Register of the Robert W. Heyborne Collection (Ms.56)


I. Histories of Robert W. Heyborne
B1Box number 1 F1Folder number 1  Gleanings, by Gaylynn Sherratt Childs. Story of Robert's childhood, courtship and marriage to Margaret Bladen
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2  Letter from Robert W. Heyborne to Milton Bennion
B1Box number 1 F3Folder number 3  Travels and gleanings
B1Box number 1 F4Folder number 4  The Grand Legislature, information about Robert's participation in the Utah State Constitutional Convention
B1Box number 1 F5Folder number 5  Obituary of Robert W. Heyborne
B1Box number 1 F6Folder number 6  Robert W. Heyborne, Cedar City Mayor
II. Histories of the Heyborne Family
B1Box number 1 F7Folder number 7  Charles M. Heyborne, Cedar City Mayor
B1Box number 1 F8Folder number 8  Notes from the biography of Teresa Ann Farrel Urie duncan
B1Box number 1 F9Folder number 9  John James Heyborne, a tragic 24th of July
B1Box number 1 F10Folder number 10  Jessis Heyborne and Bertha Heyborne
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11  Family pictures
B1Box number 1 F12Folder number 12  Family dates
III. Robert W. Heyborne Mission Journal
B1Box number 1 F13Folder number 13  Introduction to Robert W. Heyborne mission journal by Gwen Heaton Sherratt, 1979
B1Box number 1 F14Folder number 14  Copies of Robert W. Heyborne's LDS mission certificate, his Book of Mormon and a bookmark he sent home to his wife
B1Box number 1 F15Folder number 15  Mission journal, April 1873 - July 1873
B1Box number 1 F16Folder number 16  Mission journal, July 1873 - Sept. 1873
B1Box number 1 F17Folder number 17  Mission journal, Sept. 1873 - Dec. 1873
B1Box number 1 F18Folder number 18  Mission journal, Dec. 1873 - April 1874
B1Box number 1 F19Folder number 19  Mission journal, April 1874 - June 1874
B1Box number 1 F20Folder number 20  Mission journal, June 1874 - Aug. 1874