Register of the Southern Utah Oral History Project (Ms.130A)

The Southern Utah Oral History Project began in July 1998 when Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM) was established and administrators wanted to gather historical life-ways and land use information from the surrounding communities. In 2010, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument decided that the Oral History Project should expand to include interviews from people who were involved with the Monument in the early days - from those who helped designate the Monument, to those who were the first to do research on the Monument after it was designated.


Adair, Ella Wilson, 1998  View Document
Alvey, Arnold part 1, August 2007  View Document
Alvey, Arnold part 2, September 2007  View Document View Image
Alvey, Melvin, 1998  View Document
Alvey, Rella Ott, 2003  View Document
Anderson, Anne Mangum, 2003  View Document
Barker, Edith, 2016  View Document View Image View Image View Image
Barney, Othello "Thell, 2001  View Document
Barton, Berdell, 1998  View Document
Bee, Roland W., 1999  View Document
Behunin, Veda Mossman, 1997  View Document
Boulter, Velma Porter, 2001  View Document
Brems, Robert W. & Naomi Brems, 1998  View Document
Brooksby, Lyle, 2004  View Document
Bushnell, Iris and Doris Liles, 1998 (memories of Paria)  View Document
Campbell, Vane, 2002 (early life in Alton, Utah) View Document
Carroll, Norman, 1998  View Document
Carroll, Velma, 1999  View Document
Chynoweth, Jack, 2001 (WWII memories)  View Document
Chynoweth, Jack, 2002 (cattle ranching)  View Document
Chynoweth, Jack, 2003 (cattle ranching)  View Document
Chynoweth, Mae, 2001  View Document
Chynoweth, MaryEtta Pollock, 1998  View Document
Clark, Lester, 2000  View Document
Clark, Sheldon, 2002  View Document
Clark, Wilford, 1962  View Document
Coleman, Frank, 2011  View Document
Coleman, Katherine Griffin, 2007  View Document View Image
Coombs, Vard, 2011  View Document View Image
Cooper, Art, 2012  View Document
Cottam, Doyle, 2001  View Document
Cox, Twilla Campbell, 2002  View Document
Crofts, Bessie Hughes, 2000  View Document
Crofts, Lucy, 1999  View Document
Crofts, Rex, 1999  View Document
Davis, Larry, 1998  View Document
Davis, Melda Willis, 2002  View Document
Dodds, Rebecca, 2004  View Document
Dutton, Deloy, 2015  View Document View Image
Esplin, Israel Mack, 2018  View Document View Image View Image
Evans, Ardis Johnson, 1999  View Document
Fotheringham, Vera Sevy, 2004  View Document
Foote, Warren, 2016  View Document View Document
Francisco, Charlie, 1998 (His life and experience as a cowboy in Tropic, Utah)  View Document View Image
Fulmer, Mona Dalton, 2003  View Document
Gardner, Ray, 1998  View Document
Glazier, Claud M., 1999  View Document
Glazier, Nabbie Mace, 1999  View Document
Gomez, Allan, 2007  View Document
Griffin, Clem, 2004  View Document
Griffin, DeLane, 1998  View Document
Griffin, Ruby Black, 2006  View Document
Haas, Helma, 2001 (early life in Tropic, life as a war bride)  View Document
Hall Family  View Document
Hall, Heber, 1998  View Document View Image
Hall, Horace, 1964  View Document View Image
Hall, LeFair, 2003  View Document View Image
Hall, Joseph Tyron & Mary Marilla Plumb  View Document
Hamblin, Ina Bunting, 1999  View Document
Haws, Idona, 1998  View Document View Image
Heaton, Delia Barton, 1999  View Document
Heaton, Florence, 1999  View Document
Heaton, Fred, 1999  View Document
Heaton, Grant, 2003  View Document
Heaton, Hester, 1964  View Document
Heaton, Ramona Esplin, 1999  View Document
Heaton, Vard, 1999  View Document
Henrie, Mary Sevy, 2004  View Document
Heyborne, Maryllis, 1999  View Document
Holland, Ardeth Button, 2011  View Document
Hughes, Joe and Dean Wintch, 2000  View Document
Isaacson, Edith, Loya Gubler, and Opal Spencer, 1998  View Document
Jackson, Norman H., 1998  View Document
Jackson, Valton E., 2000  View Document
Jake, Clifford  View Document
Jepson, Fay, 2001  View Document View Image
Jepson, Neal, 2003  View Document
Johnson, Adeline Swapp, 1999  View Document
Johnson, Calvin C., 2001  View Document
Johnson, Joseph Smith, 1973  View Document
Johnson, Lanard, 1999  View Document
Johnson, Lowell M., 1999  View Document
Johnson, Nan Esplin, 1998  View Document
Johnson, Parley Henderson, 1999  View Document
Johnson, Zelma, 2000 (experiences growing up in Kanab, Utah)  View Document
Jolley, Dale, 1999  View Document
Jolley, Rachel D. Ahlstrom, 1999  View Document
Judd, LeRoy, 2002  View Document
Judd, Myrtle, 2003  View Document
Judd, OraNell Greenhalgh, 1999  View Document
Judd, Oscar, 2004  View Document
Judd, Vaughn, 1999  View Document
Lamb, Lorene, 2004  View Document
Leach, Trevor, 2002 (early life in Kanab, Utah)  View Document
Lefevre, Dell, 1998  View Document View Image
Lefevre, Mac and Stan Mecham, 2002  View Document
Liston, Neal, 1998  View Document
Liston, Stan, 2001  View Document
Littlefield, Agnes, 2011  View Document
Littlefield, Sarah Ott, 2000  View Document
Lyman, Ivan and Dorothy N. Lyman, 1998  View Document
Lyman, Lincoln, 1997  View Document View Document
Lyman, Truman, 1998 (livestock industry)  View Document
Mace, Evelyn Young, 1999 (growing up in Kanab, Utah)  View Document
Mace, Ronald G., 1999 (Arizona Strip)  View Document
Mackleprang, Bessie Averett, 2000  View Document
Mangum, Don, 1998  View Document View Document
Maxwell, Jake, 1998  View Document
McAllister, Laura Robinson, 1999  View Document
McInelly, Twila, 2001  View Document View Document View Image
Mecham, Clint and Lori, 2001 (Wildlife Management Study)  View Document View Image
Mecham, Lowell, 1998  View Document
Mecham, Malen, 1998  View Document
Mecham, Marian Dalley Winters Shakespear, 1998  View Document
Mecham, Stan, 1998  View Document View Document
Meeks, Vard, 2001  View Document
Miller, Sandra Lyman Leibenguth, 2004  View Document
Moore, Lula Chynoweth, 2004  View Document View Document
Moore, Ruby, 1998  View Document
Morgan, Corris Swapp, 1999  View Document
Nixon, Elray, 2011  View Document
Ormund, Burns, 1998  View Document
Ott, Bob and Mira Loy Ott, 2000  View Document
Ott, Louise Heywood, 2004  View Document
Ott, Wallace, 1998  View Document
Palmer, Orval, 1999  View Document
Penny, Rob and Aaron Asay, 1961 (interview about Jacob Hamblin)  View Document
Pollock, Afton, 1999  View Document
Pollock, D. Larvin Sr., 1998  View Document
Pollock, Janet Ott, Rella Ott Alver, and Helma Richards, 2002 (ranch life)  View Document
Pollock, Lonnie, 2003 (ranching, cowboy poetry)  View Document
Porter, Ben, 2001 (Escalante, Utah, memories)  View Document
Porter, Vergean, 2007  View Document
Ramsay, Clare, 2004 (sheepherding, ranching, life in Glendale and Tropic, Utah)  View Document View Image
Reynolds, Ann, 2012  View Document
Richards, Thomas Ephraim, 1979  View Document
Riggs, Don, 2000  View Document
Riggs, Gladys Brooksby, 1999  View Document
Robinson, Darl, 1999 (Kanab, Utah)  View Document
Rogers, Mavis Heaton, 1999  View Document
Rose, Irving, 1999  View Document
Roundy, Elaine, 1997  View Document
Roundy, Jerry C., 1998  View Document View Image
Schoenfield, Leola Mangum Cattery, 2002  View Document
Schow, James Calvin and Martha Bailey, 2004  View Document View Image
Shakespear, Dixie and Margaret, 1999  View Document View Document
Shakespear, June, 1998  View Document View Image
Smith, Bart, 1964  View Document
Smith, James Welker, 1998  View Document
Smith, Thayne, 2000  View Document View Document
Sorenson, Elbern, 1999  View Document
Spencer, Dale, 1999  View Document
Spencer, Vernon, 2004  View Document View Image
Stock, Arma, 2003 (farming in Paria)  View Document
Sudweeks, Olive, 2012  View Document
Supernaw, Enid Johnson and Vaydes Johnson Brueck (sisters), 1999  View Document
Syrett, Jean, 2003  View Document
Tait, Verene Esplin and Cleone Esplin Judd, 2002  View Document
Tait, Rena Chamberlain, 1998  View Document
Thompson, Joseph Wallace, 1950  View Document
Tornbom, Bill, 1999  View Document View Image
Twitchell, Desmond, 2001  View Document
Wilkinson, Charles, 2011  View Document
Williams, Dwight, 2000  View Document
Willis, Myron and Zella Mecham Willis, 1963  View Document
Willis, Sears and Julia Vern Willis, 2004  View Document
Wintch, Dean and Joe Hughes, 2000  View Document
Wintch, Kent, 1998  View Document
Young, Charlotte Heaton, 1999  View Document
Young, Clifton V., 1999  View Document
Young, Royce, 1999  View Document