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Collection Number Collection Name Subject Headings
ms27 Ancel J. Adams Collection
Redd Family Adams, William
ms28 Ruth Haight Adams Collection
Adams, Ruth Haight, Adams, Clemont Bauer, Hunter, Catherine Roselia, Bauer, Samuel, Adams, John V., Adams, Mary Ann Bailey, Adams, Eulalia Bauer, Adams, William Clemont, Adams, Martha Dutton, Adams, Frank Bailey.
ms24 Warren Anderson Collection
Johnson's Fort (Utah) -- History
ms161 Anne Leavitt Collection
Leavitt, Anne Okerlund, 1932- Southern Utah University--History. Universities and colleges--History.
ms119 Belle Armstrong Collection
Cedar City (Utah); Iron County (Utah).
ms181 Cedar City Arts Committee Collection
Cedar City Art Exhibit (Cedar City, Utah)
ms29 Ila Lowe Bauer Collection
Allen, Sarah Whiteley; Lowe, Harriet A. Allen; Couzens, Samuel; Couzens, Joseph; Lowe, George A. Sr.; Lowe, George A. Jr.; Lowe, John Bartlett; Heap, George; Hollingshead, Nelson Stoyell; Hollingshead, Mahetable Thornton; Bauer, Alowis; Paramore, Eliza Schofield Pucell
ms23 Zoella & Lamont Benson Collection
Chatterly, Sarah Whittaker, Benson, Zoella, Cedar City, Utah - History- Iron Industry
ms21 Jeanne O. Bethers Collection
Southern Utah - history, Cedar City, Utah - history, College of Southern Utah - history, Archaeology - Utah, Deseret News - Salt Lake City, Churches - Utah - Cedar City, Bethers, Jeanne Orme
ar111 Royden C. Braithwaite Collection
College of Southern Utah (Cedar City, Utah)
ar75 Branch Agricultural College Historic Papers Collection
Branch Agricultural College (Cedar City, Utah)
ar70 Branch Normal School Collection
Branch Normal School (Cedar City, Utah)
ms32 Fay Frahske Burns Collection
Lund -- Utah -- history; Escalante Valley -- Utah -- history; Frahske, Oscar E., 1887-1969; Frahske, Alma Hunt, 1890-1978; Frahske, Edward C., 1918-1989; Burns, Fay Frahske, 1924- ; Hunt, Hugo, 18 -1955 ; Couch, Elmer Verle, 1917- ; Stafford, Corda E., 1890-1976; Couch, Alice Fourman, 1912- ; Fourman, Arlie, 1889-19 ; Walker, Doris Couch, 1933-19 ; Boghossian, Aram; 1880? -1970; Wright, Calvin E., 1909-1988; Richard Johnston Family
ms59 Cedar Sheep Association Collection
Sheep industry -- Utah -- Iron County Wool Sheep ranching -- Utah -- Iron County
ms25 Ramona A. Chamberlain
Allen, Daniel, Anderson, Ann Georgine Jorgensen, Anderson, Peter, Anderson, Neils Albert, Anderson, Amy Deslie Lowe, Chamberlain, Ramona Anderson, Jessen, Carrie Anderson,
ms178 Civilian Conservation Corps Oral History Project
Civilian Conservation Corps; Zion National Park (Utah); Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah)
ms40 Gwyn Clark Collection
Cedar City (Utah)–History; Iron County (Utah); Women educators; Education
ar80 College of Southern Utah Collection
College of Southern Utah (Cedar City, Utah)
ms65 Inez Cooper Collection
Women--Civil rights.
ms186 Laurence Cooper Collection
Geology. Teaching.
ms57 J.L. Crawford Collection
Grand Canyon; Zion Park; Southern Utah History
ms8 George A. Croft Collection
Croft, George A., 1892-1973; Iron foundries -- Utah; Branch Agricultural College -- History; Cedar City (Utah) Deseret Iron Manufacturing Co.; Cedar City Co-op Store; Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) -- History; Zion National Park (Utah) -- History; Utah Parks Company.
ms31 Mayhew H. & M. Hillman Dalley Collection
Branch Agricultural College (Cedar City Utah); College of Southern Utah; Zion Easter Pageant
ms68 Orien Dalley Collection
ms53 Parley & Mabel Dalley Collection
Southern Utah University
ms13 Luella A. Dalton Collection
Iron County Mission; Iron County (Utah) - History; Cedar City (Utah) - History; Parowan (Utah) - History; Iron mines and mining - Utah - Iron County; Paragonah (Utah) - History.
ms7 William H. Dame Collection
Dame, William Horne 1819-1884; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints -- History -- Utah -- Parowan; Iron County (Utah); Parowan (Utah).
ms39 Wilford Day Collection
Agriculture - Utah; Businessmen (Parowan, Utah); Day, Wilford; Iron County (Utah)-History; Legislators - Utah; Latter Day Saints (Parowan, Utah); Parowan (Utah)-History.
ms4 Dixie National Forest Historical Papers Collection
Dixie National Forest (Utah) - History Dixie National Forest (Utah) - Management - History
ms124 Document Collection
Cedar City (Utah)
ph17 Richard Dotson Collection
Civilian Conservation Corps, Cedar City, Utah.
ms120 Howard R. Driggs Collection
Driggs, Howard R. (Howard Roscoe), 1873 - 1963; Jackson, William Henry 1843 - 1942; Meeker, Ezra 1830 - 1928; American Pioneer Trails Association; American Western Life; Frontier and pioneer life West (U.S.); Historic trails; Pony express; West (U.S.) History American Revolution War Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial Covered-Wagon Centennial Covered Wagon Centennial year Covered Wagon Centennial
ar940a Michael Flachmann Collection
Flachmann, Michael
ms38 William W. Flanigan Collection
Zion National Park, Utah; Cable Mountain; Flanigan, William Wallace; Branch Agricultural College; Branch Normal School; Cedar City, Utah; Rockville, Utah
ms69 Marjorie Ford Collection
Kanab (Utah); Films
ms192 Ray Gardner Architectural Drawings
Architectural drawing. Architectural drawing--Utah--Cedar City.
ms130 Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Collection
Colorado Plateau Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Utah) Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Utah)-History Utah-Politics and government
ms5 Walter K. Granger Collection
Granger, Walter K. 1888-1978; Granger, Hazel Dalley; Politicians -- Utah; United States - Congress - Biography; Democratic Party - Utah;
ms55 Lillian Adams Grimshaw Collection
Lillian Adams Grimshaw; Franklin Hunter Grimshaw; Cedar City (Utah).
ms15 Arthur K. Hafen Collection
Hafen, Arthur K.; Dixie College -- History; St. George (Utah) -- History; Washington County (Utah) -- Centennial Celebrations, etc.
ms9 Sherman Haight Collection
Haight, Isaac Chauncey 1813-1886; Higbee, John Somers 1804-1877; John Mount Higbee, 1827-1908; Haight, David Snyder 1848-1916; Haight Family; Cedar City (Utah) -- History.
ms60 Roy L. Halversen Collection
Music; Southern Utah University; Roy L. Halversen
ms52 Eugene Hardy Collection
Branch Agricultural College Automotive shop BAC student life
ms129 Steven Heath Collection
Southern Utah University, History; Boy Scouts of America; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Utah; Cedar City, Utah
ms56 Robert W. Heyborne Collection
Robert W. Heyborne
ms58 Florence Spilsbury Higbee Collection
Higbee, Florence Spilsbury Higbee, Myron F. Higbee, John Mount, 1827-1908 Mountain Meadows Massacre
ms54 Iron County Extension Office Collection
Livestock; Agriculture; Iron County (Utah)
ms19 Josephine W. Isbell Collection
Isbell, Josephine Walker Isbell, Jack Cedar City, Utah - History Cedar City, Utah - photographs Chatterley, Joseph - Family Walker, Thomas - Family Gregory Family Paiute Indians - Pictorial Works World War I
ms51 Milton R. Jolley Collection
Tourism–Utah; Jolley, Milton R.; Brian Head Ski Resort
ms17 Elton Jones Collection
Jones, Thomas Jedediah Branch Agricultural College --History
ms62 Iva Jones Collection
Cedar City (Utah); Art Exhibits;
ms131 Jim Jones Collection
Families. Art.
ms61 Lehi M. Jones Collection
Lehi M. Jones; Cedar City (Utah); Social Security
ms33 York F. Jones Collection
Lunt, Henry (1824 - 1902) Cedar City (Utah) - History Cedar City (Utah)- Mayors Jones, York F. (1925 - ) Cedar City (Utah) - Photographs Iron Mines and Mining - Utah - Iron County Iron Industry and Trade - Utah - Iron County Utah Construction Company - History
ms22 Gustive O. Larson Collection
Larson, Gustive O. Larson, G. Olaf Kolob Canyon Zion National Park Utah Cedar City Utah - History Branch Agricultural College - History Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - History - Cedar City
ms122 Michael O. Leavitt Collection
Utah - State Government Utah - Governor's Office
ms12 Henry H. Lunt
Henry Hunter Lunt, 1885-1975, Henry Whittaker Lunt, 1863-1926, Henry Lunt, 1824-1902, George Hunter, 1829-??, Zion National Park (Utah) - History
ms11 Walter G. Lunt Collection
Family History Play Programs Utah Shakespearean Festival I Remember Mama Zion Easter Pageant
ms10 Lillian Higbee Macfarlane Collection
Lillian Higbee Macfarlane, 1890-1973; John M. Macfarlane, 1833-1892; John D. T. McAllister, 1827-1910; William James Frazier McAllister, 1845- ; St. George (Utah) -- History; Uriah Treharne Jones, 1861-1929; Branch Normal School -- History; Macfarlane Family; Cedar City (Utah) -- History.
ms6 Gladys McConnell Collection
Gold mines -- Utah -- history; Iron mines -- Utah -- history; Coal mines -- Utah -- history; McConnell, Eliza, 1838-1918; McConnell, Gladys, 1892-1964; McConnell, Jehiel, 1814-1878; Wilkinson, Joseph T., 1847-1911; Dairying; Cedar City, Utah -- History; Cedar City (Utah); Branch Normal School; Pharmacy -- history -- United States -- Utah.
ms67 Daniel B. McGarry Collection
Newspaper clippings; Personal writings;
ms195 National Society for Experiential Education
Education (Higher) Students Experienced-based learning National Society of Experiential Education (NSEE)
ms50 New Castle Reclamation Project Collection
New Castle Reclamation Company; Grass Valley Irrigation Corporation; Newcastle (Utah)
ms165 V. Lee Oertle Collection
Lee, John Doyle, 1812-1877. Mountain Meadows Massacre, Utah, 1857. Mormon Church--History. Southern Utah--History.
ms146 Old Spanish Trail Association Collection
American Trails (Organization) Old Spanish Trail Association.
ms132 Paiute Digital Archive Collection
Paiute Indians--History; Paiute Indians; Cedar City (Utah); Paiute language.
ms1 William Rees and Kate Vilate Isom Palmer Western History Collection
Paiute Indians. Iron County (Utah)--History. Branch Agricultural College (Cedar City, Utah). Mountain Meadows (Utah). Buildings. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints–History.
ms18 Gronway R. Parry Collection
Parry, Gronway Robert Parry, Chauncey Utah-Grand Canyon Transportation Company
ms14 George Rasmussen Collection
Rasmussen, George; Parowan (Utah) - History; Iron County (Utah) - History Railroads - History - Utah Railroads - West U.S.
ms79 Donald Schmutz Collection
Angora Goats Boy Scouts of America Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Genealogy; Business; Southern Utah History;
ms80 Edward Schoo Collection
Mining; Mines and mineral resources
ms43 Alan Schroedl
Archaeology. Schroedl, Alan R.
ms162 Southern Utah University Scrapbook Collection
Southern Utah University; Southern Utah State College; Cedar City, Utah;
ms35 Anna Seaman Collection
Seaman, Anna Porter; Seaman, Frank W.; Orderville, Utah - History; United Order; Collective Settlements - History; Kane County, Utah - History; Pipe Spring, Arizona;
ms126 Janet Burton Seegmiller Collection
Seegmiller, Janet Burton Iron County (Utah)--History
ar113 Gerald R. Sherratt Collection
Sherratt, Gerald R.1931--2016 Southern Utah State College--History. Southern Utah University--History.
ms144 Morris Shirts Collection
ms130A Southern Utah Oral History Project
Oral history; Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument; Southern Utah
ar00 Southern Utah University Document Collection
Southern Utah University
ms91 Dennis Stowell Collection
Stowell, Dennis b. 1944 Parowan (Utah) Iron County (Utah) Agriculture Environment Rural Development
ms169 Student Military Memorial Collection
Branch Normal School (Cedar City, Utah)
ph5 SUSC Photo Services
Southern Utah State College; Southern Utah University
ms44 Phebe C. Thurber Collection
Thurber, Phebe C., 1891-1976 Taylor, Gay, 1907-2000 Taylor, Samuel Woolley, 1907-1997
ms48 Albert N. Tollestrup Collection
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ms193 Kathleen Truman Collection
ms125 Utah Parks Company
Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) -- Employees Cedar Breaks National Monument (Utah) -- Employees Grand Canyon National Park (Ariz.) -- Employees Utah Parks Company -- Employees Zion National Park (Utah) -- Employees
ms103 Sons of Utah Pioneers -Cedar City Chapter
Cedar City (Utah); Sons of Utah Pioneers; Pioneers–Utah.
ar940b Barbara Adams, Utah Shakespeare Festival Scrapbook Collection
Utah Shakespearean Festival. Adams, Barbara Gaddie, 1932-2008. Drama festivals--Utah--Cedar City--History. Theater--Utah--Cedar City--History.
ar940n Newspapers- Utah Shakespeare Festival Collection
Utah Shakespeare Festival.
ar940p Utah Shakespeare Festival Collection
Utah Shakespeare Festival.
ar940_USF_Posters Utah Shakespeare Festival Collection
Utah Shakespeare Festival.
ar940 Utah Shakespeare Festival Collection
Utah Shakespearean Festival.
ar940pb Utah Shakespeare Festival Promptbooks Collection
Utah Shakespearean Festival.
ms16 Rhea Higbee Wakeling Collection
Higbee, Lorine Isabell Lamb 1862-1958 Higbee, Richard Tate 1859-1949 Hardy, Samuel Bradford 1804-1889 Lamb, Abel 1801-1874 Lamb, Edwin Ruthven 1831-1924 Toquerville (Utah) -- History Washington County (Utah) --History Silver Reef (Utah) --History
ms63 Cedar City League of Women Voters Collection
Cedar City (Utah); Politics and government; Voting; Political leadership; Government publications
ms26 George Wood Collection
Wood, George, 1822-1908; Wood, George A. (Albert)
ms117 Rhoda Matheson Wood Collection
Cedar City (Utah); Iron County (Utah).
ms20 John S. and May H. Woodbury Collection
World War I Memorials Cedar City - Utah Middleton, George W.
ms34 Caroline Parry Woolley Collection
Haight, Isaac Chauncey 1813-1886 Mountain Meadows Massacre 1857 Haight Family Lee, John Doyle 1812-1877 Branch Normal School Kent, F. W.
ms37 Dilworth Woolley Collection
Pipe Springs, Arizona Polygamy Woolley, Erastus Dilworth, 1880-1969 Woolley, Edwin Dilworth, 1845-1920 Woolley, Florence Snow, 1856-1946 Kanab, Utah Grand Canyon
ms36 Edwin D. Woolley , Jr. Collection
Woolley, Edwin D., Jr., 1846-1920 Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) - History Southern Utah - History Ranching - Southern Utah Arizona Strip Kanab (Utah) - History