Register of the Janet Burton Seegmiller Collection (Ms. 126)

Items pertain to Janet burton Seegmiller's research for the Utah Centennial County Historical Series book titled "A History of Iron County: Community Beyond Self". Majority if items in collection manuscripts, research notes or photocopies of original documents.


Research Materials
A. Iron County-General
B01Box number 1 F01Folder number 1  Overview Boundaries
B01Box number 1 F02Folder number 2  Old Maps and Diagrams
B01Box number 1 F03Folder number 3  Historical Photographs (copies)
B01Box number 1 F12Folder number 12  Scotch Independent Company
B01Box number 1 F15Folder number 15  Movie Making in Southwestern Utah
B01Box number 1 F21Folder number 21  Iron County's Historic Buildings
B01Box number 1 F22Folder number 22  Enoch City History and Census
B01Box number 1 F23Folder number 23  Gold Springs/Stateline
B01Box number 1 F24Folder number 24  History of Lund
B01Box number 1 F25Folder number 25  History of Modena
B01Box number 1 F26Folder number 26  Brian Head History and Census
B01Box number 1 F27Folder number 27  Page’s Ranch: including Page, Richey, and Hollister families
B01Box number 1 F28Folder number 28  Sahara/Zane
B01Box number 1 F29Folder number 29  History of Summit
B01Box number 1 F30Folder number 30  History of Kanarraville
B01Box number 1 F31Folder number 31  History of Paragonah
B01Box number 1 F32Folder number 32  Iron City/Irontown
B01Box number 1 F33Folder number 33  Escalante Valley Towns: Beryl, Nada, Yale, Iron Springs
B01Box number 1 F34Folder number 34  History of Enterprise
B01Box number 1 F36Folder number 36  Public Schools in Iron County
B01Box number 1 F37Folder number 37  Private Schools in Iron County
B01Box number 1 F39Folder number 39  Health Care
B01Box number 1 F40Folder number 40  Arts and photography
B01Box number 1 F41Folder number 41  Drama
B01Box number 1 F43Folder number 43  Music
B01Box number 1 F44Folder number 44  Dance
B01Box number 1 F46Folder number 46  Community Athletics Programs
B01Box number 1 F47Folder number 47  Religious Denominations
B01Box number 1 F48Folder number 48  Youth Organizations
B01Box number 1 F49Folder number 49  Libraries
B02Box number 2 F01Folder number 1  Government
B02Box number 2 F02Folder number 2  Public Lands
B02Box number 2 F03Folder number 3  Impact of Federal Government on Iron County
B02Box number 2 F04Folder number 4  History of Military Service in
B02Box number 2 F05Folder number 5   Norman D. Laub and WWII and Korean War in Iron County
B02Box number 2 F06Folder number 6  Mining in and Around Iron County
B02Box number 2 F07Folder number 7  Agriculture
B02Box number 2 F08Folder number 8  Women and Men Homesteading
B02Box number 2 F09Folder number 9  Energy and Power
B02Box number 2 F10Folder number 10  Manufacturing
B02Box number 2 F11Folder number 11  Retail and Businesses
B02Box number 2 F12Folder number 12  Transportation Development
B02Box number 2 F13Folder number 13  Radio and Newspapers
B02Box number 2 F14Folder number 14  Employment and Industry
B02Box number 2 F15Folder number 15  Gateway to National Parks
B02Box number 2 F16Folder number 16  Cedar Breaks National Monument Tourism
B02Box number 2 F17Folder number 17  Brian Head Recreation and Tourism
B02Box number 2 F22Folder number 22  Future Projections
B02Box number 2 F23Folder number 23  Iron County History Proposal, County meeting, outlines, state information
B02Box number 2 F26Folder number 26  History of Iron County
B03Box number 3 Item1Unit number tem1  Manuscript
B. Cedar City
B01Box number 1 F20Folder number 20  History of Cedar City
B01Box number 1 F38Folder number 38  Higher Education: History of Southern Utah University
B01Box number 1 F45Folder number 45  Southern Utah University Sports and Athletics
B01Box number 1 F42Folder number 42  Utah Shakespearean Festival
B02Box number 2 F18Folder number 18  Utah Summer Games Tourism
C. Parowan
B01Box number 1 F13Folder number 13  History; 1860-1890
B01Box number 1 F14Folder number 14  History; 1900-1940
B02Box number 2 F19Folder number 19  History of Parowan
D. Land
B01Box number 1 F04Folder number 4  Topography and natural history
B01Box number 1 F05Folder number 5  Ecology: flora and fauna
B01Box number 1 F06Folder number 6  Water resources
B01Box number 1 F07Folder number 7  Climate
B01Box number 1 F09Folder number 9  Parowan Gap
E. People
B01Box number 1 F08Folder number 8  Early Native American cultures
B01Box number 1 F10Folder number 10  Exploration of the Rocky Mountain Region
B01Box number 1 F11Folder number 11  Settlement
B01Box number 1 F16Folder number 16  Population growth in Iron County
B01Box number 1 F17Folder number 17  Census records: Cedar City, Long Valley; 1860-1910
B01Box number 1 F18Folder number 18  Census records: Parowan, Summit, and Paragonah; 1880
B01Box number 1 F19Folder number 19  Communities before county divided
B01Box number 1 F35Folder number 35  Southwestern Utah Piute Tribe
B02Box number 2 F20Folder number 20  Leo Lyman: manuscripts
B02Box number 2 F21Folder number 21  Prominent residents from Iron County
B02Box number 2 F24Folder number 24  CMS-Biographies by Students of Lois Whetman
B02Box number 2 F25Folder number 25  Census from L. Coates; 1856
F. Magazines and Newspapers
B02Box number 2 Item1Unit number tem1  Newsweek Periodical; December 10, 1962
B02Box number 2 Item2Unit number tem2  Ladies Home Journal; February 1962
B02Box number 2 Item3Unit number tem3  The Saturday Evening Post; November 10, 1962
B02Box number 2 Item4Unit number tem4  The Saturday Evening Post; March 23, 1962
B02Box number 2 Item5Unit number tem5  Life Magazine; November 16, 1962