll Hobreins large model ship, Georgia Beth Smith Thompson, students, Ted Demille, Sheila Buckley, Wade Boyce, snow sculptures
73-2-3Unit number 3-2-3  KCDR FV radio station, Tau Beta bird in student center, Ora Price, Vista supervisor, organizations, AWS, Tau Beta Epsilon, Rodeo Club, Business Club, student organizations receiving charters, Pi Rho assembly
73-2-4Unit number 3-2-4  Students in snack bar, Deans Betty Kingsford and Sterling Church, Alumni President Rex Harris and Secretary Sandy Gillies, men's intramural basketball, paddleball, handball, Coach Stan Jack, girls' swim team
73-2-5Unit number 3-2-5  SUSC vs Grand Canyon basketball, skydiving, Muscle Arms, Financial Aid office, Grounds personnel, maintenance and heat plant, SUSC vs Westminster basketball, wrestling team
73-2-6Unit number 3-2-6  Telerama follow up, Red Cross blood donors, Ed Sutcliffe and dog, Sam Granado (Sig Pi) presents picture of Nanci Flake to Ken Benson, students, Julie Stringham, Lance Whetton and Peggy Roberts, Lighthouse officers, M. Cloward, G. Slack, D. Warby, and K. Anderson
73-2-7Unit number 3-2-7  Hearing on student parking, Institute faculty, student organizations, Lou Weaver and advertising committee, ASSUSC Senate, Debate Club, Skydiving Club, Thunderettes, stage band
73-2-8Unit number 3-2-8  Institutional Council, melodrama, The Little Foxes, SUSC vs Laverne College basketball, JV SUSC vs BYU basketball, gymnastics halftime
73-2-9Unit number 3-2-9  Pres and Mrs Braithwaite, staff and administration
73-2-10Unit number 3-2-10  Frain Pearson and student at KCDR FM, copy negatives of BNS, BAC, CSU, and SUSC, Francis Cook, Gale Garner, Neuman Duncan and Social Affairs Committee, Sweetheart Ball sponsored by Circle K's and KT's
73-2-11Unit number 3-2-11  Student, Sally Brost, faculty and staff, Dr. Dean Pearson, SUSC vs Western New Mexico basketball
73-3-1Unit number 3-3-1  Robert Leslie, students, Syd Roberts and Steve Hensley, Snow Ball, Henry Malifua karate class, parking area around new admin bldg
73-3-2Unit number 3-3-2  Organizations, Stage Band, track team, Sue Memmott and Cultural Affairs Committee, Indian student with advisor, John Reyna, Tau Beta Sigma frat, ski club, Mr. Nyman and Gary Jensen
73-3-3Unit number 3-3-3  Preferred Man candidates, Neuman Duncan, Larry Brough, Hack Mitchell, Dale Warby, SUSC vs USU jv basketball, Natty Bumpo concert
73-3-4Unit number 3-3-4  Music, A Cappella Choir, orchestra, student, Markay Johnson, High Court, Sigma Gamma Chi frat basketball team, business Club, education brochure pictures
73-3-5Unit number 3-3-5  ASSUSC 1972-73, Student Senate, Kathy Schular, Sheila Buckley, Faith Whittaker, Larry Morris, Alan Warby, Mike Behring, John Western, Frank Little, Burce Marshall, Ruth Kay Nellie rowley, Steve Turner, Sandra hatch, Paula Kennington, Cheryl Gleve, Jamie Wilkinson, and Gene Morgan, advisor Jack Cannon, Executive Council, ShaRee Beck, Evan Stapley, Sue Memmott, Lou Weaver, Lee Braken, Bryan Wood, Stan Parry, Dale Hatch, Randy Larson, Gordon George, Doneve Taylor, Neuman Duncan, and Ken Benson
73-3-6Unit number 3-3-6  Utah International Scholarship presentation, March of Dimes preparation, Susan Jensen, Gary Jensen, and Sheila Buckley, BNS first graduating class, copy negative, faculty and staff, Paul LaSage, students, Edward Mendenhall with art work, AWS assembly, VR Magelby and class situation
73-3-7Unit number 3-3-7  Students, Edward Mendenhall, Debbie Duncan, Paul Worthen, Craig Lloyd in baseball uniform, Bruce Marshall, Mark Carter, Steve Schwartz, Sheila Buckley, Doug Baldwin, Kelly Alton, Mike Behring
73-3-8Unit number 3-3-8  Copy negs for yearbook, Pres Braithwaite's house and Greek letters on houses (missing 2-17-82), drama, The Great Cross-Country Race, Dean Sterling Church (Pi Rho-s favorite faculty), Miss Pi Rho Shelly Snow, Man of the Hour Roy Perry, Christian Youth Fellowship
73-4-1Unit number 3-4-1  School of Arts and Letters faculty and staff, plant operations, golf team, Rodeo Club, flag twirlers and cheerleaders, TAVI staff, Preferred Man winners, Gary Crosby, Larry Brough, Neuman Duncan
73-4-2Unit number 3-4-2  Drama, Trial by Jury, one-act opera, nominations assembly, baseball individual shots, Hank Thompson concert, science brochure pictures, Richard Dotson, Neuman Duncan
73-4-3Unit number 3-4-3  Drama, Red Cliffs summer theatre company, melodrama, Rumplestiltskin, Photo Service, Boyd Redington, Sheila Buckley, and Joel Adams, faculty playing basketball, Lambda Delta Sigma officers for '73-74, girls' track team, high school students with handicraft displays
73-4-4Unit number 3-4-4  Various signs, students, Duane Robinson with art work, John Krommenhoek, Steve Paar, Doneva Taylor
73-4-5Unit number 3-4-5  Junior Science Fair, Shakespearean costume tour, spring athlete transfers, Scott Phillips, sorority and fraternity royalty, Sandy Ueysono, Pam Edwards, Billie Hunsaker, LuAnn Judd, JoLynn Stratton, Roy Perry, Gary Gibson
73-4-6Unit number 3-4-6  Faculty and staff, Bessie Dover and class (4/18/73), Van Bushnell, drama The Great Cross-Country Race, students, Dan Yergensen, Joe Peddie
73-4-7Unit number 3-4-7  Advertising, Air Force ROTC group shot, Cedar Drug, Antone's Interiors, Drug Center, Zion Photo, U&S Motor, Jones Motor, Bradshaw Chevrolet, Harrison House, J.C. Penney Co., Rainbow Arts and Crafts, Rollo Publishing, Miller Auto Parts, Sonomas, California-Pacific Utilities, Lins A G, First Security Bank
73-5-1Unit number 3-5-1  Henry Malifua's karate class, SUSC campus under snow, business dept brochure, Color Country Air Show in Cedar City, beginning of construction on Mall between Student Center and 200 south
73-5-2Unit number 3-5-2  Faculty and staff, Valerie Sorenson, Prof A.W. Stephenson, Cary Davis, Ramona Chamberlain, Drs. Eugene Wollfe and Wes Larsen, Senator Dixie Leavitt
73-5-3Unit number 3-5-3  Students, Hurricane HS, Maureen Blackburn, art department class situation for brochure, Vocational Day Activity winners
73-5-4Unit number 3-5-4  R.G. Jones and Kate Carter, Dr. Seymour, Governor Rampton, Inez Cooper, Vista children's Easter egg hunt, presentation of flags to library, nursery, science building, VISTA pre school
73-5-5Unit number 3-5-5  Students, Gerald Bishop, Grant Gabriel, Linda Hotchkiss, Ron Sherman, Cleve Yeates and Doug Bennion, students working out in PE building
73-5-6Unit number 3-5-6  Students, 2 girls on bikes, mall construction, planting ponderosa pines on campus, Old Main, snowy campus April 18, 1973, music building from west
73-5-7Unit number 3-5-7  Aqua Show, SUSC vs Adams State baseball, track meet, traveling assembly, Sigma Pi and Athenians, Tau Beta Epsilon, Pi Beta Lambda display, Rodeo Queen, Pi Rho Omega gag sign (most major cards accepted)
73-5-8Unit number 3-5-8  Scholarship recipients at awards assembly, Conference on Senior Citizens, copy negative of old print from library, office machine show, Founders Day assembly, Wild West Week, cast and crew for The Rainmaker, drama
73-6-1Unit number 3-6-1  Awards Assembly winners, faculty and staff, Bessie Dover with Kal Kampanatsanyakorn and brother Moo, Robert Moore and class, students, Dennis Stolk, Dean Christensen and Doneva Taylor (T-Bird and Tavi editors), LDSSA officers, business department graduation certificates
73-6-2Unit number 3-6-2  Students, Mike Kernodle, Pat Hayden, drama, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Fantasticks, The Apple Tree, Old Lady Shows Her Medals, Red Cliffs Repertory Theatre Company, Agricultural vocational Day
73-6-3Unit number 3-6-3  Girls' State '73
73-6-4Unit number 3-6-4  Drama, Shakespearean Festival shots for Thunderbird, demolition of Health and Counseling building, student, Athella Mull, SUSC Sky Diving Club
73-6-5Unit number 3-6-5  New mall landscaping, faculty and staff, Tom Kingsford and Bruce Osborne with USAF T-Bird photo, Dave Conine with Community Development interns, Joe Ammirato, Winona Chambers, and Cindy Ryce, Bob and Winona Chambers
73-6-6Unit number 3-6-6  1973 Commencement exercises
73-7-2Unit number 3-7-2  Volunteers in Community Service (VICS), new mall construction, culvert pulled out of ground
73-7-3Unit number 3-7-3  Institutional Council, art display in library
73-7-4Unit number 3-7-4  Waterfall at night, Prof Bob Jones, Utah Lung Association, students, Athella Mull, Sam Muchuhs
73-8-1Unit number 3-8-1  Executive Council in color, new mall construction, faculty, Glen Anderson, new executive student officers '73-74
73-8-2Unit number 3-8-2  Karate demonstration Henry Malifua, campus landscaping, Carol Palmer, Bruce Marshall and family
73-8-3Unit number 3-8-3  Landscape construction, Kanab area
73-8-4Unit number 3-8-4  Faculty and staff, Darrell Matthews and Ron Williams at Valley Farms, Fred Adams and Gary McIntyre announcing Follies
73-8-5Unit number 3-8-5  Shakespeare Festival 1973-1974 A 1-20, B 21-40, C 41-59
73-9-1Unit number 3-9-1  Football players posed action shots, VISTA book presentation to East Elementary School, capital facilities request photos
73-9-2Unit number 3-9-2  College sheep herds and mountain range
73-10-1Unit number 3-10-1  Chamber of Commerce breakfast for freshmen, new faculty and staff, Michael Cohen, Anthony Stephenson, Karen Clark, Ken Platt, June Eshelman, art Tom Leek, Glen Anderson, Robert Gerring in connection with an art exhibit at Price, Utah, fall quarter registration
73-10-2Unit number 3-10-2  Mr and Mrs Alva Matheson presenting flag to Pres Braithwaite, science building basement structural damage, faculty and staff, Dave Lee, SUSC vs Western State football, student leadership conference, Page/Lake Powell, Arizona
73-10-3Unit number 3-10-3  Cover of book "Utah" by David Muench, Dr. George Cummins presenting books to Dr. Brent Palmer and Tom Challis for library, Shakespearean Festival board of directors, student, Mike Behring, Carol Palmer
73-10-4Unit number 3-10-4  Buildings and grounds, Business and education classrooms, sidewalks in need of repair, Mackelprong, Gibson, and Stuart Properties, also plant open area, Used in obtaining money, cracks in science bldg
73-10-5Unit number 3-10-5  High School Student Leadership Conference, Alumni Association officers, campus buildings, faculty and staff, Terry Blodgett, students, Greek Rush Night, SUSC Stake Zion Narrows hike
73-10-6Unit number 3-10-6  Dr. Harmon's drug education class, new admin building, Old Main, library, student, Harry Whitaker, girls' intramural flag football, faculty assembly
73-11-1Unit number 3-11-1  Homecoming 1973, Queen pageant, attendants, relay race from Hamilton Fort to Cedar City, alumni distinguished service award to Cedar City Chamber of commerce, mud bowl, parade, SUSC vs Westminster, dance
73-11-2Unit number 3-11-2  Calvin Sorenson winner Big Buck contest, alumni distinguished service award to Cedar City Chamber of Commerce, faculty and staff, Steve Harmon, Calvin Sorenson winner Big Buck contest, football players offensive and defensive teams
73-11-3Unit number 3-11-3  Students, Erie McLure, Thunderettes, Executive council, non-college personnel, Kerry Jones, Scott Boyter
73-11-4Unit number 3-11-4  Debate winner, Steve Schwarz t(student) with Steve Van Dyke (faculty), Richard Leigh and Walter Johnson making donation to Drs. Conrad Hatch and Harold Kiskee and Tom Challis, librarian, drama, Follies, faculty and staff, Elk's scholarship donation with Dr. Conrad Hatch, Dennis Agle, and Tom Lambert, Harold Hiskee, Zelma Alger, students, Angela and Mike Brown
73-11-5Unit number 3-11-5  AFROTC Major Stephenson, Vance Justet, Faye Jamrick, Craig Brotchie, drama, Follies, basketball and paddleball players
73-12-1Unit number 3-12-1  Drama, Plays which were put on in the Red Cliffs Repetory Theatre summer productions, Fantasticks, The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, Diary of Adam and Eve, Importance of Being Earnest, Pi Rho Sorority, Senate
73-12-2Unit number 3-12-2  SUSC vs Western New Mexico football, Thunderbird staff, student, Richard Hill, Debate winner, art classes with faculty, drama, The Fantasticks
73-12-3Unit number 3-12-3  Hall of Enchanted Trees, T & I department project house
73-12-4Unit number 3-12-4  Non-college personnel, Rolan Heaps, art, Tom Leek and his art, Donald Beacham with display, girls' varsity basketball practice
73-12-5Unit number 3-12-5  SUSC vs Grand Canyon College basketball, JV basketball players, Color Country Tournament basketball, SUSC vs Westminster, SUSC vs CEU JV game
VIII. 1974
74-1-1Unit number 4-1-1  Francis Betenson presenting First Security Bank scholarship to Pres Braithwaite, foreign student group, administrative staff, students, Jim Akpan, Joe Webber, Kelly Alton and Cindy Anderson
74-1-2Unit number 4-1-2  Presentation of President's cup to Delta Phi, bookstore lines, students, Ronald Dalby, Roger Howse, Pete Buatti, AWS pie eating contest
74-1-3Unit number 4-1-3  Snow week 1974, snow queen pageant and sculptures, Russ Marsh and Change of Habit concert,
74-1-4Unit number 4-1-4  SUSC fund raising drive Telefund II, life science dept, drama, Skin of Our Teeth, Social and Cultural Affairs, faculty and staff, Sandy Gillies
74-1-5Unit number 4-1-5  Wrestlers with trophies and coach Joe LaPour
74-1-6Unit number 4-1-6  Streble Home, dance work shop, world's record breaking basketball game 60 hours, students, Buddy Zoll, Steve Chatterly, L.C. Seely Jr
74-2-1Unit number 4-2-1  Delta Phi frat dinner dance, Elder Bernard Brockbank speaker, intramural basketball champs Sigma Gamma Chi, girls' intercollegiate basketball team, elections committee, SUSC high court, Pi Rho Omega dinner at Ferdinand's
74-2-2Unit number 4-2-2  Red Cross blood donations, engineering dept, miniature bridge structure, forensic tournament, Abe Lincoln HS, scholarship donation to agricultural division by Dallen Gardner of Uneva Enterprise Inc., Utah International Scholarship donation by R. C. Diederich, faculty and staff, Dennis Agle, Dave Taylor
74-2-3Unit number 4-2-3  Faculty and staff, taken by James Pratt for yearbook (removed from file by Mr. Pratt 11/5/80 for private use)
74-2-4Unit number 4-2-4  Students, taken by James Pratt for yearbook (removed from file by Mr. Pratt 11/5/80 for private use)
74-2-5Unit number 4-2-5  Info Services's pictures taken by Pete Cool, class situations
74-2-6Unit number 4-2-6  Education dept brochure shots, T-Bird emblem, Shakespeare Festival board of directors '74, drama, Skin of Our Teeth
74-2-7Unit number 4-2-7  Advertising, yearbook ads
74-2-8Unit number 4-2-8  Nursery school, Mrs. Whetten's dance class, Jim Ence, students, Steve Anderson pre-med, LuAnn Smith, Barb Bottema, new executive officers, Dave Taylor, Mike Anderson, Robyn Haight, traveling assembly
74-3-1Unit number 4-3-1  Fine Arts, music, concert band, A Cappella Choir, chamber choir, orchestra, faculty and staff, Cindy Hansen, debate team with trohpies, SUSC ROTC
74-3-2Unit number 4-3-2  New Thunderette officers, ICC and ICRR councils, Academic Affairs, students, Dennis Adair, Joey Bleak, Pat Haddix, new T and I building
74-3-3Unit number 4-3-3  Scholarship donation by Dr and Mrs Ric Thompson, Dr. David A. Dolowitz donation to SUSC art dept. Bud Green making scholarship donation to Pres Braithwaite, new power lawn mower, Emil V. Justet receiving 2nd Lt. Commission in USAF, Grass Roots concert
74-3-4Unit number 4-3-4  Old baseball diamond, site of new T and I building, ground breaking for new T and I building, Festival seating construction
74-4-1Unit number 4-4-1  Red Cliff Repertory group 74, map of SUSC, seating construction for Shakespearean set, Dial Help, Science Fair, luncheon meeting of Community Development, Gustive Larson, Maurice Abravanel, Neal A. Maxwell
74-4-2Unit number 4-4-2  Drama, melodrama 74, art dept leaving for San Francisco, students, Ted Pritchett and Caron Bales, girls' track and softball teams, boys' track, SUSC golf, coaches Lunt and Kingsford, baseball team
74-4-3Unit number 4-4-3  Drama, Farmer and the Fox, Children's Theatre, ed dept student teacher for brochure, Dr. Moss's Ed class, egg packaging and dropping, intercollegiate volleyball
74-4-5Unit number 4-4-5  Drama, Farmer and the Fox, Carnival, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, faculty and staff, Glen Anderson, workshop for the Utah Association of School of Business Officials, Ambassador Club
74-4-6Unit number 4-4-6  Vocational Days
74-5-1Unit number 4-5-1  Rodger Allen and Dennis Agle scholarship donation, Eric Brown preparing art display, high school senior who received scholarships, students on the quad, Sandra Uyesono, TKE jousting tourney
74-5-2Unit number 4-5-2  Forensic scholarship check to Pres Braithwaite, award convocation, drama, Carnival, reception for Dr. Gwyn Clark, retiring faculty, student, Kathy Babcock, Gale Bentley
74-5-3Unit number 4-5-3  Drama, Red Cliff Repertory Theatre Company, Development Board banquet and officers, Paiute Indian Special Collection Committee, Gordon Staples, Marine Commission, Dr. Thompson, architecture scholarship recipients, Stephanie Gillen, girls' basketball
74-5-4Unit number 4-5-4  Swimming pool, ROTC flag retreat, Harry Perry presenting check to Dr. Harl Judd and Pres Braithwaite for scientific equipment, award assembly winners, The Kings, Sig Pi
74-5-5Unit number 4-5-5  Cafeteria, Browning Platt, alumni association officer, student, Mike Allen
74-6-1Unit number 4-6-1  Wild West Week, sheriffs, rodeo, beard growing contest, Rufus Crisp Concert, root beer drinking contest, president's cup presentation
74-6-2Unit number 4-6-2  Girl's State, graduation
74-6-3Unit number 4-6-3  Buildings and grounds shots by Jim Robinson, construction on new Festival seating June 74, admin building June 74, faculty and staff, Larry Olsen, Christine Winterrose, students, Carolyn Warby and Carter Kortney, Greg Tait
74-6-4Unit number 4-6-4  ROTC students receiving commissions, Sue Memmott presenting Silver Spoon award to Beth Allred, Hugo Ramos and wife, Dennis Johnson and Dave Conine, geodetic dome, Laurence Feaver, information services offices personnel, dance concert 25 April 74, girls' intramural officers, women's intramural softball, Mother and Daughter banquet spring 74
74-7-1Unit number 4-7-1  Buildings and grounds, taken by George Stransky, faculty and staff, Tom Kingsford, Wayne Hinton, Virginia Higbee, Phil Carter's class trip to petroglyphs near Red Hill, Parowan Gap, students, Rick Pruitt, Earl Kellog and Lowell Blanton, Dr. Joe Comp's chemistry class, student sleeping in class
74-7-2Unit number 4-7-2  Campus Fountains, Association of Teacher Educators, State Board of Regents, Dr. Dolowitz's art donation, Donald Roesner's taxidermy collection donated to SUSC
74-7-3Unit number 4-7-3  Shakespearean Festival, 1974-1975, A 1 - 1-, B 11 - 20, C 21 - 30, D 31 - 40, E 41 - 51
74-7-4Unit number 4-7-4  Capital facilities request photos 1974-1975
74-7-5Unit number 4-7-5  Demolition of Hawthorn Hall and New TI, library, snack bar, bookstore, student lounge admitting students, dinosaur tracks display in library, geriatrics workshop summer 1974, LDS 1st and 12th ward church house, Old Rock Church
74-10-1Unit number 4-10-1  Stan Jones presenting Jody Williams with scholarship, students, Jerri Grills, Todd Wagstaff, Carolyn Warby, Glen Wright, Irene Alvey Bob Wilkensen, Linda Barrett, Drew Hanson, John Seaman, Jody Williams, faculty and staff, Dr. Gwyn Clark, Jim Robinson, Bessie Dover, Betty Kingsford, at freshman orientation, musical group, new seating for Shakespearean Festival
74-10-2Unit number 4-10-2  Football players posed action, Bryce Canyon workshop and leadership conference Sept 74, president's reception for freshmen, seating construction for Festival, old admin building construction,
74-10-3Unit number 4-10-3  Students, Margie Miller, Jaylene Hall, Dave Sargent, Kurt Douglas, execs in offices, Gordon Staples receiving commission in Marines, aerials of SUSC campus Oct 1974
74-10-4Unit number 4-10-4  Homecoming committee, SUSC vs Fort Lewis, LPN Nurse class, students and faculty and staff by Peter Cook, Patti Jenkins, Drama Order is Love by Red Cliff Repertory Theatre Company, bookstore, student lounge, Development board banquet and officers
74-10-5Unit number 4-10-5  Marvin Payne and Rufus Crisp concert Oct 16 '74, Homecoming queen and king candidates, football players and staff 1974, new faculty, Evelyn Powell, Roseanna Moss, Larry Farr, Benjamin Bean, Rodger Hillyard, Sandra Bryant, Wallace Levere, Beverly Grimshaw
74-10-6Unit number 4-10-6  Football players posed action, homecoming king candidates, Cultural Affairs Committee, students, Laurie Jones, Deborah Burt, Lisa Oveson, Namcy Wilson, Mike Moore, Dennis Dobie, Sun Young Hong, faculty and staff, Paul Southwick, Richard Dotson, Clarissa Davis, Boydine Daniels, construction for Shakespearean Festival, Oratorical Society choir practice, Humbert Rosenberg
74-7-10Unit number 4-7-10  Homecoming committee, king candidates, students, Marty Daniels, Shane Garlick, Howard Thorley, Bob Carrero, Robin Haight, Alan Lewis, Dave Jeffery, Tim Anderson, Bevin Orme, Jimmy Akpan, John Seaman, Mike Liebhardt, Mike Allen, Dale Yardley, announcer on KCDR FM, construction on new baseball field, advertising, William I. Palmer
74-10-8Unit number 4-10-8  SUSC vs Colorado Mines football, large deer antler contest winners, faculty dressed on Halloween, Joanne Lamoreaux and Mary Ann Evans, Eugene Woolfe, old aerials of campus, Old Main Burning, cow on quad, Telefund III publicity
74-10-9Unit number 4-10-9  Posed Thunderettes, students, Mike Anderson, Helen Alvey, Mike Moore, Larry Stever
74-10-11Unit number 4-10-11  Homecoming king assembly
74-11-1Unit number 4-11-1  Homecoming, faculty tricycle race, mud bowl, talent contest, pageant and royalty, SUSC vs Adams State football
74-11-2Unit number 4-11-2  Homecoming parade, faculty and staff assembly, alumni banquet, president's reception, dance and floorshow
74-11-3Unit number 4-11-3  Leo Kottke concert, Jim Robinson, Dennis Doty at concert, intramural flag football champs, SUSC vs Snow College girls' volleyball, SUSC vs Chico State football, drama, Godspell dress rehearsal and publicity
74-11-4Unit number 4-11-4  Basketball posed action, drama, Godspell cast, festival seating construction, new 14 inch telescope
74-11-6Unit number 4-11-6  Football team posed, Thunderbird paper staff, student senate, TAVI staff, student exec council, international students, Peter Cook and Barbara Bottoma school editors, simulated office in business dept, Light House class and phone operators, festival board of directors, Lady Lions donation to Shakespearean Festival, Telethon III alumni and student callers, Yvonne Parkinson Upward Bound director
74-11-7Unit number 4-11-7  Kings' concert, Sadie Hawkins dance, high school students attending Godspell, JV basketball individual shots, Circle K Club group shot, AWS officer, pilot survival training workshop, Carolyn Warby, Ruth Coe, Project house construction
74-12-1Unit number 4-12-1  Winter quarter pre registration, wrestlers individual shots, Col Cravens and AF ROTC cadets, David Black
74-12-2Unit number 4-12-2  Inter Club Council, Delta Phi frat, Tau Kappa Epsilon frat, Wynn Weaver, kayaking class, water color by Prof Tom Leek, new life science dept addition to science bldg, T and I project house sketch, children's creative dramatics group
74-12-3Unit number 4-12-3  Music educators National Conference, Student Education Association, Arnold Air Society, Ambassadors Club, Inter-tribal Indians, Home Ec Club, Sigma Pi frat, business club, Spanish club, Tau Beta Sigma frat, Sigma Gamma Chi frat, debate club, cheerleaders and flag twirlers Jeff Carr
74-12-4Unit number 4-12-4  LDSSA group shot, LDS institute choir, Outing club, Calf Creek Outing, Child Development lab, students, Duane Utley, Carolyn Warby, SUSC television studio, Pres Braithwaite receiving First Security Bank Scholarship
74-12-5Unit number 4-12-5  SUSC vs Fort Lewis football, executive council, international students, LDS institute choir, Grub Dance, drama, The Order is Love, Cedar City and SUSC campus aerials, Jennifer Lewis daughter of Terry Lewis
IX. 1975
75-1-1Unit number 5-1-1  Order of Diana, creative people on campus, Rodeo Club, Drama Club, Pi Rho Omega sorority, Skydiving Club, Tau Beta Epsilon sorority, Maranatha group shot by Jim Pratt, drama, Godspell
75-1-2Unit number 5-1-2  SUSC vs. New Mexico Highlands basketball, Cedar High Skyline basketball, Southern Utah Color Country Classic, SUSC vs California Baptist
75-1-3Unit number 5-1-3  Students, George Stransky, Arlene Ashdown, Throley Hall parking, Camber of Commerce luncheon
75-1-4Unit number 5-1-4  SUSC vs North Arizona University basketball, SUSC vs New Mexico Highlands basketball, Christmas College nativity scene, Sung Young Hong receiving State Bank scholarship from Eldon Schmutz
75-1-5Unit number 5-1-5  SUSC vs Adams State basketball, campus winter scenes, Tofer and Doty and dog on quad with Frisbee
75-1-6Unit number 5-1-6  Students, Debra Leishman and Ernest Victorino, Carolyn and Dale Warby, Cathy Tines, drama, Peter Pan, Aria de Capo
75-1-7Unit number 5-1-7  SUSC vs Colorado Mines basketball, wrestling action, marathon run practice, Snow Week decorating committee at work, AF ROTC change of command, cadets Young and Hoff, buildings and grounds, campus color prints
75-1-8Unit number 5-1-8  Students, Eric Marchant, Mike Anderson, Jimmy Akpan, Bassy Akpan, business dept, dance club group shots
75-2-1Unit number 5-2-1  Students, Becky Rounds, Tom Major, Lloyd Nelson, Dave Taylor, Andrea Shirts, Steve McIntyre, Wynn Willingham, Nancy Christenson
75-2-2Unit number 5-2-2  Snow Queen royalty, ball and floor show, SUSC vs Western State basketball, SUSC vs Adams State wrestling
75-2-3Unit number 5-2-3  March of Dimes marathon assembly and run, SUSC vs Regis basketball, students, Steve Fillinger, Dana Bergman, Mike Liebhardt, Pay Hayden, Jim Young, Robin Haight, Barbara Bottoma, faculty and staff, Pat Rippee, Jim Piacitelli's bike with parking ticket
75-2-4Unit number 5-2-4  Students, Marilee Pugh, Connie Langford, Mary Harfield, Deborah Carr, Cheryl Thomas, campus candids of campaign
75-2-5Unit number 5-2-5  SUSC vs Westminster basketball, Thunderettes marching group, The Action political party, Steve McIntyre
75-2-6Unit number 5-2-6  Snow sculptures, Johnny Otis concert and Simon Bronson, nominating assembly, Ric Robinson, drama, Loves Labors Lost, Volunteer Fair community project
75-2-7Unit number 5-2-7  Skiing and races at Mt. Holly Snow Week, winners of bridge building contest, drama Peter Pan
75-3-1Unit number 5-3-1  High Court justices group shots, Carolyn Warby
75-3-2Unit number 5-3-2  Orchestra groups and individuals, newly elected student body officers, Richard Hales, Dee Pace, Karen Farnsworth and Joe Taylor, Scott Phillips, Red Cross bloodmobile on campus, Child Development Lab Valentine party
75-3-3Unit number 5-3-3  Inaugural banquet, new officers, Allan and Alma Adams, student candids taken by Agnes Hansen
75-3-4Unit number 5-3-4  Students, Jerry Kloeppel, drama, Loves Labors Lost, new T and I building interior and moving in
75-3-5Unit number 5-3-5  Students, Phillip Stevens, Kurt Douglas, Lon Saunders, Karen Beck and Dean Bybee, Shakespeare Festival seating, gerentology social at Parowan
75-3-6Unit number 5-3-6  Color shot of gerentology social at Parowan
75-4-1Unit number 5-4-1  Students, Pattie Jenkins, Dan Leslie, Stan Jones, Marjorie Miller, Deborah Leslie
75-4-2Unit number 5-4-2  Rodeo royalty, Kathy Metherall, Tracy Taylor, Larene Wood, SUSC vs Snow track, students, Mike Allen, Jack Nelson, bike-hike committee, photos for Thunderbird shot by Doung Deutschlander
75-4-3Unit number 5-4-3  Students, Bill Randall, ceramic art dept, melodramas, art work by Bob Gehring, oil drilling rig on college farm
75-4-4Unit number 5-4-4  Jr Sr high school science fair, student, Bob Hartenberger
75-5-1Unit number 5-5-1  Students, Doug Bluth and Susan Bentley, faculty and staff, Devon Deppe, Georgia Meatty and Donna Cooley, Dean Harl Judd receiving money from Harry Perry and Charles Walker, Brianhead ski resort, JFK assassination bullet
75-5-2Unit number 5-5-2  Vocational Day activities, SUSC invitational track meet, Red Cliff Repertory Theatre, Sherri West, American Legion Aux seal
75-5-3Unit number 5-5-3  Faculty and staff, Gary McIntyre, Fred Adams with Shakespeare costume, Howard Jensen, Al Tait, Info services work room, past administrators of the college, Mrs Harry Plummer presenting books and records to Mrs Ramona Chamberlain, Wallace F. Bennett former US Senator
75-5-4Unit number 5-5-4  Awards banquet and convocation, loom donation to SUSC by Mrs Zenz, Uko Benjamin receiving award from Bessie Dover
75-5-5Unit number 5-5-5  Wild West Week shoot out, beard growing contest and bake sale, rodeo, Industrial education day, student art display Curt and Ron Rencher, artificial insemination course,, drama, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
75-5-6Unit number 5-5-6  Beth Allred presenting Silver Spoon award to Jerri Grills, students, Herb Stinson, Steve Hodson, Greg Smith with trophies, faculty and staff, Sandy Gillies and Virginia Higbee with Mayor Kerry Jones, Dr. Steve Allen with Max and Robert Thorley, Mrs OC Tanner
75-5-7Unit number 5-5-7  Marathon basketball and activities, Development Board Luncheon, Special Olympics for Handicapped Children, snowy campus May 20, 1975, students, Scott Phillips and Peter Cook preparing for Festival with Fred Adams, Jodi Finlanson and Randy Johnson, faculty and staff, Gary and Kathy McIntyre
75-5-8Unit number 5-5-8  Benefit concert for multiple sclerosis, Thunderette dance review, Sigma Pi frat, makeup students doing disaster look on nursing students
75-5-9Unit number 5-5-9  Thunderette dance review, International Students Club planning luau, varsity-alumni spring football game
75-6-1Unit number 5-6-1  Institutional Council meeting, tree planting, faculty and staff, Prof Maxfield and Dr. Judd with new microscope, Senator and Mrs. Dixie Leavitt and Pres Braithwaite, Wayne Mifflin, Maurice Grossman, Greg Worthington
75-6-2Unit number 5-6-2  Dance concert, TKE jousting tournament, SUSC basketball team, drama, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
75-6-3Unit number 5-6-3  International student Polynesian luau, students, Linda Reeder blind student touring campus, Tom Leek and Rebecca Stewart/couple, Duane Utley on horse, Dale Warby, Beth Allred presenting Silver Spoon Award to Cheryl Thomas, Outstanding Life Science students, Thunderbird awards night
75-6-4Unit number 5-6-4  Commencement 1975
75-6-5Unit number 5-6-5  Girls' State
75-7-1Unit number 5-7-1  Shakespearean Festival, 1975-1976, A 1-10, B 11-20, C 21-30, D 31-40, E 41-51
75-7-2Unit number 5-7-2  Students, Campus paint crew 1975, Dr. Comp's summer school science class, practical nurse group
75-8-1Unit number 5-8-1  Marsha Harmon, Bicentennial meeting, cheerleader workshop, Upward Bound nature trail and jewelry class, Indian modeling jewelry, cookout, capital facilities request, removing diseased tree from quad, Dr. Judd accepting award for business dept
75-9-1Unit number 5-9-1  Ralph Starr, Frank Stephens with ewe, Zelkova Hall, museum, art studio, Old Main, buildings and grounds, faculty and staff, football team, SUSC vs New Mexico Highlands
75-10-1Unit number 5-10-1  Faculty and staff, Earl Burning Jr, S.S. Moorty, Robert G. Young, Artis Petty Grady, Carol Jeanne Abraham, Kathy Jaramillo
75-10-2Unit number 5-10-2  Students, Dave Platt, drama, Papa Married a Mormon, faculty and staff, Pres Braithwaite with Mr and Mrs Elden Yergenson, faculty cleaning up Valley Farm
75-10-3Unit number 5-10-3  Yearbook pictures '75-76, (A, B, C, D), Ellen Adams 69, Sam Aiken 133, Marilyn Allen 124, Susan Alsop 44, Andy Anderson 48, Karla Adams 253, Bassey J Akpan 314 347, Chris Anderson 329, James Abanaka 347, Christine Anderson 302 302a, Robert Allen 304, Curtis Bagley 32, Laura Bailey 134, Mark Baird 186, Jeffrey Baird 9, Daniel Barnhurst 86, Cindy Bartholomew 79, Margene Barton 140, Pamela Bates 227, Julie Beck 194, Cory Belliston 28, Richard Bissell 148, Mary Blackner 126, Becky Blackwell 112, Sherrie Bowlden 200, Von Bowles 30, Kristine Bradshaw 6, Bona Bray 128, Jackie Brunson 19, John Bundy 83, Michelle Brinton 283 283a, Dennis Brown 320, Layne Bowles 324, Dean Bickmore 325, Kathy Braown 337 337a, Maureen Blackburn 342, Tina Baugh 306, Beverly Cartwright 190, Carolyn Chatterley 188, Richard D. Childs 129, Annett Crandoll 144, David Christensen 46, Kathryn Christensen 151, Kevin Christensen 228, Becky Christianson, 197, Thelma Clark 5, Kathy Clyde 210, Fay Cope 45, Judy Cowley 166, Cyd Creer 335, Julie Cloward 339, Brent Case, 296, Bruce Curtis 313, Laurene Dalley 142, John Dalton 99, Clifford Damron 1, Lyle Davis 49, Ann Decker 141, Doug Deutschlander 98, Jolynn Dunn 63, James Dutson 100, Tom Duffy 274-1
75-10-3Unit number 5-10-3  (E, F, G, H), Hal Edwards 47, Bryce Emett 147, Jody Erb 50, Tim Esplin 54, David Evans 130, Ann Ewing 2, Cheryl Eyraud 132, Martin Eliason 297, Loralyn Felix 244, Monie Fergusen 14, Lorna Fish 57, Larry Fulmer 68, Debbie Frei 173, Brad L. Gale 121, Annette Gardner 145, Laura Gentry 221, Gene Gieber 232 250, Jody Graves 24, Colleen Greenwood 199, Bruce Greer 22, Dean and Debra Gifford 123, Jerri Grills 58 266, Jan Grimshaw 25, Roger L. Gilson 274, Cindee Grijalva 282, Karen Goff 338, Carol Gieber 344, Ed Graves Jr 301, Robin Haight 226, Kathleen Hair 8, Wallace Hall 180, Diane Halverson 11, Cindy Hamblin 4, Jan Hamblin 67, Heber Hammon 139, Alton Hardman 10, Susan Hardy 178, Sheryl Harris 231, Chris Hatch 158, Marcie Hawks 20, Carol Haycock 35, Douglas Heideman 135, Robert Hickman 28, Shari Higbee 26, Lynn Holyoak 174, Lois Hurst 33, Tracy Hurst 37, Kim Hoff 271 272, Greg Hollingshead 334, Conna Hall 323, Grant Hinchcliff 295
75-10-3Unit number 5-10-3  (I, J, K, L), Cynthia Jackson 107, LaDawn Jensen 23, Lisa Jensen 42, Steven Jensen 103, Terry Jensen 137, Jeri Jerome 125, Lucy Jones 15, Becky Johnson 27, Brian Johnson 216, Cindi Johnson 36, Jeaneen Johnson 40, Verl Johnson 85, Virgil Johnson 127, Carolyn Jorgensen 18, Lori Judd 17, Laura Jones 309 309a, Sydney Keel 38, Claudia King 113, Kent Kirk 131, Thomas Kirk 81, Elanie Kelsh 265, Robert Kirby 318, Kerwyn Keith 317, Terry Lane 159, Karen Larsen 34, Pauline Larsen 41, Lynnette Laub 220, Ellen Laursen 21, James Leigh 110, Lynnette Liddle 192, Kathy Lindberg 181, Patricia Linford 230, Dal Liston 104, George Loosley 229, Stan Lott 31, Connie Langford 341, Mike Liszewski 343
75-10-3Unit number 5-10-3  (M, N, O), Mark MacNaughtan 162, Clair Madsen 161, Lynne Magleby 115, Kay Marcusen 55, Michelle Marshall 95, Monica Martinez 61, Kevin Maxwell 169, Peggy McAllister 203, Joyce McCallister 217, Cindy McClure 108, Linda McCurdy 168, Georgia McGuire 172, Jennifer McKay 167, Bruce McMullin 209, James McMurray 146, Wain Mecham 53, Terri Messner 109, Michelle Meyer 122, Scott Meyer 143, Tom Mikita 160, Ben Miller 185, Jim Miller 218, Phil Miller 163, Karen Moore 152, Debbie Morrell 39, Darla Mortensen 157, Ralph Mortensen 62, Elizabeth Mullins 164, Bill Murphy 154, Brent Mellor 321, Valerie Madsen 326, Randy Mellor 331, Mike Morris 346, Gary Nakken 201, Pam Nakken 114, Carla Neal 111, Christian Neilson 149, Joyce Nelson 187, Connie Nielsen 60, Mike Nielson 75, Cathy Nelson 298 299, Joe Larry Nekvasil 286, Teri Oldroyd 89, Dennis Olsen 56, Catherine Ortega 277
75-10-3Unit number 5-10-3  (P, Q, R, S), Dorian Page 240, Stephen Palmer 189, Anthony Patrou 105, Ann Paxman 241, Verla Pedersen 87, Nancy Penrod 178, Linda Perkins 51, Peggy Petersen 171, Pamela Phillips 236, Randall Phillips 235, Rick Phillips 196, Carolyn Pierce 59, Jewell Pitts 234, Vickie Plott 52, Randy Poulsen 64, Kae Porter 66, Marla Pugh 77, Mary Pugmire 65, Holly Purdue 184, Scott Priegel 206, Peggy Peterson 256, Jill Peterson 293 293a, Alan Phister 315, Mark Pierce 319, Sandy Payne 327, Kevin Picardo 336 336a, James H. Pratt 312, Dwight Rasmussen 156, Debbie Reber 153, Deon Reber 193, Linda Reeder 175, Susan Rice 215, Rea Richins 243, Julie Richman 74, Janice Riggs 233, Jan Robinson 117, Lisa Robinson 214, Marialee Robinson 72, Wendy Robinson 202, Debbie Rodgers 176, Michelle Russotto 13, Boyd "Rocky" Redington II 246 246a, Leslie Robison Sen. 248, Stephen C. Rohl 275, Bob Robinson 328, John Reardon 330, Jason Rampton 294, Mary Ellen Schmutz 238, Lori Schramm 165, Tony Schoenfeld 84, Gary Sedwick 7, Jonathan Sedgwick 90, Doug Shaver 80, Debbie Sherwood 106, Peggy Shirts 242, Lori Shively 213, Leianne Sine 193, Cindy Jo Smith 219, David Smith 225, Bonnie Sorensen 195, Shelly Sorensen 208, Anona Spencer 183, Carol Spencer 237, Jerry Spencer 170, Scott Stephens 88, James D. Stewart 82, Sandra Swallow 177, Jean Swapp 204, Ronald Swihart 205, Barbara Smith 333, Julie Shurtz 303, Sherron Swapp 305, Connie Seaman 307, Jerry Sheriff 310, Jill Steward 311
75-10-3Unit number 5-10-3  (T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z), Mike Tamillos 155, Neal Tate 118, John Tatton 92, Joe Taylor 212, April Jo Tayson 71, Carol Thomas 143, Monte Thomas 101, Scott Thorley 211, Bonia Traff 16, Charles Treft 223, Mark Turner 102, Terry Turner 76, Sherry Tuckett 322 322ab, Doneva Taylor 308 308a, Karen Van Ausdale 136, Ernest Victorino 268, Bruce Walkup 198, Lesly Warburton 119, Jeff Warren 70, Cheri Weston 239, John Westwood 138, Wendy Wheeler 194, Laurie White 73, Cheryl Whittington 182, Bruce Whitney 120, Becke Wilenski 78, Cindy Williams 245, Kyle Williams 245, Donald W. Willis 96, Ellen L. Willis 96, Leslie Wilson 91, Nancy Wilson 207, Lamar Wyatt 259, Steve Weaver 284 284a, Dale and Caroly Warby 285 285a, Regi Weihing 316, Mary Ann Wilks 332, Susan Waicht 349, Tom Wilks 300, Kevin Yelderman 116, Dale Young 191, Jim Young 234, George Yellow 340
75-10-4Unit number 5-10-4  Judicial Council, High Court, Executive Council, students, Sherrie Bowlden, Jeri Grills, Karla Adams, Lynn Hatch, Mike Liebhardt, Robin Haight, Jim Young, Gary Nakken, Greg Hollingshead, Rich Gilmore with wrecked truck and phony rocket, Brian Schlapkohl, faculty and staff, Dennis Ohms and Amanda Pace, Carol Abraham constructing a porcelain mirror frame, Jennifer Lindsay coming out of bookstore, VFW auxiliary donating scholarship, Dennis Agle for SUSC, work shop at cabin, Escalante Valley day care center, Janet Cordon
75-10-5Unit number 5-10-5  SUSC vs Western New Mexico football, nursery school Halloween party, SUSC skydiving club, fall scenery of Cedar Mountain area, State Bank of Southern Utah scholarship donation, Sage Lunt and Dave Nyman with harp
75-10-6Unit number 5-10-6  Fall quarter registration, toy fire hydrant
75-10-7Unit number 5-10-7  Faculty and staff assembly, tricycle race and egg-throwing contest, SUSC vs Mesa Colorado football, homecoming committee, parade, dance, queen and king pageants, 1950s Grub Dance, Copperfield, Natty Bumpo in concert, bonfire and pep rally
75-10-8Unit number 5-10-8  Food service in Halloween costumes, former student body presidents, faculty and staff, Sandy Dicianno, drama, Wonderful Town, groundbreaking for new life science building, Walt McGinley, new president's award Arrows and Spear
75-11-1Unit number 5-11-1  Basketball players, Evelyn Webster presentation to Chris Winterose for Shakespearean Festival, old admin bldg, scenery by Jim Robinson, drama, Wonderful Town, faculty and staff, Ralph Lewis, Dale DeMille, students, Leland Brigham, SUSC athletic council
75-11-2Unit number 5-11-2  SUSC emblem
75-11-3Unit number 5-11-3  Big Buck contest, 50 Year club presentation and banquet, SUSC vs Westminster football
75-12-1Unit number 5-12-1  Executive council, Marion Widick and vice president Hatch, Elk Lodge donation, students, Don Welling, Alan Phister, Terry Jackson, Kevin Maxwell, police science lab, crime scene, Most Preferred Man, Telethon IV, SUSC post office
75-12-2Unit number 5-12-2  SUSC vs Hastings College Nebraska, vs Grand Canyon, vs Westminster, vs Adams State, vs Western New Mexico, vs Mesa Colorado, vs Grand Canyon basketball district finals
X. 1976
76-1-1Unit number 6-1-1  Hall of Enchanted Trees, Sweet Tooth Village in library, winners and donors, nativity scene, international students and Christmas party, jv basketball, wrestlers, student candidates Lisa Jensen and Pat Hayden, Thunderbird staff, international students, President's council, LDS Institute choir, east side of science building
76-1-2Unit number 6-1-2  All tournament team and MVP, basketball, students Greg Tait, drama, Spoonriver, Shakespeare guild members Mrs, Hanson, Gardner, and Winterose, staff preparing brochures, First Security Bank scholarship donation VP Hatch, Francis Betenson, Pres Braithwaite, Grant Seaman new alumni association president
76-1-3Unit number 6-1-3  Student center Christmas trees, members of student council, art committee, faculty and staff, Upward Bound advisory council, Drs. Woolf, Star, and Cloward
76-1-4Unit number 6-1-4  Faculty and staff marathon runners practicing, Jim Robinson, Pres Braithwaite presenting the Spear, girls' basketball, students Warren Anderson, Debra Gifford, drama club with Senator Frank Moss, Mr and Mrs DL Sargent
76-1-5Unit number 6-1-5  SUSC vs BYU girls' basketball, Lambda Delta Sigma sorority, sheep killed by cougar near Modena, Utah
76-2-1Unit number 6-2-1  Drama club, orchestra, students, Pat Hayden, Lisa Jensen, Kerrie Mason, drama, I Remember Mama, Spoonriver, SUSC VVMC disaster drill
76-2-2Unit number 6-2-2  March of Dimes marathon assembly and run from SUSC to SLC, Governor's luncheon and law and ethics panel, LDSSA search for womanhood committee, Order of Diana, cheerleaders, flagtwirlers, Southern Utah Forensic Association, Tau Kappa Epsilon frat, interior of old admin building, Braithwaite Art Gallery, weaving department, drama, I Remember Mama
76-2-3Unit number 6-2-3  LDSSA, Home Ec club, Association Women Student, Business club, buildings and grounds likely to be used by the handicapped people, Kent Dover, copy work of The Oak Ridge Boys
76-2-4Unit number 6-2-4  Student communication association, Tau Beta Epsilon, Associated Men Students, dance club, P.N. student nurse group, Tavi yearbook staff, Gene Giever, Mona Mitchell, Connit Langford, Syd Ramsaur, faculty and staff, Jim Robinson, Sandra Gillies
76-2-5Unit number 6-2-5  Party of '76 candidates for student offices, SUSC vs UTC-Provo jv, electronics and drafting classes, drama, I Remember Mama, faculty and staff, Glen D. Anderson, bad sewer line west of old admin bldg, copy negative of new baseball diamond
76-3-1Unit number 6-3-1  Students, Steve Palmer, Mona Mitchell, Jim Bayly, Karine Beesley on piano, Baptist student union, SUSC skydiving Ozone Flyers, faculty and staff, Barbara Morgan, Fred Adams and Pres Braithwaite receiving money for the Shakespeare Festival from Lee Fife, Garth Green of Kiawanas presenting money to Earl Bruning, music department
76-3-2Unit number 6-3-2  Preparation for aquatic show, foosball tournament, SUSC vs Northern Arizona wrestling, SUSC vs BYU jv basketball, rodeo club, Sigma Gamma Chi f rat, Ambassadors club retakes, technical education dept faculty, life science faculty, Ken Benson, Sterling Church, Betty Kingsford, Van Bushnell, Bessie Dover, Dennis Agle, Maureen Robb, Harl Judd, McRay Cloward, Paul Southwick, Pres Braithwaite and VP Conrad Hatch
76-3-3Unit number 6-3-3  Greasy Joe and the Roadhogs, H Factor, political party for election of 1976, student court judges, Powder Puff football game, faculty and staff, physical science, behavioral science, music, family life, language dept, education, business, P.E.
76-3-4Unit number 6-3-4  Snow sculpture competition, RMAC wrestling tournament, Snow Queen pageant, Lisa Beardall with ski trophy, Ambassadors club pie throw, students Galen Rose, faculty and staff, English and Speech and drama depts, melodrama, college farm, copy work for continuing education display
76-3-5Unit number 6-3-5  Handicapped recreation trip to Disneyland, band practicing for trip to Washington, D.C., Thunderettes, jewelry making in night class, students, Steve McIntyre, Kelly Alton, coach Tom Kingsford, Jack and Cal Carter with Pres Braithwaite, water testing lab
76-4-1Unit number 6-4-1  Rodeo Queens, Rip Van Winkle publicity shots, Mary Jean Bell, Jim Bell with art display, Wayne Hinton, Dr. Delano Meriweather with minority students, bank's trip to Washington, D. C.
76-5-1Unit number 6-5-1  Campus map
76-5-2Unit number 6-5-2  Bicentennial quilts, Orderville display, Mammie Eck by Bicentennial painting, student L.P. Nurses, SUSC vs Mesa Colorado baseball, Baptist student union giving books to library, Judicial council, Jim Baley, Chris Ann Ashman,, Pat Rippee checking physical fitness of Chris Ann Ashman, Shakespeare Festival set, roof construction, senior citizens taken in SUSC library, Governor Calvin Rampton, Walt Granger, G. Homer Durham, Deseret String band
76-5-3Unit number 6-5-3  Upward Bound graduation, Lula Betenson sister to "Butch Cassidy", student health services, Doug Miller with painting, Tom Higbee, drama, The Last of Mrs. Lincoln, Rip Van Winkle, Lady Elks donating to handicapped children's group, Garth Hansen
76-6-1Unit number 6-6-1  Baseball team, faculty and staff, Terry Lewis, industrial education building and classes, Utah Shakespearean Festival set construction
76-6-2Unit number 6-6-2  Students, Nancy Stingham and dance class at East Elem, Allen Halliday, Charles Yardley, Steve Rohl and Jill Wilks putting up posters, photos of Shakespearean Festival cafes for endorsement brochures, recipients of alumni scholarships, Telethon V, Dave Meyer
76-6-3Unit number 6-6-3  Wild West Week rodeo, cookout, with Ken Benson sour dough, mock hold-up on Main Street, dance, concert, students, Beth Meyers, faculty, Janet Garcia, Barbara Bottamo, drama, The Last of Mrs. Lincoln, trophies won by 1975 yearbook with Lynnette Liddle, Bessie Dover, Boyd Redington
76-6-4Unit number 6-6-4  The Works 76, girls' softball tournament, student senate, LDS Institute choir, Red Cliff Repertory Theatre Company, faculty, Virginia Highbee, awards program, Mary McDonald and Carmen Jones, Fred Adams
76-6-5Unit number 6-6-5  Baccalaureate and commencement 1976
76-6-6Unit number 6-6-6  Track meet, students, Linda McConnel, automotive class, Gaylen Rose, Barbara Bottoma, Martin Rex Goodwin, faculty, Tom Leek, T-Bird award night, scholarship banquet, art sculpture, Utah Shakespeare Festival copy work
76-6-8Unit number 6-6-8  Student executive officers, faulty plumbing in old admin bldg, bicentennial quilts,
76-7-1Unit number 6-7-1  Shakespearean Festival, A 1-10, B 11-20, C 21-30, D 31-40, E 41-50, F 51-60, G 61-70, H 71-80, I 81-90
76-7-2Unit number 6-7-2  Faculty and staff, Steve Van Dyke, students, Upward Bound Ceramics class, summer paint crew
76-7-3Unit number 6-7-3  Athletics, football team
76-7-4Unit number 6-7-4  Faculty and staff, Larry Olson, Carol Abraham, Steve Kazor, La Dawn Allen, Joy Wood, Gary Tom, Dell Ray Taylor, Doris Williamson, James W. Harrison, Barbara Cowley, James E. Ketch, Alton Lee "Tony" Johnson, Marena Palmer, Wisconsin Group, Motor Cross races
76-7-5Unit number 6-7-5  Mock trial student vs faculty, Carter Brothers Jack and Calv, Dutch oven cooking equipment at college cabin, government grant of science
76-9-1Unit number 6-9-1  Athletics, SUSC vs Westminster, Western New Mexico, U of So Colorado, Colorado Mines football
76-10-1Unit number 6-10-1  Concert by Ambrosia, Old Main Society plaques presentation, fall quarter registration, faculty and staff, James E. Ketch, students, Jim Young, Georgia McGuire, Steve Shoell, Lou Featherall, Max Wood, Nancy Webster, Lynn Buttons, Vicky Johnson
76-10-2Unit number 6-10-2  Title III displays, students, Jim Sevy, Robin Hill, Craig Brown, Karen Beasley, Jason Rampton, SUSC football stadium, Shakespearean back stage, faculty and staff, art dept faculty preparing for show, Bessie Dover, rifle raffle by staff association, '76 Homecoming poster, old campus scenes, Jim Stafford entertainer, copy negs of old Shakespearean portraits
76-10-3Unit number 6-10-3  Miss SUSC candidates, Tina Kennedy, Marcia Dewsnup, Valerie Rainey, Janna Hickman, Janette Jones, Lori Lambros, Stephanie Sedgwick, Catherine Pai-Mei Lan, Shanette Smith, Lucretia Gray, Carol Matheson, Regi Weihing, Becke Walenski, Tammy Gleave, Ferol White, Beverly Cartwright
76-11-1Unit number 6-11-1  Thunderettes, cheerleaders, flagtwirlers, dance club at basketball game halftime, child development lab Halloween party, student candidates, Shakespearean Festival workshop conducted by Michael Finlayson, Ross Berry, Elks Lodge and Pres Braithwaite donations, old admin building and grounds, copy neg of 1907 graduation class, Celeste Dento, Big Buck contest, Intratribal Princess contest, drama, Oklahoma, Wait Until Dark, Good Doctor, art, ceramics by Carol Abraham
76-11-2Unit number 6-11-2  Students, Jinny Wilson, Connie Langford, Summer Paint crew in snack bar, Rick Phillips and basketball coaching staff, Virginia Stephenson, Mike Shaw, Ellen Adams, Sally Hunter, Josie Foster, Dick Cottino, Durt Vandenberg, Mary Hill Dunn, Ferrol Ann White, Mark Blackham, Tommy Sevy, Jeff Schniterr, Ann Jorgensen, Doug Miller, Michelle Brinton, Ken Cook Janett Spencer, Alan Baird, Becki Wilenski, Sandy Erickson, faculty and staff, Susan Kesler, Susan Gardner, Indian education advisory committee, Upward Bound pottery display, old admin building and construction of life science building, snack bar exterior and interior, site of new student married housing, 50 year old club, Dutch oven cooking, Old Main Society, Mrs Ralph Starr and Mrs Anderson
76-11-3Unit number 6-11-3  Students, executive council, intertribal club, institutional council, cross country track team, traveling assembly, dance club, Pi Beta Lambda business club, rodeo club, LDSSA group, Sigma Gamma Chi and Lambda Delta Sigma, AWS officers, student senate, debate team, mycology display of mushrooms, etc., child development lab with card for Cedar City's 125th birthday, Phil Carter's class singing carols in library, Pat Hayden, Francis Cook, campus switch board operators, campus security, Mannita RHA, Senator-elect Orin Hatch
76-11-4Unit number 6-11-4  Miss SUSC pageant, Kgeant, torch run and relay race, bud bowl, Richie Lecea and Kelly Schuldburg in concert, SUSC vs Mesa, Colorado, football homecoming, parade, Snow Queen pageant with jazz band
76-12-1Unit number 6-12-1  SUSC vs Republic of China basketball, women's volleyball, wrestling meet, girls' basketball shots, and SUSC vs Dixie, jv basketball SUSC vs UTC Provo, Turkey chase and roasted Dutch oven turkey, Baptist Student Union, A Cappella choir, German Chorus, Upward Bound at college cabin, arrowhead display, drama, Good Doctor, Mikado with Fred Adams and Gary McIntyre, Wait Until Dark
76-12-2Unit number 6-12-2  Karate club, basketball, jv basketball team, commando basketball game, redheads professional women's basketball vs Cedar City All Stars, SUSC vs Mesa, Colorado at regional playoffs, women's track, men's track
76-12-3Unit number 6-12-3  SUSC vs Grand Canyon, Westminster, Mesa College basketball, gymnastics meet, SUSC vs Western Oklahoma at national in Kansas City
76-12-4Unit number 6-12-4  Skydiving club, drama, international student, president's council, Tau Beta Sigma, wrestling team, LP nurses group at Valley View Medical Center, Sigma Delta Omicron, Tau Beta Epsilon, Order of Diana sorority, TKE frat, faculty and staff, VP Paul Southwick, Pres Royden Braithwaite, students, Jim Bailey, Doug Miller, Sandy Erickson, Michelle Brinton, Ken Cook, Becki Wilenski, Alan Baird, Janett Spencer, college cabin area on Cedar Mountain
76-12-5Unit number 6-12-5  Hall of Enchanted Trees, Sunshade and Rain in concert, March of Dimes marathon from Cedar City to SLC practice and beginning, Mona Mitchell, gymnastics class, students, cattle judging class and building construction at Valley Farm, police science crime scene, Rod Decker's police science class, psychology dept for brochure, Graig Jones' Police science class,, Mike Embley, Rabbi Abner Bergman
XI. 1977
77-1-1Unit number 7-1-1  Faculty and staff, Pres Braithwaite and Francis Betenson, VP Conrad Hatch, Tom Challis and Randall Christensen, College Deans and Director of Development, student services personnel, secretarial group, Pres Braithwaite lecturing for AWS week, Stan jack varsity basketball coaching staff, March of Dimes marathon and Mona Mitchell, Marilyn Perry and switchboard operators
77-1-2Unit number 7-1-2  Student executive council, Grassroots student political party, Upward Bound at college cabin, cross country ski club, Lambda Delta Sigma and Sigma Gamma Chi, Ambassadors club, Hall of Enchanted Trees
77-1-3Unit number 7-1-3  Music, Manning Halverson Oratorical Society concert, Jazz ensemble
77-1-4Unit number 7-1-4  Students, Snow Queen contestants, Gene McEldowney, Le Ann McQuivey, Robyn Thorley, Verla Jean Pedersen, Dixie Richards, Carol Chamberlain, Robyn Atwood, Roxie Wright, Sherri Bowlden, Susan Duke, Diana Black, Charlette Ann Glade, Kay Marcusen, Nancy Ann Braigger, Tamara Utley, Rae Ann Pitcher, Marcia Dewsnup, Ann Marie Coates, Janice Bickmore
77-1-5Unit number 7-1-5  TV studio, photo lab, debaters, behavioral and social science dept, history dept, engineering dept
77-1-6Unit number 7-1-6  Student yearbook pictures, (A, B), David Adams 106, Jill Anderson 624, John Andrus 21, Lori Armstrong 43, Robyn Atwood 44, Pamela Adams 52, Roy Aumua 79, Paul Ashdown 116, Cheryl Anderson 121, John R. Aire 122, Dave Archangel 123, Jeff Anderson 129, Marvalee Allen 178, Tammy Andrews 189, Timmie Austin 27, Nancy Boyd 134, Pamela Barton 108, Barry Bell 104, Gary Boley 105, Juan D. Babauta 85, Cindy Brown 76, Denise Begaye 78, Kevan Bybee 71, Jeoh Burton 72, Susan Beratto 74, Janice Bickmore 60, Carol Brown 621, Rick W. Blackwell 38, Randy G. Blackburn 39, Shanna Banks 629, Nancy Barton 23, Michael E. Baumann 24, John Bradshaw 9, Diana Black 12, Ann Benson 13, Tammy G. Benson 14, Debbie Lee Bowler 15, Christene Bryant 16, Tracy Behling 1, George Baumann 2, Richard R. Bissell 608, Sallie Barlow 625, Sherrie Bowlden 561, Debbie Lee Bowler 544, Janell Barney 511, Diana Bennett 453, Deana Barton 310, Melanie Bowler 200, Wendy Bezanson 194, Michelle Butler 177, Ken Baker 94, Vernon Bosshardt 96, Peter K. Bulloch 97, John Berry 98, Vinton Bedoni 53, Christine Black 54, Lisa Bowers 55, Dean Bickmore 604, Paula Bunting 58, Kathy Brown 59, Marvin Bagley 41, Lee Ann Branch 50, Lillie Bundy 51, Nancy Bauer 25, Evan Brown 28, Sylvia Black 30, Clinton Bills 31, Charla Bentley 17, Kelly Burke 20, Dennis Blumenkrantz 22, Cindy Bartholomew 441, Ray Baumann 427, Arden M. Barlow 420, Curtis Bagley 408, Sallie Barlow 410, Mary Blackner 383, John R. Broderick 387, Lila Bartholomew 388, Pauline Beecher 373, Layne Bowles 374, Duana Blakey 375, Dennis Banks 380, Star Ann Brady 365, Marc Broadway 366, Stewart Behling 367, John Behling 368, Marilyn Baird 369, Michelle Brinton 371, Gary Boley 143a 143b, Scott Burns 126, Julie Blackburn 128a 128b
77-1-6Unit number 7-1-6  (C, D, E, F), Woodrow Campbell 3, La Verne Cosuse 4, Richard Dee Cottino 18, Cheri Mae Cahoon 32, Robert Cox 45, Ty L. Carrillo 46, Keven Odell Cutler 56, Irene Curley 91, Renee Christensen 142, Dena Coulter 372, Lila Marie Claridge 370, Wendy Ann Clark 376, Mark Carrillo 377, Boyd Christianson 127, Becky Christianson 384, Darrell L. Collison 385, Tyrone Crosby 386, Bob Coash 397, Bryan C. Chamberlain 405, Julie Calton 428, Ida Mae Cowboyd 618, Rose Colledge 617, Jena Crawley 611, Judy Callison 597, Ross Cartwell 639, Delynn Casper 628, Linda Casper 629, Danny Campbell 37, Steve A. Conners 64, Richard Cwik 67, Jonathan C. Carter 70, Carol Cartwright 73a 73b, Sandy Cloward 75, Scott Croft 99, Curtis Chamberlain 100, Mark Christensen 111, Jill Cummings 165, Dean Cooper 252, Beverly Cartwright 521, Sharon Christensen 153, Ann Decker 407, Dennis R. Currant 392, James C. Dutson 382, Manuel Deason 379, Ken Divich 125, Ron Dobson 95, Michael K. Daniels 19, Tom Duffy 534, Susan Duke 164, Mary Hill Dunn 115, Johlyn Dunn 89, Steve Donohue 80, Lindy Kirk Davis 33, Mary Cindra Dietz 43, Mike Dalton 40, Lori Dickens 609, Chester Dale 114, Paula Dennett 590, Jeffery Duncan 245, Harvey Estes 641, Sally Esplin 63, Lori Ann Evans 88, Laurie Lynn Estop 90, Gayle Ewell 602, Sharon Elder 103, Dixon Eliason 541, David Evans 557a 558a, Jody Ere 571 a 571 b, Carla Evans 10, Tom Fullm er 447, Gayla Foster 442, Margaret Forrest 399, Jean Ferguson 92, Cheryl Foutz 57, Neal L. Fillmore 42, Perry Francis 26, Patrick Fielding 29, Joan Ferguson 93, Tamra Fay 11, Scott Foisy 7, Robert L. Foisy 6, Janice Fonoimoana 5, Mont Forsyth 542, Dennis Frasier 543, Dave Frei 527, Lou Featherall 502, Alfred Foster 293, Steve Fawcett 109, Jimmy Farrell 112, Jane Frampton 101, Boyd Fillerup 65, Nita Franklin 61, Stephen T. Frahm 35, Chuck L. Freer 36, Debbie Van Fleet 616, Sandy Francisco 595, Dennis Fillinger 640, Tim Ford 221
77-1-6Unit number 7-1-6  (G, H, I, J), Gary Gott 446 599, E. Neil Grimshaw 424, Jill Gillen 593, Gaylen S. Gurr 599a, Tom O. Gurr 599b, Sandy Gagon 167 169, Charolette Glade 161 175, Nancy Gale 169, Grant Gottshall 175, Van Garica 176, Linda Green 196, Charles Grant 219, Russell Gartrell 450, Kendall and Rea Gubler 411, Scott Gygi 139, Kevin Griffiths 550, Charlotte Goodman 212, Christopher Gatlin 569, Ross Gartrell 639, Keith Gubler 66, Norma Grimshaw 82, Myria Garfield 83, Lucita Gray 538, Tammy Gleave 158, Dent Hendrix 436, Alan Haslem 559, Lee Ann Haslem 540, Sheryl Harris 528, Sung Young Hong 503, Gene Hagloch 110, Kan Dee Hollingsworth 86, Marlyn Hendricks 567a 567b, Alton Hardman 553, Kathleen Hair 535, Steve Hansen 531, Gary Higgins 144, Craig Hafen 389, Scott Higgins 147, Steven Holyoak 146, Cheryl Huntsman 152, Terry Harmansen 145, Kathy Hanks 168, Richard A. Heath 390, Joe Haslem 418, David L. Haight 416, Diane Halverson 419, John Hall 425, Shelia Jarvis Hall 426, Alma W. Holt 422, Edwin Higbee 404c, Cindy L. Hopfer 515 621, Phillip Howa 517, Steve Hodson 451, Susan M. Hodson 452, Rulon K. Hardy 353, Tamara Hunt 346, Frederick C. House 295, Gary Haran 202, Eric Houle 204, Craig Hinton 206, Jay Henderson 207, Sally Hunter 192, Doug Hall 193, Scott Hardman 197, Locke E. Hahne 149, Reuben Honahni 160, Kendra Holt 157, Anthony Hinojosa 198, Chris Hunter 199, Karen Halladay 171, Susan Harris 172, Melanee G. Harding 131, Myree Hatch 136, Patti Hendrix 138, Lola Hatchcock 117, Lynn Hicks 68, Peggy Irvine 174, Leslie Irving 598, Carma Jackson 211, Brent Judd 151, Kelly Johnson 140, Robert W. Jones 417a 417b, Larry Jackson 430, Kelly Jordan 433, Peggy Jenson 485, Dave Jeffries 469, Lucille Johnson 201, Sharon Jacks 123, Jeanette Jones 210, Rodney Jones 203, Jay Jones 195, Will Jolley 185, Bryan Jensen 191a 191b, Barbara A. Jackson 182, Harvey Johnson 184, Elyee Jones 132, Verl Johnson 622
77-1-6Unit number 7-1-6  (K, L, M), Rita Kleese 214, Janet Kesler 215, Tina Kennedy 612, Kim Kimball 170 217, Susan Kassin 183, Mark D. King 186, Ramona Katt 352, Sydney Keel 434, Michael Kapessos 208, Peggy J Kewanwytewa 159, Kollynne Killpack 155, Greg Killpack 156, Andy Lanto 435, Paul G. Laborde 440, Pauline Larsen 613a 613b, Ellen Laursen 552a 552b, Anette Leavitt 154, Mickey E. Loper 445, Ed Labrie 533, Teresa Larsen 130, Carla Limb 394, Philip B. Lee 412, Terry Lane 413, Kurt P. Lundquist 415, Douglas R. Lindsay 423, Kathy Lindberg 431, Stan Lott 409, Mark Lewkki 507, Linda Lunt 349, Steve Lowry 350, Terry Lorenz 337, Rex A. Lawrence 303, Layne A. Lefevre 240, John Lunstrom 188, Joann Larsen 179, Jacque Loveland 180, Adrienne Leavitt 173, Sarah Lee 133, Shauna Leek 137, Karen Larsen 630, Betsy Madden 448, Kirk Matheson 239, Kay Marcusen 632, Steve Micklewright 633, Kimberly MacFarlane 591, Derrell Morley 606, Torli Miyoko 135, Richard D. Madril 222, Ken Manzaneras 187, Dennis Morgan 224, Annette McAllister 236, Carol Matheson 239, Machon Maples 241, Debra Mecham 244, Ann Martineau 245, Vicki Mullet 250, Valerie Mays 254, Lynn Martineau 255, Dale McCleery 259, R. Lane Martino 261, Russ Morris 267, Christine Miller, 265, Brad Meyers 273, Blake Mousley 355, Stacey Michael 359, Sabrina Munford 362, Maurine Meador 462, Jim Miller 463, Teena Mecham 466, Michelle McCabe 481a, Kevin Manner 483, Valerie Madsen 486, Ellen Mackey 497 637, Michelle Marshall 510, Karen Ann Moore 551 563a 563b, Dawn McEntire 282, Clair Mackey 638, Timothy M. Merrell 284, Augustine Matagne 286, Georgia McGuire 504, Patrice Ann Madson 539, Peggy McAllister 402
77-1-6Unit number 7-1-6  (N, O, P, Q), Rickie C. Nielson 463, L.Dee Nord 478, Robert Nelson 460, Richard Nelson 361, Laurie Nuhall 302, Linda S. Nelson 294, Janette Nye 274, Jim Neilson 268, Jana Lei Nield 242, Gary Neibadr 227, Connie Nielson 391, Joyce Nelson 493, Dale Orton 225a 226b, Bradford J. O'Neill 223, Bill Osborn 251, Carolynn Olds 275, Brenda Kay Olsen 271, Kelly Oppenheimer 325, Lisa Orr 565, Janet Kathy Ott 468, Pam Phillips 573a 573b, Jolene Pannunzio 279, Patsy Poulsen 281, Kathleen Phillips 596a 596b, Rick Phillips 569, Illene Prisbrey 530, Marla Pugh 532, Mark Planck 396, Robert W. Prince 414, Kent Pickering 495, Nancy Penrod 488, Rae Ann Pitcher 481, Scott Priegel 476, Margene M. Powell 461a 461b, Jodei Pope 360, Robert B. Payne 354, Slone Porter 334, Janis Porter 308, Steve Passemato 326, Wayne Pollock 370, Steven Powell 269, Susan Porter 257, John Pinder 256, Paul Porter 358, Tony Pappas 260, Pamela L. Pavetti 249, Marilynn Price 253, Elwin F. Prince 243, Vickie Plott 620, Joseph Pratt Price 603, R. Craig Quilter 237, Evelyn M. Quilter 276
77-1-6Unit number 7-1-6  (R, S, T), Nolan Roberts 246, Thomas Rassmussen 244, Patricia Rember 449a 449b, Cuthbert Robinson 600, Janice Riggs 602, Debra Runolfson 118, Neesha Roberts 120, Annette Richards 190, Mark Rainey 228, Kathy Roberts 233, Shari Rindlisabcher 246, Paulette Ross 242, Rebecca Richards 262, Michael L. Rose 263, Wesley L. Ruff 264, Richard Raddatz 270, Lorie Lee Ryan 277, Lisa Robinson 457, Jan Rasmussen 456, Herbie C. Robinson 471, Linda Reeder 496, Bonnie Riggs 512, Ron Reber 519, Alan B. Robinson 520, Dennis Robertson 421, Deon Reber 393, Valerie Rainey 554, Calvin Rollins 556, Mary Riches 285, Andrea Roberts 278, Bradford Riggs 291, Mary Jo Rich 524, John Reardon 572, Larry Rose 532, Roland Snyder 458, Ronald Swilhart 459, Michael Skerl 357, Shirl A. Stone 351, Lorna Sander 347, Dennis Sonnenberg 348, Sara Staney 341, Vivian Sinfield 343, Joan Stanworth 344, Lorene Sperry 342, Lori Sargeant 320, Lori Smith 321, Terrie Sandberg 324, Glenna Stewart 311, Carin Shaws 316, Eddie R. Scott 306, Mark Sidwell 307, Kellie Sorenson 301, Deanne Staheli 300, Gerald Swapp 298, Donald Stephenson 297, Mary Stewart 235, Scott Smith 69, Christine Shank 592, Anona Spencer 631, Kenneth Schoolman 623, Glinda Singer 626, Terry Stasny 327, Mike Sorensen 401, Scott Seegmiller 526, Ruth H. Stucki 529, Leslie Striegel 498, Victor Salgor 499, Steve Schoel 501, Stephanie Sedgwick 287, Garrett Sedgwick 288, Park Sung Kyur 292, Dianne Stratton 280, La Rae Stuart 283, Tammy Stephenson 548, Ronnie Stubbs 378, Michael Shaw 432, Carla Stucki 514, Kent Sevy 518, Sandra Swallow 482, Ray Smith 479, Wendy Stolks 480, David Smith 472, Chieko Taketa 329, Gary Temple 610, Sherrie Tyson 299, Randall Ray Tsinnie 304, Lori Taylor 315, Wendy Taylor 319, LaMonte Twitchell 335, Arjean Twitchell 336, Kathy Thomas 345, Charles Treft 492, Shelly Thompson 516, Brian Terry 429, Paul Tate 141, Gay Tuft 545a 545b, Robynn Thorley 566, Lillie Tsosie 619, Charles Twitchell 525, Rachelle Thorley 574, Kendall Torgerson 398, Deborah K. Thompson 521, David Taylor 358
77-1-6Unit number 7-1-6  (U, V, W, X, Y, Z), Diane Urie 238, Valerie Urton 339, Tim Vetere 266, Arthur Vikyper 205, Debbie Van Fleet 616, Kam Weihing 166, Joy Wolsey 231, Ferol White 363, Jayne Wooley 455, Judi Wooley 464, Gene C. Weamann 470, Mary Ann Wilkes 473, Tom Wilkes 474, Nancy Wilson 487, Bruce Walkup 395, Steve Weaver 634, Cindy Woodbury 594, Connie Wade 87, Kathleen White 505, Kevin Wilson 500, Jill Wadsworth 537, Ellen L. Willis 438, Donald Wayne Willis 437, Jeff B. Winn 439, Bill Webster 400, Karen Wright 522, Bruce E. Warren 523, Wendy Sue Willden 615, Paul Williamson 240, Debbie Waite 614, LaMar Wyatt 370a 370b 605, Jim Webb 546 a 546 b, Ginny Wilson 547a 547b, David Warr 549, Cheryl Whittington 491, Michael C. Ware 338, Suzanne Willden 340a 340b, Dan Wyley 318, Curt James Wilde 323, Randy Webster 322, Mollie Wright 312, Mary Winn 313, JoAnn Wright 309, Joe Wright 296, Roxie Wright 332, Diane Wadsworth 328, Paul Yardley
77-3-1Unit number 7-3-1  Concert by Oak Ridge Boys, debate meet on campus, Snow Ball Dance, faculty taken by year book staff
77-3-3Unit number 7-3-3  Four Seasons Dinner Theater The Fantisticks, St. George, mock disaster drill at Juniper Hall (photos and processing by Loraine Juvelin), men and women track action, Phil Carter's class Charlie Brown, historical class special collections slide and tape, Chuck Jenkins art display, Carol Abraham ceramics, Richard Rowley, Frain Pearson, faculty and staff, copy negs Dr. William Martin Jr.
77-3-4Unit number 7-3-4  Baseball players, meat cutting class, students, Camee Blood, Lillian Lewis, faculty and staff, Harold Hiskee, Robert Moore, Rod Decker, Pres Braithwaite, art, weaving, copy negs Brian Hansen, Charlene Bletson, Rick Risso, Scott Phillips, awards given to Camee Blood and Lillian Lewis by Harold Hiskee and Robert Moore business dept, Nominee for Harry S Truman Scholar with rod Decker and Pres Braithwaite
77-4-1Unit number 7-4-1  Russell Rowley student winner of staff assoc. CB radio raffle, Mikado production shots, melodramas, faculty and staff, Maureen Robb, Ken Benson, students, Russell Rowley, Ben Felt, Shane Rowley, girls softball team, print exhibit Braithwaite Gallery, So Utah Science Fair, interior and exterior of Old Main, library, new Life Science building
77-5-1Unit number 7-5-1  Last activity on old football field, SUSC vs UTC Provo baseball, SUSC vs Un of Utah baseball, student physical fitness check by PE dept faculty, L.P. Nurses, interior of Braithwaite Gallery and display of prints, Bi Centennial sculpture by Jim Devore, exterior shots of Oak Hall for brochure, Dr. Wesley Larsen, board of directors of Shakespearean festival, Telethon VI scholarship fund drive, winners of Home EC vocational day competition, graduation speakers Frank Moss and LeGrand Richards, T-Bird printing processor, Coleman Co. Supervisors workshop
77-5-2Unit number 7-5-2  Wild West Week
77-5-3Unit number 7-5-3  Thunderbird awards winners, Donor Appreciation Banquet, students, Gayla Foster, Marilyn Baird, Harl Adams, Mike Eaton, drama, Jacques Brel publicity and production shots, Manzanita and Juniper halls, auditorium, exterior of Old Main construction, Harl Adams electronics lab scholarship recipient, business dept scholarship recipients
77-5-4Unit number 7-5-4  Industrial education day, students, Jerry Sherrif, Lynn Chamberlain, business dept, pre-med, pre-vet and zoology classes, police science class, surveying class, education department class, education block, family living brochure photos, faculty and staff, Phill Carter, Blair Maxfield, drama, Last of the Red Hot Lover
77-6-1,Unit number 7-6-1,  Graduation '77, art, Tyrone Crosby, students, Nancy Gale, Carol Carter, Neesha Roberts, Marline Ackroyd, Tyrone Crosby, student senate, executive council, interior of State Bank of Southern Utah, Old Admin bldg, library interior
77-6-2Unit number 7-6-2  Capital facilities request photos
77-6-3Unit number 7-6-3  Girls State 1977
77-7-1Unit number 7-7-1  Negatives of Shakespearean Festival
77-8-1Unit number 7-8-1  Buildings and grounds, Festival set and Old Main remodeling, new greenhouse in life science building, faculty and staff, Phil Carter's class, Jerry Mounteer, Mark Meinert's art work, students, Steve Brown, Sung Young Hong, Jeff Snedeger, Mark Meinert, Dave Warr, Jeff Duncan, Cindy Woodbury, Nancy Hofer, Ava Adams, executive council
77-8-2Unit number 7-8-2  Upward Bound group shot, working together, cheerleading workshop, Range Management course, sculpture by Jim Devore finished by science building, ariel shots of campus, Shakespearean stage
77-9-1Unit number 7-9-1  Buildings and grounds, Old Main, campus, fountains, various uses of masonry on campus, students, Bob Wiedman, Janice Bickmore, Rod Parry, faculty and staff, Amanda Pace, Dean Church, Sandy Gillies, Jim Robinson
77-9-2Unit number 7-9-2  Art gallery pictures from display to be cleaned, Devore sculpture by Jim Devore, copies of paintings donated by Hales and Higginson, Old Main remodeling, campus quad, Mr and Mrs Higginson, Dr and Mrs George Hales, Karl Kopp, Dale Zabrinski institutional council, LDS institute personnel, Dr and Mrs James Teare, Frank Petty, Mrs. Taylor, Ann Jones
77-11-1Unit number 7-11-1  Faculty and staff, Ava Adams Pace, Pam Orton, Dave Lee, Kent Hoyt, Sandra Graff, Virginia Stitt, Phil Robinson, Becky VanDyke, Joseph Lamoureaux, Kathy Queen, Stephen Gardner, Richard Kennedy, Richard Adams, Gregory Fredericks
77-11-2Unit number 7-11-2  Dr. John Seymour, Cedar Mountain Hike Old Main Lumber, blacktopping Stadium Road, Real Inspector Hound publicity, faculty and staff, Tom Challis, Pres R. Braithwaite, Joe Lamoureaux with band students, Rex Burton, freshman barbeque Woods Ranch, Edith Kirtley Reg Senior Citizen, registration, ground b reaking new observatory, Old Main Society
77-11-3Unit number 7-11-3  Students, Homecoming Queen candidates, Ferol White 1976 Queen, Janice Bickmore, Tia Ciserella, Jill Cummings, Laurene Dalley, Susan Duke, Doreen Jennings, Brooke Jones, Diane Kochevar, Julie Larsen, Eva Lund, Lynn Magelby, G'Ne McEldowney, Brenda Mecham, Marla Pugh, Laurie Nuttall, DeAnne Staheli, Janeal Stubbs
77-11-4Unit number 7-11-4  50 Year Club, SUSC homecoming vs Western New Mexico football, Mud Bowl, Torch Run, Miss SUSC pageant, parade
77-11-5Unit number 7-11-5  Donation for Ascroft Observatory of cement and lumber, scholarship donors and recipients Skaggs and Elks, drama Shenandoah, The Real Inspector Hound, student senate, SUSC vs Adams State, New Mexico Highlands, football, girls volleyball tourney
77-11-6Unit number 7-11-6  Students, football players
77-11-7Unit number 7-11-7  Copy negatives, Len Walterschied, Warren Bullock and Rulon Jones, early Cedar pioneers, falcon egg, Dick Dotson, float trophies homecoming, buildings and grounds, college sign 300 W. Center Street, Ashcroft Observatory, interior of Old Main, students, Robin Winterrose, John Greenwell, Timuras Mardirossian, Mark Williams, girls volleyball team
77-12-1Unit number 7-12-1  Institution Council and Gov Matheson, faculty and staff, James Robinson, Al Turner, Steve Lunt, Mary Lunt's reception, Sadie Hawkins dance costume winners, students, Becke Wilenski, cement forms for Ashcroft Observatory, cross country race RMAC, Pres Braithwaite's birthday party
77-12-2Unit number 7-12-2  Hall of Enchanted Trees, planting new campus trees, practicing for water show, drama students going to London, JV basketball team, gymnastics team and exercise and halftime show and meet, women's track team and action, women's softball team and action, SUSC vs Snow College girls basketball and team shots, class situations for brochures, First Security Back scholarship to Pres Braithwaite by Francis Betenson, Mr and Mrs Robert Hansen checking festival ticket sales
XII. 1978
78-1-1Unit number 8-1-1  SUSC Occupational search, pouring cement at Aschroft Observatory, alumni banquet speaker and DSA recipients, faculty and staff, Karen Stout, June Adams, students Ann Martineau, football team, SUSC vs Western State football
78-1-2Unit number 8-1-2  SUSC vs Univ Southern Colorado basketball, students, Dave Harrison and Jody Kitchen, SUSC Mesa College basketball, vs Western State basketball, JV UTC Provo basketball, JV CEU basketball, Regis basketball, SUSC JV BYU basketball
78-1-3Unit number 8-1-3  Joe Rice, Greg Tait, Royce Chamberlain discussing USF, Nursery school children caroling, Morris Buhanan and Tom Challis with Dalley shell collection, Shakespearean festival tour, academic deans, maintenance, grounds and custodial staffs, students, Ken Cook, Lori Lambros, Cinci Woodbury, Lori Smith, Marty Olsen, Marilyn Allen Baird, Jack Bartholomew, students with Senator Jake Garn, Tower of Power concert, tree lighting and opening of Hall of Enchanted Trees
78-1-4Unit number 8-1-4  Student organizations, TKE frat, Phi Beta Lambda, Tau Beta Epsilon, Thunderettes, cheerleaders, Pi Rho Omega, Lambda Delta Sigma, President's council, Baptist student union, ski club, international students, Sigma Delta Omicron, flag twirlers, drama club, rodeo club, Sigma Gamma Chi
78-1-5Unit number 8-1-5  Color Country Classic Tourney winners, SUSC vs Grand Canyon, vs Westminister, vs Western New Mexico vs Adams State, basketball games, 1928 basketball team and coach, track team
78-1-6Unit number 8-1-6  Drama, Tovarish, Doll House, various faculty for yearbook by TAVI photographer, biology and genetics, yearbook staff, 4-school wrestling meet at SUSC, March of Dimes marathon run preparation
78-2-1Unit number 8-2-1  Thunderettes, art work at Braithwaite Gallery, faculty and staff, student services personnel, secretarial group, campus security, Maureen Robb, Dennis Fillinger and Craig Holyoak, Dr and Mrs Wesley Larsen, students, Lonnie Twitchell with art work, Richard Hiatt with art work, Thunderettes exercising in dance lab, publications council, March of Dimes marathon run committee and selling T-shirts, LP nurse group, intertribal Indian club, dance club
78-2-2Unit number 8-2-2  Jewel Larson, Cedar City art committee, faculty and staff, Hal Campbell, Jim Bowns, SS Moorty, students, Andrea Shirts, Cyndie Woodbury, Jeff Duncan Alan Baird and Grant Gottschell, Lori Smith, Debbie Van Fleet, Judy Campbell, Craig Holyoak, Van Potter, computer operators, T-Bird staff, LDSSA, a cappella choir, Tau Beta Sigma, orchestra and chamber group, Foreign Dinner by music department, cross country ski team, Snow Queen Pateant, science fair jr and sr high school
78-2-3Unit number 8-2-3  Ann Roberts Title III officer, Institutional Council, faculty and staff, Bessie Dover, Jack Bishop, VP Conrad Hatch, Pauline Nelson, Pres Royden C. Braithwaite, Pam Orton, Al Tait, Brad Minert, Vic Davis, Virginia Higbee, Tony Johnson, Karen Gilg, Tony Johnson nite dance class, students, Jill Cummings, Lori Smith, G'Ne McEldowney, Jeff Schneiter, awards assembly committee, Telethon VII, trip to California for handicapped, blood mobile on campus, Upward Bound activities
78-2-4Unit number 8-2-4  Otto Fife, Palmer family donating to SUSC, Alan Lewis with art project, Mr and Mrs Mike Cohen, students, Edwynn Weaver, Mike Kapcsos,, student nurses, Valerie Wilson, Trish Posy, Bunny Crowder, Connie Burns, Christine Arms, Bob Evelsiza, Bob Strong, Virginia Carroll, Gail Morgan, Anita Firmage, Giana Graff, Vicki Anderson, Scott Slack, Terri Partes, Clarese Clyde, Betty Deatty, Grace Stone, Barbara Fredell, Sharon Nielson, Wild West Week dance, Thunderbird awards recipients awards assembly, SUSC invitational track meet, delivering 1978 TAVI, South Elementary students learning Spanish, handicapped young people at carnival
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (A), Yearbook pictures, James Abanaka 645 645a, Joseph Ngozi Abanaka 171, Becky Adams 191, Brad Adams 2, Gary Adams 691, Nancy Adams 120, Ronald Adams 175 175a Mike Adkison 636, Reza Afzali 612, Bassey J. Akpan 731, Annalee Albrecht 705, Tamra Albrecht 652, Rusty Albrecht 682, Virginia Alford 318, Tom Alleman 199, Leonard Allsup 63, Christine Anderson 606, Andy Anderson 52, Craig Anderson 10, David Anderson 303 Kathy Anderson 306, Pat Anderson 9, Vicki Anderson 537, Winfred Anderson 329, Gen Arrendondo 440, Eric Armstrong 38, Virginia Ashton 853, Susan Atkin 64, Robyn Atwood 11, Wendy Atwood 62 82, David Autrey 698
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (B), Ana Babuata 78, Juan Babuata 36, Kathleen Baggs 694, Natalie Bailey 476, Stu Bailey 843, George Baker 487, Ken Baker 831, Sally Barlow 389, Deeann Barney 520, Lori Barrett 587, Lynn Barrett 587a, Carol Bartholomew 633, Cindy Bartholomew 151 151a, Jack Bartholomew 500, Pam Bates 246, Deidre Rose Bates 439, Luann Beatty 298, Karine Beesley 499, Edward Begay 31, Selena Begay 238, James Begishie 224, Loran Behling ?, Stewart Behling 231, Scott Bell 755, Diane Bennett 33, Nyla Benard 534, Betty Bender 8, Shelly Benson 732, Travis Benoih 726 102, Tammy Benson 285, Jinyce Bettridge 159, Wendy Bezanson 623, Dean A. Bickmore 623, Janice Mae Bickmore 674, Anne Biggs 311, Chuck Birdsong 324, Christine Black 264, Phillis Black 637, Stuart Black 103, Joni Blackburn 395, Mark Blackham 665, Ellen Blair 174, Dennis Blumenkrantz 795,Bonnie Bluhanan 646, Camee Blood 299, Georgia L. Boulton 413, Paul Bottema 653, Melanie Bowler 569, Lisa Bowers 429, Jim Bowen 859, Lorii Boyd 854, Bona Bray 611, Thayne Bradfield 168, Donna Bradshaw 220, Nancy Braegger 369, Channa Bredsgmard 357, Janice Brewer 304, Marc Broadway 119 119a, Kent Brooksby 657, Michael Brooking 542, Maria Angles Brossa 786, Dave Brown 185, Robert Brown 710, Brad J. Brinkerhoff 89, Michelle Brinton 477, Jeannine Bruchner 577, Christine A. Bryant 436, Bryan Buchannan 598, Gayle Bunker 189, Shareen Bunker 21, Rhonda Burbank 188, Vicki Borsyth Bulloch 483, Craig Burmington 456, Dianne Burns 517, Kenneth Burr 163, Lisa Burr 321, Paul Burt 509, Michelle Butler 769, Julie Busico 99, Paul Byhannan 461
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (C), Lynette Cahoon 659, Karen Carnahan 289 289a, Mark Carrillo 507, Ty Carrillo 117, Virginia Carroll 521, Debra Callison 74, Claudia Carter 815, Tamra Carter 564, Cinty Cathey 814, Reed Cardon 76, Casey Carpenter 147, Leigh Cain 545, Scott Cecil 421a 421, Mary Cepeda 670, Maria Capeda 77, Steven Cervantes 366, Chavez Nick 737, Marilyn Chew 774, Tony Chew 777, Shauna Champneys 770, Alice Charley 239, Lauren Chase 32, Mark Chase 377, Dave Chatterley 255, Tom Childs 273, Joan Christensen 611, Judy Christensen 463, Mark Christensen 433, Patricia Christensen 616, Pam Christensen 761, Sharon Christensen 768, Steuart Christensen 763, Dean Church 217, Tia Ciserella 156, Thelma Clark 319, Cameron Clegg 391, David Clemons 508, Ann Marie Coates 790a 790, Robin Cobb 148, Verlynn Coleman 201, Rose College 690, Jon Collier 150 452, Ken Cook 376, Michael Cook 555, Janice Cooley 802, Jeff Corwin 678, Donald Coombs 90, Rod Cosslett 247, Kelly Costley 22, Bobbi Covington 138, Susan Covington 686a 686, Donald L. Cox 67, Donna Cox 384, Kenneth Cox 614, Kevin Cox 258, Rosal'e Cox 548, Rosemary Cox 631, Sherry Cox 361, Corene Cowley 724, Gayle Crandall 787, Penny Crane 279, Rick Cratty 368, Steve Craw 256, Kathryn Cranston 531a 531, Mike Cripps 403, David Crockett 248, Linda Crow 271, Juan Cruz 61, Shane Crystal 532, Sandy Curtis 187, Patrick Czarny 141
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (D), David A. Dalton 697, Rich Dalton 451, Russell Daly 716, Mary Damiani 213, David Daniels 232, Marty Daniels 272, John Darger 711, Brad Davis 474, Cecil James Davis 394, Jan J. Davis 740, Q. Davis 801, Lindy Davis 573, Greg Dawes 434, Manuel Deason 437, Marc Deaton 218, Ann Decker 596, Daniel Dejoice 672, Irene Dejoicie 783a 783, Denice Delange 396, Jackie Delange 398, Leslie Demille 326a 326, Julie Demille 685, Loraine Demille 470, Arden Dennis 541, Brenda Deuel 651, Christopher Dever 455, Faye Dever 411, Kevin Dickson 460, Ron Dobson 7, Julie Dodds 794, Jolyn Dotson 858, Trudy Dover 234, Sylvia Duffin 754, Shirley Dugi 529, Susan Duke 130, Jeff H. Duncan 13, Gordon Dunn 301, Johlyn Dunn 91, Maryhill Dunn 849, Stacie Dunn 549, Jay Dunphy 658 658a
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (E, F), Keven Leroy Easton 628, Deborah S. Eaton 554, Mara Lee Edgel 860, Emily Elison 811, Sylvia Eliason 618, David Ellgen 250, Brent Ellis 85, Karen Emerson 170, Anreta Ence 194, Mike Englstrom 567 567a, Kyle Erickson 469, Kirby Erickson 629, Jody Erb 263, J. Lynn Esplin 236, Kim Esplin 624, Lee Esplin 595, Marianne Esplin 93, Ver Jean Esplin 260, Rick Evans 305, Tim Ewen 543, Ann Ewing 822, Betty Fackrell 178, Mike Farr 836, Doug Farnsworth 270, Grey Farrell 223, Blinda Farley 121, Jean Ferguson 749, Joan Ferguson 741, Ben F. Fermon 511, Denny Fillinger 495, Hack Findlay 486, Bertha Fisher 593, Michael Fisher 230a 230, Linda Fisher 317, Anita Firmage 15, Bobby Flow 288, Janet Ford 506, Nancy Ford 718, Nanette Forgie 84, Barbara Fox 524, Joe Fox 313, Layne Arlen Fox 580, Susie Fox 308, Jan Frasier 17, Donald Francisco 683, Sandra Francisco 375, Dave Frei 71, Kendrick Fritz 177, Dave Furuta 518
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (G, H, I), Lorna Gardner 145, Becky Gates 810, Gary Gee 34, Jamie George 356, Cindy Gibbs 58, Sheree Gibson 182, Dean Gifford 66, Barbara Gindl 212, Lana Gleave 123a 123, Cris Godfrey 557, Eric Goldberg 37, Adelbert Goldtooth 80, Cindy Greenhalgh 351, Lynda Gregerson 462, Jacquelin Griffin 290, Mark Griffen 35, Janice Griffiths 642a, Kendall Gubler 796, Galen Gurr 190, Tom O. Gurr 510, Ai Ha 127 162, Rebecca Haddock 540, Lavar M. Hadley 211, Joe Hayne 585, Karen Halladay 450, Glen Hallows 603, Diane Halverson 388a 388, Kristine Hair 200, Sam Halterman ?, Linda Hansen 561, Phyllis Hanson 350, John Halpin 312, Kathryn Hanks 302, Jeffery Hanks 516, Ruth Hamilton 415, Kathy Hannart 325, Alton Hardman 608, Cris Hardy 803, Jim Haslem 269, Mike Haskie 385, Cris Hatch 227, Larry Hatch 6, Millard Hatch 167, Kendall Hathaway 442, Lola Hathcock 489, Keat Heales 817, Richard Heaps 405, Theron Heath 328, Richard Heath 202, Anita Heaton 94, Craig Heaton 164, Ingo Heaton 838, Jolene Heaton 527, William Heaton 630, Jill Henderson 193, Marlyn Hendricks 297, Neal Hendricks 404, Dent Hendrix 720, Patti Hendrix 645 645a, Debbie Hermansen 83, David Haight 253, Cris Hibbard 41, Ed Higbee 243, Tony Hinojosa 675, Craig Hinton 576, Kim Hoff 70, Nancy Hoffer 294, Alvin Hogan Jr 780, Karen Hogland 14, Kendra Holt 386, Craig Holyoak 459, Susan Horan 128a 128, Kelly Houston 166, Lisa Houston 646 646a, Phil Howa 619, Julie Huddleston 442, Cliff Hughes 72, Kathryn Hulet 79, Dan Humphrey 252, Bobbi Jean Hunt 852 206, Eugenia Hutchison 136, Terry Ivins 402
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (J, K), Annet Jackson 444 445, Terry F. Jackson 443, Carma Jackson 741 741a, Teresa Jacobson 528, Amos James 847, Rose James 420 420a, Reagan Janes 215, Lane Jeager 782 782a, Dave Jeffery 98, Doreen Jennings 60, Becky Jensen 387, Claudia Jensen 181, Ladawn Jensen 198, Lorraine Jensen 844, Peggy Jensen 602 842, Phyllis Jensen 862, Steve Jensen 457, Sue Jensen 464 464a, Karen Jewles 68, Calab K. Johnson 680, Denise Johnson 222, Donna Johnson 503 503a, Lorna Johnson 65, Mark Johnson 805, Nanette Johnson 563, Nolan Johnson 706, Ramona Johnson 559, Tyler Johnson 240, Carl Johnston 144 144a, Wendy Johnston 143, Julius Jolley 841, William Jolley 140, Laura Jones 617, Alan Jones 203, Brooke Jones 494, Kirk Jones 353 353a, Pam Jones 519, Raleen Jones 668 668a, Rob Jones 681, Kelly Jordan 205, Cindy Jorgensen 641, Wendy Jorgensen 642, Julius Josley 465, Charles Judd 4, David Judd 373, Lori Judd 378, Tina Judickis 18 18abcde, Linda Judkins 566, Tina Jean Kaminska 423, Theresia Karpie 184, Lonita Kasper 800, Phil Kasper 401, Shirley Kasper 418, Dale Kay 491, Jeff Kearns 229, Laurie Keel 793, Syd Keel 132, Kathie Kendall 410, Rusty Kerr 219, Tony Kettering 114, Peggy Kewanwytewa 245, Cris Key 417, Claudia King 397, John King 86, Julia King 154, Lesle Kink 472, Rita Kleese 254, Scott Knox 533, Diane Kochevar 237, Unako Kurachi 58a 58
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (L), Punipuao Lagai 59, Jeanne Lamb 734, Nancy Lamb 638, Joanne Lamoreaux 772, Marilyn Langford 81, Mark Langston 173, Kevin Lares 115, Janice Larsen 416, Joann Larsen 719, Julie Ann Larsen 568, Karen Larsen 669, Mary Ann Larsen 714 714a, Tammy Larsen 195 383 383a, Lynnette Laub 370, Ellen Laursen 784 784a, Geary Len Laitinen 235 759, Dane Leavitt 707, Newell Leavitt 830, Valerie Leavitt 209, Philip Lee 432, Sarah Lee 688, Thayne Lee 831, Dawnie Lefevre 574, Margie Lefevre 615, Wallace Lee 526, Shauna Leek 667, Jeff Leland 481, Alan Lewis 485, Mark Lewicki 385, Gary Leonard 44, Mike Liszewski 28, Deborah Linge 101, Prapun Lohsisupachai 832, Chava Lopez 50, Erik Lorenzen 856, Terry Lorenz 597, Bill Lowe 730, Mack Lowe 778, Lori Ludlow 523, Eva Lund 809, John Lundstrom 620, Tami Lunt 310
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (M), Randy Madsen 414, Lynne Magleby 501, Shervin Mahoudian 359, Faye Manning 57, Loralee Manning 536, Chuck Manuele 448, Roubik Mardirosian 360, Steve Markey 673, John Marshall 106, Marilyn Marshall 569, Carolee Martin 176, Patty Martin 709, Elaine Martineau 73, Lane Martino 821, Dave Maass 113, Elaine Matheson 73, Teresa Matheny 677 677a, Jan Mayo 157, Kelly Mays 791, Van Mays 605 605a, Julie Maxwell 736, David Mathews 365 Todd McBride 266, Hubert McAlister 829, Joyce McCallister 467, G'ne McEldowney 295, Asenith McInelly 562, Dale A. McCleery 480, Richard McHenry 762, Bruce McLean 282, Barbara McNeill 427, Arlene Mecham 529, Shauna Mecham 446, Teena Mecham 342, Brenda Mecham 390, Sharee Meeks 278, Karianne Messer 634, Terri Metcalf 453, Rick Merrifield 828, Marilynn Mickelson 558 529, Jim Miller 798, Lynn Miller 346, Jolene Montgomery 314, David Moore 51, Jean Morrill 314, Linda Morris 343, Randall Morris 251, Michael Morris 816, Robert Morris 3, Linda Morrissey 522, Darla Mortensen 600, Donald Mortensen 134, Alan Moss 28, Michelle Moyers 320
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (N, O), Bob Nielson 530 721, Laurel Nilson 275, Robert Nell 750, Cathy Nelson 488, Jan Newby 649, Jeanne Newby 648, Melanne Newbold 158, Kyle Newman 88, Kaylene Newell 43, Bruce Nickell 552, Andrew Nielson 687, Jim Nielsen 430, Karen Nielson 735 735a, Martin Nielson 327, Pauline L. Nihipahli 599, Anthony Oji 551, Anthony Chiedu Oji 613 42, Tony Oji 712, Delyle Ogden 699 Gary Olesen 738, Mary Oldroyd 399, Marty Olsen 112, Tom Olsen 556, Aldrin Sunday Okodi 550, Dick Son Okodi 56, Cindy O'Neill 479, Dalyn Ongley 765, Lisa Orr 341, Brent Osborne 352, Kent Osborne 407, Bart Orchard 797
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (P, Q), Doug Pace 812, R. Pasco 40, Linda Paton 604 604a, Don Payne 340, Lylalyn Payne 55, Lorraine Palmer 695, Susan Pedersen 792, Rod Pearson 155, Steve Peltzman 277, Gladys Pectol 133, Nancy Penrod 30, Larry William Perkins 788, Lynn Perry 281, Jim Perry 781, Chet Peterson 153, Mike Peterson 409, Mary Petty 622, Becky Petty 210, Farrell Pickering 760, Kent Pickering 851, Lori Pickens 823, Bob Platt 300, Sandy Platt, 316, Teresa Platt 293, Vickie Plott 45, M. Allen Plumb 704, Juanita Pollock 179, Kristine Pollock 160, Rocky Porter 466, Susan Porter 259, Danny Potter 406, Mark Potter 775, Andrea Powell 591, Leeann Powell 584, Margene M. Powell 196, Melanie Powers 861 861a, Julie Prahl 547, Lori Pratt 825, Paul Pratt 16, Deborah Pratt 625, Marlene Prescott 244, Cathy Price 274, Jody Price 287, Joseph Price 752, Karen Price 701, Marilyn Price 490, Elwin Prince 482, Gary D. Prince 717, Marla Pugh 5 100, Cathy Quilter, 345, Evelyn Quilter 97, Margaret Quilter 96, Christina Quintana 87
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  ®, Deanna Rampton 393, Denise Randall 286, Valerie Rainey 662 662a, Jeff Rasmussen 751, Ruth Rasmussen 95 95a, Tom Rasmussen 92 116, Jalal Rasooli 619, John Reardon 666, Ron Reber 447 447a, John D. Reese 848, Julie Reves 1, Steve Reiber 492, Robert Reid 722, Kaylene Reid 756, Julie Renick 292, Dixie Richards 110, Janice Riggs 108, Laurie Ritter 818, Bart Roberts 286, D. Anne S. Robinson 39, Teri Rodeback 560, Gil Rodriguez 512, Cal Rollins 632, Barbara Roe 660, Cragg Rogers 655, Mark Roberts 371, Nesha Roberts 635, Debbie Roper 794, Galen Rose 833, Larry Rose 601, Sherrie Rose 307 307a, Barbara Rowan 733, Michael Rowan 684, Russell Rowley 700, Brent Ruesch 322, John Russo 233, Michelle Russotto 504, Debra Runolfson 435
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (S), Marjorie Salt 572 572a, Cris Sandberg 589, Dave Sanderson 753, Lottfolah Momen Safaee 362, Kathy Sanders 104, Bill Schofield 374 192, Tony Schoenfeld 779, Tom Scribner 216 216a, Jeff Schneiter 663, Kevin Schow 265, Scott Schramm 207, Bill Schroeder 449, Jesse Schurz 713, Carol Scott 621, C. Frank Scott 24, Charlie Sedgwick 242, Mike Sedgwick 241, Mary Siebert 856 857, Claudia Seschilie 581, Jay Shaw 257, Kathy Shaw 468, Jerry Sheriff 592, Mike Scimemi 582, Andrea Shirts 183, Sheril Shinsel 382 382a, Steve Shoell 785 785a, Russell Shipp 23, Hamid Shojafee 692, Jane Shumway 767, Peggy Shurtz 839, Roger Simper 261 262, Andrew Singer 367, Glenda Singer 834, Kyle Singleton 20, Pensri Sintuphant 835, Teri Skeen 546, Cathy Skinner 588, Mark Slack 570, Scott Slack 538, Bobbi Smith 221, David Smith 135, Kendra Smith 125, Kevin Smith 575 575a, Linda Smith 225, Lori Smith 647 647a, Natalie Smith 425, Joseph Smyly 702, Roland Snyder 372, Marcie Southwick 309, Lynn Spencer 169, Deanne Staheli 131, Robert Stanley 354, Jelene Stapley 728, Terry Stapley 498, John Steele 19, Karen Stettler 419 419a, Fred Stewart 671, Jill Steward 129, Glenna Stewart 364, James Stephenson 590, Scott Stephenson 48, Lori Stever 428, Annette Stevens 124, Ed Stockton 804, William E. Stoughton 358, Lerae Stuart 126, Janeal Stubbs 789, Mike Stucki 820, Carla Stucki 105, Ronnie Stubbs 400, Dianne Stratton 46, Gerald Swapp 478,
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (T, U, V), Alvin Tacheene 27, Andy Taft 323, Peggy Tait 679, Galen Takasaki 703, Kidenori Takeda 18, Darle Taylor 161, Doneva Taylor 676, Will Taylor 363, Craig Tebbs 165, Gary Temple 826, Jena Temple 827, Brian Terry 186, Rick Tessier 25 26, Christine Thomas 122, Michelle Thomas 379, Deborah Thompson 109, Robyn Thorley 725, Jerry Tillman 776, Dan Timmons 650, Tony Tirre 111, Karen Tobler 819, Valerie Truman 142, H. David Turner 680a, Bonnie Twitchell 47, Sherie Tyson 441, Tauasosi Ulugalu 610, Stacey Untamo 845, Adele Urie 424 424a, Diane Urie 276, Tamara Utley 484 485, Onik Valadi 739, Annette Effie Valdez 438, Bonnie Vance 664, Tom Vance 656 656a, Joe Van Dyke 228, Rene Van Dyke 226, Cindy Vest 29
78-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  (W, X, Y, Z), Cordelia Wall 840, Steven C. Wall 797 797a, Tracey Wahl 565, Tom Walter 544, Doug Walters 727, Dianna Walterscheid 850, Liz Wallace 758, Russell Waterman 172 214, David Ward 855, Robert Ward 412, Rhonda Watts 426, Bruce Warren 75 75a, Kim Watterson 640, Greg Wayman 807, Ed Weaver 204, Mike Webb 553, Steve Webb 54, Randy Webster 493, Lori Webb 107, Annette White 12, Ferol White 764, Shara White 689, Debbie Whitebread 496, Kent Whitesel 249, Cindy Whittaker 607, Laura Whittington 381, Elizabeth West 152, Curt Wilde 146, Mike Wilde 773, Mark Wilder 708, Layne Willden 475, Marla Williams 454, Brenda Wilson 626, Ginny Wilson 296, Melinda Wilson 594, Ronnie Winegar 408, Janet Winger 528, Jon Winstead 497, Marianne Winser 431, Teresa Winn 505, Alan Wood 267, Scott Wood 732, Earl Wood 696, David Wood 149, Cyndi Woodbury 422, Jayne Wooley 288, Judi Wooley 284 284a, Bobbi Worthington 139, Karen Wright 349, Brenda Zobell 583
78-6-1Unit number 8-6-1  Chemistry lab, physics class, engineering class, faculty, Barbara Cowley, students, Dave Jeffry, Cathy Price, Gary Leonard, dance club concert, Wild West Week activities
78-6-2Unit number 8-6-2  Pres Braithwaite's oil portrait, Warren bullock and Pres Braithwaite,Lawrence cooper portrait and family, business scholarship recipients, A Doll's House, drama, orchestra and jazz ensemble, students, G'Ne McEldowney, Lori Smith, commencement exercises
78-6-3Unit number 8-6-3  Girls' state 1978
78-6-4Unit number 8-6-4  Graduation diploma shots
78-6-5Unit number 8-6-5  Children visiting Braithwaite Gallery, sidewalk 800 west, work crew, drama, Scandals, UPEA officers, family living for brochure, geology field trip, Senate and executive council, students, Ross Palfreyman, SUSC vs UT, USU, Mesa baseball
78-6-6Unit number 8-6-6  Dr. James Dolowits, Glade Peterson, Jim Miller, Pres Carnahan, ground breaking for new business building, drama, Shenandoah, Scandals
78-7-1Unit number 8-7-1  High school drill teams, Upward Bound students, international students, Sounds Unlimited, International Student Club, students, Kim Genrty, Karen Tubler, Doneva Taylor and Ron Hunt, Vivian Little, Gail Marino, Alan Haslam, Kendall Christiansen, David Judd, William Heaton, Steven M. Markey, Denise Barton, Tracey Dalton, faculty and staff, Carolyne White, Galen Rose, Pres Carnahan receiving 1st Security Bank donation, Peg Thorley, auditorium area, campus buildings and grounds, USF stage area in winter
78-8-1Unit number 8-8-1  SUSC class reunion 1941-42-43, dedication of Frank A. Thorley Recital Hall, Thorley family, Upward Bound students marathon runners, Tau Beta Epsilon, Sigma Gamma Chi, Sigma Delta Omicron, Tau Beta Sigma, Lambda Delta Sigma, TKE and OK toga party, TKE, chemistry lab, water lab, Cindi Woodbury weavingsJay Overson scholarship donation, physical therapist intern, Pres Carnahan family, drama, Mark Twain, actor, Rodney I. Palmer, Louise M. Palmer, Ada Palmer, Virginia C. Palmer, William I. Palmer, business building construction, elevator shaft construction
78-9-1Unit number 8-9-1  Shakespearean festival shots
78-9-2Unit number 8-9-2  Arabian horses donated by Berry Springs Ranch, Homer and Lewis Jones, students, Lori Smith, Rita Kleese, Lori Lambros with trophy won at UCLA, cheerleaders with spirit stick won at UCLA, volleyball team, women's basketball team, SUSC vs Snow women basketball color country classic, MVPs and all tournament teams, SUSC vs Eastern New Mexico and Ft. Lewis volleyball, high school Shakespearean competition, Friday Night Live talent show, fall registration, freshman dinner at Woods Ranch, debate team with trophies, SUSC alumni council 50 year club, Old Main Society, 1 square foot of grass in front of IE building, log from cabin built when building Old Main, Purgola, painting field house interior
78-9-3Unit number 8-9-3  SUSC vs Colorado Mines, vs Mesa, football, wrestling meet and team and individuals
78-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  (A, B), Mug shots of faculty and staff for directory, C. Tebbs Adams 161, Fred C. Adams 118, Boyd Adams 65, Richard Adams 246, Stephen R. Adams 150, Dennis Agle 9, Zelma Alger 7, Glen D. Anderson 227, Keith J. Anderson 103, Russell D. Anderson 202, Wilmer N. Anderson 239, Gary Banks 160, Glen M. Barker 210, Lyle Barton 217, Stewart L. Batty 196, Penelope Beardalls 192, Georgia Beatty 95, William Beatty 218, R. Kenneth Benson 6, Kathryn Berg 46, Bonnie Bishop 129, Jack Bishop 64, Don L. Blanchard 153, Terry Blodgett 141, Rhead S. Bowman 222, James E. Bowns 36, Joann S. Bowns 37, Rodney Brady 231, David R. Braegger 166, Arlene Braithwaite 229, Royden C. Braithwaite 99, Dale M. Brinkerhoff 52, Arta J. Brough 14, Kathryn A. Brown 214, Pauline Bulloch 135, Paul C. Burgoyne 177,Van L. Bushnell 206
78-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  (C, D, E, F, G), C. Bruce Cameron 140, Kay Lynn Cammack 134, Hal K. Campbell 137, Jack Cannon 20, Dick Carlson 146, Orville D. Carnahan 10, Ada D. Carpenter 128, George J. Carpenter 199, Ruth Challis 122, Phillip C. Carter 87, A. Thomas Challis 63, E. Scott Chamberlain 53, Lewis Chamberlain 248, Leon Chidester 142, Roger B. Chidester 151, Randall O. Christensen 58, Sterling R. Church 226, McRay Cloward 74, Michael Cohen 125, Joseph L. Comp 250, Donna B. Cooley 51, Inez Cooper 233, Shirley N. Cowan 96, Barbara Cowley 209, Boydine Daniels 57, Paul Daniels 41, Clarissa Davis 247, Gary Davis 200, J. Victor Davis 149, Rodney Decker 110, Thomas P. Dence 174, Celeste Denton-Adams 236, Richard A. Dotson 184, Bessie P. Dover 24, Sharon Dunyon 84, Sue Dunton 215, Susan Erickson 22, Karma Eskelsen 19, Eleen Evans 23, Luckie Felstead 220, Monica Ferrari 62, Georgia Flanigan 50, Lark Flanigan 49, Wallace A. Flanigan 112, Mary Leone Foley 201, Faye Frahske 224, Arlene Edith Gardner 235, Susan Gardner 241, Gary N. Giles 203, Joseph Gilg 116, Karen Gilg 106, Sandy Gillies 8, Dianna Graff 60, Sheldon B. Grant 251, Rea Gubler 132
78-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  (H, I, J), James Harrison 143, Brenda Hart 156, Beatrice B. Harvey 83, Conrad Hatch 11, Elva Hatch 242, Steven H. Heath 162, LaRue L. Higbee 240, Virginia Higbee 223, William Hill 165, Roger D. Hillyard 92, Ross C. Hilton 148, Wayne K. Hinton 111, Harold H. Hiskey 213, Mona Hiskey 75, Evelyn Hoyle 15, Kent Hoyt 91, Roy Hunter 232, Jean Huntsman 91, R. Clayton Huntsman 205, DeLawn Humphries 195, Victor Isbell 207, Stan Jack 73, Lance Jackson 234, David B. Jensen 221, Blaine H. Johnson 144, Sheila Kay Johnson 21, Tony Johnson 13, Rulon Jolley 100, Carmen C. Jones 131, Colleen Jones 175, Gretchen R. Jones 254, Kimball Jones 193, Leslie N. Jones 107, Merrell R. Jones 178, W. Craig Jones 102, Dell Judd 244, Harl Judd 191
78-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  (K, L, M), Verl E. Kelsey 238, Richard Kennedy 179, Susan Kesler 225, Helen Ketchum 252, Richard N. Kimball 219, Betty Kingsford 16, Thomas R. Kingsford 86, Merrill Kunz 47, Vern K. Kupfer 105, Anton H. Lambert 147, Diane Lamoureaux 68, Joseph Lamoureaux 136, Wesley P. Larsen 164, Helen Leavitt ?, Geroge Lebaron 170, David Lee 127, Jay W. Lee 168, Janet Leek 109, Thomas A. Leek 145, Geraldine Leigh 3, Sharon Leigh 67, Ralph D. Lewis 56, Joseph Lopour 228, C. Stephen Lunt 85, V.R. Magleby 171, Sandra Martinez 66, E. Blair Maxfield 2, Darrell H. Mathews 172, Gary McIntyre 114, Jean Meyers 18, Rex M. Michie 27, Marva Middleton 157, Jackie Miller 245, James M. Miller 78, Eva Deen Milne 38, Robert A. Moore 211, S.S. Moorty 126, Barbara Morgan 181, M. Lee Morrell 167, Jean E. Morrison 93, Robert H. Moss 80, Bill Mount 55, Jerry Mounteer 12, Kenneth Munford 154, Lyman Munford 155, Kent E. Myers 79
78-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  (N, O, P, Q, R, S), James Neilson 249, Robert M. Nell 28, Barbara B. Nelson 29, Mary May Nelson 189, Pauline Nelson 159, Richard Nelson 108, Connie Nyman 230, David Nyman 139, Dennis R. Ohms 98, DeLynn K. Olds 163, Larry A. Olsen 204, Elco Orton 188, Pamela Orton 34, Bruce H. Osborne 88, Amanda Pace 44, Brent C. Palmer 173, Max J. Payne 48, Frain G. Pearson 121, Marilyn Perry 40, Paul W. Peterson 158, Joy Peterson 90, Cleo Petty 81, R. Scott Phillips 117, James E. Piacitelli 35, Sage Platt 255, Geneve T. Plummer 243, Joe Price ?, Kris Ray 43, Boyd Redington 216, Bob Reiber 197, Maureen Robb 32, Ward S. Robb 26, James C. Robinson 82, Greg Robinson 42, Phillip B. Robinson 180, David Rollo 85, Galen Rose 25, Richard Rowley 115, Gwen Sandberg 237, Morris A. Shirts 71, Gordon F. Slack 39, Jeanette Slack 183, Pam Slack 17, Dorothella Smith 212, Marlynn Smith 31, Morton L. Smith 119, Paul R. Southwick 97, Ralph Starr 1, Marlon M. Steele 194, Sandra Stiglinski 258, Virginia Stitt 138, Carl Stoeckel 187, Jack L. Stokes 104, Maxine Stolk 30, Nancy Stringham 45
78-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  (T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z), B. Al Tait 182, Judy Talbot 76, Joseph Tatton 113, Dell R. Taylor 5, Steve Taylor 152, Richard R. Tebbs 190, Richard A. Thompson 253, Peg Thorley 89, Gary Tom 33, Margery M. Twitchell 70, Olive Tyler ?, Allen C. Turner 101, Truman Nolan 198, Alida Van Gronongen 130, J. Paul Vorkink 72, Jan Wagner 4, A. Glenn Wahlquist 176, Clara Wahlquist 59, Lorraine Warren 61, Mark E. Webster 77, Carolyne White 69, Roy Wilcock 186, Morgan J. Williams 123, Mark Whipple 54, Richard Williams 169, Doris Williamson 208, Christine Winterrose 256, Eugene T. Woolf 133, Carolyn Young 257, Robert G. Young 120
78-10-2Unit number 8-10-2  Homecoming 1978, committee, macho man contest, relay race, mud bowl, parade queens pageant,Jack Otterness concert, alumni DSA award to Dr. Prestwitch, queen candidates: Stacia Eagar, Charlene Maxwell, Janet Ford, Annette Lovell, Nancy Nielson, Nina Mills, Lori Clemens, Connie Hamilton, Debbie Hermanson, Jane Shumway, Donalyn Christensen, Cara Thorup, Jennifer Riggs, Julieanne Anderson, Sherrielee Hunt, Lisa Sylvester, Rita Kleese, Terri Metcalf, Nanette Forgie, Janet Goodrich, Michelle Butler
78-10-3Unit number 8-10-3  SUSC vs Fort Lewis Football, SUSC vs USC homecoming game, gymnastics meet
78-10-4Unit number 8-10-4  Buildings and grounds, model of new business building, painting flag poles, landscaping behind USF stage, Henry Esplin, Zela Matheson, Bill Sherratt, Ramona Adams, Oktoberfest activities, Paul Brinkerhoff most preferred, Leonard Walterschied retiring football jersey, Reed Farnsworth, Dave Bigler, Jo Lopour and Pres Carnahan with Elks scholarship donation, Palmer family donation of radio tapes and records, recipients of the MaryMuir Dunham scholarship, Indian workshop, faculty and staff, Marlynn Smith, Maureen robb pregnant, Prof Blair Maxfieldand Heidi Rogers, Pres Carnahan, Joe Lopour Karma Eskelson, Joy Peterson, Peg Thorley and office, adolescent psych class skit, industrial education class situation, students, Diane Kochevar, Kim Gentry, Heidi Rogers, Chris Hatch, Jill Hendersen
78-10-5Unit number 8-10-5  Basketball team and individual shots, SUSC vs So Colorado, North Montana, Mesa, Western State, Provo UTC jv, Snow jv, Western New Mexico, Regis, Westminster
78-10-6Unit number 8-10-6  Drama, Stop the World, Rashomon, Peanut Butter Players children's theatre at Hillside school, melodramas, Ah Wilderness, Dracula, Samuel Beckett
78-10-7Unit number 8-10-7  Geology, debate winners and trophies Arizona State meet, Sounds Unlimited student travel bureau, Thunderettes, cheerleaders
78-10-8Unit number 8-10-8  Juanita Brooks, Senator Jake Garn, Arliene Notchissey Williams, students, Debbie Allen, Christa Nyman, Keneth Bently, "Chip" Ernest Bruss III, Tony Hardman, Peter Cook, Lynnette Liddle, Keri Muir, Linda Nelsen, Layne Isom, Patty Allen, Dave Castro, E.J. Corry, candids in snack bar and library
XIII. 1979
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  Student yearbook pictures, (A, B), Frank J. Adams 1, Nancy Adams 109, Johnny Alvey 310, Jill Anderson 312, Kathy Anderson 100, Lane Anderson 75, Pamela Anderson 222, Alison Andrus 317a, Robert Andrus 362, Deanna Atchley 71, Susan Atkin 66, Neil Bable, 158, Steve Bacher 339a, Stu Bailey 229, Darla Baker 64, Bonnie Baldwin 118, Debbie Barnes 51, Cynthia Barnum 420a, Sergio A. Baron 181, Cindy Ann Bartholomew 3, Jack Bartholomew 282, Lu Ann Beatty 379a, Pam Beckstrand 143, Betty Ann Bender 225a, Travis and Lillian Benioh 48, Linda Bennion 196a, Kenneth Bently 165, Nyla Bernard 197, Charles Bess 202, Cleola Bess 204a, Craig Bickmore 99, Dean Bickmore 290, Christine Black 405, Ina Black 292, Stuart Black 57, Brent Blackburn 425, Joni Blackburn 29, Brent A. Blanchard 396, Todd Bleak 6, Robert Boardman 291, Dan Bowman 236, Lyn Maree Bradshaw 252a, Carl Bradshaw 228a, Robin Bracken 132, Bruce Braze 374,Kathryn Briggs 63, Paul Brinkerhoff 382, Theresa Broadhead 145, Kieron Brooks 373a, Craig Brooksby 233a, Cynthia Brown 207, Ernest Brown 217, Sandra Brown 92, Scott Brown 78, Norman Bruderer 334a, Laura Lee Bryant 186, Susan Bryce 353a, Susan Burgoyne 137, Lisa Burr 194, Teressa Burt 394a, Michelle Butler 401
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  (C, D), Debra Caliva 341, Paul Campos 34, Karen Carnahan 182, Jerry Carpenter 190, Mark Carrillo 2, Ty Carrillo 68, Natasha Carter 358a, Scott A. Castlemerry 32, Carol Lynn Chappel 91, Kelly Chatterley 14, Karen Chase 361a, Mark Chase 205a, Laura Chaussee 166, Jeff Childers 26, Sharon Chipman 268, Mohammed A. Chowdhury 72, Joan Christensen 178, Carryn Clark 135, DeAnn Clark 224, Rainee Clayton 7, Lori Clemens 77, David Coles 4, Joey Comp 429, Debra Conley 387, Don Connolly 105, Ken Cook 170, Mike Cook 104, Clair Cooley 133, Jay Cooper 272a, Jacqueline Cortney 216a, Kelly Costley 393a, Lorie Cox 404, David Crockett 175, Karl Crosby 256, John E. Curtis 36, Sandy Curtis 254a, Patrick Czarny 234a, Traycie Dalton 324a, Mary Damiani 219, Marty Daniels 364a, Dan Danowski 248, Marlene Danner 146, Steven D. Decker 326, Denice Delange 33, Dorothy Dele 46, Merrill A. Dellas 345a, Deanna DeMille 246a, Julie Dodds 278, Sylvia Duffin 298a, Shirley Dugi 294, Gordon V. Dunn Jr., 321, Cathy Dutson 134
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  (E, F, G), Stacia Eager 13, Deborah Eaton 102, Carlene Edgell 141, Sylvestor O. Eke 400, Leslie Elvin 22, Lourie Embley 415a, Karen Emerson 103, Anneta Ence 348a, Jody O. Erb 15, Cecile Etsitty 19, Jeanne Evans 187,Tim Ewen 365a, Betty Fackrell 325, Vicky Ferguson 354a, Joan Ferguson 355, Ben Ferman 250a, Ladmo Fickenhicker 418, John Finkelmore 417a, Mark Foley 61, Janet Ford 226, Barbara Fox 171, Susan Fox 277a, Sherrie Frandsen 40, Cindy Frei 305a, Julie Fuller 296, Larry Fullmer 262, Dave Furuta 209, Brian Gale 399a, Lorna Gardiner 260, Garth Gardner 335, Laurie Gardner 147, Cythia Gentry 235, Bonnie George 375a, Neil Giles 97, Barbara Gindl 300, Kevin Glazier 112, Greg Glazier 113, Chris Godfrey 380, Eric Goldberg 371, Janet Goodrich 386a, J. Todd Graves 392, Kim Gentry 162, Ralph Green 414, Lynda Gregerson 259a, Brent Griffin 343, Gary Griffin 311, Joanna Grimm 177, Bob Grove 267, William Groves 214, Kendall Gubler 265, Ken Gubler 323, Santigo Guerrero 70, Sharon Gustus 269abc
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  (H, I, J, K), Karen Halladay 115, Connie Hamilton 124, Chris Hanks 151, Colene Hansen 139, Linda Hansen 199, Ron Harrell 314, Alan Haslem 366, LeeAnn Haslem 368a, Larry Hatch 249, Mike Hawkes 94, Dick Heath 167, Theron Heath 263, Sheralyn Heap 332, Will Heaton 280a, Jolene Heaton 363a, Jill Henderson 169, Dent Hendrix 41, Marlyn Hendricks 160, Debra Hermansen 136, Ed Higbee 128, Craig Hinton 255, Yoshihisa Hirabayashi 220, Chad Hollingshead 424, Greg Holt 106, Keith Honaker 315, Dave Houston 176, Robyn Howe 301, Jullee Huddleston 428a, Kathy Hulet 338, Lunette Hunsaker 16, Jeff Hunt 28, Charles Hurley 43, Susan Ison 253a, Robert Scott Jacobson 397, Teresa Jacobson 244, Joan Jarman 388, Randy Jarvis 126, Doug Jennings 360, Susan Jennings 409a, Claudia Jensen 287a, Peggy Jensen 23 227, John Jewkes 74, Cynthia Johnson 367, Debbie Dee Johnson 307 73, Jeff Johnson 67, Lucille Johnson 283, Strawberry Johnson 258, Neil Johnson 398, Larry and Ruth Jones 210, Ruth Jones 211, Kelly Jordan 319, Julie Jorgensen 206, Tina Judickis 231a, Tina Kaminska 242, Lonita Kasper 411, Donna Kendall 285, Robert King 237, Julia King 31, Ken Kenworthy 89, Kathy Kinney 412, Lynn Kirkman 69, Rita Kleese 8, Diane Kochevar 318, Karen Krumrey 116
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  (L, M), Ed Labrie 241, Punipuao Lagai 195, Geary Len Laitinen 20, Nancy Lamb 270, Janice Lamunyon 281, Laurie Laub 192a, Sylvia Laughter 45, Newell F. Leavitt 369, Scott Leavitt 316, Philip Lee 179, Allen Lee 140, Steven Lefevre 127, Lori Lindstrom 303a, Chava Lopez 79, Terri Lorenz 238a, Ronald Lowe 308, Connie Lowry 308?, Michelle Lowry 419, Sherrie Ludlow 212, Thomas Lund 356, Eva Lund 372, Donna Lunt 350, Tammi Lunt 336, Jill Lyman 232, Mark Eugene MacCallum 370a, Vicki Mangum 346, Steve Mann 125, Loralee Manning 203, Carolee Martin 286, Scott Matthews 121, Janet Manzione 221, Charlene Maxwell 189a, Maria Maxwell 47, Gne McEldowney 328a, Leandra McMullin 163, Julie Kay Meads 384a, Tim Means 93, Teena Mecham 349a, Shauna Mecham 59, Julie Maxwell 208, Marianne Meldrum 129, Nancy Merrill 421a, Pam Merrill 426, Terri Metcalf 39, Christine Mikulich 80, Nina Mills 413, James Mortensen 351, Sandy Morrow 54, Radadi Musid 406
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  (N, O, P Q, R), M. Yvonne Nash 381a, Betty Jane Neill 402, Belinda Neilson 337 155, Robert Nell 96, Cathy Nelson 297, Natalie Nelson 56, Andy Nielson 30, Bob Nielson 114, Gini Lou Nielson 25, Kim Neilson 230, Nancy Nielson 191, Laurel Nilson 427a, Craig Nixon 35, Laurie Oberg 403, Garth Ogden 331, Tim Olson 42, Bradford O'Neill 38, Lisa E. Orr 377, Naoki Oshima 273, L. Hope Outram 17, Cynthia Overton 62, Alan Owens 144, Bill Overton 188, Jim Pace 157 340, Lylalynn Payne 58, Natalie Payne 21, V. J. Pederson 239, Ron Penrose 50, Becky Petty 84, Sheila Phillips 52, Lee Phipps 247, Mark Planck 81, Vickie Plott 44, Dean Porcelli 320, Susan Porter 218, Kimball Poulson 352, Margene M. Powell 101, Debbie Pratt 117, Lori Pratt 395, Paul Pratt 299, Cathy Price 180, Joe Price 276, Marilyn Price 261, Catherine Quilter 376, Pennie Quilter 378, Denise Randall 410, Dave Rasmussen 215, Jon Reese 289, Julie Reeves 164, Steve Reiber 82, Julie Richman 257, Jenifer Riggs 87, Staci Roberts 288, Heidi Rogers 130, Cindy Romine 422, Kerry Rose 200, Joelyn Rowan 12, Michelle Russotto 5
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  (S, T, U, V), David Sanderson 185, Michael Sato 183, Jesse L. Schurz 107, Claudia Seschilie 295, Ken Sevy 342, Debbie Sherwood 329, Jerry Sheriff 271a, Charles G. Sherratt 313, Rex Shipp 306, Sandy Shreeve 347, Andrew Singer 173, Glenda Singer 408a, Darryl Slater 95, Charmaine Sims 27, Liz Simkins 266a, Jane Shumway 213, Chris Smith 161, Kendra Smith 123, Lori Smith 357ab, Paulette Smith 65, Natalie Smith 142, Bryon Stanton 407a, Brad Stapley 108, Deanne Staheli 251a, Nancy Stewart 148, LeRae Stuart 83, Janel Stubbs 110, Susan Stutz 284, Paul Summer 60, Wilburt Talashoma Jr. 275, Neal G. Tate 391, Will Taylor 86, Saiko Terada 390, Diane Thomas 383a, Rachelle Thorley 416, Cara Thorup 88, Lutie Tsinniginnie 330, Lillie Tsosie 344, Bonnie Twitchell 111, Alex Ugbeche 302a, Becky Van Alphen 53, Tom Vance 293a, Tammie Vincent 24, Eda Vlahos 10
79-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  (W, X, Y, Z), Steven C. Wall 9, Doug Walters 184a, Anna Walunas 172, Robert Ward 245, Mike C. Ward 11, Sydney Warren 333, Kim Watterson 264, Rhonda Watts 274, Bryan Weaver 131, Mary Ann Westwood 423, Annette White 201, Janelle White 138, Ron Whitehead 304, Marcia Whiting 18, Cindy Whittiker 193, Curt Wilde 55, Craig Willson 49, Gary Williams 149, Robert Winfield 37, Janet Winger 122, Mary Winn 279, Marianne Wisner 198a, Craig Wood 98, Evan Wood 119, Cyndi Woodbury 385, Joan Woolley 85, JoAnn Wright 223, Joe Wright 76, Jose A. Yavari 168, Kee Yazzie 174, Rhonda Zenz 120 243
79-1-2Unit number 9-1-2  Hall of Enchanted Trees, Mary McDonald with ceramic art, Mary Ann Noble, business slub, social dance club, ambassadors club, rodeo club, flag twirlers, resident housing association, drama club, publications council, Baptist student union, LP nurses, T-Bird staff, TAVI staff, student senate, LDSSA officers intertribal club
79-1-3Unit number 9-1-3  Ashcroft family presenting T. Ashcroft portrait to V Pres Conrad Hatch, art, Glen Anderson and art work, Braithwaite gallery art display, Cedar City art exhibit opening, student art, Ed Palmer with art work, Braithwaite gallery tour by Karen Gilg, music orchestra during rehearsal, German club, nurse group, gerontology group, dance in snack bar
79-1-4Unit number 9-1-4  Sabin Epstein USF director, Walter Talbot, New Era LDS institute singers, executive council, aerial view of campus and Cedar City, book computer SUSC library, June Adams, dance club, Thunderettes, Ririe-Woodbury dancers, Commando basketball March of Dimes, Snow Queen contestants, Sally Hunter, Karma Kenney, Cyndi Wilenski, Debbie Callison, Tina Judickis, Julie Maxwell, Joan Wooley, Channa Bredsquard, Tori Berrett, Clarica Corbridge, Sydney Warren Theresa Broadhead, Julie Kroff, Teri Tunnell, Tammi Lunt Cyndi Overton, dance workshop by Joan Woodbury, gymnastics meet, intramurals women's basketball, men's wrestling
79-2-1Unit number 9-2-1  Students, Theron Heath, Mark Deaton, Jon Russo, Bob Stringham, Vernon Bosshardt, Keith Jarvis, Kerry Rose, Kevin Glazier, Keith Adams, Kent Richmond, Mary Bryant
79-2-2Unit number 9-2-2  Abe Lincold debate speech meet forensics, Robert Redford movie star, inaugural activities for Pres Carnahan, Dean Hiskey, Paul Whitman, Lori Smith at college cabin, Jan Frazier, student candids with snowman, Paul Brinkerhoff something on that party campaign, Earl Wood, Karma Eskelson, Robin Stepp, Bauery for football program, Jim O'Conner Utah Shakespearean Festival director, landscape construction around festival set, business building construction, Festival ground remodeling
79-3-1Unit number 9-3-1  Friends of the gallery art, poster in PE building, Braithwaite Gallery oil paintings copy negatives, faculty and staff, Ralph Staff, in snackbar, Dr. Harl Judd with seismograph equipment, Richard Dotson with falcon, Peg Thorley and Zelma Alber, acapella choir and orchestra in concert, Networks women's resources workshop, YB photos for elections, dutch oven cooking at college cabin, special olympics, candidates for student elections, Susan Gudmanson, Austin Potenza II, Maria Florence, Eva Lund, Ben Furman
79-3-2Unit number 9-3-2  Easter Seals publicity, Snow Queen pageant, Good Company concert, Miss SUSC for Miss Utah pageant royalty, industrial education day winners, Miss SUSC pageant, graphics, police science, industrial education automotive, class situations, sheep at college farm, Ella B. Leigh first graduate BNS 1900
79-4-1Unit number 9-4-1  Women's softball team, men's baseball team, gymnastics team, volleyball intramural champs women, track team men, women's track team, SUSC vs BYU baseball, March of Dimes publicity with Maxwell children, Telefund VIII
79-4-2Unit number 9-4-2  Students, Sandy Curtis, Erik Houle, Adelbert Goldtooth, Margaret Yound tutoring, theater arts scholarship applicants, Cara Thorup, April Eastmond, Jacqueline Coatney, Lee Ann Branch, Dave Jeffrey, Jeff Peterson, Brent Ellis, faculty and staff, Kent Meyers, assembly, Fern Hunter, Karen Gilg, Dennis Agle
79-5-1Unit number 9-5-1  Wild West Week, rodeo action shots, royalty, pie eating contest, pancake eating, beard growing contest, horseshoe throwing, goat milking, Mel McDaniels concert, SUSC awards assembly winners
79-6-1Unit number 9-6-1  New business building under construction, Thomas S. Monson, Terry Williams, faculty and staff, Brad Minert, Daphne Dalley, Verl Kelsey, music concert on the quad, weavers in loom room, tree planting Dr. Braithwaite's class, upward bound students, Bertha Robertson Miss Intertribal queen's pageant, Yuba City Arizona high school Indian dancers
79-6-2Unit number 9-6-2  Baccalaureate and commencement services, Girls' State
79-6-3Unit number 9-6-3  Campus candids of snow, psychology lab, RMCPA conference in Colorado, Peanut Butter Players children's theatre drama, Utah veterinarians convention, faculty and staff, Virginia Stitt with music, education class in Parowan Canyon, students, Paul Barton, Austin D. Potenza, Tau Beta Epsilon week activities, Indian fair on campus, Japan China workshop
79-6-4Unit number 9-6-4  Festival stage landscaping, development office, business department scholarship recipients, Lynn Hunsaker with elementary students, geology and botany workshop, Manzanita dorm group, executive council mugs, student senate, winning debaters, boxing and arm wrestling tournament, inauguration
79-7-1Unit number 9-7-1  Utah Shakespearean Festival picture negatives
79-8-1Unit number 9-8-1  High school debate workshop, Upward Bound students, Nigerian students with Bessie Dove and Sterling Church, Cindy Grajalua, Tammy Larsen, industrial ed project house, archaelogy site Dr. Thompson, accounting and computer class situations, faculty and staff, Jim Piacitelli with most improved student, Larry Chatson, Dave Taylor, Diane Lamureaux, Roscoe Grover, drawings of Cedar City businesses, class of 1929, Theo Corry, Peggi Barretta, Michael Murphy, Nicholas Walker, Bill Sherrett, Lorraine Nelson
79-9-1Unit number 9-9-1  Orientation activities on quad, freshman dinner at Woods Ranch, tree planting, cavalcade of bands and practice, Early Bird Run, UPEA luncheon, students, Alma Maciulis, Marcia Winsor, Robert Louder, Sheldon Grand recipient of SUSC alumni DSA award with others, SUSC faculty with art work, Kris Ray, Daphne Dalley, Friends of the art gallery and banquet, alumni house, campus candids from roof of admin building, Valley Farm, Lion's donation to USF, costume tour, joggers on track
79-10-1Unit number 9-10-1  SUSC vs Occidental football, players at New Mexico Highlands game
79-10-2Unit number 9-10-2  SUSC vs Adams state football, cross country track team, SUSC vs Western state football, SUSC vs Western New Mexico homecoming game, gold team, gymnastics meet, basketball players, JV basketball, women's basketball
79-10-3Unit number 9-10-3  Volleyball team, SUSC vs Fort Lewis women's volleyball, SUSC vs U of Southern Colorado championship volleyball game, Color Country Classic All Tourney team, SUSC vs Adams State, Regis, Dixie New Mexico Highlands, California State at Bakersfield, JV UTC Provo, Colorado Mines basketball
79-11-1Unit number 9-11-1  50 year club, Marge Durand, faculty and staff, Sheldon Grant receiving DSA, Dr. Braithwaite, McClain Bybee, alumni banquet, Michael Murphy concert, Homecoming Queen's Pageant, contestants, Lisa Sylvester, Cyndie Workman, Katie Thompson, Janet Goodrich 78-79 queen, Pat Martin, Linda Brudick, Lisa Bell, Kelly Anderson, Michelle Ashman, Loreen Walquist, Tracy Ashman, Jody Schumaker, Annette Chilinski, Cara Thorup, Donna Lunt, Regina Peterson queen 79-80, Marilee Oscarson, Diann Christianson, G'Ne McEldowney, Janet Clark,Mr. SUSC contest, SUSC Follies, Homecoming royalty at dance, torch run, parade, mud bowl
79-11-2Unit number 9-11-2  Debate winners, Rodeo club and officers, Thunderettes, debate group, Overson Farm center scholarship presentation, SUSC LDS 1st ward students, Mark Blackham, Natasha Carter, Gail Crandall, Chris Kerecman, Linda Nelson, Robyn Stepp, theatre arts students at Brianhead Peak, Kerry Rose and political party, Keith Jarvis, Mark Baird
79-11-3Unit number 9-11-3  SUSC vs Adams State football, wrestling team and meet, Leadership conference, music educators national conference, scenic color prints and negatives, McClain Bybee, Royden Braithwaite, Marlynn Smith, G'Ne McEldowney, Robyn Stepp
79-11-4Unit number 9-11-4  Drama, Working, Dial M for Murder, Keith price, melodrama, Fred Adams and Peter Wineman, Peanut Butter Players at East Elementary, Carmen, As You Like It
79-11-5Unit number 9-11-5  Steven Schwartz, Enchanted Trees decorating, SUSC development board, SUSC High School Shakespearean competition, USF stage, Cedar builders donation to theater arts, faculty and staff, Rex Michie, Karren Stout, Bessie Dover, Gary Dunford, special services with Morty, Farney, Wilkes, Rhead Bowman, Dr. Seymore, VP Paul Southwick, Pres O. Carnahan, VP Conrad Hatch, Glen Barker, TAVI staff, Sandy Dicianno, March of Dimes marathon committee, decorating campus Christmas tree B. Reiber
79-11-6Unit number 9-11-6  Upward Bound, Nursing, Computer Operators, D&D, Intertribal, ASSUSC presidents coundil, executive council, publication council, TAVI staff, geology and drama clubs, student senate forensics group, travel bureau Sounds Unlimited, Lambda Delta Sigma Sorority, band, dance club, Spanish club, Phi Beta Lambda business club, art guild, literary guild, LDSSA, Tau Beta Epsilon, Agriculture club and officers and bulls at Valley farm, Pi Rho Alpha frat, international students, student center activities bureau, literary magazine staff
79-11-7Unit number 9-11-7  MX missile hearing, donating blood to Red Cross, bank scholarship donation, Dr & Mrs LV Broadbent donating art to Tom Leek for Braithwaite Gallery, Big Buck contest winners, donations by Dr John Seymore and William I Palmer, SUSC foundation in meeting, elks scholarship donation Jim Hale and Pres Carnahan, Pres Carnahan and Paul Whitman-Walker bank scholarship, Paul Whitman and Fred Adams Walker Bank donation to Shakespearean Festival, student center Thanksgiving Day fire damage, greenhouse, grounds crew planting flowers and the greenhouse, new sign in front of Alumni House, Pres Carnahan planting flowers
79-12-1Unit number 9-12-1  Homecoming Dance, Mr. SUSC contest, Michael Murphy concert, Big Buck contest, SUSC follies, Mud football, SUSC vs New Mexico Highlands football, pageant, students and fans at football game, melodramas, Show Queen Pageant and royalty, March of Dimes Marathon start
XIV. 1980
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  Student yearbook pictures, (A, B), Nancy Adams 147 203, Scott Adams 239, Lynda Allen 218, Melvin W. Alvey 319, Arlene Anderson 339a, David P. Anderson 413a, Heidi Anderson 79, Kathy Anderson 7a, Kelly Anderson 284 284a, Lane K. Anderson 209, Michele Ashman 169, Tracy A. Ashman 143, Todd Atkin 140a, Marvin Bagley 404, Alinda Baker 435a-e 342, Darla Baker 337a, John Banks 99, Tammy Barlow 58, Alan L. Bartholomew 400, Steven Bartholomew 100, Cindy Ann Bartholomew 56, Wil Basilius II 220 220a, Cathy Beacham 399a, Jane Begay 30, Ruby M. Begay 360, Selena Begay 424, Lisa Bell 234, Pam Bell 358, Cory L. Belliston 6, Betty Ann Bender 303 303a, Sherrin Benson 190, Tori Berrett 422, Dennis R. Bird 49, Neva Black 214, Randy Blackborn 243a, Ken Blackwell 89, Ken Blair 434a, Brenda Blake 206a, R. David Boardman 315, Patty Bogedahl 317, Valta I. Bonsteel 356a, Cheryl Lynn Boulton 149, Dan Bowman 414, Carl J. Bradshaw 151a, Mary F. Bristol 110, Theresa Broadhead 282, Kayelynn Brook 46, Brenda Brooksby 40, Craig Brooksby 41, Jeannine A. Bruckner 62, Laura Bryant 227, Mike Budke 171a, Allan Buethe 2, Monica Bunker 47, Jackie Bunn 105, Donna Burden 67, Linda Lee Burdick 150a, Tammera Butcher 215, Michelle Butler 415ab, Don Butner 10, Marci Buxton 421
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (C, D), Khris Campos 381, Paul Campos 42, Mike Cannon 174, Karen Carnahan 343, Ty Carrillo 59, Natasha Carter 195a, Peter Chamness 139, Carolyn Chappell 224, Chizel 365, Allen Gleave Christensen 104, Barbara Christensen 306, Dori Christensen 290, Eldon Christensen 307a, Joan Christensen 363, Mary Lynn Christensen 72a, Matt Christensen 332, Teresa Christensen 180, Cynthia Clark 212a, Joel Clark 264, Jacqueline Coatney 80a, Peggy Lorene Collins 85, Mike Cook 61, Dean Cooper 367, Gayle Crandall 389a, Fannie Crank 191, Catherine Crawford 388a, Lynn Crosby 128, Brent Curtis 155, Sandy Curtis 380a, Keven O. Cutler 395a, Patrick Czarny 378, Bona Dalton 338, Doniece Dalton 32, Mary Damiani 353a, Randy Joe Daniels 153, Marcene Danner 125, Dan Danowski 144a, Bonnie Darlington 311, CK Davis 344a, Cecil James Davis 336a, Manuel Deason 425a, Justina DeJolie 114a, Mica DeJolie 376, Edith Delapp 216, Marie Del Marco 197a, Bonnie Delange 175, Mark Dempsey 119, Vincent Denetdeal 396a, Dave Deuel 240, Phyllis Dew-Guy 351a, Santiago Dlguerrero 247, Janeal Dodds 35, Julie Dodds 350a, Sylvia Sue Duffin 326a, Shirley Dugi 263a, Becky Duke 205, Debi Dunford 387a, Esther Lunn Durfee 74a
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (E, F, G), Mary Eames 217, Vicki Eliason 312a, Karen Emerson 115, Kim Ence 118, Melodie Enniss 364, Jody D. Erb 258ab, Cindy Esplin 236, April Evans 16, Debbie Evans 98, Jeanne Evans 226, Merrie Lee Faaiuaso 324, Betty Fackrell 429, Grey Farrell 164a, Bobby Flow 25, Brent D. Foley 172, Cindi Frei 362, Lisa Frei 165, Darlene French 375, Brad Lee Gale 101a, Kevin Gallacher 194, Lorna Gardiner 428, Jan Garfield 69, Clive Gary 120, Donna Gilbert 241a, Julie Gillies 262b, Kevin Glazier 168, Janet Goodrich 260 abc, Janet Gordon 255a, Patricia Gordon 281, Wayne J. Goulding 248, Una Rae Gove 296a, Todd K. Graff 50a, Ken Green 411, Lynda Gregerson 156ab 23a, Gloria Greymountain 314a, Gary Griffin 17, Jacqueline Griffin 299a, Bill Groves 323, Don Gubler 177
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (H, I), Farrah Habibian 145a, Lyle Hadlock 321, Steve Hafen 352a, Glorianne Hair 320, Laura Hall 432a, Sam W. Halterman 301, Alyson Hammond 297, Mike Hanley 361a, Colene Hansen 327, Julie Hansen 65, Kip C. Hansen 91, Holly Harris 308, Ruth Harris 283a, Hal R. Harvey 198a, Chet A. Haskell 51, Jay D. Haslem 52, Chris Hatch 346a, Larry Hatch 354, Robert Hatch 359, Julie Hatfield 394a, Michael A. Hawkes 316, Richard Heaps 370, Shera Lyn Heap 406, Jill Henderson 333, Carol Hendricks 196a, Philip Hermansen 273, Terry Hermansen 103, Renee Hettinger 68, Steven Heyborne 185a, Khris Hiatt 199a, Craig Hinton 18a, Debbie Hinton 5, Kim Hoff 292, Walt Hoffman 148a, Carroll Thomas Holland 347a, J. Brad Holt 294, Eric Houle 250a, Dave Houston 409, Fran Houston 77, Jeanne Hughes 328, Jackie Hunsaker 64, Sally Hunter 426a, Cheryl Huntsman 78, Nancy A. Ingram 401, Eileen Amber Ipson 37a, David W. Isom 261a, Ronda Fay Ivins 276
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (J, K, L), Richard Jameson 386a, Lucille W. Jarvis 330, M. Randy Jarvis 329, Karen L. Federoff Jazz 39, Marian Jenkins 122, Kyra Lyne Jensen 12, Patti Jensen 208 178, Steve Jensen 202, Brigham Johnson 254, Cynthia Johnson 131, Debbie Johnson 26, Gwen B. Johnson 244, Jeff Johnson 84, Jody Johnson 22, Lucille Johnson 161a, Ron Johnson 269a, Strawberry Johnson 249a, Barbara Jones 126, Kevin Jones 286a, Lori Jones 238, Mark Jones 233, Julie Jorgensen 28, Lonita Kasper 53, Sydney Ann Keel 372, Susan King 257 45a, Jed Knight 71, Chad Labrum 20a, Brad Lamb 340, Jeanne lamb 253, Alan Lange 368, Terry Lane 246, Tye Langer 166, Kimmy Larson 9, Sylvia Laughter 313, Shauna Lawrence 371, Kathie Leany 111a, Mark Leany 225, David Lee 96, Cayne LeFevre 423, Kent LeFevre 4, Jenelle Leko 348a, Larry Leong 55, Bradford Lewis 405, Denice Long 63, Thomas Lund 183, Donna Lunt 24, Mason Lurvey 357, John Lynch 92
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (M, N, O), Kayron Madson 419a, Sharon Mangum 75a, Vicki Mangum 82, Loralee Zee Manning 408a 267 abc, Chuck Manuele 298, John Marrott 158, Melonie Marshall 188a, John Martindale 81, Janet Matheson 127a, John Maurice 94 251, Clifford G. Mathews 88, Priscilla McCabe 170, Leandra McMullin 97, Julie Meads 152a, Marianne Meldrum 300a, Pam Merrell 277, Michael J. Miller 374, Pam Mills 157a, Dennis Mitchell 231a, Marly G. Moil 402a, Wendy M. Moore 310, Kelly Moon 21, Diane Morrill 129a, Randall D. Morris 223a, James Mortensen 304, Marlyn KH Mortensen 305, Craig Moyle 93, Robin Murdock 137, Gary Neibaur 417, Bob Nell 369, Stacey Nemour 379, Karen Nielson 385a, Ron Olevsky 19, Kay Dell Orton 15, Harry A. Ottokwe 382
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (P, Q, R), Lizabeth Patch 420, Carol S. Paton 403a, Rebecca Patterson 433a, Tari Lyn Patterson 287a, Natalie Payne 271, Rodney Pearson 87, Debbie Peguillan 76, Ivan Peterson 252, Regina Peterson 193, Kaylene Petty 70, Fawn Pickering 11, Nikki Pino 138, Mark Planck 44, Susie Polelonema 237, Susan Porter 80, Desiree Potter 256, Charmaine H. Preator 288a, Keith Price 121, Polly Prince 167, Pat Probert 184a, Jerry Rampton 349a, Hannah Rebluud 163, Gloria Redhouse 410a 219, Gary A. Reese 112, John D. Reese 113, Jon E. Reese 280, Julie Reves 102, Diane Rember 293a, Nancy Remy 355, James Reynolds 182, Marcie Roberge 38, Bertha Robertson 31, Kent Robertson 135, Brad W. Robinson 229, Lisa Robinson 189a, Tammy Robinson 186, Barbara Roe 228a, Don Romeo 366, Thomas R. Romeo 278, Kerry Rose 412, Ben Ross 235, Hardy L. Rost 36, Kip Rothlisberger 393, Paula Rothlisberger 83 Colette Roundy 279
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (S, T), Ron Sablan 345, James Saltas 1, Kathy Sanders 285a, Dave Sanderson 176, Michael Sato 159, Shelley Saxton 207a, Robyn Schmidt 309, Joy Scott 200a, Keith Seals 398ab, William Seavey 54, Charles Grant Sherratt 334, Candace K. Shimonishi 210, Yadi Shojaie 132, Carl Wayne Sillitoe 275, Brad and Carolyn Simkins 107, 108 109, Roger W. Doc Simper 291a, Darryl Dr. Slater 141a, Lori Smith 66ab, MaryKay Smith 319a, Nancy Smith 204, Natalie Smith 222, Carolyn Squires 302a, Terry Stapley 323, Kim Stevenson 231a, Alan Stewart 245, Parry Stewart 162, Nancy Stewart 86, Rick Stonehocker 134, Lori Jean Stoker 136, Janeal Stubbs 383, R. Susan Stutz 142a, Mark Svboda 427, Lisa Sylvester 431a, Becky Taft 416, Paul Tate 272, Donald B. Taylor 373, Chris Tea 13, Robert Tebbs 430a, Brian Terry 418, Jolene Terry 397, Diane Thomas 242, Lori Thomas 295, Debra Thompson 95, Lynette Thompson 265, Cara Thorup 146, Dixie Tirree 259, Mark Topham 232a, Tammy Topham 181, Paul C. Touche 123 124, Ann Trane 390, Lillie Tsosie 192a. Bradley Chris Turek 274, Lisa Turner 116, Rita Twitchell 392
80-1-1Unit number -1-1  (V, W, X, Y, Z), Becky Van Alphen 90, Andrea Valentime 160a, Thomas Vance 187ab, Theresa Versluis 289a, Tammie Vincent 27, Loreen Wahlquist 154, Jim Wansgard 133, Gary P. Ward 201a, Sydney Warren 407, Bryan Weaver 179, Joyous Ann Wells 43, Scott Werner 230, Ted Westover 266, Jim Whitehead 130, Margo Elayne Whipple 73a, Nina Whittaker 173, Curt Wilde 57, Russ Willahan 268, Gary Williams 117a, Robert Wingfield 33, Jan Winger 60, Kenny Wintch 270a, All M5 World 377a, Cydnie Workman 211, JB Wright 8, Kee Yazzie 29
80-1-2Unit number -1-2  Faculty and staff pictures 79-80
80-1-31Unit number -1-31  Music, orchestra, Utah Opera Company, art, Braithwaite Gallery, paintimgs, Indian art, exhibit, weaving display in library, Glen Anderson and art work, Tom Challis and diana Graff, quilt display, Rex Michie and Gary Dunford, Rod Brady and new injection fertilizer system
80-2-1Unit number -2-1  Faculty and staff, Douglas Thompson, Peggy Kelley, Bill Ransom, Frank Montana, Fred Adams, Milton Robinson, James Harrison, Phil Carter and Sue Southwick, Glen Anderson and Carolyn Squires, multi-cultural personnel, Sounds Unlimited concert, drama
80-2-2Unit number -2-2  Drama, Show Off, Blythe Spirit, As You Like It, Androcles and the Lion, Carmen, graduation extra
80-2-4Unit number -2-4  Snow Week, Randy Edelman concert, Rammis skating and disco, tubing at Woods Ranch, Snow Queen contestants, March of Dimes Marathon Run, SUSC Dixie relay race, Pageant, Preference Dance, Sweethearts Ball floor show, Ballet West
80-2-6Unit number -2-6  Beverly Conner, Eva Beatty, drama, painting and costumes of As You Like It set, Bill Leland and Chuck West concert promotion, Les Reidil, Tom Markus festival director, Thunderettes team photos, Vance Packard, Rolph Kerr, Emma Lou Thayne, Senator Jake Garn and Bruce Garner, Joan R. McFadden and Governor Scott Matheson, world map, early intervention center and donation to EIC by McDonalds restaurant, band uniforms, New Era music group
80-2-8Unit number -2-8  Students and faculty and staff donating blood to Red Cross, PBL award to James Hoyle Business Person of the Year, gymnastics, song leaders, cheerleaders, ambassadors, Sound Unliimited, Iron Mountain Men muzzle loader club, TBE activities, Tau Beta Epsilon breakfast party, The Newman Club, Modern Dance club, debaters, AG club seminar, Abe Lincoln debate tournament activities, Bro Sears at SUSC regional devotional activities, Geology field trip to Death Valley, flag football science faculty vs Indian students, winners of high school debate tournament, science fair winners
80-2-9Unit number -2-9  Faculty and staff, Pres O Carnahan with beard, planning Navajo workshop, Gary Tom, Irene Jones, Daphne Dalley, students, Ben Chapa and Mary Bristol, Teresa Matheney, snackbar employees cleaning elevator, editors for 80-81 publications, Brooke McCloud T-Bird, Lynda Gregerson TAVI, Karen Carnahan Images, KGSU announcers, Linda McCauley, Carolyn Hales, Nick Reynolds, new student body officers from Cedar City, Sharon Collins, Bill Collins, Tom Dishman, Joy Chamberlain, Nonia Kosanke, Mason Lurvey and Theresa Versluis
80-3-1Unit number -3-1  Student senate, SUSC vs Mesa women's basketball, women's track, men's track, men's baseball game, women's intramural softball champions
80-3-3Unit number -3-3  Gymnastics meet, Milt Robinson karate class, Indian week activities, G'Ne McEldowney, Virginia Higbee
80-4-3Unit number -4-3  Institutional council, PBL officers in planning meeting, LDS institute graduates, debaters CEDA nationals, executive council Terri Metcalf and Becky Patterson, SUSC band, Nurse group, Mis Intertribal princess pageant, SUSC awards night presentations, Phi Beta Lambda state convention activities
80-4-4Unit number -4-4  Indian week activities, high school drama winners, summer school registration, Wild West Week, Miss SUSC 1980, Sunrise Service, graduation, rodeo shot by Gary Blagg
80-4-5Unit number -4-5  Students, Debbie Woolsten, Ted Woolsten, Bruce Garner and family, Terry Lane with painting, Betty Bender, Shelley Bensen rodeo queens, Kelli Rhoades, Ron Johnson and Hugh behling, Neil Gardner, Wendy Humphry, Sheri Trejo, Linda Gregerson
80-5-3Unit number -5-3  Sounds Unlimited, Upward Bound, students, Cheryl Yazzie Miss intertribal princess, business scholarship recipients, Sterling scholarship candidates Shelly Benson, Debra Kay Hermanson, Kristine Cooley, Cheryl Anderson, Del Rich real estate sign advertising Festival, Rug, Ivy, and Oranges, Linda Chatterly alumni scholarship recipient
80-6-1Unit number -6-1  Girls' State
80-7-3Unit number -7-3  New SUSC flag, sheep at Valley Farm, Dr. Thompson's archeological site, new landscaping, campus shots of Old Administration, new Home Ec kitchen and area, learning center in Library building, removing air-conditioner from roof of library, Ashcroft Observatory, color aerials (see 81-4-3), shots of Old Main and students painting Student Center, business building dedication
80-7-5Unit number -7-5  Publicity for Navajo Workshop, gymnastics workshop, Ian Watt speaker at Grace Adams Tanner Conv. Nancy Stringham publicity for workshop, Gaslight production, Belle of Amherst, drama
80-7-8Unit number -7-8  Upward Bound students, International student club, art guild, geology club, wilderness club, Home Ec club, Ambassadors, Sigma Gamma Chi, Executive Council, Newman Club, Intertribal club, Tavi staff, Senate, Rodeo club, Communications club, RHA, songleaders, Thunderettes, cheerleaders, AWS Council, Senate meeting, President's Council, LDSSA Council, SCAB, literary guild, PBL club, forensics, student nurses (see 81-2-9)
80-7-9Unit number -7-9  Debate groups, Sounds Unlimited playing at dance
80-8-2Unit number -8-2  Kim Little, Mrs Demar Bowman, Auto West baseball team and Bill Kringlen with dog, David Prather, Christine Winterrose, Allen Payne, Fred Esplin, Institutional Council, children trick or treating in Admin building, Air Supply, Dr and Mrs William R. Palmer, Alumni Association, G'Ne Bartholomew, development board members,, library committee, Arch Madson, Bonneville Corporation, G Donald Gale, KSL P R Man, Coach Lapour with Cedar High Athletes, Coach Bishop and David Carter, a CCHS student, 50 year club and class of 1930 (see 81-2-4), Kathleen West, Upward Bound graduation, Special Olympic championship team Santa Claus with children, Leslie Reidel, George LeBaron and Glen Wahlquist retirement open house, Utah Opera Company (see 80-11-8), Janusz Kozikowski and Virginia Dusenbury with fiber art exhibit (see 80-11-8), gymnastics workshop (see 80-7-5), winners at science fair, visiting high school students, Peter McDonald, Brenda Beal, Dave Bigler, Mr and Mrs L Lunt, Donna Hamby, Diana Graff and Gevene Savala
80-8-7Unit number -8-7  Faculty and staff, Pauline Nelson, Milton Robinson, Ada Carpenter, Lady Faculty Officers, James Dillard, Sarah Solberg, Sandra Martinez, Tom McCracken, Dave Menke, Roger M Smith, Charlene Swanso, Gary Hale, James M Aton, John F Clark, Ellison E Glattley, Preston Price, President Carnahan, Alumni DSA recipient, Rex Michie with occupational search machine at CCHS, Leslie Koelliker, Luann Briggs, Jeanette Stoker, La Jean Knell, Louis Ann Whitman, Nancy Robinson, Rosie Fletcher, Evelyn Jones, J'Lene Hansen, David Nyman, June Adams, Marie Nielsen, Jim Cotts, Nevada Lake, Caralyn Price, Darryl Schramm, Richard Nelson, Emile Curtis Jr., Gordon King, Bruce Osborne, Nancy Begaye, Cal D Huber, Leland Page, Wayne Hinton, Ken Benson, Bea Harvey, Ronald N Hatch, Patrick Walruth, Annette Bunderson, students, Joe Wells, Randy Rhodes, Susan Grinder, Cathy Nelson, Dan Garner, Kristina Hill, Dean Bloxham, Phil Shelburne, Blue Ladies, admissions and financial aid ladies at Valentines and thanksgiving and halloween, Coach Lapour and Bishop with CCHS students (see 80-8-2), Coach McCracken at basketball game (see 80-12-6), SUSC assiciated faculty-staff women, Eugene Woolf (see 81-5-9), Nancy Stringham (see 80-7-5), Terry Alger, halloween costumes, Mark Wright
80-9-1Unit number -9-1  Football players
80-9-2Unit number -9-2  Football coaches
80-9-3Unit number -9-3  1980 Shakespearean Festival
80-9-4Unit number -9-4  Mr and Mrs Clarence Miller with photo donation, quilt for student center Sub for Santa project, First Security, donation to early intervention center by Cedar Livestock Auxil, Overson scholarship, 1951-52 outstanding athletes, SUSC athletic Hall of Fame inductees Ty Gillins and Tuff Linford, video equipment donation to PE dept, winners at science fair (see 80-28-2), Thunderbird awards recipients
80-9-7Unit number -9-7  SUSC high school Shakespearean competition, freshman dinner at Woods Ranch, SUSC student donating blood to Red Cross, Air Supply Concert, Big Buck contest, graduation
80-9-8Unit number -9-8  Kolob Canyon, Cedar Mountain area, large juniper on Summit Mountain
80-10-5Unit number -10-5  Photos taken by Gary Blagg, John Cripps, and other yearbook photographers, Rodeo Club, Institute frats and sororities, cheerleaders, Dungeons and Dragons, cheerleaders and crowd, Thunderettes, Osmond's Fireside, women's softball team, T-Bird staff
80-10-8Unit number -10-8  SUSC vs Colorado Mines, Mesa college, Ft Lewis, Southern Colorado (homecoming), Cal Poly football, homecoming parade
80-10-9Unit number -10-9  1980 Homecoming committee, Mud Bowl, magic show, Miss Intertribal Princess Pageant, Homecoming Queen Pageant, contestants, follies, parade, royalty
80-11-1Unit number -11-1  Drama, Gaslight, Pippin, Puppet show and costumes for rent by drama dept. A Life In the Theatre, melodramas, Belle of Amherst, Opera, Cheery Orchard, The Wiz, Beauty and the Beast
80-11-8Unit number -11-8  Music and art, Christmas display by VJ Voorty, opera cast, fabric art at gallery, New Era musical group, Utah Opera Company at South Elementary, Janusz Kozikowski and Virginia Dusenbury with fiber art exhibit, Daumier cartoon
80-12-1Unit number -12-1  Karen Carnahan, Tom Hardcastle most preferred man;, Brad Myers student political party, students, Eva Lunt and Cory Belliston, Lee Averett, KGSU disc jockeys, theatre arts students and cheerleaders, Debbie Johnson and Todd Mortensen, Christa Foster, Brian Osmonson, Elaine Lawrence, Terry Turner, Steve Bacher, Mike Benson, Jennifer Riggs, Marcel Bluth, Melonie Marshal, Cindy Cowan, Tina Kaminski and fiance, Mike Staheli and Annette Chilinski, Luanna Stehalli, Lane Jaeger, Bonnie Sue Robinson, Shauna Mechum, Jerald Bybee
80-12-3Unit number -12-3  Student yearbook pictures, (A, B), Nancy Adams 40, Nicole Adams 131, Richard Adams 83, Melvin W. Alvey 62, Becky Anderson 347, David P Anderson 331, Kathy Anderson 34, Natalie Anderson 60, Robert Anderson 199, Sharlene Anderson 150, Eileen Asmussen 166, T J Atkinson 223, Leola Auston 324, Marvin Bagley 323, Kathy Barlow 8, Karen Barney 58, Cynthia Bateman 176, Cindy Ann Bartholomew 66, Cathy Beacham 136, Smokey T Bear 258, Dennis Beasley 209, Vinnie Bedoni 125, Ruby Begay 7, Sherrin Benson 133, Teri Bird 56 183, Raymond Bishop 243, Kathy Bissell 49, Neva Black 90, Lori Blackner 288, Ken Blackwell 120, Linda Bladen 362, Gary Blagg 23, Brenda Blake 142, Wesley E Blake 30, Tami Bloxham 340, Patty Bogedahl 345, Carl J Bradshaw 279, James Brewer 251, Becky Brimhall 181, Katherine Brinkerhoff 110, Mary F. Bristol 173, Theresa Broadhead 302, Dave Brown 97 215, Marilyn Brown 355, Jeannine Bruckner 248, Mike Budke 272, Allan C Buethe 327, Donna Burden 366, Laneka Burdick 350, Paula Burgoyne 184
80-12-3Unit number -12-3  (C, D, E, F), Nancy Calder 364, Anne Reid Cameron 214, William A Campbell 109, Renea Cano 311, Karen Carnahan 194, Kent Carr 250, Kenda Carter 16, Wes Carter 11, Mike Chiquito 134, Joan Christensen 286, Mary Lynn Christensen 259, Diann Christenson 140 121, Rhonda Christlie 289, Michael Cook 33, Philip Cooke 85, Julie Coombs 315, D B Cooper 204, Susie Cosney 35, Cindy Cowan 151, Laurent Cox 203, Robert Cox 15, Mike Cripps 278, John W Cripps 159, Patrick Czarny 271, Randy Daniels 247, Bonnie Darlington 224, Merrill Dellas 48, Keith Denos 111, Tracy Dewsnup 329, Janeal Dodds 146, Debbie Donofrio 257, Diane Donofrio 137, Debby Dotson 207, Nanette Dran 13, Siri Draper 196, Daniel Drawe 50, Kristie Een 94, Artimitia Elmer 124, Kim C Ence 117, Ruth Ence 69, Karen R Emerson 35, Keidi Esplin 22, April Evans 130, Dave Evans 217, Jeanne Evans 220, Mike Evans 154, Shelly Eyre 52, Linda Fackrell 156, Lannie Farnsworth 164, Yvonne Fisher 255, Robert Booby Flow 115, Greg Foote 253, Margaret Foley 160, Mont Forsyth 326, Randy Forsyth 322, Christa Foster 82, Darlene French 359
80-12-3Unit number -12-3  (G, H, I, J), Nannette Gamble 187, Joseph C Gardner 80, Scott Giauque 267, Barbara J Gindl 73, Laura Lee Graf 95, Keelee Graff 91, Carole Gray 26, Eric Golberg 264, Kent Gordon 128, Lynda Gregerson 198, Gary Griffin 232, Melody Grubb 93, Don Gubler 351, Gina Gubler 308, Jolyn Hafen 12, Brent Hall 309, Glen Hallows 98, Mark Halterman 171, Alyson Hammond 227, Mike Hanley 330, Julie Hansen 338, Kathijo Hansen 55, Kip C Hansen 168, Larry Harper 116, Ruth Harris 304, Susan Harris 306, Tolino Harrison 153, Chuck Heaton 177, Mary Ann Heaton 334, Terry Heaton 246, Trish Henderson 312, Joyce Hickman 105, Bobby Hill 63, Kent Hinchcliff 290, Cornelia Hlawatschek 163, Tonda Hoar 180, Juanita Hoggman 24, Eric Houle 281, Dave Houston 275, Fran Houston 113, Sherrie Huber 320, Susan Hunt 17, Sally Hunter 235, Diane Huntsman 143, Ronda Ivins 75, Verla Jackson 139, Rob Jeffery 226, Wendy James 61, Kyra Jensen 363, Cynthia Johnson 169, Kasi Johnson 238, Lu Ann Johnson 39, Scott Johnson 60, Tammy Johnson 313, Barbara Jones 332, Karen Jones 102, Kirk Jones 167, Vickie Jorgensen 157
80-12-3Unit number -12-3  (K, L, M), Gerri Keller 354, Tycee Kelly 241, Kim Kelsey 31, Hiroshi Kina 262, Tracie King 84, Wane Kittrell 360, Jed Knight 87, Mary Kaye Knight 141, Robert Alan Kropf 45, Geary Len Laitinen 191, Brad Lamb 57, Derek E Lamb 27, Geri Lambson 81, Alan Lange 202, Tye Langer 280, Edith De Lapp 342, Kristina Larsen 268, Kimmy Jo Larson 283, Kathie Leany 79, A Wade Leavitt 43, Newell Leavitt 152, Pam Leavitt 333, Jim L Leigh 221, Jenelle Leko 122, L Gary Leonard 123, Kevin Lewis 210, Lani Lindgren 256, Teresa Lindsay 273, Denice Long 353, Sheri Long 89, Lael Lovell 92, Tim Lowe 213, Thomas Lund 47, Donna Lunt 319, Mason Theresa Lurvey 218, Kit Lyman 14, Jeannette Madson 190, Kayron Madson 188, Paula Madson 189, Loralee Manning 217, Gary D Mason 361, Jim Mason 119, Janet Matheson 99, Mike Mauger 10, Natalie McDaniel 236, D Kane McGlothlin 44, Leandra McMullin 148, Debbie Michaelis 244, Brent Middleton 112, Donald Brent Miller 216, Michael J Miller 193, Pam Mills 28, Diana Moore 77, Joyln Morgan 179, James Mortensen 200, Randall D Morris 25 192, Lorna Morrow 18, Alan Moss 62, Jewell Moter 61, Robert Mull 9, Robin Murdock 195, Kirtt Myers 225
80-12-3Unit number -12-3  (N, O, P, Q, R), Dave Nelson 5, Stacy Nelson 316, Kenn Neugart 21, Kebei Ngirmechaet 292, Brent Nielsen 104, James R Nielson 37, Launi Norton 234, Jeff Orn 158, Alma True Ott 285, Melonie Overton 245, Lesa Owens 178, Arvonne Palmer 356 293, Diana Parker 249, Natalie Payne 321, Paula R Perrine 348, Clint Peterson 254, Tracy Peterson 339, Delight Phillips 282, King Ping 211, Coleen Pollock 274, Shirleen Poulsen 161, Polly Prince 145, Patricia Probert 314, Suzzanne Radmall 185, Debbie Rebluud 357, Delplina Rebluud 101, Hannah Rebluud 100, Vivian Rich 346, Bonnie Robinson 301, Deann Robinson 205, Tammy Robinson 206, Tom Rodrigues 149, Deanna Roe 155, Don Romeo 118, Thomas R Romeo 303, Wendy Romine 74, Kerry Rose 103, Carol N Roundy 358
80-12-3Unit number -12-3  (S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z), Evangeline Saburo 86, Ronda Sabyan 162, Saeid Saifizadeh 287, Siroos Saifizadeh 343, Kathy Sanders 260, David Sanderson 127, Michael Sato 108, Keith Seals 132, Mike Sedgwick 64, Joan Shapespear 76, Brenda Shaw 240, Tanya D Shaw 336, Grant Charles Sherratt 42, McKay Shields 222, Sherry Simmers 307, Melissa Simmons 174, Dee Ann Smith 186, Natalie Smith 352, Stewart Smith 68, Teri Smith 175, Richard Snow 41, Marjorie D Snyder 138, Shari Sottosanti 231, Kara and Rick Southwick 53, Rachel Southwick 266, J Clark Spendlove 310, Tony Sperry 172, Ann Squire 67, Cindy Staheli 318, Lenny Stanek 65, Brad Steinke 107, James Stephenson 96, Nancy Lee Stewart 230, Strawberry 237, Kayleen Sullivan 78, Shahab Tavakoli 276, Bonnie Taylor 365, Jolene Terry 208, Kim Elise Terry 144, Ronda Thayn 135, Diane Thomas 228, Diane Thomas 228, JoAnn Thomas 20, Allen F Thomason 341, Eric Thompson 3, Katie Thompson 201, Mark Topham 46, Tami Topham 335, Paul C Touche 129, Ann Trane 325, Eugene D Trombetti 54, Tiffanie Turner 182, Vernice Turou 291, Ana Vaka 51, Brad Valentine 165, Gordon Van Tassell 305, Jayson Walker 126, Kelly Walker 242, Gary Ward 219, Lauri Warthen 4, Le Ann Watson 212, Susan Weitzman 263, Chris Whetton 284, Suzanne Whittaker 277, Cris Wilcken 239, Sherie Williams 32, Robert Winfield 197, Jan Winger 229, Ken Wintch 328, Ron Wodehouse 265, Bud Wonder 252, Sonya Woodbury 337, Moapa Wright 269, Zee 233, Cheryl Zinniger 114
80-12-4Unit number -12-4  Adams State women's volleyball, Regis volleyball championship game, girls' flag football intramural champs, basketball, girls' track, softball, Ft Lewis women's basketball, SUSC softball Dixie College softball team, gymnastics meet
80-12-6Unit number -12-6  Basketball, color Country Classic all tourney team, SUSC basketball team and coaches, SUSC vs Western New Mexico, New Mexico Highlands, Adams State, Ft Lewis, U So Colorado, coach McCracken at basketball game and Thunderettes at Western State, Mesa college basketball, Thunderettes performing and officers (see 81-5-6), Colorado Mines, Grand Canyon, commando basketball
XV. 1981
81-2-2Unit number 1-2-2  Gymnastics team, baseball, men's track team, golf team, soccer team, Roger Farnsworth, men and women track, Special Olympics, baseball game
81-2-4Unit number 1-2-4  50 Year Club and class of 1930, Lambda Delta Sigma and Mike Cripps, drama club, New Era, cheerleaders and songleaders, New Era musical group (see 80-11-8), Thunderettes performing and officers (see 81-5-6), Senators, Executive Council
81-2-5Unit number 1-2-5  Maureen McGovern concert and autograph session, March of Dimes, Miss SUSC contestants, winners at science fair (see 80-8-2) Tracy Ashman Miss SUSC (see 81-2-9), Special Olympics (see 80-8-2), couples at Rodeo Dance, Cloggers West dance group, beard judging, SUSC Dixie relay race
81-2-7Unit number 1-2-7  Industrial education class
81-2-8Unit number 1-2-8  MX environmental impact statement, dried animal parts, graduation, shots of building and sidewalk, business building dedication and exterior
81-2-9Unit number 1-2-9  Students, Tracy Ashman Miss SUSC, Robert Imlay, Gary P Ward, Jed Knight, Paul Cozzens, Brent Dix, Doniece Dalton, Mary Damiani, Val Cannon, personnel in Administration building, shots of Old Main and students painting student center (see 80-7-3)
81-3-1Unit number 1-3-1  Homecoming parade and game and pageant and royalty, Mud Bowl and follies, Rhead Bowman and family, melodramas, New Era, campus aerials, Ambassadors Club, Mary Damiani
81-4-3Unit number 1-4-3  International students, Executive Council, T-Birds staff, 1980 4x5 shakespeare color negatives, buildings and ground color aerials, Santa Claus with children
81-5-6Unit number 1-5-6  Thunderettes performing at Ft Lewis basketball game, Rosalee Jones Indian dancer
81-5-9Unit number 1-5-9  Adm and financial aid secretaries at thanksgiving and halloween, posters for The Wiz, food service formal dinner for students, Rosalee Jones, Betty Jane Neill, Patricia Brown valedictorian 1981
81-6-1Unit number 1-6-1  Girls' State 1981
81-7-1Unit number 1-7-1  Utah Shakespearean Festival, BBC Welcoming barbecue at Kolob Canyon, Festival Directors, Dr. Garth Chatterly donation to USF
81-7-2Unit number 1-7-2  Students, Leandra McMillon and Jerry Skeem, Ted Rempp, Joy Scott, Diane Donofrio and Eric Houle, Bryan Jackson, Mike Carter, Paul Rassmussen, Jackie Clegg, Marge Snyder, David Mills Snow Queen candidates, Marvin Frandsen Political Party, Debra Caliva, Lee Goodrich, Matt Christensen, John L Hayes III, Brian Jensen, Craig S Wood, Jessica Barton, Kevin Millecam, Carey Bleckert, Corey Fullmer, Jerableen Crawford, Terri Terril, Jeff Maxwell, Adrian Sampson, Karen Hatch, Lorena Sullivan
81-7-3Unit number 1-7-3  Jeff Maxwell, Garner and Hatch, Henry Eyring, Doug Alder and Gerald Sherratt, Macksene Jensen, Old Gym student center, Ellen S Porter, Jim Edmundson and John Riech 1982 festival directors, Carl Sagan, EMT students solar panels
81-7-4Unit number 1-7-4  Business department scholarship recipients, receiving insurance premium money Jack Bishop and Clayton Frehner, Merril Peterson presenting to President Judd, Harold Hiskey and John Rowley with donated copy machine, President Harl Judd with Francis Befenson 1st Sec Bank scholarship, donated pool table to staff association. 1951 SUSC BB team, Hall of Famers, Earnie Humphrys Award, MVP 1951-1952, Gayle Adams of UP&L making donation to Jack Bishop, Wes Larsen receiving check for USF, Horse Breeding fee donation to SUSC, Thunderbirds award winners, Dr Chatterly donation to USF, Mr and Mrs Wayne Heppler scholarship donation, Sand donation to child development lab, Theater awards night
81-7-5Unit number 1-7-5  Faculty and staff, Mary Mae Nelson, McRay Cloward, Louise Jones, President Harl Judd, admin and finaicial aid with noses, Terry Alger vice president, Mark Webster, Dennis Ohms, Fred Adams and Wesley Larson, James Bowns, Robert Young, Sam Wanamaker from London, President Sherratt and Gary McIntyre, Math department Tebbs Cotts, Roger Chidester with black powder guns, industrial ed faculty
81-7-6Unit number 1-7-6  Homecoming committee, queen candidates, parade, budbowl, mini 500 race, big buck contest, Leslie Peterson Homecoming queen 1981-1982, Mr SUSC contestants, Miss Intertribal Princess contestants
81-7-7Unit number 1-7-7  Regents meeting, theater arts costume shop, Einstein, Cavalcade of bands, trick or treat children, project house, pre-employment mining training Paiute Tribe SUSC venture, Project ALTA tutors, Sam Wanamaker from London, President Sherratt and Gary McIntyre, 1951 SUSC BB team Hall of Famers, Earnie Humphrys award, SUSC foundation MVP 1951-1952
81-7-8Unit number 1-7-8  Drama, You Can't Take It With You, Royal Family,
81-7-9Unit number 1-7-9  High School leadership conference, art workshop papermaking
81-7-10Unit number 1-7-10  Grandon Brewer with art work, Wendy Moore with art exhibit at 1st Interstate Bank with Paul Whitman President, art workshop paper making, Ronald Hoit with Middle Eastern display (see 82-4-9)
81-9-2Unit number 1-9-2  SUSC vs Ft Lewis football, homecoming SUSC vs Western New Mexico, graduating senior football players
81-9-3Unit number 1-9-3  Women's volleyball team, vs Mesa and New Year Classic Tourney, gymnastics team
81-9-5Unit number 1-9-5  SUSC vs Cal Poly Sonoma, New Mexico Highlands, U of Southern Colorado, football
81-10-1Unit number 1-10-1  Baseball team, SUSC vs BYU, RMAC track meet, Student Teacher Paul Child W So Elem student, Joe Wells weight training class (file 82-4-6)
81-10-2Unit number 1-10-2  Cheerleaders, forensics, Prof Burgoynes biology class sheep stomachs, 50 year club, International Club, Intertribal club, New Era group, Executive Council, Thunderettes
81-11-1Unit number 1-11-1  SUSC vs Colorado Mines, Grand Canyon, So Colorado, basketball, Color Country Classic Tourney
81-11-2Unit number 1-11-2  Miss Intertribal princess pageant winners, Snow Queen pageant and royalty, Mother/Daughter day activities, Upward Bound graduation, President Sherratt's inaugural activities, science fair winner, Snowball dance, theater awards night
81-11-3Unit number 1-11-3  Miss SUSC pageant and homecoming pageant, adult education award recipients, Telethon 1981, marathon runs
81-11-7Unit number 1-11-7  Faculty, (A - L), Boyd Adams 239, Stephen Adams 35, Glen D Anderson 233, Keith Anderson 226, Russell Anderson 118, Jim Aton 59, Cynthia Ball 138, Elizabeth Barker 158, Nancy Begay 221, Katherine Berg 128, Don Blanchard 53, Terry Blodgett 174, Quinton Bowler 27, Rhead Bowman 75, Jim Bowns 117, Dave Braegger 145, Arlene Braithwaite 230, Royden C Braithwaite 172, Bobbie Brown 19, Van Bushnell 91, Paul Burgoyne 210, Dick Carlson 95, Phil Carter 42 239, MaryJane Cedarface 215, Tom Challis 12, Roger Chidester 51, Leon Chidester 241, Randy Christensen 5, Sterling R Church 218, Eldred Clark 162, John Clark 49, McRay Cloward 168, Joseph Comp 108, Don Conrad 242, Inez Cooper 9, Michael Cohen 53, Jim Cotts 94a, J Vic Davis 97, Rod Decker 211, Jim Dillard 151, Richard Dotson 156, Gary Giles 87, diana Graff 1, Gary Hale 39, Alan R Hamlin 166, James Harrison 17, Conrad Hatch 100, Dale Hatch 78, Elva Hatch 68, Steven Heath 104, Roger Hillyard 90a, Ross Hiilton 33, Wayne K Hinton 182, Harold Hiskey 80, Victor Isbell 92a, Dave Jensen 8, Lana Johnson 64, Kim Jones 102, Les Jones 228, Harl Judd 244, Merrell R Jones 110 120, Richard Kennedy 184, Richard Kimball 106, Tom Kingsford 144, Vern Kupfer 126, Anton Lambert 31, Joe Lamoureux 133, Joe Lapour 160, Pat Larkin 244, Wesley Larson 115, Thomas A Leek 177, Sharon Leigh 4, David Lee 72, Steve Lunt 131, Library staff 23
81-11-7Unit number 1-11-7  Faculty (M - Z), E Blair Maxfield 112, Carolyn McCracken 16, Kent Meyers 38, James Miller 25, James Mills 180, S S Moorty 61, Bob Moore 86a, Lee Morrell 98, Ken Munford 89, Lylman Munford 53, Pauline Nelson 206, Connie Nyman 84, David Nyman 148, Larry Olsen 88a, Bruce Osborn 141, Leland Page 13, Brent Palmer 154, Frain Pearson 203, Paul Peterson 193, Preston Price 43, Coralie Rawlinson 93, Morris Shirts 29, Gerald R Sherratt 200, Michael Sicotte 186, Gary Smith 2, M L Smith 164, R Michael Smith 47, Sandra Smith 122, Sarah Solberg 65, Paul Southwick 212, Virginia Stitt 140, Jack Stokes 237, Charlene Swanson 46, Richard Tebbs 96a 191, Richard Thompson 195, Barbara Tolleson 188, Jim Vlesich 244, Dorris Williamson 82, Eugene Woolf 73, Carolyn Young 69
81-11-8Unit number 1-11-8  Faculty and staff, Dale Hatch, Gary Smith, Jim Mills, Sandra Wood Smith, Elisabeth Barker, Cynthia Ball, Quenton Bowler, Ed Clark, Mike Sicotte, Carolyne White, Jim Vlasich, Ron Hult
XVI. 1982
82-1-1Unit number 2-1-1  Campus winter scenes, festival lighting installation, water lab, Tanner Fountain, special events center drawing, Old Lumber Trail Cedar Mountain
82-1-4Unit number 2-1-4  Shelley Benson student body president, girls' basketball, softball, gymnastics meet
82-1-5Unit number 2-1-5  SUSC vs Mesa College, New Mexico Highlands, Western New Mexico University, Weber State, So Colorado basketball
82-1-6Unit number 2-1-6  Women's basketball SUSC vs Adams State, BYU
82-1-7Unit number 2-1-7  Students, James Davis, Ken Burr, Cheryl Cox, Donald Hulet political party, Allison Pead, Dean W Cox, Matthew B Clement, Gene Jensen, Scott Johnson, Penni Delange, Deia Palmer, Neal Hendricks, Vickie Heaton, Eric Schmut, James Reese political party, Jeff, New Era Group, Norman Gray, Natasha Carter, floral, art students, Troy Lazenby, Steve Roth, Ann Bottoma, Mike Chidester, Eric Houle
82-2-1Unit number 2-2-1  Drama, Twelfth Night, Waiting for Godot, Godspell, Roses
82-2-2Unit number 2-2-2  Music Building burglary, vandalism on campus in snow, stallions at Flying L horse ranch, Luann Briggs exercise class, silhouettes for yearbook, Rodeo pictures by Tavi, San donation to child development lab
82-4-6Unit number 2-4-6  Joe Wells, Ira Schoppman, Telethon winners, Marilou R Sorenson, Roach Van Allen, Burch Mann's American Folk Ballet, Sue Marie Young, Miss Kitty Amanda Black, Royden Braithwaite and Dixie Leavitt
82-4-8Unit number 2-4-8  Debate students team, thunderettes, South Pacific Islanders, staff individuals for yearbook, Zelma Alger 4, June Adams 21, Lolene Adams 38, Lyle Barton 22, Luann Briggs 42, Dale Brinkerhoff 43, Suzanne Brinkerhoff 34, Loretto Brown 24, Pauline Bullock 6, Jack Cannon 6, Donna Cooley 12, Ruth Challis 35, Shirley Cowan 41, Paul Daniels 7, Bessie Dover 23, Eleen Evans 48, Ellen Farney 36, Lark Flanigan 49, Welly Flanigan 31, Rosie Fletcher 3, Mary Leone Foley 40, Kent Hoyt 37, Jean Huntsman 25, Betty Kingsford 20, J Rudy Komenda 47, Nevada Lake 28, Ralph Lewis 17, Sandy Martinez 8, Kathy McIntyre 44, Jean Morrison 10, Jerry Mounteer 51, Kathy Nelson 13, Mary May Nelson 2, Karren Nemrow 46, Dennis Ohms 15, Kris Orton 14, Pam Orton 19, Ava Pace 27, Dorian Page 18, Marilyn Perry 32, Nancy Robinson 2, Boyd Redington 11, Jim Robinson 26, Galen Rose 5, Gordon Slack 30, Jeanette Stoker 29, Dave Taylor 45, Peg Thorley 33, Nolan Truman 50, Lois Ann Whetman 1, Janice Wagoner 9
82-4-9Unit number 2-4-9  Faculty and staff, Mike Cohen Jim Aton, S S Moorty Marilyn, Ronald Hoit with middle eastern display, Mary Mae Nelson photos by Hazel Staley, M L Smith with debate trophies, Mike Cohen and son, Glen D Anderson, Wes Larsen, President Sherratt and Paul Whetman
82-5-2Unit number 2-5-2  Students, Lisa Terrill, Marty Hamby, Monte Green, John Faircloth, Bill Brough, Becky Anderson, Alice Lazenby, Don Romeo, Gina Marie Hall, Ruby Begay and sons, Julie McCrory, Bonna Bray Dalton with painting, Shannon Comp
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  Student Yearbook photos (A, B), Yanua Adakai 395, Norman Adams Jr 462, Regina Adams 276, Stuart Adams 279, Betty Alexander 9 600, Cindy Alger 595, George H Allen 597 Lannell Allen 347, Jack R Allen 346, Lynda Allen 4, Darla Alsop 66, Melvin W Alvey 61, Andy Anderson 137, Becky Anderson 168, David P Anderson 591, Del Anderson 495, Denise Anderson 640, Earl Anderson 152, Kathryn Anderson 623, Kelly J Anderson 104, Shari Arcularus 158, Joe Armbruster 371, Mike Arnold 382, Steve Arvig 270, Leola Austin 583 647, Marvin Bagley 410, Alinda Baker 245, Scott Ball 315, Alan Bailey 312, Paul Bambrick 613, Colleen Baney 225, Valiant Barlow 28, Karen Barney 116 554, Steven Bartholomew 627, Michelle Bate 162, Deloy Bateman 488, Tod Bateman 544, John Bates 46, Vickie Baxter 226, Rick Beatty 437, Grant Beere 537, Mariann Begay 642, Nathaniel Begay 221, Ruby M Begay 366, Selenna Begaye 242 362, Julee Begonschutz 44, Lisa Behling 555, James K Bell 622, Cory Belliston 587, Eva Lund Belliston 183, Helen Benally 520, Linda Benally 521, Kathy Bennett 10, Shelly Benson 114 479, Sherrin Benson 210, Julia Bigler 39, Staci Bird 569, Teri Bird 419, Melissa Bishop 17, Craig Bickmore 125, Gary Blagg 38, Neva Black 133, Brenda Blake 229, Cary S Bleckert 95 522, Amy N Black 285, Betty Black 363, Ronald Bliss 441, Kurtis Blow 172, Russel A Bonsteel 112, Valta I Bonsteel 113, Patti Bonzo 380, Ronald L Bost 445, Lisa Bouwhuis 519, Kirk Bowden 429, Joni Boyack 439, Mark Bradshaw 280, Lisa Brawford 157, Bruce Brazee 643, Debbie Bremer 559, Joni Brereton 637, Mary F Bristol 76, Robyn Brenchley 154, Jeanne Brighton 348, Theresa Anne Broadhead 93, Kayelynn Brook 617, Dave Brown 136, Ted Brown 115, Norman Brudereer 231, Tracy Buckley 436, Steve Bullard 319, Sharon A Bullock 65, Marjorie Bundy 142, Lori Bunting 387, Linda Burdick 604, Kent Burgwardt 407, Martin E Burr 481, Kevin Butler 274
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  (C, D, E), Debra Caliva 449, Belina Campillo 47, Renea Cano 317, Jerry Carpenter 403, Valeria Carroll 244, Andrea Case 337, Dwain Cearley 456, Marie Chanley 90, Kelly Chatterley 498, Laura Chaussee 277, Patrica Chell 186, Alyse Chidester 118, Marylynn Christensen 72, Matt Christensen 253, Rosa Christensen 434, Terry Christensen 354, Todd Christensen 176, Carol Joy Christian 309, Curtis Christopherson 446, Cynthia Clark 181 377, Scott Clark 247, David Clemons 578, Mel Close 359, David B Coburn 471, Layden C Colby 599, Carrie Coleman 636, David Coles 146, Shannon Comp 404, Carol Compas 466, Charles Compas 557, Wes Cooper 196, Jenny P Cote 461, Gary Tex Cowart 300, James Cowley 542, Dean W Cox 576, Donald L Cox 594, Jay Cox 7, Laurent Cox 509, Steven Cox 497, Teresa L M Cox 553, Jeraldeen Crawford 152 648, John Cripps 97, Jill Cropper 349, Roger Cude 3, Kevin Cutler 8, Bret Dalton 504, Randy Dalton 545, Eileen Daniels 644, Randy Daniels 305, Frank Darra 26, Annamay Davenport 358, Gina Davenport 290, Suzy Day 538, Chris DeAdder 40, Thomas L Dee Jr 282, Nanette C Defiesta 16, Jerald DeMille 591, Keith Denos 131 291, Douglas Dejolie 150, Wendy Deleeuu 135, Tracy Dewsnup 533, Sheila Dickson 586, Tessie Domingo 526, Debbie Donofrio 178, Janeal Dodds 207, Mildred Drake 22, Brent Drew 515, Jeff DuMont 48, Blake Duncan 483, Kristal Dutson 430, Lael Ann Edgel 94, Mara Lee Edgel 256, Ruth Ence 561, Shauna Ence 166, Julius Erving 357, Juanita C Esplin 322, Ruth Esplin 561, Debbie Evans 106, Jeanne Evans 284, Susan Marie Evans 489, Russell G Eyre 402
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  (F, G, H), Joseph Farnsworth 216 365, Grey Farrell 487, Mike T Faimau 89, Margaret Foley 581, Joe Fox 88, Susan Fox 417, Mont Forsyth 409, Marvin Frandsen 144, Felix Fuller 173, David Fusselman 484, Sam Gallegos 318 Joseph C Gardner 292, Rick Gelhart 607, Lena George 641, Douglas Gilbert 654, Jody Gilden 251, Neil F Giles 126, Lori Gillies 307, Brian Goettlich 23, Max Goldtooth 223, Eric Goldberg 512, Karen Goldberg 302, Ed Goodwin 316, Mary Ellen Goring 525, Linda Greaves 145, Leon A Green 451 20, Charlene Greenhalgh 448, Laura Lee Graf 189, Lynda Gregerson 139, Sherrie Gressman 200, Susan Griener 615, Brantly Gubler 91, Don Gubler 271, John Gunter 551, Scott Guthrie 470, Shawn Guthrie 84, Hans Lee Hadley 250, Debbie Hafen 405, Carolyn Hales 563, Glen Hallows 102, Annie Marie Hamann 259, Frances Hamblin 388, Robyn Hamblin 386, Alyson Hammond 304, Kandy Kaye Hannon 101, Drew Hansen 390, Kip C Hansen 326, Mike Hansen 314, Penny M Hansen 465, Andrew Harding 212, Larry Harper 219, Chrinshaw Harris 107, Donie J Harris II 324, Michael J Harris 454 606, Lyle Harrison 453, Nancy Harrison 123, Anne Hatch 368, Karen Hatch 588, Paul Hatch 389, Harry Pete Hawkes 105 619, Jonathan L Hayes III 53, Charlie Heaton 342, Mary Ann Heaton 278, Leo Hebert 138, Sonya Heggie 262, Neal Hendricks 29, Paul Hermann 67, Martha Hernandez 344, Hernando Hernandez 345, Kelly Hicks 173, Carolyn Hider 52, Bobby Hill 191, Shauna Hillyard 343, Melea Hinton 252, Reed Hodson 287, Juanita Hoffman 222 336, Karen Holdcraft 485, Oliver Homer 338, Jeanine Hooper 611, Brian Houlihan 321, Fran Houston 235, Kimberlee Howard 14, Mitchell Hoyt 428, Natalie Hubbard 381, Annette Huff 143, Chad Hulet 153, Donald Hulet 301, Pamela Hyde 413, Garth Hunt 5, Terry Hunt 33, Michael Hunter 24, David L Huskinson 50
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  (I, J, K, L), Nancy Ingram 218, Lynelle Irons 202, Susan Ison 263 375, Doug Jacobs 373, Lane R Jacobsen 59, Wendy James 86, Laur Janette 399, David Jefferies 175, Donn Jensen 589, Donna B Jensen 32, Kohnie Jensen 18, Patti Jensen 624, Valate Jessup 406, Dorrie Johnson 376 27, Gwen Johnson 452, Julie Johnson 128, Helen D Johnson 243, Helen O Johnson 621, Kelly Johnson 328, Scott Johnson 98, Tammy Johnson 451, David Jolley 99, Jan Jolley 58, Marilla Jolley 37, Calvin Jones 230, Debbie Jones 167, Elyce Jones 605, Jeffery P Jones 462, Karen Jones 187, Marilyn Jones 523, Mark L Jones 306, Tammy Jones 360, Jeffrey Joseph 508, Mark Joseph 486, Tina Judickis 629, Laurel Keddington 51, Gerri Keller 330, Gayla Kelley 71, Kim Kelsey 635, Michelle Kendall 414, Jill Kennedy 236, Kim Kelley 109, Steven M Kiefer 18 651, Marie Kieyone 30 273, Jeanette Kilpack 201, Jana Kimball 442, Hiroshi Kina 77, Kip 598, Wane Kittrell 496, Nouri Khandan 394, Kathy Kleinman 87, Troy Knadle 397, Ann Knight 288 385, Jed Knight 478, Laurie Knight 420, Kenneth Koop 198, Robert Zeek Kropf 618, Aaron Kropf 161, Sharon Kuhlmann 110, Barry Laga 383, Brad Lamb 329 540, Cheryl Lamb 370, DeLynn Lamb 516, Geri Lambson 313 43, Sylvia M Laughter 174, Thor Larsen 249, Janette Laur 399, Lawrence 171, Eric F Lane 272, David Lazenby 378, Nita Leavitt 467, Janet Lefevre 209, Steven R Lefevre 501, Jenelle Leko 575, Connie Lendt 299, Teresa Lindsay 543, Rayner Linter, Catherine Loader 560, Randy Lovell 546, Preston Lorensen 214, Jennifer Low 35, Edward Luna 6, Geri Luna 616, Thomas and Joshua Lund B603
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  (M, N, O), Howard Mackert 496, Daril Magleby 424 605b, Russel Malloy 117, Todd Marshall 197, Janet Matheson 530, Lara A Mathews 568, Scott Mathews 334, Jeffrey D Maxwell 565, Peggy Maxwell 205, John May 74, Tresa McCurdy 257, Cheryl McMauley 120, Debra McNee, Marianne Meldrum 412, Jesus Medina Jr 177, Mitch Meldrum, Marie Mendeha 180, Toni Merlino 159, Kathleen Metcalf 400, Debbie Michaelis 149 633, Daniel Milam 458, Edward J Milhausen II 294, Barbara Miller 179, Brent Miller 408, Carrie Miller 264, Melanie Miller 308, Michael J Miller 452B, Russ Miller 332, David Mills 311, Eric Mills 450, Pam Mills 303, Kelly Moon 374, Steve Moore 246, Wendy M Moore 379, Glen Monnett 528, Charles Morgan 650, Harold Morgan 296, Toni Morgan 297, Manuel Morgan 477, Jolyn Morgan 237, Bruce G Morrell 165, Natalie H Morrell 69, Debbie Mortensen 422, Todd Mortensen 423, Joan Myberg 418, Patti Murdock 491, Robin Burdock 134, Conrad Naegle 443, Pamela Nakken 416, Suzanne Nakken 513, Dave Nelson 620, Jan Nelson 203, Lisa Nelson 573, Bob Nielson 535, Mike Nielson 70, Susan Nielson 62, Suzanne Nixon 240, Kebie Ngirmechat 233, Mark Nordigan 511, Masoud Nourian 500, The Nuns Sue 1 and Sue 2 649, Kathy Odom 384, Carolyn Olds 469, Bessie Olebiyar 331, Bryan Olson 356, Kerrie Opprecht 590, Kurt Opprecht 534, Brent J Osborne 602, True Ott 224, Melanie Overton 206 638, Cristal Owens 141, Lesa Owens 232, Jerry Oyler 11
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  (P, Q, R), Ray D Palmer 514, Kelly Parker 124, Priscilla Parker 646, Wendy Parker 577, Sharon Parkinson 468, Susan Partridge 351, Lisabeth Patch, Jeffrey T Patten 630, Rebbeca Patterson 475, Joan Patterson 286, Shellie Payne 603, Vao Pataia 320, Tim Pearson 34, Karen Pendleton 539, Pete the Dog b465, Leslie Peterson 323j, Regina Peterson 325, Scott Peterson 310, Sterling Peterson 510, Gina Della Piana 556, Gene Player 73, Arnold Pleasant 457, Coleen Pollock 281, Linda Pollock 260, Iva Pololonema 31, Lyndon Poulsen 96, Karl Powell 558, Roxana Prisbery 228, Patricia Probert 170, Karen Rasmussen 507, Gary Rawlinson 532, Debbie Reblund 234, Delphina Rebluud 427, Hannah Rebluud 341, James L Reese 566, Delbert Reeve 60, Cameron Anne Reid 56 639, John Reidhead 433, Carilene Rentz 396 548, Bob Riding 208, Anthony Riley 534, Renell R Riley 632, Chris Roberts 185, Steven Roberts 393, Bessie Robbins 411, Rick Robinson 298, Bob Robison 459, Phillip Rodriguez 68, Barbara Roe 254, Billy Hoop Rohnkohl 108, Mickey D Rollins 364, Don Romeo 111, Kerry Rose 255, Loreli Rose 268, Sharon Ross 571, Weston Ross 572, Zippy Rost 103, Devin Rowley 352, Vickie Roysdon 75, Carol Lee Russell 369
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  (S), Evangeline Saburo 421, Susan Safaii 432, Saeid Saifizadeh 64, Siroos Saifizadeh 431 502, Theeranit Saiyananda, Aaron Sampson 628, Adrian Sampson 631, Dale Samson 592, Carrie Samuels 163, Brenda Schmutz 130, Eric Schmutz 440, Tina Schriver 213, Angelika Schwartzer 129, Joy Lynn Scott 147, Tom Scribner 78, Shannon Scruggs 190, Angela Seideman 552, Kim Suzanne Sergent 63, Brenda Shaw 115, Bowen Shaw 293, Tanya D Shaw 12, Bradley A Shumway 401, Ken Shurtz 295, Robert Shupe 265, Sherrie Shupe, Danny Simon 283, Tina Vidda Singer 493, Diane Slade 156, Suze Slavens 289, Dean Smith 601, Eleanor Smith 57, Eric Smith 49, Robert G Smith 199 335, Staley Smith 604, Stewart Smith, 426, Lesia Snyder 567, Marjorie Snyder 80, Monty Sorensen 527, Rhonda Sowards 155, Juliann Spencer 550, James Clark Spendlove 100, Ann Squire 549, Bambino Stake 140, Wendy Stam 85, Darwin Stapley 480, Ron Stecki 21, Brad Steinke 353, Alan Stewart 494, David Stohel 472, Lori Jean Stoker 275, Ron Stott 182, Jill Stubbs 474, Susan Stutz 81, Paul Sumner 148, Larae Swallow 392, Tana Stirling 269, Susan Stone 267
82-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  (T, W, X, Y, Z), Kina Tadashi 464, Makiko Tanaka 15, Bonnie Taylor 586, Sharyl L Taylor 127, Terri Terril 169, Donna Terry 355, Diane Thomas 562, Brenda Thompson 151, Jackie Thompson 492, Melanie Thompson 192, Nellie Thompson 239, Norma Thompson 121, Russ Thompson 333, Scott Thompson 45, Todd B Thorley 122, Kadis Thornton 241, Paul Thorpe 614, Dixie Tienken 215, Phyllis Tippets 340, Daisey A Todacheene 524, John Tom 220, Lisa Topham 570, Charles P Treft 55, Cheri Trejo 261, Dawna Trogstad 119, Betty Tsosie 547, Robert Tsosie 19, Vernice Turou 238, Bonnie Sue Tunnell 438, Lawrence Twitchell 503, Gregory Van Dyke 460 625, Brad Van Wagenen 444, Eric J Van Wagoner 83, Dan Vonk 361, Jeff Wade 582, Elvis F Wall 518, Donna M Walton 574, Valerie Wankier 327, David Ward 132, Gary P Ward 372, Doyle Warren 25, Lauri Warthen 92, Tamara Waters 435, Dave Webb 36, James Wentz 415, David Westfall 447, Cindy Whatcott 258, Bert Whimpey 391, Nina Whittaker 160, Norman A Whittaker 517, Leslee Whittmore 398, Chris Wilcox 536, Sherrie Williams 266, Layne E Wilson 463, Robert Winfield 499, Jennifer Wittkop 248 612, Craig S Wood 579, Evan Wood 82, Gary L Wood 195, Susan Wood 506, Roy Woodbury 425, Sonya Woodbury 490, Marilyn Woolsey 529, Cheryl Yazzie 54, Kee and Evan Yazzie 367, Shirley Yazzie 645, Lynnette Yerburg 193, Richard Yerburg 194, Kyle Young 350, Chuck Younglove Jr 399, Cheryl Zinniger 79 584
XVII. 1983
83-6-1Unit number 3-6-1  Track team, baseball team, SUSC vs BYU, softball team, volleyball, SUSC vs Adams state and Western State, gymnastics team
83-6-2Unit number 3-6-2  Football team and coaches
83-6-3Unit number 3-6-3  SUSC vs Colorado Mines, Western State, Mesa, Adams State
83-6-4Unit number 3-6-4  Basketball team and coaches
83-6-5Unit number 3-6-5  SUSC vs U of So Colorado (Hall of Fame Inductees), Western State, Regis, Western New Mexico U (MVPs 1952-1953), Adams State, Western New Mexico, U of So Colorado (playoffs), Regis (with gymnastics team at half-time), 1963 baseball team honored at SUSC vs Mesa basketball game
83-6-6Unit number 3-6-6  Homecoming queen candidates, royalty, Mr SUSC contestants, parade, 50 year club, Mudbowl
83-6-7Unit number 3-6-7  Navajo taco dinner, SEC committee luncheon, fund raising kick-off for SEC, SEC promotion Senators Matheson and Cornby, Lion's club steak fry, movie Gandhi Jack and Jackie Sawyer
83-6-8Unit number 3-6-8  High school leadership workshop, Shakespeare competition, Miss intertribal royalty, snow Queen contestants, Ward Robb retirement open house, black student union dance, Paiute Queen and princess pageant, America concert, special olympics, science fair winners M*A*S*H bask, cavalcade of bands
83-6-9Unit number 3-6-9  Commencement, Expo-SUSC Beaver and Mesquite, Founders Day banquet, Upward Bound groups, Utah Girls State
83-6-10Unit number 3-6-10  Students, EMT, Kathleen Chandler, Jim Gilliam, Ed Milhausen, Jeff Dial, Donald Coz, Jeff Bryant, Craig Rowley, David Anderson, Wendy Morgan, Dave Bryant, Kelly Cooper, Tammy Benson, Mary Bryant, Matt Smith, Kevin Parr, Christine Reed, Carlotta Fenn, Eddie Alger, Lisa Brenman, Sherwin Tillahash, Paul Bonzo, Michelle Van Tassell, Mark Wade political party, Stacy Bird, Diann Slade, Sherrie Olsen, Barbara T Smith Brad Shumway, Kay Love, Clair Cooley, Theron Jensen, Jeff Maxwell, Cindy Whatcott, MarKay Caldwell, Mark Wade, Raelynn Potts, Bob Johnson, Howard Mackert, T-Bird award nominees, Michelle Jackson, Becky Anderson, Koni Esplin, Cindy Whatcott, Jeff Maxwell, Bret Sevy, Suzanne Nixon, Matt Christensen, Curtis Grow, Mary Petrik, Susan Bond
83-6-11Unit number 3-6-11  Students, Forensic, Jessica Barton, Shane Harvey, Don Huntsman, Natalie Jones, Tiya Coleman, Marie Chanley, Doug Hardy, Jaren Green, Mike Olsen, Sherry Price, Gary Olds, Dennis McMorrow, Sharon Bullock, Joani Pearson, Jim Wentz, Vince Meldrum, Tami Massa, Theresa Schriver, Andrea Landon, Jerri Price, Scott Price, Karen Reves, Jackie Clegg, Tracy Dewsnup, Deia Palmer, Simone Hughes, Denise Davis, recruiting tabloid, Jeff Gustin, Bob August, Michelle Lyon, Dave Ward, Leslie Peterson, Karen Goldberg, Mary Ellen Goring, Teri Bird, Troy Lazenby, Brian Whitney, Roger Cude, Robert Tsosie, Lani Lindgren, Nanette Defiesta, Paula Burgoyne, Kelly Anderson, Jessica Barton, Jackie Clegg, Kelly Baker, Carolyn Adams, Kathryn Anderson, Perry Stewart, Kim Sergent, Layne LeFevre, David W Stohel, Jenifer Graff, Gaye Graff
83-6-12Unit number 3-6-12  Students, Neva Black, Ann Trane Bottema, Scott Werner, Sherry Bottema, Steve Hunter, Pete Emerson faculty staff, Earl Anderson, Betty Jean Neil, Juanita Esplin, Marty Hamby, Steve Bullard, Phil Shelburne, Diana Page, Ruth Ashcraft, Geri Willging, Lauren Chase, Geri Lambson, Cal Huber, Brad Myers, Francie Hansen, Carrie Miller, VICA group, PBL group, Steve Decker with Craig Jones, Dave Powell (assistant baseball coach), Wendy Wilson, Marv Frandsen, Cristal Owens, Koni Esplin, Circle K club planting marigolds, outstanding Indian students, Steve Roth
83-6-13Unit number 3-6-13  Students, Charles Heaton, Jessica Barton, Stuart Adams, Sandy Anderson with art display, Troy Lazenby with art display, Caroleen Canpbell Lee, Jerry Higley, Kelly Parker, Doug Lee, Dolan Anderson, Lee Thurston, Scott Grimshaw, Ann Knight, Valeen Ogzewalla, Bruce Gunn, Rod Perry, Linda Gubler, Ken Nichols, Jeff Maxwell, Aaron Sampson, Steve Starr, Ken Cox and Mary Sharp
83-6-14Unit number 3-6-14  Student candids for tabloid
83-6-15Unit number 3-6-15  Student classroom situations, music, computer science, Richard Thompson's archeology camp, micro-biology experiment, reading lab
83-6-16Unit number 3-6-16  Faculty and staff, Larry Baker, Dave Braegger, Marilyn Perry, Daphne Dalley, Wayne Hinton, Mike Richards, Terry Blodgett, Paul Burgoyne, Jim Aton, Mike Cohen Dave Nyman Walt Gibson alumni, DeBross, June Canty, Doug Baker, Ron Aden, Don Matlock, Nancy Begay, Morris Shirts, Antone Tony Lambert, Bob Schermerhorn, Dave Lee, Sandra Meacham student, Jack Miller, June Larsen
83-6-17Unit number 3-6-17  Faculty and staff, Robert Moore, Richard Rowley, Brent White, Jim Cotts, Ian Ogle, financial aid department, Lana and Met Johnson, M L smith, Richard Adams, James Vlasich, Cathy McIntyre with bison, Coralee Rawlinson, Carma Jean Zeeman, Steve McKibben, special events center committee, M Mikkleton Daphne Dahle B Daniells with noses, art faculty HEMI group, Kathryn Berg Jim Bownes and Al Tait with noxious weed, Mark Barton, Bessie Dover
83-6-18Unit number 3-6-18  Drama, Midsummer Night's Dream, The Lion in Winter, Matchmaker
83-6-19Unit number 3-6-19  Drama, melodrama, Deathtrap, Sweeny Todd, theatre arts people painting, costume publicity, graduation theatre arts majors
83-6-20Unit number 3-6-20  Shakespeare, directors, festival board, USF, pages 1-49
83-6-21Unit number 3-6-21  Buildings and grounds, SUSC hay barn destroyed by wind, damage to air cooler in Old Main, Tanner Fountain construction, aerials of campus and north of Drive-in, duct work in T and I, music, steel, Grand Hall, administration build-on under construction, Thorley recital hall, Project Houses, family life display in science building, Tanner Fountain dedication, Banana tree in Greenhouse, solar equipment on science building
83-6-22Unit number 3-6-22  Special events center donations, Utah Power and Light, Rotary club, Doris Williamson, Garth Jones, Bradshaw Chevrolet, Paiute tribal, faculty senate, Lowell Sherrat, Thelma Jones, first Security Bank scholarship donation, government document donation to library, rock donation by Dr Petty, Sunset sports donation, computer donation to geology dept by geology club, Afghan raffle by Delta Kappa Gamma, Zions first national bank and Flying L donations
83-6-23Unit number 3-6-23  Friends of the Gallery banquet, Board of Regents meeting, Utah Opera Company, Randy Hoyt, Cliff Reese and Don Nielson, Marvin Morris, M Jerry Weiss, Vincent Bugliosi, Martin Bernheimer, Maruice Abravamel, Arch Madsen, Norman Cousins, Keith Rigby, J D Harris, Dallen Oaks, Don Cartwright, Steve Bennion, Richard Hadlee, John Gallivan, Lance Phillips, Dan Clark, Russell G Mawby, Darla Hunt, Clayton Frehner, Granger couple, John Franklin Tolton, Forrest Parry, Rollin Tanner, Dixie Leavitt, Jim Heynen, William Stafford, Darwin Woodbury, Rollie Gardner, Rob Lunt, Hope Lang, Dennis Bacon, Dalley, Wagner, Horn Christopher Knight
83-6-24Unit number 3-6-24  Out of state high school students, Delta Kappa Gamma, State Senator Ivan Matheson, Friends of the Gallery, Dalley concert musicians, Gaylen Allred with salt shaker, Isaac Haight portrait unveiling
83-6-25Unit number 3-6-25  Machine to aid people with sight problems
83-6-26Unit number 3-6-26  Music and art, orchestra and choir in concert, choral groups, Dalley concert musicians see 83-6-24
XVIII. 1984
84-1-1Unit number 4-1-1  SUSC vs W Montana, Ft Lewis, New Mexico Highlands, Western New Mexico football, team, mugs
84-1-2Unit number 4-1-2  Volleyball team, mugs, practice, gymnastics mugs, posed action, meet, and team, cross country mugs, basketball men's and women's mugs and team, volleyball vs Azusa Pacific, Brenda Shaw posed action gymnast
84-1-3Unit number 4-1-3  Women's basketball vs Redlands, U So Colorado, men's vs Cal State Dominguez Hills, Grand Canyon, BYU, Hawaii, New Mexico Highlands, U southern Colorado
84-1-4Unit number 4-1-4  Air Supply concert, high school Shakespeare competition, Ag Day activities, Founder's Day banquet
84-1-5Unit number 4-1-5  Students, Lisa Bouwhis, Stan Keen, Janice Larsen, Nancy Robinson, Kathleen Benner, Florencio Burbano, Mike Mitchie, Josefina Navarrete, Ann Bottoma, Jeff Gustin, forensics winners, Linda Kudlik, Mike Robinson, Eric and Phoebe Ludlowe, Lynn and Barbara Lowder, Jilynn Nielsen, Thayne Houston, Dave Coles, and Craig Bickmore, Dennis McMorrow, Kent Tasso and Sonya Smith, Gayliene Crawford, Todd Christensen, Jon Waters, Cammie McComb
84-1-6Unit number 4-1-6  Faculty and staff, John Taylor with dog, Lana Johnson, Mark Barton, S Heath, President Sherratt, R Bowman D Williamson, Jim and Laura Cotts, Ian and Helen Ogle, Steve Taylor with bird, lady faculty staff officers, Patricia Loftin, Leon Chidester, June Adams with painting, President Sherratt, S Lunt, B Shermerhorn at site of new SEC, B Shermerhorn and S Lunt at sight of new SEC, Harry Swanson, Richard Kennedy, Al Tair, Blair Maxfield, basketball coaching staff with families, Bill Evans, Jill Wilkes with window covering, Dale Donbrowski, D Reid, N Marshall, J Newville, B Sorensen, K Long, D Penny, D Dombrowski, V Brown, D Godfrey, J Maughan, D Bacon, Mary Mae Nelson with leg warmers, Darryl Schram with chain saw, Terry Alger, Daphne Dalley, Larry Wilson, Richard Tebbs, Jimm Mills, Dave Hahn, Steve Taylor fly-tying class, Peter Cook with award, Gary Howe, Burch Mann with dancers
84-1-7Unit number 4-1-7  Music and art, Reed trio, SUSC shorale, pencil drawing of Gallery Lounge, art pieces Braithwaite art Gallery, orchestra concert, chorale concert, art pieces by Mary MacDonald, new band uniform, Four Musicians
84-1-8Unit number 4-1-8  Drama, Barnum, melodramas, Figaro, Tarturfe
84-1-9Unit number 4-1-9  Buildings and grounds, SEC and new housing blue prints, SEC model, Solar panels on business building, SEC painting and model see 84-1-11, proposed addition to T-Bird stadium, Old Main from SW
84-1-10Unit number 4-1-10  Pres Braithwaite receiving DSA award, SEC donations: Cedar products, board of realtors, Dennis Rowley and Sue Southwick, Town and Country, Kiwanis Club, Town and Country restaurant, Lambda Delta Sigma, Lion's club, Zion's first National Bank, Iron County Comm, Coleman Co, Paiute donation for Telecommunications, lady faculty donation to SUSC, Truman scholarship nominees, Neil Hirschi receiving scholarship, special olympics practice and opening ceremonies
84-1-11Unit number 4-1-11  1984 festival directors Joan Patton, Jessie Bennet, Jerry Crawford, SEC painting and model, for fall bristlecone, Roy Homer, Tom Kingsford, Elizabeth Savage and Joseph Taggart, convocation S Heath, E Armstrong, J D Williams, L Arrington, A Wauneka, S Heredia, J Dean, J Anderson, proposed Tudor village, Mike Farrell, Wes Blake, G'Ne Bartholomew, the quarterback club officers, Joe Wells, Alice Braithwaite, Ross McNaught, Justin Beatty, Mildred Cardon, Elderhostle group
84-1-12Unit number 4-1-12  Class situations
84-1-13Unit number 4-1-13  50 Year club, homecoming royalty and parade, Indian basketball tournament,
84-1-14Unit number 4-1-14  Ren Taylor Frank Ward, Carlson Terry, new Institutional Council members, Libby Appel, David Knight, Sanford Robbins 1984 Festival directors, Rex Ericksen, Keith Cooley, Bud Neilsen, Don Keeney, Donnell Spencer, SUSC foundation board, EMT students
84-4-1Unit number 4-4-1  Cleo Petty, Harry Reid, Roy Simmons and BZ Kastler, Ernest Thompson, Noal Black, Earl Miller, Barry Lopez, Carl Gorman, Gregory Crampton, Norman Bangerter spring quarter convocation speakers, Ren Taylor, Frank Ward, Carlson Terry, Melanie Hulet making Levis, Laurie Hulet, G Homer Durham, Kloefkorn, William Brad Bennett, Shakespeare copies, convocation speakers winter quarter John Anderson, M Abravanel, Ray Kingston, Cynthia Orr, Burch Mann, Cr Carlos Cortes, Glade Peterson, Clausia Ward, Michael Brown, Dr and Mrs Reese P Maughan, Scott Eyre, Ken Young Gary Chamberlin with Jake Garn, proposed addition to T-Bird stadium see 84-1-9, Old campus scenes for wall panels in snack bar
84-4-2Unit number 4-4-2  Students, Gerri Willging with art, VICA students to nationals, Derrick Johnson, Will James, Black student union group, forensic students, Donna Kunzler, debate students, Darren Braegger, Cindy Jensen, Susan Evans
84-4-3Unit number 4-4-3  Women's softball pitcher, SUSC vs Ft Lewis, golf team, baseball mugs, athletes for magazine
84-4-4Unit number 4-4-4  Drama, Feiffers People, The Dining Room, Amadeus, variety show, theatre awards winners
84-4-5Unit number 4-4-5  Buildings and grounds, Centrum groundbreaking and construction
84-4-6Unit number 4-4-6  Family living center food displays, Karen Goldberg and Sarah Solberg preparing for bicycle tour, science fair winners, food service lady employees, Jabe Sandberg CCHS with Dick Dotson, Renaissance Fair, opus II at Alumni banquet
84-5-1Unit number 4-5-1  Shakespeare festival board of directors
84-5-2Unit number 4-5-2  Richard Shelton, Russell Otis, Brad Guess, Loretta Cline, Dr and Mrs David Dolowitz with Jack Bishop, Roy F Homer portrait and family members
84-5-3Unit number 4-5-3  Faculty and staff, Robert Young, indusrial ed faculty, Harry Swanson for SCORE, President Sherratt, Virginia Higbee, Alan Hamlin with Tree, Inez Cooper, Rod Decker, Wayne Hinton
84-5-4Unit number 4-5-4  Students, Natalie Frehner, Teressa Batt, Doug Templeton, Linda Gubler, Doug Hansen, Mike Chidester, Bill Groves, Karen Krumrey, Shelly Olsen, Stella Cla, John Horseson, Ron Winegar, TAG photos: Paul Gates, Julie Bronson, Marie Wetzel, Dennis Durphy, Lisa Topham, Gaylen Tolbert, Kent Tasso, MarKaye Caldwell, Richard Barte, Dawn Petterson, Darwin Maxwell, Niel Hirschi, Grant Wright, Stacey Smith, Lana Houston, Diane Young, Don Sunderland, Kent Hugh, Robert Evans, Jeffrey Sanderson, Staci Bird, Dave Burr, John Topham, Nathan Leigh, Mark Wade, Sheri Evans, Jeff Woods, Brad Hunter, KC Jones, Chad Anderson, Richie Maughan, Jeff Randall, Clay Boyce, Chuck Edwards, Jeff Dunford, Karl Hugh, Garn LeBaron, Nannette Gamble, Sylvia Springer, Kathy Yardley, Ric Quinn, Leah Alvis, Mike Fuller, Vincent Cervantes, Dave Burr, Shawn Merlen, Shillie Fuller, Stephanie Smith, Trudy Hansen Gina Bernardo, Lisa Murry, Shelly Staker, Bob Burk, Dion Young
84-6-1Unit number 4-6-1  Girls' State 1984 pages 1-21
84-7-1Unit number 4-7-1  Shakespeare 1984 pages 1 - 10, A pages 11 - 18, B pages 19 - 30
84-7-2Unit number 4-7-2  Special events, homecoming, parade, intertribal princes and royalties, Colorado Mines football game, sideline activities, Mesa College football game, Adams State game, Western State, team and small groups and individual mugs and posed action
84-7-3Unit number 4-7-3  Copy negatives, John Parry, Wm. Manning, Roy Halverson, snack bar walls, Stacie Sargent and Suzie Presselt, A Bert Carpenter
84-7-4Unit number 4-7-4  Buildings and grounds, Centrum construction, stadium expansion
84-7-5Unit number 4-7-5  Faculty and staff, David Feller, Thomas Monahan, Mark Talbert, Lenore Johnson, Donald Barnes, Tim Morrison, Elayne Kirkpatraick, Maxel Ferguson, Jonathon Young, Dave Lee, Jim Cotts, Kathy Berg, LaRae Williams, Steve Taylor with stuffed bird, Gary Dunford/Dave Lee, Tom Kingsford, President Sherratt and Jack Bishop with RVs, Richard Dotson with science medals, Quenton Bowler, coach Bob Schermerhorn basketball coach at Centrum construction, Diana Graff with donation to Special Collections
84-7-6Unit number 4-7-6  Students, Tiya Coleman, Liz Leisek, David Mills, Anne Adele Jorgensen, Troy Lunt, Laurie Decker, Kris Fuller, B Sonya Smith, Sharon Dalton, Rebecca Patterson, Heather Desart, Roger Beam, Annette Turley, Joni Jones, Mary Ellen Goring, Jan Shelton, Rita Cox, Jean Wright senior art exhibit, Stewart Jones political party, Kent Hugh, Mitch Alger, Michon Gentry, Karen Mecham, Chad Anderson, Mike Mauger, McKay Shields, Steve Johnson, Steve Mabey, President Stewart Jones, Jan Nielson, Jeff Hayes, John Rex, Dorcus Adams, Alan Bashey, Mike Michie, Ed Davis, Larry Lunnen, Daniel McVey, Robert Naylor, Todd Gibson, Gary Owen, Mary Ellen Goring, C Jabe Sandberg and Joe Frazier outstanding science student, Thunderettes group, debate team, Mark Morman, Cheryl K, Marty Harris, Mitch Connell, Bill Honeck, Natalie Tucker, Julie Nav, Kevin Lewis, Bill Sheffield, Marie Chanley, Tracy Burns, Kristin Catherall, Kevin Astle, Natalie Linsay, Ron Messerly, Mike Chidester, Julie Kersey, Gerry Strasser, Kim Lebaron, Mark Ishii, David Tometz, Gary Dok II, Heather Desart, Phil Bushell, Bernie Miller, Kathy Long, Mark Wells, Kyle Young, Mark Zollinger, Karen Gutwald
84-7-7Unit number 4-7-7  Music and art, brass quartet, small ensemble musicians, orchestra rehearsal, water color, ceramics, Opus musical group, Dave Nyman with new band uniforms
84-7-8Unit number 4-7-8  Drama, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean production, The Importance of Being Earnest publicity, theater department awards banquet, Joseph production
84-7-9Unit number 4-7-9  Women's athletics, basketball, SUSC gymnastics
84-7-10Unit number 4-7-10  Baseball team mugs, players, coaches
84-7-11Unit number 4-7-11  Basketball, SUSC vs Colorado Mines
84-7-12Unit number 4-7-12  Music and art, Kelvin Yazzie student, Bridget Wexler outstanding student award, Susan Win ("), Mitch Connell ("), Treesa Batt, Danielle Beatty, Cheryl Pace, Daril Magelby
84-7-13Unit number 4-7-13  Faculty and staff, Hal Campbell, Shirley Whittaker, President Sherratt, Mary Fulmer, David Nyman, Bessie Jardine, Marilyn Parry, Bessie Dover, snack bar personnel, Susan Gardner, Laura Cotts
84-7-14Unit number 4-7-14  Students, SUSC cheerleaders groups
84-7-15Unit number 4-7-15  SUSC vs Grand Canyon basketball
84-7-16Unit number 4-7-16  Women's basketball SUSC vs Cal St Northridge
84-7-17Unit number 4-7-17  Jewish week activities, Christmas parade, Gathering of the Clans parade, Medals for the Clans
84-7-18Unit number 4-7-18  Drama, H.M.S. Pinafore, works in progress
84-7-19Unit number 4-7-19  President Sherratt, student faculty staff candids, Dutch Workman, Limited Edition, Executive Council and President Sherratt
84-7-20Unit number 4-7-20  Women's athletics, softball team and action, Donna Pay, Mary Cox, Jana Crawford, Denise Muir, Anita Green, Meridee Syme, Mary Lynn Thornton
84-7-21Unit number 4-7-21  Donations and scholarships, Longhorn Restaurant donation to SUSC, Jack Bishop and President Sherratt and Mr and Mrs Darwin Lamb, Mountain Bell donation, Cedar Builders donation to SUSC
84-7-22Unit number 4-7-22  Students, Dan Gowon, Mike Houston, executive council 1985-1986
84-7-23Unit number 4-7-23  Student, Ron Bost, faculty and staff, Sarah Solberg, Sandy Gillies-Anderson, Boyd Reddington, Roger Anderson
84-7-24Unit number 4-7-24  Copy negatives, Dean Jones, Evan Galbraith commencement speakers, Madeline Baker
84-7-25Unit number 4-7-25  Donations and scholarships, Tri State Motor, car
84-7-26Unit number 4-7-26  Drama, Jimmy Dean, Arsenic and Old Lace, Crucible, Joseph-Dreamcoat, Harvey, Virginia Wolfe
84-7-27Unit number 4-7-27  SUSC vs Ft Lewis basketball, men's team and casual poses
84-7-28Unit number 4-7-28  Copy negatives, Edward H Snow, Jim Trelease, Gail Linstrom, Neil Sandberg and Wilford Day, Arthur Gardner and Maryina Gardner, Tom Sullivan, Dick Nourse, Betty Williams, Robert Hastings, Edwin Firmage, class of 1934, PV Cardon, LC Miles, Mark Tanenbain, LaVerna Slack, Wm A O'Daly
84-7-29Unit number 4-7-29  Donations, DUP, Gardner donation to observatory, heading oil, vocational accreditation presentation to President Sherratt
84-7-30Unit number 4-7-30  La Rae Williams, special events, PBL banquet, alumni banquet, Upward Bound banquet/graduation, Founder's Day activities, Jewish week exhibit in Gallery
XIX. 1985
85-5-1Unit number 5-5-1  Women's athletics, SUSC vs Fresno Pacific basketball, Jolene Fisher maraton runner, volleyball mugs
85-5-2Unit number 5-5-2  Homecoming queen royalty, Upward Bound groups
85-5-3Unit number 5-5-3  Copy negatives, Old Main, Old Admin, Garth Fisher, Kirk Newberger, Gregg Russell
85-5-4Unit number 5-5-4  Executive Council and Senate
85-5-5Unit number 5-5-5  Old Main, Old Admin
85-5-6Unit number 5-5-6  Faculty and staff, Jim Cotts and Randall Christensen, Sharon Judd recipient of Faculty Senate award, Peg Thorley, Robert Haffen, Dennis McMorrow, Brett Enser, Eric VanWagoner
85-5-7Unit number 5-5-7  Wes Larson and Lanell Lunt, Bob Miles, Fred Adams
85-5-8Unit number 5-5-8  Faculty and staff, ML Smith
85-5-9Unit number 5-5-9  Basketball players and coaches, Jeff Stormzand, John Pierce, Gill Mullen asst coach, Bill Rohnkohl, Paul Husselbee, Todd Jeffs, Trent Scarlett, Maz Trakh, Jack Thomas, Russell Otis, Derrick Johnsan, Mark Frazier, James Clark, Brad Guess, SUSC vs Calif State Los Angeles
85-5-10Unit number 5-5-10  Copy negatives, Linda Newell, Lerry Apodaca, Jerry Rubin, JoAnn Ottley, John Muestes, Pat Cranston, spring convocation speakers
85-5-11Unit number 5-5-11  Faculty and staff, President G R Sherratt, Diana Graff, Fred Adams
85-5-12Unit number 5-5-12  Students, Susan Winn, Robyn Roundy, Eugene Madsen, Paul Cozzens, Shauna Leslie, Teresa Tullis, Shelly Baldwin, Charlotte Johnson, Cindy Strawn, Diane Sorenson, Carol Gardner, Maryann Holm., Kelly Wood, Arlene Ward, Cynthia Lee, Lisa Herron, Sue Skougard, Joey Sharp, Louise Johnson, Bonnie Emmert, Barbara Greenhalgh, Brad Reeve, Jean Weiser, Vernice Torou
85-5-13Unit number 5-5-13  Students, Senate, Merilee Riggs, Kent Hugh, Karen Meacham, Scott Johnson, Chad Anderson, McKay Shields, Trixie Forshyth, Dorcus Adams, Steve Maybe, Michon Gentry, Daril Magleby, Jeff Hayes,Mike Mauger, Rocky Rudd, Ann Bottoma art work, faculty, Peg Thorley
85-5-14Unit number 5-5-14  Faculty and staff, Ron Aden with jazz group, music and art, Solberg and Feller music rehearsals
85-5-15Unit number 5-5-15  Shakespear festival indoor stage model
85-6-1Unit number 5-6-1  Project Passage, Head Start project, Old Sorrel monument under construction
85-6-2Unit number 5-6-2  Girls' State 1985 pages 1 - 19
85-6-3Unit number 5-6-3  1985 graduation
85-7-1Unit number 5-7-1  Faculty and staff, Professor Craig Jones with student, students, Scott Fletcher, Judy Bichett, homecoming royalty and candidates, Mike Michie, Waukeenyous and cheerleaders, Anne Marie Jacobson, Cindy Robertson, Marion Decker, Anthony Ford with Prof Jones, Steve Lueke, Varlin Law, Rene Ramsey, Kathy Gutwald, Stacy Buchanan, Doug Greg, Mike and Jan Mauger
85-7-2Unit number 5-7-2  Institutional Council, Mike Leavitt chairman IC, Jeff Ray, Debbie Hutton with USF portrait, Alumni Council, 50 year club, Denise Anderson, Jay Rex, Ira Schoppmann sheriff, Peg Thorley
85-7-3Unit number 5-7-3  SUSC vs Western New Mexico football, posed action, mugs
85-7-4Unit number 5-7-4  Faculty and staff, Burch Mann, Jack Bishop and Rod Hammer, Jim Robinson, Julie Quick with music students, Bob Miles, Mike Richards, food service personnel, Gary Snowder with 2 headed calf
85-7-5Unit number 5-7-5  Copy negatives, art work, Byrd Baylor, Larry Linville, Jackson Newell, Henry Marsh, Barry Lopez, Denise Low, Jane Crabattari, Michelle King, Harold Mitchell, Mt Crest H S band Hyrum Utah, Michael Finlayson, Michael Addison USF, Spinnakers, JS Prestwitch, photo by Bob Warren, Rick Barton, Rick Bojak, Murray Maughan and Lindquist, Kathy Wood Loveless, winter quarter convocation speakers, Baxter Black, Anne Marie McDermott, De Witt Jones, Timothy Leary, Eldridge Cleaver, Donald Hall, Jackie Nokes, Gentry Lee
85-7-6Unit number 5-7-6  Faculty and staff, Dr Thompson class situation and archaeology site, Jan Harrison with student, business machine
85-7-7Unit number 5-7-7  Jewish week
85-7-8Unit number 5-7-8  SUSC vs Ft Lewis, Western Montana, football, SUSC vs New Mexico Highlands, Montana, volleyball team and mugs
85-7-9Unit number 5-7-9  Music and art, Julie Quick and music group, Pipe and Drm Corps, music groups publicity, Nancy Iverson and knitting machine, Alaris Hershey with dancer, Carol Kupfer with doll, Friends of the Gallery and art work, Mary McDonald with art, SUSC Chorale, art work from Braithwaite Gallery, organ recital and concerto concert publicity, Opus chorale group
85-10-1Unit number 5-10-1  Drama, SUSC Melo Dramas, Our Town, Constant Wife, The Rink, Crimes of the Heart, sword fighting demo, Romeo and Juliet, Hedda Gabler, Chorus Line, publicity and production
85-10-2Unit number 5-10-2  Centrum seat selection, baseball equipment designed by Bill Groves, room at Brianhead condos, Alpha Chi honor society initiation, Mrs Kupher with porcelain doll
85-11-1Unit number 5-11-1  Upward Bound groups and activities
85-11-2Unit number 5-11-2  Russell Otis and Trent Scarlett basketball players, men's basketball mugs, girls' basketball team and mugs
85-12-1Unit number 5-12-1  Faculty and staff, Steve Taylor with stuffed bird, Ella Van Groningen, Prof Ron Aden rehearsing musical group, Wayne Hinton, Gary Snowder, Sarah Penny, Julie Quick, Carolyn Young with student, Terry Lauderbach, Rebbeca White, Mark Marriott, Kevin Robinson, Richard Ropers, Michael Donovan, Cory Duckworth, David Ward, Linda Lutz, Patricia Paystrup, David Rees, Tim Lewis, Suzanne Larson, Kurt Lewandowski, Bruce Walker, Bill Evans, Ben Dobson, Sage Platt
85-12-2Unit number 5-12-2  SUSC vs Laverne College Centrum opening, women's basketball team, gymnastics team, women's volleyball team, men's basketball team, SUSC vs Chapman basketball
XX. 1986
86-1-1Unit number 6-1-1  Games and athletics, gymnastics mugs, basketball players casual shots, SUSC vs UC Riverside basketball, SUSC vs Chico women's basketball, Denise Muir basketball action, football mug shots
86-1-2Unit number 6-1-2  Basketball team photo, men's basketball individual shots
86-1-3Unit number 6-1-3  Baseball team and mug shots
86-1-4Unit number 6-1-4  Athletics, Joy Peterson, volleyball team, girls' basketball, gymnastics team, girls' softball individual shots
86-1-5Unit number 6-1-5  SUSC vs Western Montana, Mesa, Ft Lewis, Lutheran football
86-1-6Unit number 6-1-6  Football coaching staff, SUSC vs Sacramento State, Northridge
86-2-1Unit number 6-2-1  1st Security Bank donation for Kay Baker's swim class and Terry Lauderbach's dance class, Sons of Utah Pioneers donation to SUSC, Dr Gaurth Hansen presenting art work to President Sherratt, Coco Cola donation to SUSC band, old book donation to library, students, Centrum Swat Team, pamphlet for transfer students, cheerleaders, Miss SUSC royalty, Mr SUSC candidates, Barry Baker, Tony Jispeir, Bill Boardman;, Kim Weaver, Jamie Vogt, Larry Cornelius, Steve Fox, Mike Brady, Robert Greer, Robert Land
86-2-2Unit number 6-2-2  Students, Mike Anderson, Alan Bailey political party star, Monica Moe, Suzanne Corry, Jana Bunnell, Carma Chappell, Sonya Munson Guess, Marty Prettyman, Dane Boren, Kon Kontogiannis, Robert Johnson, Jeff Ingman, Varlin Law, debate, Karen Whittemore, Cynthia Deuar, Jay Lane, Mark Morman, Karen Gutwald, Tyra Coleman, Julie Nau, Patty Spencer, Mark Ishi, Shannon Lane, Bill Sheffield, Rolland Petrello, Jeff Tetchert, Jeff Ingman, Garn Lebaron, Hutch Schult, Doug Coombs, Jane Fercik, Tracy Burns, Randy Hickman, Gentlewind, Kirk Bowdem, Melanie Griffin, Patrick Sterling
86-2-3Unit number 6-2-3  USF brochure mailing, students, Rhonda Bagley, student government
86-2-4Unit number 6-2-4  Baseball coach Bill Groves with co-captains, Coach Jack Bishop with football players, SUSC vs Western St volleyball, baseball mugs and team
86-3-1Unit number 6-3-1  Faculty and staff, Carol Marquardson, James Harrison, Virginia Higbee, Steve Rollo, Marva Middleton, accounting faculty, Larry Olson, Jana Johnson, Anna Hamblin
86-3-2Unit number 6-3-2  Faculty and staff, Vaughn McDonald, Desmond Penny, Dave Nyman, advisory board, Dr Hal Campbell, Sandra Stiglinski
86-3-3Unit number 6-3-3  Faculty and staff, Rod Decker, Richard Kennedy, Coach Roberts, Shermerher and Jack Thomas with families, Dell Judd, Elva Hatch, Conrad Hatch, Gaye Gressman, Max Payne, Shawn Dalton, Ralph Lewis, Margie Taylor, Gordon, Barnes, Merry Krusee, Steve McQueen, Anton Rasmussen, Mark Mecham, Georgia Thompson, Stamler, Bangerter, Amanda Mortenson, Virginia Slit, Lohrengel
86-4-1Unit number 6-4-1  Students, Rosalu Dover, John Roscher, Todd Adams, Fred Bland, Ann Marie Nickolson, Mr SUSC candidates 1986, students with computers, music class, inside library and classrooms, Larry Leiveil with dance class
86-4-2Unit number 6-4-2  Art student with President Sherratt, student teaching with mentally retarded kids, vocational day activities at Valley Farm, child development lab
86-5-1Unit number 6-5-1  Student senate, executive council, international club, Gary Gallup, Ropers, Steve Levit, Dr John Seymour, winter quarter convocation, art work, Holly Dunn, Mountain Bell, Lanell Lunt, Leslie Reidel, Bill Martin and Nancy Livingston, new student center, Arlene and art work, David E Birney and J Elliott Cameron, Connie Numan, Douglas Bker, Clayton Freshner, Mitch Bealer, Garry Bedingfield, fall convocation speakers, Peter Vidmar
86-5-2Unit number 6-5-2  Copy negatives, Robert Collen Festival director, new festival building, Gwen Sandburg, Cory Duckworth, Von MacDonald, Ballard, Talbot, Lundberg, Gov Norm Bangerter, Harold Grote, Leueve Whehoh, Roene Difiore, G Donald Gale, JD Christianson, Wallace Lee, Thorpe Waddingham, Jim Jones, Jean Hendrickson, Alton Christensen, Ellen Herton, Nick Noelus, M Royce Jones, buildings and grounds, Centrum and Old Sorrell statue, new student center ground breading, delivery of Old Sorrell statue, founders monument dedication, preparing for Centrum opening star party, library personnel with time capsule contents
86-5-3Unit number 6-5-3  Softball team, SUSC vs Mesa, So Colorado basketball, softball and basketball mugs
86-5-4Unit number 6-5-4  Students, modeling workshop, Kathie Griffin, mother/daughter day committee, drama student preparing for London, Jackie Griffith art student, cheerleaders and 30 year MVP, Michelle Bonza, Doris Williamson
86-5-6Unit number 6-5-6  Industrial education faculty and class situation, spring convocation speakers, Julian Bond, Miles Cap Ferry, Wally Amos, Celeste Holm, Charles R Hunter, June Bishop and Rayden Braithwaite
86-5-7Unit number 6-5-7  Baseball, softball teams, founders monument Old Sorrell
86-5-9Unit number 6-5-9  Clean up and new sign at Valley Farm;, computer room
86-5-11Unit number 6-5-11  Student senate, executive council, international club
86-6-1Unit number 6-6-1  Founders Day, new student center dedication, Pow Wow, alumni council and banquet, 50 year club, recipient of USF trip to London
86-7-1Unit number 6-7-1  Mt Bell fuel donation to President Sherratt, Tri State Motors, Sherratt and Mountain Bell, tableclothes donated to family living center, Masonic Lounge donated, Mt. Bell donations to USF
86-8-1Unit number 6-8-1  Upward Bound directors, students, native students
86-9-1Unit number 6-9-1  Dance concert, music faculty rehearsal, faculty musicians, orchestra concert, chorale rehearsals
86-10-1Unit number 6-10-1  Centrum, grounds, auditorium, building
86-10-2Unit number 6-10-2  Greenhouse, new USF building, statue, outside of theatre, bookstore
86-11-1Unit number 6-11-1  Drama, Private Lives, Androoles and the Lion, publicity
86-11-2Unit number 6-11-2  Drama, Life in the Theatre play, To Gillian with Love, Noises Off, publicity negatives
86-11-3Unit number 6-11-3  Drama, Scrooge, Brighton Beach, A Murder is Announced, publicity, production
86-12-1Unit number 6-12-1  Shakespear Festival, staff, Fred Adams and festival, costume parade
XXI. 1987
87- 1-1Unit number 7- 1-1  ROTC Helicopter rides, Western dance club, dance class, Bill Sherratt and Terri Lauterbach, alumni football game May 87, Thunder awards night with Joan Dealing
87-2-1Unit number 7-2-1  Football mugs
87-2-2Unit number 7-2-2  SUSC vs Santa Clara, football
87-2-3Unit number 7-2-3  SUSC vs Cal Poly, football
87-2-4Unit number 7-2-4  SUSC vs Portland State, football
87-2-5Unit number 7-2-5  SUSC vs Weber State, football
87-2-6Unit number 7-2-6  SUSC vs Western State, Ft Lewis, football
87-2-7Unit number 7-2-7  SUSC vs Ft Lewis, football
87-2-8Unit number 7-2-8  Volleyball group photo, football mugs
87-2-9Unit number 7-2-9  SUSC vs alumni, Grand Canyon, BYU vs Stanford volleyball
87-2-10Unit number 7-2-10  Men's basketball mugs
87-2-11Unit number 7-2-11  SUSC vs West Texas State, basketball
87-2-12Unit number 7-2-12  SUSC vs West Berlin, Stanislaus, basketball
87-2-13Unit number 7-2-13  Girls' basketball mugs
87-2-14Unit number 7-2-14  Men's basketball, intersquad exhibition
87-2-15Unit number 7-2-15  SUSC vs Redlands, girls' hoop, SUSC invitational all team tourney winners, SUSC vs Western State
87-2-16Unit number 7-2-16  Men's basketball, SUSC vs Grand Canyon, National College
87-2-17Unit number 7-2-17  Men's basketball, SUSC vs Fresno Pacific, Cal State Dominquez Hills, Texas Wesleyan
87-2-18Unit number 7-2-18  SUSC vs Chapman College, Metro State College, girls' basketball
87-2-19Unit number 7-2-19  SUSC vs Cal State Stanislaus, Adams State, Cal State L.A., Colorado School of Mines, basketball, Adams State vs Cal State Stanislaus
87-2-20Unit number 7-2-20  SUSC vs ASU, So West Baptist, basketball
87-2-21Unit number 7-2-21  SUSC vs Weber State, basketball
87-2-22Unit number 7-2-22  Women's gymnastic team, fair, mug shots, group photos
87-2-23Unit number 7-2-23  SUSC vs Eastern Montana, Metro State, San Diego, Masters College, basketball
87-2-24Unit number 7-2-24  Baseball mugs
87-2-25Unit number 7-2-25  SUSC vs UC San Diego, Western State, girls' basketball
87-2-26Unit number 7-2-26  SUSC vs Las Vegas, Cal Lutheran, Adams State, University of Utah women's softball, team photo
87-3-1Unit number 7-3-1  Upward Bound
87-3-2Unit number 7-3-2  Highland Heritage Festival, Elder Hostell Sherri Gilles
87-3-3Unit number 7-3-3  Utah Jazz vs L. A. Clippers
87-4-1Unit number 7-4-1  Students, Dave Jorgensen hair lab, Wakenns, Jennifer Harvey, Beth Larson, Braithwaite Gallery, Stan Kontogiannis, Nancy Vasconi, Jennifer Harvey, Nicki Kapoos, Lynn Dennett
87-4-2Unit number 7-4-2  Students, Raymond Ritchie and family, Jackie Gengier, multi-culture center, international club, Pres and Vice Pres, club presidents
87-4-3Unit number 7-4-3  Students, Russell Scott transfer Eastern AZ College, Wayne Squires, New View political party, La Dawn Kimball, Jimmy Velazques, Karen Quesanberry, Wendy Johnson, presidential candidates 1988-89, Tobin Atkinson, Dean Christensen, Carl Ward, Chuck Smith, Moe Bracken, Jeff Ingram, Michael Balm, A Carl Browing, Helen Tucker, Keith Betsule, Brad Giles, Monica Moe, Loman Church, Julie Hutchings, Reagan Wood, Robert Greer, Yan
87-4-4Unit number 7-4-4  Students, Kevin Howard, Lisa Newhouse, Nicole Bonham, Darin Bird, Rebeca Carter artwork, Yara Anabtawi, Kristin Eyring Dr Decker, Trisha Gordon, Ron Barrus, Lynn Dennatt, Scott Goslin
87-4-5Unit number 7-4-5  Students, Royden Braithwaite, Thunderbird students, scuba class, Circle K club, rest home, off campus student worker, Gary Christiansen at Town and Country
87-4-6Unit number 7-4-6  Students, Brian Miller, Vica club and President Sherratt, Chrissie Swetich, Stephanie Sorenson student typist, Jan Sheiton
87-4-7Unit number 7-4-7  Students, Heather Hobbs, Christine Hall, Jeff Ingman, Dany Riggs, Terry Johnson Marilee Eyre, Brent Wilkinson, student nurses, New View political party
87-5-1Unit number 7-5-1  KGSU TV, multi-culture center, Richard Dotson at chemistry, ROTC flag raising and administrators, horsemanship class
87-6-1Unit number 7-6-1  Faculty and staff, Ken Harvey, Stan Torgenson, Neal Coyle, Scott Clark, Arthur Porter, Robert Fronk, Donald Yates, Neil Roberts, Madelyn McArthur, Bobby Anderson, David Klope, Gary Gallup, Art Challis, Tony Palligonia
87-6-2Unit number 7-6-2  Faculty and staff, President Sherratt reception, Mike Richards and Jim Robinson, Dr Ropers, Dr Donald Yates, Peter Smith, Conrad Hatch, Dr Oakley Gorden, Gary Gallup, Scott Phillips, Frank Sanguinetti, Anton Rassmusson, Gary Snowder, SUSC cookbook, Diana Graff and Sue Dunton, Sandy Stiglinski and students' costume shop
87-6-3Unit number 7-6-3  Faculty and staff, Charlene Swanson, Sarah Penney, Dennis Ohms, Mark Bangerter and painting, Bill O'Neill, President Sherratt, Mike Richards, Boyd Adams, Neil Roberts, Mark Bangerter, Don Reid
87-6-4Unit number 7-6-4  Faculty and staff, Elder Hostels, Daniel Dail, Keny Hoyt, Bessie Dover, Ella Von Quronigen, Shirley Gowan, Mary Leon Foley, Eugene Woolf, Daniel Hulet student, Jayne Stone student
87-7-1Unit number 7-7-1  Music and art, Jr Sr recital, SUSC orchestra, choir practice, music assembly trio, chorale concert, SUSC band and uniforms
87-7-2Unit number 7-7-2  Music and art, OPOS sixth annual concert, music assembly, Oakridge Boys and David Lee Jones, Shito local band, millionaires rock band, Bill Miller singer, Juggler's noon performance
87-8-1Unit number 7-8-1  Drama, Theatre of Blood, 1776 dress rehearsal, The Octette Bridge Club rehearsal, play auditions, Scrooge dress rehearsal, Ladies in Retirement, The Woolgathers
87-8-2Unit number 7-8-2  Drama, The Shakespearean Festival in Las Vegas and Phoenix, larry Baker
87-9-1Unit number 7-9-1  Iron County Jail cell, aerials of campus, student center, IMC media center, SUSC campus, SUSC sign, statue #1, tennis court destruction
87-9-2Unit number 7-9-2  Library art work, Braithwaite Gallery, new student center inside, Great Hall and old student center, bookstore display break-in, Construction of the Randall Jones Theatre, student center construction, students outside of student center
87-9-3Unit number 7-9-3  Randall C Jones new theatre, landscaping new student center, PE building door, Centrum parking lot and statue, preparation of new student center, student center page 1/2, new student center page 1/5
87-10-1Unit number 7-10-1  President Sherratt RE Mountain Bell donation, Shakespeare woman's mailing volunteer's, President Sherratt receiving donation RE Utah Power and Light, Utah Mason Society, SUSC Emerity, 1st security
87-11-1Unit number 7-11-1  Convocation, Michael Gnoutcheff, Alexander Ginsburg, President Stanford Cazier, F. Lamond Tullis, Wesley R Smith, Gordon Jump, Harvey Wasserman, Mitch Connell, Larry Miller, John Smith, Bruce Hucko, Donald Woods, Dance Company, Judy Carter Howells, Roger Donlon, Stan Bronson, Darnell Haney, William Kloefkorn
87-11-2Unit number 7-11-2  Convocation, Jensen Woodberry, Renn Zaphiopoulos, Ivy Ruckman, Lord Harold Wilson, Charolette Black, Drew Moorey, Fred Barnes, awards
87-12-1Unit number 7-12-1  Copy Negatives, Irving Wassermann, Donald Woods, Stan Bronson, Judy Carter Howells, Royden Braithwaite, Norm Bangerter, Earl L Jones Jr, mantle, Kathleene West, The Oak Ridge Boys, Martin D Hanks
87-12-2Unit number 7-12-2  Copy negatives, George Hatch, Prestwich, Woolf, Harris, Con Hatch, Renn Zaphiropoulos, Old Main 1900, Margaret Rostkowski, Lord Harold Wilson, Gubler, Newman, Earl L Jones Jr., Joan Lowery
87-13-1Unit number 7-13-1  Car damage, children play by Oak Hall, construction of student center, photos by Gavien McNeil, Thunderbird staff, President Sherratt with various groups, style guides, Max Ferguson Escalante, tri state accident
87-13-2Unit number 7-13-2  Motorcycle school grounds, PowWow
87-13-3Unit number 7-13-3  Children and violins
87-14-1Unit number 7-14-1  Alpha Chi honor society, Alpha Chi Omega sorority, ASSUSC blood drive, STAB jungle dance, homecoming flag football, fantasy and frost preparations, Christmas parade, magician Christopher Fair
87-14-2Unit number 7-14-2  Miss SUSC pageant, The Examples, Intertribal pageant, The Untouchables
87-14-3Unit number 7-14-3  Mother daughter weekend, STAB The Hunt, Sigma Nu rush, freshman recognition, Wild West Week hairy legs, beard growing, pig chase, horseshoe toss, dutch oven cook off, spring wing ding
87-15-1Unit number 7-15-1  International entertainment night, Herds of Nerds, Homecoming pep rally, jubilee, parade, battle of the DJs, PlayFair, tree ceremony, Mark Mecham, VP church, Marlo Stones choir
87-15-2Unit number 7-15-2  Mr SUSC contest, fight song contest, Martin Luther King exhibit, SUSC election, election dance
87-15-3Unit number 7-15-3  Founders Day parade, Richard Leigh, Jacqueline M Williams, Laurie Dea Holley
87-16-1Unit number 7-16-1  Rep Haze Hunter
87-17-1Unit number 7-17-1  Burch Mann Dancers
XXII. 1988
88-1-1Unit number 8-1-1  Football team mugs
88-1-2Unit number 8-1-2  SUSC vs Mesa, Weber at Weber, football
88-1-3Unit number 8-1-3  SUSC vs New Mexico football
88-1-4Unit number 8-1-4  SUSC vs Cal Lutheran homecoming, football, cheerleaders
88-1-5Unit number 8-1-5  SUSC vs Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona volleyball, women's volleyball mug and group, team Alemo Teo and team practice
88-1-6Unit number 8-1-6  Women's basketball, baseball tryouts Bill Groves, men's basketball mugs and group
88-1-7Unit number 8-1-7  SUSC vs Cal State Northridge football
88-1-8Unit number 8-1-8  SUSC vs Australia basketball, men's practice, Clay Robert's Women's basketball practice
88-1-9Unit number 8-1-9  SUSC vs North East Louisiana, basketball, women's gymnastics mug and group
88-1-10Unit number 8-1-10  SUSC vs Weber State basketball
88-1-11Unit number 8-1-11  SUSC vs Portland State, Weber, women's basketball and practice
88-1-12Unit number 8-1-12  SUSC vs Georgia, UT El Paso women's basketball
88-1-13Unit number 8-1-13  Track practice, gymnastics, SUSC vs UNLV women's basketball, mug shots
88-1-14Unit number 8-1-14  SUSC vs Arizona, Northeast Louisiana, basketball
88-1-15Unit number 8-1-15  SUSC vs West Texas, St Francis New York, basketball
88-1-16Unit number 8-1-16  SUSC vs Sacramento State, Chicago State, basketball, William Allen
88-1-17Unit number 8-1-17  SUSC vs Cal Poly, Western New Mexico Univ, women's softball practice
88-1-18Unit number 8-1-18  SUSC vs Cal State San Bernadino baseball and mugs
88-1-19Unit number 8-1-19  SUSC vs USIU women's basketball, golf team practice, SUSC vs Hornets football
88-1-20Unit number 8-1-20  SUSC vs Utah State softball, alumni game baseball and softball
88-1-21Unit number 8-1-21  SUSC vs Grand Canyon, Mesa, US International University, baseball, spring football scrimmage, San Bernadino '89
88-1-22Unit number 8-1-22  SUSC vs BYU women's softball, SUSC vs Brown gymnastics
88-2-1Unit number 8-2-1  Girls' State pages 1 - 11
88-2-2Unit number 8-2-2  Girls' State pages 12 - 22
88-2-3Unit number 8-2-3  Upward Bound
88-2-4Unit number 8-2-4  Summer school activities, actors' workshop pages 1 and 2, early music workshop pages 1 - 4, water color workshop pages 1 and 2, USF royal tea music workshop
88-2-5Unit number 8-2-5  USA cheerleading camp, summer school classes, youth conference pages 1 - 5
88-2-6Unit number 8-2-6  USA Olympic volleyball team, USA sport camp cheerleaders, football camp group photo
88-2-7Unit number 8-2-7  Souther Utah Honor Society, Indian Pow Wow
88-2-8Unit number 8-2-8  USA/USSR gymnastic exhibition
88-2-9Unit number 8-2-9  Lee Greenwood, USA USSR western dinner, gymnastic drug free convocation
88-2-10Unit number 8-2-10  USA USSR parade, rodeo welcome
88-2-11Unit number 8-2-11  Special Olympics, Highland Heritage Festival
88-3-1Unit number 8-3-1  Fantasy and frost preparation, Faculty and students voting at gov elections, Ruth Challis being treated by ambulance crew, Thunder week recruitment week of freshmen
88-3-2Unit number 8-3-2  Poet Richard Shellton, Old Main Honor Society Induction banquet, dance concert
88-4-1Unit number 8-4-1  President Sherratt open house, freshman orientation, club rush, Starlight club, fun night at the student center, intramural football
88-4-2Unit number 8-4-2  ROTC, helicopter rides, rappeling clinic, Cora Attack helicopter
88-4-3Unit number 8-4-3  Homecoming events, Miss SUSC, jubilee, parade, luau, bonfire and pep rally, balloon
88-4-4Unit number 8-4-4  Sawyer Brown, Southern Pacific & Justice Concert
88-4-5Unit number 8-4-5  Snow sculpture contest, intertribal beauty contest, comedian Don Reed, Robert Palmer stage and buses
88-4-6Unit number 8-4-6  Noon time concert, volleyball intramural, ASSUSC election results, meet the candidates night college election
88-4-7Unit number 8-4-7  The Judds, Skip Ewing, Steve Warner
88-4-8Unit number 8-4-8  Trading Places school dance, flight school, Startlight club Sugarcane, opera Telephone, Club Fued, Leslie Jones
88-4-9Unit number 8-4-9  Starlight club, Lillie Garrido, Clint, Craig Karges, noontime concert series, Wizard of Oz show at the ballroom, BETA carwash, Sigma Nu pledges, Crystal Wood, rifle shoot tryouts
88-5-1Unit number 8-5-1  PE graduation 1988, Mark Waters playing tennis, Karen Wallace mugs, Darlene Jessen working at Best Western, Oscar Fakahua football player, Tori Turnbaugh mugs, Jenny Lamoreaux working at flower shop, Darin Bird ASSUSC president, students
88-5-2Unit number 8-5-2  Students, Waykeeneans, Dave Dix and Jakie Gandler cross country, Jerry Nauls basketball player, Davor Moncelie basketball player (Yugo)
88-5-3Unit number 8-5-3  Students playing rugby in the snow and shopping, Enid Atkinson, Phil Chidester, Mike Slizewski, David Dix, Nicole Bonham, Brent Richey
88-5-4Unit number 8-5-4  Students, Carol and Sandy Anderson, James Lowder, Gene Homer, Michael Stiver
88-5-5Unit number 8-5-5  Women's club, Russ Benton and Carol Anderson, Chelle Leavy, Darin Bird, Rod Rivers and Thunderbird staff
88-5-6Unit number 8-5-6  Kathy Egar, The Thunderbird, Rachel Talbot Thunderbird editor, Thunderbird recruitment cover program photos, Joe Martinez resume photo
88-5-7Unit number 8-5-7  Mr SUSC James Sebaske, Roger Wareham, James Spainhower and Natalie Coombs, Chelle and Joey Leavy, student government election candidates: Rog Olcott, KarlRostron, Retta Judd, Everett Kelepolo, Liz Chapman
88-5-8Unit number 8-5-8  Students, Rachel Talbot, Mike Manness, Cary job board/blood donor, Melissa - tuition office
88-5-9Unit number 8-5-9  Students, Kate Starling art student, Brent Richey and Michelle Rounds t-bird staff, at student center, Rhetta Judd and Jan Shelton,
88-5-10Unit number 8-5-10  Students, SUSC sunbathers: Lisa Bechstrand, Bobby Santos, Leslie Shoemah, Bubba, L Palmer art student, Mike Stiver, David Beacher, SUSC students enjoying spring weather
88-5-11Unit number 8-5-11  Students, Robert Bubba Johnson at computer, David John, KC Jones and AmyEsplin and Tomi Green, Gavin and Tracy Halley McNiel, 1989 Mr SUSC candidates, international students, Phoneathon winners development, administration, Patrice Morris
88-6-1Unit number 8-6-1  Faculty and staff, Thomas Murphy, Mark Morman, Brent Chandler, Terri Lauterbach, D. Michael Carter, Mitch Bealer, Rich Wilson, Larry Baker, Stephen Brandon, Sallie McQueen, Valerie Kidrick, David Sauagean Richard Wittwer, Otto Aasdal, Robert Salmon, Adam Hetnal, Robert Eves, Andy Madsen
88-6-2Unit number 8-6-2  Faculty and staff, Otto Aasdal, John Lowe academic systems manager, administration clean-up day spring 88, Alan Jamlen, Sterling Church, Robert Salmon, Sallie Cooper, Jack Cannon, Steve Brandon
88-6-3Unit number 8-6-3  Faculty and staff, Brent Chandler, Mike Richards with school map, Sarah Solberg, President Sherratt after election results, Jim Dowson and Gene Kinickerun, John Carpenter, Bob Moore
88-6-4Unit number 8-6-4  Faculty and staff, W Craig Jones, Fred C Adams, Paul Daniels, Andy Madsen, Richard Kennedy, Valrie Kidrick, Mike Cowen, Mark Barton, Mark Talbort, Provost Terry Alger
88-6-5Unit number 8-6-5  Marlynn Smith, financial aid director Rex Michie, Sara Solberg, Gwen Sandberg and Diana Major-Spencer, 3rd floor administration, community support services department, Mark Barton working out at fitness center
88-6-6Unit number 8-6-6  Vaughn McDonald, President Sherratt, Institutional Council, Coach Kingsford, Steve Taylor tying fish hooks, Carmon Jones home ec, VP Paul Southwick and academic systems manager John Lowes
88-6-7Unit number 8-6-7  Leon Chidester, Stephen Brandon, Joy Peterson, Robert Fronk, James Harrison, Brent Sorensen
88-6-8Unit number 8-6-8  Faculty and staff, Rod Decker, Institute Council, Maureen Robb ticket manager, Jim Turner, Chuck Mellankouf
88-6-9Unit number 8-6-9  Faculty and staff, Kelvin Yazzie, Dr Phil Carter at old student center, ROTC Capt Miller and Gary Rieger, Diana Graff, Diana Graff and SS Moorty, SS Moorty and Jim Aton, Coach Jack Bishop
88-7-1Unit number 8-7-1  Music and art, Highland Heritage Festival folk dancer, Shilo local band promo photos, Montroeax concert, faculty art exhibit, Scarlet and Black, Sara Solberg and Dr Cambell music recital
88-7-2Unit number 8-7-2  Opera Madame Butterfly, artwork at Braithwaite Gallery, 9-11 Rock Band, art exhibit, Telephone Opera
88-8-1Unit number 8-8-1  Utah Shakespearean Festival, green shows with youth conference, USF feast
88-8-2Unit number 8-8-2  Under Milkwood rehearsal, Halloween spook alley, Melodrama
88-8-3Unit number 8-8-3  The Front Page SUSC theatre stage two, Steel Magnolias, Under Milkwood, Fre Folleys Utah Shakespearean Festival, Pack of Lies
88-9-1Unit number 8-9-1  Ballet West, Triple Play, Arcadia, Romeo and Juliet, Concerto in Turquoise and Rust, rehearsal
88-9-2Unit number 8-9-2  Ballet West, rehearsal, Gisselle, barbecue
88-9-5Unit number 8-9-5  Dance concert, American Festival Ballet,
88-10-1Unit number 8-10-1  Buildings and grounds, VAX computer, Dr Seymour collections, campus parking lots, Randall L Jones theatre of performing arts, college farm, cabin with Jim Robinson, Phil Carter and D Nyman
88-10-2Unit number 8-10-2  Buildings and grounds, student center dedication and main lobby, science construction, multi=culture center and post office, USF Adams Memorial theater
88-10-3Unit number 8-10-3  Buildings and grounds, walkways by business/main, Manzanita shooting and bullet holes, Royden C Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, construction at football field, master plan layout, post office, museum stuffed birds, student center outside café
88-10-4Unit number 8-10-4  Buildings and grounds, construction at football field, green house, school phone switch board, UDOT painting curbs at 200 south, Oak Hall and residents, Juniper Hall, science building inside
88-10-5Unit number 8-10-5  Buildings and grounds, student center plaques, library shelves, parking lot, weight system bookstore, post office, campus main phone system, Centrum and Old Sorrel, science building construction
88-10-6Unit number 8-10-6  February snow storm, President Herratt in his home, Brian Head, college cabin in winter
88-10-7Unit number 8-10-7  Student center, construction science center, auditorium construction, handicap parking, science building construction, lawn mowers, Gary Dais maintenance, construction at the football field, Old Main and Royden Braithwaite building
88-11-1Unit number 8-11-1  Auto mechanics class, KGSU radio station, Fronk French department
88-11-2Unit number 8-11-2  Julie Morgan and Dr Myers, Dutch oven cooking class, ROTC Russian class, TV station channel 9, Russian speaking class, aerobics class, cake decorating class, Head Start with trough
88-12-1Unit number 8-12-1  Donations, USF Fred Adams, President Sherratt, Rollie Gardner and Grace Gardner-Tower, President Sherratt receiving check from First Security, Vaughn McDonald receiving quilts made at the Beehive Center
88-13-1Unit number 8-13-1  Convocations, Arther Macy Cox, Linda Silitoe, Lisa Birnbach, Parker Drew, Don Lind, James Aton
88-13-2Unit number 8-13-2  Michael Carrea, Stephen R Covey, AIDS debate, Jim Turner, Diane Dopoy, Wallace Terry, Lee Greenwood, Roert Goulding, Basel Lag, Calvin Johnson, Jim Yardley, C Lyle, Frankie Lou Bentley, Nell Smith, Bessie Dover, Sherwood Braken, Jerry Anderson, Truman Bowler, Elmo Herring, Urban Nank, Frank Balley, Ward Killpack,Steve Gilbert
88-13-3Unit number 8-13-3  William J Mortiner, convocation
88-14-1Unit number 8-14-1  Citizens of Iron County tax debate, Scott Matheson, Iron Mission State Park, Nice Corporation
88-14-2Unit number 8-14-2  Norman Bangerter, Ted Wilson, Merrill Cook debates, Dixie Leavitt, Lib VP Can Andrus, CHAT Citizens for Human Treatment of Animals officers
88-14-3Unit number 8-14-3  Frank and Nicholes, Danny Lister Community Support Service, off-campus housing, Loralee Blackburn, Karen LeCount, Indian tribe Pow Wow basketball games
88-16-1Unit number 8-16-1  Libby Appel, John Mooney, Tracy Tanner-MacDonald, Scott Matheson, Paul Riddings Jr., Henry Marsh, Lauell Edwards, Wilbur Braithwaite, Ralph Maughan
88-16-2Unit number 8-16-2  Richard Engleman, David Nyman and friends, Kevin Hagen, Dr Robert Anderson Jr., Lisa Birnbach, George Finlinson, Samner J Hatch, Marc Deaton, Dominos Pizza ponies Western Royale, Elaine Konigsburg, D Ray Reutzel, Barbara Thomas
88-16-3Unit number 8-16-3  Prof Cloward, The Riata Ranch Cowboys, the Osmond Boys, Monty Montana, Old Main 1925, 27, and 30
88-17-1Unit number 8-17-1  Basketball program, Niel Roberts, Steve Hodson, and Randy Adams, campus, Darin Bird and Trudy, students, sports, class situations, Festival
XXIII. 1989
89-1-1Unit number 9-1-1  Football mugs
89-1-2Unit number 9-1-2  SUSC vs Angelo State, Santa Clara, football
89-1-3Unit number 9-1-3  SUSC vs Sacramento State, Portland State, football
89-1-4Unit number 9-1-4  SUSC vs Cal State Poly University football
89-1-5Unit number 9-1-5  SUSC vs Cal Lutheran University football
89-1-6Unit number 9-1-6  SUSC vs Cal State University Northridge football
89-1-7Unit number 9-1-7  SUSC vs BUY fall softball, golf team mugs and group, cross country Dix Brothers
89-1-8Unit number 9-1-8  Gymnastics, individual and group and practice, Jennifer Enkins, gymnast signing player cars, Brent Hardcastle
89-1-9Unit number 9-1-9  Men's and women's basketball individual and group shots, men's asst and coach portraits
89-1-10Unit number 9-1-10  Men's balketball, SUSC vs German National team
89-1-11Unit number 9-1-11  Men's basketball, Carl Pollard in practice, SUSC vs Cal Poly Pamona
89-1-12Unit number 9-1-12  Women's basketball, SUSC vs Creighton, practice
89-1-13Unit number 9-1-13  SUSC vs Wright State, West Texas State basketball
89-1-14Unit number 9-1-14  SUSC vs US International Univ, Univ of Richmond, basketball, TAC Moth Herman Anderson, Peter Johnson signing autographs
89-1-15Unit number 9-1-15  SUSC vs Chicago State, Biola, St Marys basketball
89-1-16Unit number 9-1-16  Old Timers basketball in the Centrum, group photo
89-1-17Unit number 9-1-17  Gymnastics intersquad, meet the gymnasts night
89-1-18Unit number 9-1-18  SUSC vs Utah State University, Cal Poly Pamona, gymnastics
89-1-19Unit number 9-1-19  SUSC vs BYU, New Mexico, Cal State Sacramento, gymnastics
89-1-20Unit number 9-1-20  SUSC vs Utah State, Cal State Northridge, women's basketball
89-1-21Unit number 9-1-21  SUSC vs Montana State, UTEP, women's basketball
89-1-22Unit number 9-1-22  SUSC vs Florida International, Idaho State, basketball, passing of SUU Bill Leavitt Sherratt
89-1-23Unit number 9-1-23  SUSC vs BYU, Utah, women's softball and practice
89-1-24Unit number 9-1-24  Gymnastics
89-1-25Unit number 9-1-25  Rugby
89-1-26Unit number 9-1-26  SUSC vs Montana State pages 1 and 2, women's basketball and practice
89-1-27Unit number 9-1-27  SUSC vs Akron, Montana State, basketball and preview
89-1-28Unit number 9-1-28  Football practics
89-1-29Unit number 9-1-29  Cross country, track
89-1-30Unit number 9-1-30  Rodeo
89-1-31Unit number 9-1-31  Softball individual and group photos, tournament in Mesquite Nevada
89-1-32Unit number 9-1-32  Softball, SUSC vs U of U, UNLV, Mesa
89-1-33Unit number 9-1-33  Softball, Utah, practice B, BYU
89-2-1Unit number 9-2-1  Girls' State
89-2-2Unit number 9-2-2  Girls' State
89-2-3Unit number 9-2-3  Cheerleaders camp, summer school classes, artist workshops, Shakespeare workshops
89-2-4Unit number 9-2-4  Shakespeare workshop, early music workshop, gymnastic camp, cheerleading camp, artist barbecue workshop, football camp group photo
89-2-5Unit number 9-2-5  Upward Bound
89-2-6Unit number 9-2-6  Marie Zaphiropoulos, Jerry Wood Honor Society, Old Main Society, June Larson, Honor society induction, signing in SUU Governor Norm Bangerter, Hall of Fame alumni honored
89-2-7Unit number 9-2-7  Harris Pavilion dedication, graduation
89-3-1Unit number 9-3-1  TAC steak fry, Sacramento alumni reception, fantasy and frost
89-3-2Unit number 9-3-2  First annual basketball bash
89-3-3Unit number 9-3-3  Bag Pipe player, Sigma Nu easter egg humt, student elections, Intertribal contest
89-4-1Unit number 9-4-1  Miss SUSC queen pageant, coed and finals flag football
89-4-2Unit number 9-4-2  Intermurals basketball, water polo, student debate on drugs, senate, chess club, Aloha dance, SUTV presentation
89-4-3Unit number 9-4-3  Spring wing ding parade, talent show, Thunderbird awards, Mr SUSC, Greek Olympics, Everete Koop and Randy Bostic, Athletic Hall of Fame, 1990- 1991 election results
89-4-4Unit number 9-4-4  Women playing softball, men playing volleyball, Tiffany Gentry playing frisbee, swimming, mountain biking
89-5-1Unit number 9-5-1  Students, Donna Meachaw, Thane Marshel, Chrisse Schovell, Mary Gribble, John Smith computer drafting, SUSC cheerleaders, Jeanette Jenson, PE graduation 89
89-5-2Unit number 9-5-2  Students, Kristy Armstong, David John with census poster, Michelle Stewart's teachers student teaching block, 89-90 debate team, Peter Johnson, David John art show publicity, Stacey French
89-5-3Unit number 9-5-3  Students, Patti Esplin, Jennifer Carter, Kristy Armstrong, Dian Hale and Tonya Taylor nursing students
89-5-4Unit number 9-5-4  Students, Waykeenions Dance team, Kathleen Castle 90-91 Thunderbird editor, Brian A Zitting outstanding engineering student, Julie Dennettnies and Vicki Penwell scholarship winners, Jeff Dower and camera, candidate portraits, Leo Biggs and Jason Mitchell, Steve Madsen, Brent Richey, Del Beaty, Dave Clarke, Peter Tagg, Nannette Conts, 90 debate team national
89-5-5Unit number 9-5-5  In 89-5-6, students, Russ Benton, Thunderbird recruitment photos, Julie Stuart, Mark Holyoak, Cathleen Castle, Frene Pan, SUSC cheerleaders at basketball
89-5-6Unit number 9-5-6  Students, Lisa Sneadker, Michelle Stewart, Thomas Kingsford, Troy Norris, Jill Anderson, Scott Ducan, Nurses group photo, students on campus
89-6-1Unit number 9-6-1  Faculty and staff, Brent Hardcastle, Julie Christensen, Scott Truman, Vaughn McDonald, Gary Olsen, Judy Morisette, financial wokers, Diane Werber, Paula Lambeth, Dale Orton, Rex Michie, Jay Decker
89-6-2Unit number 9-6-2  Faculty and staff, new faculty, institutional council, football
89-6-3Unit number 9-6-3  Faculty and staff, numbers 1 - 59,
89-6-4Unit number 9-6-4  Faculty and staff, numbers 60 - 135
89-6-5Unit number 9-6-5  Faculty and staff, numbers 136 - 219
89-6-6Unit number 9-6-6  Faculty and staff, Michelle Livermore, Jyl Shuler, Richard Dotson, Colleen Jones, off Coach McQuivey, Scott Truman, Doug Baker resume shots, SUSC art faculty, Terry Alger, Steve Lunt, Doug Baker and USF staff, Dorris Williams
89-6-7Unit number 9-6-7  Faculty and staff, senate, State Board of Regents vote on University, institutional council
89-6-8Unit number 9-6-8  Faculty and staff, Clark and Linford, Lynn Fenton, Lana Johnson, Valaree Kedrick, NewmanDuncan, Ben Davidson, Neil Roberts, Terry Alger, Gorden Kerbs, Joe Lopour, Jerry Sherratt with Peter Tagg and Mark Morman and Fraim Pearson, group photo of faculty for Doug and Sally, Quatian Bowler and Thomas Challis, East Elementary employees, summer games Dixie and Smith
89-7-1Unit number 9-7-1  Music and art, Gary Morris and Sawyer Brown
89-7-2Unit number 9-7-2  Music and art, Alan Shults, music practice student, fantasy and frost
89-7-3Unit number 9-7-3  Music and art, Horse Sense, 1990 comic opera
89-8-1Unit number 9-8-1  Drama, Macbeth, A Winter's Tale, the Tempest
89-8-2Unit number 9-8-2  Utah Shakespeare Festival costume show, Nothing Like the Sun, Green Show, Randall L Jones opening
89-8-3Unit number 9-8-3  Drama, USF donations at Pontiac dealership, Carol Channing at Centrum Convocation and reception. RMTA, opening Ceremonies, Feast
89-8-4Unit number 9-8-4  Drama, USF in Phoenix, Larry Baker
89-8-5Unit number 9-8-5  Drama, USF candid of workers pages 1 - 9, group photo of USF company
89-8-6Unit number 9-8-6  Utah Shakespearean Festival portraits pages 1 - 10
89-8-7Unit number 9-8-7  Utah Shakespearean Festival portraits pages 11 -23
89-9-1Unit number 9-9-1  Buildings and grounds, gymnastic pavilion construction, student center tree damage, Milt's restaurant, college cabin construction, statues at Harris Pavilion
89-9-2Unit number 9-9-2  Buildings and grounds, tree trimming, Adams Memorial theatre, WalMart, pavilion construction, Randall Jones theatre, cafeteria, library new doors, drilling for soil samples
89-9-3Unit number 9-9-3  Buildings and grounds, Old student center, stained glass windows, pavilion, football stadium, inside library, 4 sided of the outside of library, students and dorms, campus
89-10-1Unit number 9-10-1  Class situations, registration, new industrial equipment, Bill Sherratt, rock climbing at Snow Canyon, institute building and employees, library computer lab
89-11-1Unit number 9-11-1  Donations, recipients of State Bank scholarship, Jack Bishop and Bradshaws and Parkwest, Phoneathon winners, Daryl Matthews retirement, Leveve Whetton, intermountain health care, Cedar City art show, USF development car dealer
89-11-2Unit number 9-11-2  Donations, Scott Rasmussan UPL, Dale Evans 1st Security, Bruce Osborn to students, The Masons, donation of quilt, alumni
89-12-1Unit number 9-12-1  Convocation, Richard Ropers, James Tingey, Jake Garn, David Aikman
89-12-2Unit number 9-12-2  Convocation, James J Mapes, Michael Bennett as Patrick Henry, Spanky McFarland, costume cavalcade, Stacy Allison
89-12-3Unit number 9-12-3  Convocation, Repertory Dance Theater of SLC, Dr. Wilfred Samuels, David Yashkulka, Sara Nugent, Raye Ringholz, Michael Ohman, Col. Bo Gritz
89-13-1Unit number 9-13-1  Doug Knell, Thunderbird athletic club corp sponsors, Scott Rasmussen, Peter Smith President Sherratt's class reunion, Mayor Harold Shirley, election results and city council, Robert Linford
89-14-1Unit number 9-14-1  Car accident in front of admin
89-15-1Unit number 9-15-1  Copy negatives, Roberta Peters, Jack Pretutsky, Rick Elliot, Frank Petregill, Paul Rasmussen, Kent Hugh, Roger Bean, April Black, two men, Carol Channing, Donald Kennedy, David Lee, Rick Transdahl, Skip Mead, Tex Anthony, MCE guest artist, graduation, Southern Utah Honor Society, artist rendering of future design of stadium
89-16-1Unit number 9-16-1  Color negatives, student government officers, Jan Shelton, Everett Kelepolo, Rhetta Judd, Collette Asseresses, Mary Pierson, Cyndee Call, Shawn Marchant, Tina Turner, Gary Ziegler, Del Beatty, Cathleen Castle, Darren Adair, Theresa Riding, Jennifer Rowland, Billy Roberts, Michelle Dutson, Bubba Johnson, Patti Esplin, Tenaly Heaton, Greg Topham, Hilary Hanseen, Del Smith, Mark Holyoak, Julie Slade, Ceci Williams, Vance Broadbent, Dave Duce
89-17-1Unit number 9-17-1  Basketball press guide cover, BC center, Old Main, auditorium, women's gymnastic group, campus shots for college recruitment, men's and women's group basketball
XXIV. 1990
90-1-1Unit number -1-1  Football portraits, team, senior defensive line, Steve McDowell, group photo of coaches
90-1-2Unit number -1-2  SUSC vs Weber, football
90-1-3Unit number -1-3  SUSC vs Central State OK football and practice
90-1-4Unit number -1-4  SUSC vs St Mary's, SAC State football
90-1-5Unit number -1-5  SUSC vs Cal State Northridge, football
90-1-6Unit number -1-6  Women's softball SUSC vs USU, cross country runner Jodi Dowey, golf Jason Reynolds and Scott Tye, Jason Mitchell, baseball
90-1-7Unit number -1-7  Gymnastics group photo, men and women's group photos basketball, individual portraits basketball
90-1-8Unit number -1-8  Women's basketball practice, men's basketball intra squad
90-1-9Unit number -1-9  SUSC vs Cal Lutheran, Cal State Northridge, football
90-1-10Unit number -1-10  Women's tymnastics group and individuals and posed action all sports
90-1-11Unit number -1-11  Men's basketball, SUSC vs Colorado college, Belgium
90-1-12Unit number -1-12  Men's basketball, SUSC vsUniversity of Denver, Stephen Austin, practice
90-1-13Unit number -1-13  Men's basketball, SUSC vs Montana State, Illinois State, Belgium
90-1-14Unit number -1-14  Men's basketball, SUSC vs Northern Illinois, Univ of San Diego, practice
90-1-15Unit number -1-15  Women's basketball, SUSC vs Loyola Marymount, Idaho State Univ
90-1-16Unit number -1-16  Women's basketball, SUSC vs Univ of Cal Riverside, Idaho State Univ
90-1-17Unit number -1-17  Women's basketball, SUSC vs Oklahoma State at BYU, Bronchos, practaice
90-1-18Unit number -1-18  Gymnastaics, intersquad, BYU
90-1-19Unit number -1-19  Cross country, Softball Utah State Univ, golf Skywest, Bill Evans, Paul Maggio
90-1-20Unit number -1-20  SUSC vs Chicago State, basketball
90-1-21Unit number -1-21  Men's basketball, SUU vs Milwaukee State, Wright State, basketball
90-1-22Unit number -1-22  SUU vs Cal State Univ Northridge, basketball
90-1 23Unit number -1 23  SUU vs Sacramento, basketball, SUU vs Washington State women's basketball
90-1-24Unit number -1-24  SUU vs BYU, Weber State, women's basketball
90-1-25Unit number -1-25  SUU vs USU, gymnastics
90-1-26Unit number -1-26  SUU vs USU at USU gymnastics
90-1-27Unit number -1-27  SUU vs UNLV softball, SUU baseball
90-1-28Unit number -1-28  Gymnastics Air Force, basketball wide angle, spring football, track
90-1-29Unit number -1-29  Women's softball
90-1-30Unit number -1-30  Women's softball
90-1-31Unit number -1-31  Baseball, Regis, softball UNLV, cross country meet
90-2-1Unit number -2-1  Girls' State
90-2-2Unit number -2-2  Girls' State
90-2-3Unit number -2-3  Highland Heritage Festival, Homesteader Days
90-2-4Unit number -2-4  Governor's Honor Academy Andy Larsen country singer
90-2-5Unit number -2-5  University gala, Founder's Day
90-3-1Unit number -3-1  Alumni banquet, TAC steak fry
90-3-2Unit number -3-2  Basketball Bash II, SUU gala
90-3-3Unit number -3-3  Old Main Society
90-4-1Unit number -4-1  Homecoming parade, queen contest, Christmas party in student center
90-4-2Unit number -4-2  Rodeo, Starlight club, Jubilee, Lip Sync contest, election results, pumpkin carving, Craig Kargas, Dan Reed, Orchesis, dating game, fencing club, game room, war debate
90-4-3Unit number -4-3  Pow Wow, Special Olympics, Betas writing letters to Gulf, spring fling, Mr SU pageant, war protesters Miss Utah gas masks
90-4-4Unit number -4-4  Registration, T-Bird on gym floor, homecoming parade, blizzard of bucks, student rally for troops, intramural volleyball, David Letterman night, registration, people moving in dorms
90-4-5Unit number -4-5  Miss SUSC pageant, easter egg hunt, powder puff football, spring activities, intramural volleyball
90-5-1Unit number -5-1  Student government officers, Kristie Eliason, Matt and Steve, Andrea White and Steve Hutchings, student moving into Juniper Hall, Thunderbird staff meeting, David Cooper and Sean, Maxine Davies, Cheris Tucker, Rick Bryant
90-5-2Unit number -5-2  Thunderbirds, editors, writers and staff
90-5-3Unit number -5-3  Students, Brenda Madsen, Wayne Henderson, Thunderbird readers and staff, awards night
90-5-4Unit number -5-4  Students, Nadia Prasad, Julie Stuart, Darren Ward, Dave Cooper, James Spainhower, Jake Shewmake, Debra Cooper, Dave Cooper, Ben Whitney, Kathleen Midgley, 91 Dairy queen, elections contestents, Kimber Heaton, Darren Adair, Kim Vadala and Kathleen Midgely
90-6-1Unit number -6-1  Faculty and staff, Bill Macriss, Tammy Melton, Kathryn Berg, Valynne Nichols, Alan Hamblin, Paul Maggio, Gordon Dotson, Mike Schueder, Wayne McQuivey, Darline Stephene, Matthew Nickerson, Richard Bugg, Craig Morrison, Donna Rue Jenkins, Danielle Beazer, Jory Ty Redd, Bruce Cottam, Marilynn Brown, Bart Shanklin, Thomas Silliman, Paul Garrison, Philip Dillard, Marva Esplin, Judith Gamble, Nancy Glomb, Judith Southworth Lynn Dennett, Perry Stewart
90-6-2Unit number -6-2  Faculty and staff, Thomas Silliman, Arlene Braithwaite, Blanche Clegg, development donors, Steve Rollo, Fred Adams, Sherratt alumni, Dennis Ohms, Dean Winward, Jim Robinson, Bob Reich, Bruce Lee, Jay Decker, Virginia Higbee, Paul Maggio
90-6-3Unit number -6-3  Faculty and staff, David Lee, James Cotts and Terri Lauterbauch, Deans' council, Rod Decker, faculty senate, Peter Tagg, Chelle Layva, Michael Donovon and Jim Aton, Brent Judd, Tim Lewis
90-6-4Unit number -6-4  Faculty and staff, Lana Johnson, Ed Harris, Major Laurentzan, Joann Bowns, President Sherratt, Dan Dail, Alan Hamblin, Steve Brandon, Austin Lefevre, Sally Cooper, Leon Chidester
90-7-1Unit number -7-1  Music and art, T Graham Brown, Kenny Rogers, The Virgin River Band, SUSC orchestra, Sawyer Brown, Restless Heart
90-7-2Unit number -7-2  Music and art, new band uniforms, orchestra and dance company
90-7-3Unit number -7-3  Music and art, Travis Tritt, Perry Stewart and art, SAUD Jazz, Bermuda Triangle Band, Vienna Boys' Choir, Utah symphony, Chris LeDoux in concert
90-7-4Unit number -7-4  Music and art, Zion Tribe, Dan Seales, Navy Sea Chanters, Sawyer Brown, Virgin River Band and Restless Heart
90-8-1Unit number -8-1  Drama, ballet, Vincent Michael Clements, Farley family reunion, Ten Little Indians, School for Wives, Elephant Man
90-8-2Unit number -8-2  Drama, Hello Dolly, Oakland Ballet, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Annie, Shakespeare green show UNLV
90-9-1Unit number -9-1  Buildings and grounds, Harris Pavilion, Statue Savage Rose, college cabin construction, SUU sign, Convocation poster
90-9-2Unit number -9-2  Buildings and grounds, new trees, pool work, pavilion inside, stadium sign, academic service construction, Old Main
90-10-1Unit number -10-1  Class situations, students working Julie Crhistensen and Myrica Robinson, Ryan Moynier and Prof Jones, Dr Donovan's class and dance, Bob Salmon's class, ceramics and computers, SCUBA diving
90-10-2Unit number -10-2  Class situations, computer lab IE building, SUTV, machinist workers
90-11-1Unit number -11-1  Donations, Carter Bros and Coke plant, WEECO, IHC hospital, Kaibab wood forest, Bradshaw's Chev, Quilt winner and maker, TW recreation, State Bank of Southern Utah
90-11-2Unit number -11-2  Donations, Janet Knell, WECCO, Chris Marchant Holiday Inn, America West Credit Union, Utah Summer Games Dale Edwards, Scott Rassmussan, Rich Wilson, Sherratt, Shriner donation, Thomas Smith, Dale and Carma Evans Evans Beauty College, Steve Thomas Sugar Loaf, U of U, Rich Wilson, TAC
90-12-1Unit number -12-1  Convocation, Robin Wright, Lynn Finney, Abdur, Razzag, Barre Toelken, Len Barron, Patricia Aikins, David Sharpton, S. Kahn, Michael Leavitt, Garth Fisher, Larry Speaks, Pin Points
90-14-1Unit number -14-1  Andrea's going away photo, retirement party, Hall of Fame coaches, 40 year club, honored coaches, Diana Michelle Engleman
90-15-1Unit number -15-1  Gala event, basketball Europe, Parley, convocation speaker, Hall of fame coaches
90-17-1Unit number -17-1  Group football, men and women basketball, Old Main and BC Center
XXV. 1991
91-1-1Unit number 1-1-1  Football portraits
91-1-2Unit number 1-1-2  SUU vs Portland State, football
91-1-5Unit number 1-1-5  Men and women portraits basketball
91-1-6Unit number 1-1-6  Wome's gymnastics portrait, group, rehearsal, Skywest golf invitational
91-1-7Unit number 1-1-7  Women's basketball SUU vs UTEP, Coach Larry Shurtliff
91-1-8Unit number 1-1-8  SUU vs Nebraska, Weber, basketball
91-1-9Unit number 1-1-9  TAC basketball, bash
91-1-10Unit number 1-1-10  SUU vs San Diego, Idaho, Chicago State, basketball
91-1-11Unit number 1-1-11  SUU vs Cal State Northridge, Univ of Utah, UNLV, women's basketball
91-1-12Unit number 1-1-12  SUU vs BYU, Univ of Utah, gymnastics
91-1-13Unit number 1-1-13  Women's softball portraits, baseball portraits and action, Bill Evans, men and women basketball portraits, cross country
91-1-14Unit number 1-1-14  Women's softball, men's baseball
91-2-1Unit number 1-2-1  Girls' State
91-2-2Unit number 1-2-2  Girls' State
91-2-3Unit number 1-2-3  School paper, basketball camp football camp, Suzuki camp, summer groups, Highland Festival
91-2-4Unit number 1-2-4  Rural schools luncheon, Julie Barton, foreign exchange students, football camp, students on campus
91-3-1Unit number 1-3-1  Board of Fellows, TAC steak fry, Walk a thon, crime lab opening, Ellen Unthank dedication
91-3-2Unit number 1-3-2  Abe Lincoln debate, Southern Utah Honors, Rural entrepreneur, business guest speakers, walk a thon, wrestling classic
91-4-1Unit number 1-4-1  Thunderbird mascot, homecoming parade, Iron County parade
91-4-2Unit number 1-4-2  Community clean up, pumpkin walk, substance abuse panel, Wakeeynes, homecoming parade, club rush, newspaper staff, SUU groups
91-4-3Unit number 1-4-3  Soccer club, Sigma Nu haunted house, snowboarding, turkey shopping, freshman welcome, overcrowding in Manzanita, Christmas tree shopping, blood drive
91-4-4Unit number 1-4-4  Registration, comedy Lance Crouther, phone a thon, homecoming parade and pageant, Beta open house, fall fair
91-4-5Unit number 1-4-5  Food drive, small business, sun fest, Thunderbird awards
91-5-1Unit number 1-5-1  Students, Cory Monson, Heather Witney, homecoming queen contestants
91-5-2Unit number 1-5-2  Students, PE graduation, Waykkeings, green house worker, Centrum swat team, ESL group, Tom Graum, student government, Dennis Shurkov, Sasha Voikou
91-5-3Unit number 1-5-3  Students, BB Shirt, Charles Hardy, Stephanie Chidester, Jace Burting, Jennifer Beck, book store winners, SUU queen pageant, book store clothes modeling
91-5-4Unit number 1-5-4  Students, Thunderbird awards nominees, student government, ambassadors club
91-5-5Unit number 1-5-5  Students, SIFE, Dara Nugget, English second language, Paul Mead, Thunderbird staff, Tina Sperry, Angi Edwards, Steve Chamberlain, Kimber Heaton, Sandy Lord
91-6-1Unit number 1-6-1  Faculty and staff, Scott Baum, Jeff Richards, USF photographers, Chris Gale, Bonnie Bishop
91-6-2Unit number 1-6-2  Faculty and staff, Neil Gardner, football coaches, Jim Shaw, John Evans, Kit James, Larry Shurtliff, Tiffon Butcher, Larry Baker, Lynn Dennett, Rich Engleman, Steve Rollo, Bob Salmon, Kay Messerly
91-6-3Unit number 1-6-3  Faculty and staff, Lee Morrell, Steve Taylor, Head Start, Judith and Ed Harris Johnson, Joy Peterson, Joe Lopour. Diana Graff, Richard Ropers, Valarie Kidrick, June Miller, Dan Dail, Rich Engleman, Fred Longenhal, Valinda Thompson, Harold Hiskey, Phil Carter, Larry Baker, Lynn Dennett, Rich Engleman, Hal Campbell, David Nyman, Lana Johnson
91-7-1Unit number 1-7-1  Music and art, The Judds, American Folk Ballet
91-7-2Unit number 1-7-2  Music and art, Sawyer Brown, Diamond Rio, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, art exhibit
91-8-1Unit number 1-8-1  Drama, William Leach and Susan Sweeney, John Newville Andrews, Rick Rizzo, Eli Simon, Little Shop of Horrors, Orchesis
91-9-1Unit number 1-9-1  Buildings and grounds, aerial shots of campus, summer games horse, TE build, Oak Hall, plant operations
91-9-2Unit number 1-9-2  Buildings and grounds, Old student center, Manzanita parking lot, PE gym floor, library lower quad, new science center construction, college cabin, Ellen Unthank, library inside, student center construction, iron fence
91-10-1Unit number 1-10-1  Classroom, physical therapy, guitar class, work study, band practice, Richard Kennedy geology
91-10-2Unit number 1-10-2  Class situations, future farmers of America, education lab, water lab, SUU preview paper
91-11-1Unit number 1-11-1  Donations, Southern Utah Bar Association, Coleman and Pleiades Travel, Coleen Fletcher, Gowers, multi cultural center
91-11-2Unit number 1-11-2  Donations and honors, 30 year MVPs, hall inductees, 1a and 2a coaches, Braska brunch, Mansons, Steve Lunt, Robin Bishop, Al McGuire, Mountain West, Parkway, Wendy's, Coke plant and WEECO,. Mitch Shoppmann, corporate sponsors
91-12-1Unit number 1-12-1  Convocation, Chuck Jackson, Sarah Weddington, Adrianne, Manning Marable, Patrick Overton, Bori Notkin, Gary Shepherd, Roger Crawford
91-13-1Unit number 1-13-1  City Council winners, Mitch Dettanote, Walter Mammell, Fillmore women
91-14-1Unit number 1-14-1  Royden Braithwaite, Dr. Seymour, high school boys' and girls' state, chair and watch, Bike Route sign, car accident
91-15-1Unit number 1-15-1  Board of Fellows, Daniel Kemmis, Adrian Burgess, tile, Bruce, William Reeske, Don Conrad, stadium Coliseum
91-15-2Unit number 1-15-2  Al McGuire, science center, Highland Heritage Festival grand marshal, USF directors, Centrum, Dean Hiskey, Kim Rain Man, Board of Fellows, graduation speakers 91
91-15-3Unit number 1-15-3  Ken Heueter, Sigmund Abeles, Zivco Pulisic, Bill Holms, Old Main Society, southern Utah Honors, David Wyman, Bob Salmon, Rosenblum
XXVI. 1992
92-1-1Unit number 2-1-1  Football portraits
92-1-2Unit number 2-1-2  SUU vs CSU Northridge, NAU, football
92-1-3Unit number 2-1-3  SUU vs St Mary's football, practice
92-1-4Unit number 2-1-4  SUU vs CSU SAC, football
92-1-5Unit number 2-1-5  Women's basketball portraits, Bill Evans and Richard Barton, men's basketball group and portraits
92-1-6Unit number 2-1-6  Matt Olroyd, gymnastics, track portraits
92-1-7Unit number 2-1-7  SUU vs Grand Canyon, Montana, basketball
92-1-8Unit number 2-1-8  SUU vs SAC State, Texas, basketball
92-1-9Unit number 2-1-9  SUU vs Eastern Montana, basketball, arena, bash
92-1-10Unit number 2-1-10  SUU vs BYU, Milwaukee, Eastern Montana basketball
92-1-11Unit number 2-1-11  SUU vs CSU SAC, Weber, women's basketball, group and Denise Parker
92-1-12Unit number 2-1-12  SUU vs Arizona, women's basketball, SUU vs Greek, men's basketball
92-1-13Unit number 2-1-13  Gymnastics, individual and group, competition
92-1-14Unit number 2-1-14  Gymnastics competition
92-1-15Unit number 2-1-15  Softball players mugs, men's basketball, gymnastics
92-1-16Unit number 2-1-16  Men's baseball
92-1-17Unit number 2-1-17  Women's softball
92-2-1Unit number 2-2-1  American Folk Ballet, reading, Governor's honors, Upward Bound
92-2-2Unit number 2-2-2  Gymnastics
92-2-3Unit number 2-2-3  Foreign dancers, summer school
92-3-1Unit number 2-3-1  Girls' State
92-3-2Unit number 2-3-2  Graduation, TAC steak fry, Russian Mayor Popova
92-3-3Unit number 2-3-3  Russian gymnast
92-3-4Unit number 2-3-4  Columbus dedication, Assit 92, Haze Hunter dedication, alumni banquet
92-3-5Unit number 2-3-5  Board of Fellows
92-3-6Unit number 2-3-6  BYU pre game, Russian vice chancellor, wrestling classic, summer games luncheon
92-3-7Unit number 2-3-7  Restless Heart, Convocation, Russian Yagadent, Dan Horn, art gallery opening graduation, high school science, Jefferson dinner, donors' dinner, Steve Gibert dinner, alumni dinner, Michael Balman
92-4-1Unit number 2-4-1  Ron Holt for congress, Sherratt with students, open house student government, FAC KGSU softball, IGC party
92-4-2Unit number 2-4-2  Easter hunt, Shakespeare, student government, luau, Sunfest, Thunder 91 vs faculty, student on campus, elections
92-4-3Unit number 2-4-3  Student government, intramurals, Olympics, Rocky Horror, theatre awards, elections, band/choir concert, Brady dance, Indian week
92-4-4Unit number 2-4-4  Indian dancers, Thunderbird awards, climbing wall, Greek Olympics, student government, Mr and Mrs Olympus, elections, battle of the bands, student on campus
92-5-1Unit number 2-5-1  Students, Krista Yell, April Owens, Sief Winners, VICA presidents, PBL winners, Greeks, Sandy Lord, Aaron Waldman, Julie Nies, Bob Nielson, Brady Peterson, Cheris Tuscke, Kristen Baker, Andre Anderson, Shirleen Swapp, Wade Wilkey, Ryan Thompson, Jared Leis, Jennifer Palmer
92-5-2Unit number 2-5-2  Law enforcement student, election candidates, VICA president, Girshwin dancers, Miss SUU pageant contestants, Brady Peterson
92-5-3Unit number 2-5-3  Student government, students report to Southern Utah
92-5-4Unit number 2-5-4  Acclamation, track Gary Hamblin and Brenda Fog, report to Southern Utah
92-6-1Unit number 2-6-1  Faculty and staff, teleconference, John Smith, Richard Tebbs, Art Porter, Nancy Glomb, Eugene Wolf, James Vlasich, Douglas USF, Jim Harrison, Verlinda Thompson, Bob Salmon, Eric Houle, Jerald Hybee
92-6-2Unit number 2-6-2  Faculty and staff, business professors, L Mumford, education dean, wrestling classic donors, Daphine Dally, Barbra Berrat, Becky USF, Tim Lewis, Bob Goss
92-6-3Unit number 2-6-3  Faculty and staff, Russians Meesha and Alla, Lynn Crammer and Gary Powell, Ogorman, Jack Bishop, Tim Taylor, Kathern Berg, Jim Valsich, Connie Nyman, Ben Davidson, DorisWilliams, Marchant, Jim Holyes
92-7-1Unit number 2-7-1  Music and art, Stampede
92-7-2Unit number 2-7-2  Music and art, CC Ryders
92-7-4Unit number 2-7-4  Orchesis dance company, Palace
92-7-5Unit number 2-7-5  Orchesis dance company
92-10-1Unit number 2-10-1  Buildings and grounds, Haze Hunter Center, science building new, pavilion, stadium, campus map, chandelier in library
92-10-2Unit number 2-10-2  Buildings and grounds, Haze Hunter center, science center inside and outside, complex center, pavilion inside, model of new library
92-10-3Unit number 2-10-3  Buildings and grounds, Aristotle statue, Oak Hall destruction and Braithwaite gallery, science building construction on campus, phase III model, AIDS quilt, Centrum inside and out, business building
92-11-1Unit number 2-11-1  Classroom, CPA business, fitness center, Head Start
92-11-2Unit number 2-11-2  Classroom, preview paper, Head Start, Thunderbird paper, tech class
92-12-1Unit number 2-12-1  Donations, Bar Carter, alumni scholarship, Old Main Trail, summer games, Channel 3 donation, First Security and Barbra Berrat, Evans Baker, alumni players, Hall of Fame, coaching factory, Vaughn and Betty McDonald
92-12-2Unit number 2-12-2  Donations, Business, VICA, SEIF, WECCO business
92-13-1Unit number 2-13-1  Convocation, Jack Anderson
92-14-1Unit number 2-14-1  Parke Jewelers
92-16-1Unit number 2-16-1  Copy negatives, Phyllis Schatey, Wess Roberts, track old college, Jim Hansen, Wade Davis, Dallas Taylor, Christopher Columbus, Leri Peterson, SIEF winners, Woodbury guitar, Highland Festival, group of men, Yvette, Rich and Kelly
92-16-2Unit number 2-16-2  President Sherratt, summer concert series, convocation, new library, graduation
92-17-1Unit number 2-17-1  American Folk Ballet, American Corp Greek group, Centrum, Haze Center, LDS building, signs of buildings on campus, Sigma Nu dance, Chi Sig parents' weekend, Chi Sig awards, student government, Great Hall, science center
92-17-2Unit number 2-17-2  Every building of SUU, basketball recruitment, paintings in Haze Hunter center, President's house door, PE building cracks
XXVII. 1993
93-1Unit number 3-1  Men's basketball slides
93-2Unit number 3-2  SUU vs Utah State, tennis, soccer NAFTA, SUU vs SAC State softball
93-3Unit number 3-3  Coaches Hall of Fame, SUU vs Portland, football, Red-White basketball, SUU vs Washington, NW Nazarene, basketball, vs Grand Canyon, baseball, Hoops! There it is
93-4Unit number 3-4  Dr Quinn, symphony, Mayor Shirley
93-5Unit number 3-5  SUU vs USU, Boise State, UC Davis, gymnastics, Dave Letterman Show, senate, Sigma Chi hoop shoot
93-6Unit number 3-6  Craig Morrison, Outdoor Club, intramural flag football, ski swap, football, acrogymnastics, raquetball
93-7Unit number 3-7  Football mugs
93-8Unit number 3-8  SUU vs Portland football
93-9Unit number 3-9  Campus candids and construction
93-10Unit number 3-10  Acclamation
93-11Unit number 3-11  Faculty, Phil Hermansen, Bill Ransom Summer games secretary, Paul Larsen, Cheryl Whitelaw, Denise Woodbury, Mikhail Bouniaev, Thomas Cunningham, Steve Evans, Leanne Kozak, Alla Paroiatnikova, Rob Behunin, George Fenstermacher, Neil Gailey, Del Parson, Neil Mecham, Julie Simon, Stacey Gauthier, Kay Cook, Harmon Bonniksen, Kay Messerly
93-12Unit number 3-12  St George Advisory Board for University Center
93-13Unit number 3-13  John B McDonald hypnotist, blood drive, Thunder 91, faculty softball game, Sunfest concert and volleyball game, Brainwaves, 3 Guys and a Skirt, luau, tech building construction, senate, Thunderbird awards ceremony, trench coats, seatbelt convinces, Chinese magic, Stacey Yardley, Moscow Boys' Choir, studs, bikes locked to trees, Polynesian dance, Turkey Trot, Clinton, bonfire, Jubilee, Red-White gymnastics, student protest
93-14Unit number 3-14  Miss SUU
93-15Unit number 3-15  Greek Olympics and carnival, Derby Days, turkey Trot, library and parking lot construction, haunted house, Halloween dance, Family Feud, DD Craze, Michael Broadneck with package, Ducky Dunk, recital, Nat. Am. Pow Wow, Sigma Nu Christmas
93-16Unit number 3-16  Carnival, theatre production, drama
93-17Unit number 3-17  Arsenic and Old Lace, drama
93-18Unit number 3-18  Special Olympics
93-19Unit number 3-19  Girls' State
93-20Unit number 3-20  Science center and construction
93-21Unit number 3-21  Corey Miller's band
93-22Unit number 3-22  TAC Prime in the Pines, Barney and T-Bird
93-23Unit number 3-23  Music, Dirty Johnny
93-24Unit number 3-24  Convocation speakers, guests of campus
93-25Unit number 3-25  Russian family, EMT training
93-26Unit number 3-26  Advocate party
93-27Unit number 3-27  Connaughton football action photos
93-28Unit number 3-28  Clint Baird, football action photos
93-29Unit number 3-29  Golf mugs
XXVIII. 1994
94-1Unit number 4-1  Wrestling Classic
94-2Unit number 4-2  Girls' State
94-3Unit number 4-3  Mr and Miss SUU, Beta Party, Sunfest 94, Beavis and Butthead, Godfathers, rodeo, Tram?, Comedy Sportz, party signs, sidewalk art
94-4Unit number 4-4  Men's basketball mugs, track, Outdoor concert, Slammin' Jam. SUU vs Northridge basketball
94-5Unit number 4-5  Basketball action, Vic S, Donnie M
94-6Unit number 4-6  Brianhead, campus construction, orientation
94-7Unit number 4-7  SUU vs Cal State Sacramento, football
94-8Unit number 4-8  News, spring quarter 94
94-9Unit number 4-9  Convocation
94-10Unit number 4-10  News
94-11Unit number 4-11  Kami Frischknecht, Travis Newman, Miss SUU, Education Club scholarship recipients, cheerleaders, Sigma Nu Pizza Hut
94-12Unit number 4-12  Gymnastics mugs and color photos
94-13Unit number 4-13  Women's basketball mugs and color photos
94-14Unit number 4-14  Cross country
94-15Unit number 4-15  Acclamation 94-95
XXIX. 1995
95-1Unit number 5-1  Spring 95 football mugs
95-2Unit number 5-2  Girls' State 95
95-3Unit number 5-3  Student government 95-96