Register of the Civilian Conservation Corps Oral History Project (Ms.178)

Oral histories conducted from a 1989 reunion of CCC men held at Zion National Park who worked in the CCC Camps in Southern Utah.


Civilian Conservation Corps
Adams, John  View Document
Alvey, Quince  View Document
Anderton, Ray  View Document
Bair, Glen  View Document
Barnard, Paul  View Document
Barton, Cloyd  View Document
Boyle, Wesley  View Document
Brothers, Harrison  View Document
Brown, Lowell  View Document
Brueck, Fred  View Document
Bunker, Homer  View Document
Callahan, Frank  View Document
Cannon, Hugh  View Document
Child, Mark  View Document
Condor, Ray  View Document
Crawford, J.L.  View Document
Dalton, Hope  View Document
Deans, Les  View Document
Fowler, Floyd  View Document
Francis, Earl  View Document
Frederick, Richard  View Document
Gibson, Mads  View Document
Glazier, Claude  View Document
Glazier, Leon  View Document
Henderson, Boyd  View Document
Hepworth, Phil  View Document
Hooten, Forrest  View Document
Horn, Don  View Document
Hull, Norman & Paul Lemmon  View Document
Jorgenson, Tillman  View Document
Keele, Weldon  View Document
Laub, Don  View Document
Lemmon, Vernon & Norman Hull  View Document
Lewis, Belden  View Document
Lowder, Karl  View Document
Macy, George Herb  View Document
Madsen, Hazen  View Document
Middleton, George  View Document
Miller, Leon  View Document
Olsen, Ferrell  View Document
Patterson, Leo  View Document
Pectol, Willard  View Document
Platt, George  View Document
Pollock, Denzil  View Document
Pollock, Woodruff  View Document
Pryor, Harold K.  View Document
Ramero, Richard  View Document
Reynolds, Glade  View Document
Roundy, John W. View Document
Schram, Kathryn & J.L. Crawford  View Document
Schram, Kathryn, Elsa Ruesch & Don Dobbins  View Document
Sorenson, Orril  View Document
Spendlove, Francis and Clifton  View Document
Stockham, Frank  View Document
Stokes, Carl  View Document
Taylor, Royal  View Document
Taylor, Russell  View Document
Topham, Kenneth  View Document
Webster, Brose  View Document
Whitlock, Garn  View Document
Widdison, Milton  View Document
Wilcock, Gale  View Document
Wilcock, Usher  View Document
Wilson, Howard  View Document
Wood, Devere  View Document