The Branch Agricultural College (BAC) was founded in 1897 as the Branch Normal School of the University of Utah. In 1913, the Branch Normal School was reorganized as a branch of the Utah State Agricultural College in Logan, Utah. With the establishment of the BAC, classes in Economics, Vocational Industrial Education, Arts, Sciences, Business and Education became available.

In 1936 the Board of Trustees authorized the addition of Senior Division courses in Agronomy, Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Economics. These classes then allowed students to receive a Bachelors of Science degree. In 1948, courses on teacher training and education allowed more students to received Bachelor degrees.

When the BAC officially became the College of Southern Utah in 1953, the campus boasted 50 acres of buildings, farm land, playgrounds and lawns. With a variety of committees, councils, administrative staff, colleges, student organizations and activities.