Register of the Rhoda Matheson Wood Collection (Ms.117)

The Rhoda Matheson Wood Collection contains the writings, remembrances, and thoughts about Southern Utah, Cedar City, and the University that Rhoda wrote during her lifetime.


I. Stories
B1Box number 1 F1Folder number 1  Extra Articles
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2  Articles
B1Box number 1 F3Folder number 3  RMW-Funeral Program Correspondence Regarding an article by RMW Information regarding Telephone and Telegraph Introduction to and outline of a history of Parowan Lis tof names of Cedar City pioneers
B1Box number 1 F4Folder number 4  Bear and cougar stories
B1Box number 1 F5Folder number 5  "Banks"
B1Box number 1 F6Folder number 6  "The Public Library"
B1Box number 1 F7Folder number 7  Cedar City Libraray
B1Box number 1 F8Folder number 8  "Postal service through the years"
B1Box number 1 F9Folder number 9  Post office notes
B1Box number 1 F10Folder number 10  "The Tabernacle"
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11  The Tithing office building
B1Box number 1 F12Folder number 12  The Ward Hall
B1Box number 1 F13Folder number 13  Cedar City's newest and finest service station
B1Box number 1 F14Folder number 14  Memories of my Branch Normal Years
B1Box number 1 F15Folder number 15  What college has meant to us
B1Box number 1 F16Folder number 16  Establishment of the Branch Normal School
B1Box number 1 F17Folder number 17  Canyon de Chelly, Arizona Pipe Springs, Arizona
B1Box number 1 F19Folder number 19  Iron Works Beginning
B1Box number 1 F20Folder number 20  "The Old Reliable Co-op" -Cattle Co-op
B1Box number 1 F21Folder number 21  Cedar City's cattle industry Sheep, Cattle and Horses, and their place in early Iron County industries Early livestock of our areas
B1Box number 1 F22Folder number 22  Cooperative cattle company
B1Box number 1 F23Folder number 23  Early mills of Southern Utah The old Co-op mill
B1Box number 1 F24Folder number 24  A Christmas that makes me know how blessed I am
B1Box number 1 F25Folder number 25  The Coop mill
B1Box number 1 F26Folder number 26  Cedar Plaster Mills
B1Box number 1 F27Folder number 27  Slaughter houses of the community
B1Box number 1 F28Folder number 28  The Southern Utah Oil Company
B1Box number 1 F29Folder number 29  The colonization of and history of Iron County Cedar City in the early days
B1Box number 1 F32Folder number 32  Early Cedar pastimes
B1Box number 1 F33Folder number 33  A broadcasting center established in Cedar City
B1Box number 1 F34Folder number 34  Contrasts Childhood memories in Cedar Memories of the past
B1Box number 1 F35Folder number 35  Cedar's dramatics Historical notes on Cedar City
B1Box number 1 F36Folder number 36  Epilogue to the life of Rhoda M. Wood Epilogue to the life of William W. Wood
B1Box number 1 F37Folder number 37  Firsts
B1Box number 1 F38Folder number 38  In 1893 William C. Higgins The Move into the new city History of Cedar Chapter 5: Life in the new city
B1Box number 1 F39Folder number 39  First real celebration of the 24th of July Mathew Carruthers Fifty-eight years ago Funny pioneer experience
B1Box number 1 F41Folder number 41  Cedar's Mayors
B1Box number 1 F42Folder number 42  Indian's move
B1Box number 1 F44Folder number 44  Tree tea and hand-made bullets
B1Box number 1 F45Folder number 45  Pioneering days
B1Box number 1 F46Folder number 46  Pioneer lighting methods
B1Box number 1 F47Folder number 47  The railroad The railroad comes to Cedar Apostle Anthony W. Ivins
B1Box number 1 F48Folder number 48  Roads
B1Box number 1 F49Folder number 49  John M. McShane
B1Box number 1 F50Folder number 50  Farming
B1Box number 1 F52Folder number 52  The early pioneer women doctors
B1Box number 1 F53Folder number 53  Early doctors and midwives
B1Box number 1 F54Folder number 54  Dentists and eye doctors
B1Box number 1 F55Folder number 55  Hospitals
B1Box number 1 F56Folder number 56  One home of memory
B1Box number 1 F57Folder number 57  The Escalante Hotel Hotels El Escalante Hotel
B1Box number 1 F58Folder number 58  Henry Houchin's Experience
B1Box number 1 F59Folder number 59  The story of the final battle fo the Walker War between the whites and Indians in the mouth of Little Creek Canyon
B1Box number 1 F60Folder number 60  Iron uses Iron Co.
B2Box number 2 F18Folder number 18  Iron County
B2Box number 2 F30Folder number 30  The old forts of Cedar City
B2Box number 2 F31Folder number 31  As I remember Cedar in 1901
B2Box number 2 F40Folder number 40  Rhoda M. Wood notes
B2Box number 2 F43Folder number 43  Mayors
B2Box number 2 F51Folder number 51  Farming
B2Box number 2 F66Folder number 66  The old forts of Cedar City
B2Box number 2 F73Folder number 73  More items of interest within the fort
B2Box number 2 F88Folder number 88  Ninety years ago
B2Box number 2 F94Folder number 94  Isaac Higbee
B2Box number 2 F99Folder number 99  Notes (1 page)
B3Box number 3 F61Folder number 61  Howard R. Driggs
B3Box number 3 F62Folder number 62  Joseph Cosselette LDS Church in Cedar City Corner stone-November 27, 1877 Relief Society
B3Box number 3 F63Folder number 63  Our experiences in law enforcement
B3Box number 3 F64Folder number 64  The dairying colony in Cedar City
B3Box number 3 F65Folder number 65  The old camp houses
B3Box number 3 F67Folder number 67  Uncle Jim Bryner tells fo Robber's Roost (3 copies) Robber's Roost
B3Box number 3 F70Folder number 70  Old and early characters
B3Box number 3 F71Folder number 71  Life an d events within old fort Cedar fort: Chapter 1 The new location of old fort: Chapter 2 Beginnings of Community life in old fort
B3Box number 3 F72Folder number 72  History of the old fort Old fort
B3Box number 3 F74Folder number 74  Tribute to Mayhew H. Dalley
B3Box number 3 F75Folder number 75  The Shorty Kelley Affair
B3Box number 3 F76Folder number 76  Cedar's Public Library
B3Box number 3 F77Folder number 77  Newspapers of Iron County
B3Box number 3 F78Folder number 78  Biennial report of the territorial supt. of public schools for the school years 1878 and 1879 Diary of George A. Smith
B3Box number 3 F79Folder number 79  The story of 'Old Sorrel'
B3Box number 3 F80Folder number 80  Early schools (3 different articles with the same title)
B3Box number 3 F81Folder number 81  Our experience under the Taylor Grazing Act
B3Box number 3 F82Folder number 82  Trees, flowers and shrubs, and their origins
B3Box number 3 F83Folder number 83  Near tragedies in flood times Coal Creek Adjuncation of the water of Coal Creek Development of water resources in Southern Utah
B3Box number 3 F84Folder number 84  An account of the first Artesian Well drilled in Iron County
B3Box number 3 F85Folder number 85  Cedar's water system
B3Box number 3 F86Folder number 86  Pump wells for irrigation
B3Box number 3 F87Folder number 87  Zion Cable
B3Box number 3 F89Folder number 89  Wood's 60th Wedding Anniversary
B3Box number 3 F90Folder number 90  New Titles Things I remember of my home in Parowan Christmas of 1895 Telegraph and telephone
B3Box number 3 F91Folder number 91  The old herd-houses and a round-up History of Old Harrisburg and Silver Reef Cedar's musical history Law and enforcement
B3Box number 3 F92Folder number 92  Early day freighting to Nevada mining camps
B3Box number 3 F93Folder number 93  The Founders Speak (3 copies) Letter-Inglewood, California Letter
B3Box number 3 F95Folder number 95  The San Juan mission to the Indians
B3Box number 3 F96Folder number 96  William W. Flannigan Nancy Crawford wrote of s.d. in Under D sun
B3Box number 3 F97Folder number 97  Composition book
B3Box number 3 F98Folder number 98  William Flannigan Diaries
B3Box number 3 F100Folder number 100  William W. Flannigan
B3Box number 3 F101Folder number 101  Pictures (two)