Register of the William H. Dame Collection (Ms.7)

The SUU collection contains documents pertaining to Dame's service as Iron County Recorder and Parowan Stake President, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mostly during the late 1870s and early 1880s.


I. Legal
A. Documents
B1Box number 1 F1Folder number 1   Envelope addressed to William H. Dame, from Filmore City, April 27, 1868.
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2   Envelope addressed to Mr. Dame, Recorder Iron County. Return address is Jas. T. Hammond, Clerk of the County Court and Recorder for Cache County. Labeled as pertaining to the Blair Iron Mining Claim. Postmarked June 20, 1879.
B1Box number 1 F2Folder number 2   Two receipts for land filed for record in Parowan by W.H. Dame dated Nov. 25, 1856 and Aug. 25, 1859. 1 receipt for land filed by Nelson S. Hollinshead dated Aug. 26, 1873.
B1Box number 1 F3Folder number 3   Three documents pertaining to water rights in the vicinity of Parowan, Utah. (1) Claim by Joseph L. Todd, William M. Lubbock and Henry S. Lubbock to the water of Cain Springs, dated June 6, 1873. (2) Referees decision regarding disputes over the water in Little Creek made by S. S. Smith, Stephen L. Barton and W. Williamson. Referees were Erastus Snow, Wm. H. Dame and Edward Dalton, dated July 2, 1878. (3) Claim to the water of Centre Creek made by Hiram A. Hendrickson dated March 16, 1880.
B1Box number 1 F4Folder number 4   Abstract of a title transfer of the Blowout Mine from Umstead Rencher, James Williamson and Ebenezer Hanks to the Great Western Iron Company recorded Sept. 18, 1874.
B1Box number 1 F5Folder number 5   Two documents relating to a saw mill. (1) Wilcock and Johnson selling of the saw mill to E. Hanks, William Adams, Joseph K. Morse, John H. Henderson and James Applegate dated Sept. 26 1872. (2) William Wimmer transferring one-half share in the mill to John Wimmer dated Nov. 10, 1874.
B1Box number 1 F6Folder number 6   Two court documents. (1) Thomas F. Vance vs. Samuel Bagley, Jan. 24, 1878. (2) William C. Mitchell vs. James Colhoun, Feb. 1, 1877.
B1Box number 1 F7Folder number 7   Contract in which William H. Dame leases horses to William Lister, dated July 11, 1877.
B1Box number 1 F8Folder number 8   I.O.U. for four thousand feet of lumber from C. J. Webb to Thomas Walker, dated Feb. 8, 1876.
B1Box number 1 F9Folder number 9   Deeds transferring property. (1) David Evans, Jr. to Joseph R. Morse, Oct. 28, 1874. (2) James H. Damtori to Silas S. Smith, Feb. 21, 1879. (3) James H. Dunton to Silas S. Smith, Mar. 15, 1882. (4) Virginia L. Newman Dame to S. S. Smith, Apr. 22, 1882.
B. Notebooks
B1Box number 1 F10Folder number 10   Prosecuting Attorney's Register, Iron County, 1884-1888.
II. Religious Documents
A. Parowan Stake
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11 1Container number 1 Small envelope addressed to President William H. Dame.
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11 2Container number 2 Tithing receipts: (a) From James G. Bleak of the Southern Utah Tithing Office, to Bishop William H. Dame for 4,200 lbs. of wheat, dated July 1, 1882. (b) From the Southern Utah Tithing Office, to Bishop Dame for 800 bushels of potatoes, dated Jan. 4, 1884.
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11 3Container number 3 A summary of tithing donations for the year 1879 from the communities of Paragoonah, Summit, and Parowan.
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11 4Container number 4 A request to Bro. Dame to send all molasses and fruit tithing to the Manti Temple.
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11 5Container number 5 A page cut from a small book or diary possibly listing tithing donations from small settlements.
B1Box number 1 F11Folder number 11 6Container number 6 A letter which accompanied blank tithing forms with brief instructions for their use. From A. Milton Musser, Office of Trustee in Trust, dated Jan. 7, 1884.
B1Box number 1 F12Folder number 12   Copy of letter from John Taylor regarding the timely submission of stake statistical reports, dated Aug. 22, 1878.
B1Box number 1 F13Folder number 13   Account book listing donations made by members of the Parowan Stake for the building of the Salt Lake, Manti, and St. George Temples.
III. Personal
A. Notes and Notebooks
B1Box number 1 F14Folder number 14   A page from what appears to be an account of tithing book. One side contains many account figures while the other side contains a hand drawn map with the name W.W. Pendleton at the top.
B1Box number 1 F15Folder number 15   A small notebook accounting for transactions carried out by W.H. Dame as administrator of the will of Calvin C. Pendleton.
B1Box number 1 F16Folder number 16   Small account book belonging to William H. Dame.
B1Box number 1 F17Folder number 17   Listing of contents of the microfilm portions of the William H. Dame Collection.
IV. Microfilm
Two microfilm containing additional documents.