Miss McConnell was the third generation of two pioneer families (McConnell and Wilkinson) to live in Iron County. Her writings leave a vivid picture of early times in Cedar City, especially activities of men and women of the first generation whom she interviewed. She was involved in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers which gave her the opportunity to write pioneer biographies and prepare numerous addresses, radio talks, and other programs. Her historical papers include correspondence, published materials, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, and notes. Her manuscripts on "Dairying" are frequently consulted and quoted. Her collection includes papers written from the early 1900s until her death in 1964. The most unique item in the collection is Miss McConnell's book of formulas or recipes used in her profession as a pharmacist and drug store operator. It includes formulas for drugs, ointments, treatments and remedies, and also the recipes for the ice cream made to serve at the soda fountain.

ORGANIZATION The collection is divided into five subgroups: I. Family Records (genealogy, financial papers, documents, notes and notebooks, albums, and photographs); II. Pharmacy; III. Historical Research and Writing (correspondence, booklets/pamphlets, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, notes and notebooks); IV. Creative Writing ("Women Have Dominion," notes and manuscripts, correspondence) V. Personal (documents, school memorabilia, notes and notebooks, and photographs.