Register of Southern Utah University Document Collection (AR 00)

This collection contains documents, publications, news articles, and research materials from the University.


"A" on Cedar Mountain
Academy Hill, est. 2011
Agriculture and SUSC
Air Force ROTC Sponsor's Corp, 1952
Alumni Memorabilia, 1901-1904
Alumni newsletter, 1959
Alumni newsletter, 1961
Alumnus, 1950
Army Air Force 316th College Training Detachment, 1943 yearbook
Army Training Corps newspaper clippings, 1918
Assembly, The BACIA in the South Pacific
Associated Women Organization History
The Axe
Bacian, November 1934
Bacian, March 1935
Bacian, December 23, 1936
Bacian, May 20, 1937
"Back Up the Mountain" articles, script
Basketball statistics, 1958-1959
Bicentennial Anthology
BNS-BAC Alumni Historical Booklet, 1940
BNS/BAC - faculty through 1940
BNS/BAC - graduates to 1936
BNS - history of the school from B.F. Anderson
BNS - history of the school from Caroline Parry
BNS/BAC - interviews of former faculty
BNS - Music
BNS - Student Government
BNS/BAC - transfer of finished buildings to state, 1938
Braithwaite, Royden C.
Braithwaite, Royden and Alice retirement program and appreciation banquet, Apr. 28, 1978
BAC - The BAC in Retrospect and Prospect, by D.L. Sargent
BAC Blue Book, 1939 - campus directory/information
BAC - Carillon installation
BAC - City Charter and Revised Ordinances of the Branch Agricultural College School City, 1914, 1918
BAC Cheer Book, 1925-1926
BAC Educators Conference Program, 1952
BAC Faculty Association Yearbook, 1939-1940
BAC History by D. L. Sargent
BAC memorabilia, class schedule, The Bacian, 1931
BAC - Meet Your BAC by Daryl Chase
BAC - School Handbook, 1949
BAC/CSU - "College and Community" by Hazen Cooley
BACIAN newspaper, 1952 (scattered issues)
BACIAN, the Thinker, March 1935
Beginning of Beef Cattle at the BAC
Beef Cattle Program at BAC
Boheminn Girl, Opera in Four Acts, program
Branch Agricultural College opening address to students, Sept. 21, 1928
Branch Agricultural College, Our Golden Jubilee, 50 years of service to Southern Utah
Branch Agricultural College, 52 years of service to Southern Utah as a state institution
Branch Agricultural News Articles,1919
Brigham Young College Bulletin, Sept. 1913
Bristlecone Pine Symbol
Bud Bowman Field
Buildings on campus (alphabetical list)
Chapel Recital programs 1910-1919
Church, Gordan Ray
Citizenship, article
College Cavalcade - A Pageant of BAC's 50 years, Golden Jubilee Year, souvenir program
College of Southern Utah, building needs, 1957-1963
College of Southern Utah as a Liberal Arts College
College of Southern Utah supplemental report, 1959-1962
College Ward Historical Report, 1961-1974
Commencement address, 1928
Commencement address, 1936
Commencement address, 1937
Commencement address, 1938
Commencement address, 1939
Commencement address, 1942
Commencement address, 1944
Commencement address, 1967
Commencement address, 1991, Dallin H. Oaks
Commencement, news articles 1918 - 1919
Commencement speeches, students
Commencement programs 1907, 1940
Constitution of the Branch Agricultural College student body
Cook, Colton - football kicker
"Creative Teaching and the Art of Living" an address by Mrs. Daryl Chase
Croft, George - BAC History
CSU Emblem and Seal
CSU Songbook
CSU - Correct Social Usage (CSU handbook)
CSU brochures
CSU - Campus Map
CSU - established as a four year institution, S.B. 209, 1953
CSU - Second Ward (College Ward), Cedar West Stake Historical Report, 1961-1974
CSU - Faculty performances
CSU - four year status newspaper articles, 1964
CSU - name change S.B. 97, 1953
CSU - papers changing to 4 year institution
Dance Cards, various dances held at BAC
Dancing Calves affidavit
Day, Wilford - an address given March 6, 1938
Debate Team, 1941
Democracy and Education, article by unknown author
Dern, George H. - address given at Farmers Encampment, 1926
Development Newsletter, 1992
Drama, newspaper articles from 1950s and 1960s
Driggs, Howard R. - History
Early School Workbook
ECHELON 316th Army Air Force
Economic Analysis of the Impact of Southern Utah State College on Cedar City, Utah, by John Nuismer, Harold Hiskey, Thomas Williams, 1974
Facilities Master Plan, 2008
Faculty Assembly, 1955
Fifty Year Club
Flag, 1974
Flanigan, William - notes about
Flower Garden and Home Beautification Program, 1952
Football program. Thunderbirds vs. Alumni, 1963
"For Sweet Learning's Sake" by Rob Will Bulloch as told to Gladys McConnell
Forgotten Chapters of History, founding of SUU, by William R. Palmer
Founders - address on the change from BNS to BAC
Founders Day Assembly, history of Physical Education "Life is Movement"
Founders - Cedar Ward Hall
Founders "Founding of the Branch Normal School" by William R. Palmer
Founders assignment "First Students at Branch Normal School" by Marie Beck
Founders - history of Thomas Samuel Bladen
Founders - Thomas Bladen
Founders - George Hunter and David Haight
Founders - John Woodbury
Founders assignment " Founding of a School"
Founders assignment "Founders" by Ken Bulloch
Founders assignment " Founding, Growth, and Development of BNS/BAC/CSU" by Maxine Joseph
Founders assignment "History of the Branch Normal School" by Judy Moore
Founders assignment "Jensen Sawmill" by Muriel Meeks
Founders assignment "Influence on local area of BNS/BAC" by Myrtle Jansen
Founders assignment "Institutions of Higher Learning in Cedar City" by Robert Binstein
Founders assignment "Origin of CSU's Trees" by Jay Bradfield
Founders assignment "Women's Part"
Founders Day - minutes of March 11, 1938 program
Founders Day program, 1961
Founders "The Founding of a School, by Randle Lunt.
Founders - radio script H. Marvin Jones
Founders, by J. F. Tolton
The Founders Speak, personal statements on the founding of BAC as told to Rhoda M. Wood
Founding of the BAC by Fae Decker Dix
Founding of the BAC by King Hendricks
Founding of the BNS
Founding of the Branch Normal School (notes)
Founding of the College, brochure written by Gerald R. Sherratt
Founding of Southern Utah University
Four-Year Guarantee, Focus Group notes, Spring 2012
Gerald R. Sherratt Library
Getting Out the Lumber for Old Main
Ghost Stories
Goals, 1985-1987
Hall of Enchanted Trees
Hall of Honors, brochure
Handbook of Regulations for use of College Facilities
Historians Annual Report, 1963
History of BNS-CSU, 1897-1962 (chronicle)
Homecoming parade and mud football news articles
Home Economics Association booklet, 1915-1916
Home Economics Association booklet, 1917
Home Economics History
Newspaper clippings from the Influenza, 1918
The Informer, information on clubs and organizations on campus, 1977
Institute of Religion dedicatory remarks, Mar. 31, 1940
Juniper Hall
Kringlen, Bill, newspaper article 2003
Language and English department history
Learning Lives Forever flyer
Legislative Bi-annual Assessment Report, 1993
Library dedication, 1969
Library, ground-breaking program, 1993
Library plans, 1992 (drawing)
Livestock Research Field-Day, 1952
Mascot (possibilities, 1961)
May Festival Program, May 1923
Maynard Dixon - death notice and thank-you note from wife Edith
Merge Dixie State and SUU, 1996
Messiah History
Music Department History
Music Department programs 1920 - 1929
Music Department programs 1930 - 1939
Music Department programs 1940 - 1949
Music Department programs 1950 - 1959
Music Department programs 1960 - 1969
Music History at CSU
Music Teachers list
Nelson, McKay, 1941 Certificate of Preparation
Newspaper clippings, 1953 (telegram)
News articles - 1914 (from Iron County Record)
New Frontiers, address by Dr. Lowry Nelson May 21, 1937
Old Main - bell
Old Main - fire
Old Main - fire - salvaged newspaper clippings
Old Sorrel - log road of 1898 by Steve Heath
Orchestra of Southern Utah, history
Organ dedicatory prayer, September 5, 1961
Organizational Chart, 1967
Phi Alpha Beta Sorority (minute and roll book, 1928)
Poster of the directors/presidents of SUU from 1897 to 1945
President's Report - Utah State University, 1956-1957 (CSU pages 10-11)
Quarterback manual (CSU)
Rainbow Theater Guild (BAC, Twain Tippetts)
Range Sheep Breeding Studies in Southern Utah, 1963
Reading Conference 1990 (David Lee, Jack Prelutsky, Kendall Haven)
Recruiting BAC
Red Cliff Repertory Theatre
Rocky Mountain Review, Fall 1940
R.O.T.C news articles 1932, 1943
School of Business, Technology, and Aerospace, an overview by Ross Hilton
School colors
School Song
School of Science NSF proposal, 1967
Science and Mathematices History by Steve Heath
Seymour, John Laurence
Shakespearean article in Life magazine, 1995
Shakespearean article in National Geographic, 1996
Sherratt, Gerald R. - interview, 1997
Southern Utah Honors, 1992 brochure
Southern Utah State College motto - Learning Lives Forever
Southern Utah State College: A Perspective by Wesley Roberts
Southern Utah State College, Community Resource Guide
Special Collections proposal to work on the palmer papers 1982-1984
Spencer, Annie (Documents)
Staff Association, 1992-1993
Student Activities, 1926
Student Activities, 1993
Student Center Committees and Policies, 1972
Student Handbook, 1963
Student Newspaper, January 26, 1926
Student Newspaper, February 25, 1926
Student Newspaper, June 14, 1926
Student Newspaper, September 1, 1926
Student Recital programs 1897 - 1910
Summer School catalog, 1962
SUSC name change to SUU, 1990
SUSC motto "Learning Lives Forever" "What's the little tree stand for?"
SUSC - Emma Lou Thayne, baccalaureate address
SUU Mission Statement 2005
SUU profile, 2010
SUU sculpture stroll, brochure
Teacher Education
Legend of the Thunderbird
Thunderbird Athletics, 1963
Thunderbird logos (early)
Thurston, Joe - firefighter from SUU killed in Yarnell Fire, 2013
Time Capsule
TKE Bell
Tipsy Team, 2006
Trade and Industrial Education History
Track Team, 1910
Trees on campus
University Archives, establishment
University Blvd. renaming
University name changes
Unthank, Ellen (Nellie) dedication and brochure
Utah bird life
Utah Shakespeare Festival, letter concerning the future of the festival, 1998
Utah Shakespeare Festival - opening remarks by Pres. Braithwaite
Valedictory address by Emily Rees
Valedictory addresses, 1938
Valedictory address, 1969
Valedictory address, 1973 by Sandi Amend
Valedictory address, 1974 by Dale Hatch
Valedictory address, 1975 by Maureen Bylund
Valedictory address, 1976
Valedictory address, 1977 by Mark Dalley
Valedictory address, 1978 by Melinda Wilson
Valedictory address, 1979 by Michael Capsos
Valedictory address, 1980 by Jill Cummings Shipp
Valedictory address, 1981 by Patricia Brown
Valedictory address, 1983 by Kenneth Murry Nichols
Valley Farm and Mountain Ranch, history
Valley Farm and Mountain Ranch properties purchase review
Varsity Show Program, 1952
Vendors - major purchases, 1987
Vocational Day Program, Mar. 23, 1932
Vorkink, Paul - remarks concerning an appreciation of College of Southern Utah
"What did Lincoln say at Gettysburg?" an address by Dr. Daryl Chase, 1963
Weaving History at Southern Utah University
Who's Who at Branch Agricultural College in 1931-32
Women's Athletic History